Bosch (2014) s04e05 Episode Script

The Coping

What's going on? School.
Maddie What? Maybe that's not such a good idea.
Maybe there isn't a "good idea.
" I thought we could talk.
Until you get called into work and leave me here all alone? Wouldn't do that.
I'll be all right.
I'll be with friends.
Take it slow, Maddie.
(KNOCK ON WINDOW) We'll talk tonight.
All right.
Are you gonna be okay? Yeah.
Love you.
Love you, too.
I'm picking you up after school.
Madeline? I'm picking you up.
MAN: Bosch? Bosch.
Harry Bosch? Look, maybe you should come out for this.
I'm afraid I have some bad news.
Hey, here, let me help you.
It's about your mom.
Come on, kid, you're not in trouble.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go - I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go Can't let go Can't let go Like me.
Now you got surveillance on my wife, on my kid? Frankie, where the fuck are you? You said you believed me.
BOSCH: The longer you're out, worse it looks.
Yeah, I know.
SHEEHAN: I know I kind of spooked out on you, but I got shit I got to take care of.
I'm coming in, I am.
Today, tomorrow.
Fuck it.
Don't worry.
I'm good, Harry.
It's all it's all fucking cool.
(PHONE RINGING) - Yeah? - BOSCH: Sheehan's running.
You just waking up to that? Check the backwards book.
I sent you the number.
Sheehan? BOSCH: Called less than a minute ago.
Man loves his Bosch.
All the slack you cut him.
Pay phone.
Old school.
Rampart Village.
(SIGHS) Send somebody.
See if there's video of him coming and going, what he's wearing, driving.
Who he moves and sits with.
I'll get Pierce on it, but you're dreaming.
He knows how we do this.
Well, maybe we get lucky.
(SIGHS) Ever done Pilates, Detective? No, Your Honor.
You pay $75 for a quick trip to hell.
Thanks for making the time to sign.
For a detective who's come back after what you've been through? My pleasure.
- Oh, Elias case.
- Somebody texted him from that number, and lured him to Angels Flight.
Cop? Subscriber's name could be the tell.
If we can get it.
Catch him, J.
Open season on lawyers? - That can't be a thing.
- Yes, ma'am.
What a terrible thing to witness.
Yeah, well, the department has resources, should he decide he needs them.
Will he? Harry Bosch? Highly unlikely.
Your coffee lady is, um more scientist than barista.
Well, I have a weakness for those who take their work seriously.
Like Howard Elias? He was a gifted prosecutor, truly, when I worked with him.
- Thanks, Pallop.
- Thank you.
- PARK: Why'd he quit? - IRVING: Elias? The system was imperfect, and there was only right or wrong for him, nothing in between.
Doesn't leave much for the human factor.
- The crusader.
- Once upon a time.
No, he passed on settling Black Guardian to go to trial.
- So? - Crusaders don't change.
They take up new crusades.
BILLETS (ON PHONE): I would have done it the same way.
It felt wrong.
BILLETS: Well, nothing's gonna feel right.
Look, you had to let her go, Harry.
She's got to find her own way through this.
BOSCH: Yeah.
All you can do is-is be there for her when she needs you.
All right.
I am so sorry.
Listen, Harry are you headed in? Not for a while.
All right.
Thanks, Grace.
Hey, uh, deployment meeting's gonna be pushed back an hour.
Let me guess Callas.
Medical pension's a beautiful thing, but I still crave to be in the game.
- Is that weird? - The game is the game.
You'll need to run this dump through something to make it easier to search.
Still got the software you gave me.
Your other number's for a burner.
No subscriber info.
- Fuck.
- I'm sorry.
These both for Elias? How long to get me a call history on the burner? Three, four days.
For a top-notch analyst like you? I like "top-notch.
" (CHUCKLES) You, uh, still stuck on your ex? How about tomorrow? Friday.
(CAR HORN HONKS) LINCOLN: Not wild about the hours, but the overtime on this task force is going to be outstanding.
Target headed north on primary.
Got him.
Northbound, number one lane.
(PHONE RINGING) Chief, what can I do for you? IRVING: Had another interesting call from Bradley Walker.
His driver, Abe Rodriguez, has a CCW for a Glock nine.
Keeps it in the car.
What's the interesting part? IRVING: Weapon was stolen sometime Friday.
Maybe even Friday evening, while at the Biltmore.
Driver file a report? IRVING: Saturday.
Walker just found out today.
And out of an abundance of caution, he would like you to interview Rodriguez.
Not much more we can do.
Unless the gun turns up.
IRVING: President of the police commission, Bosch.
Perhaps you can educate him on why.
Bosch? Walker's just bent 'cause I haven't followed up with him.
Thank you for taking care of it, Detective.
Something else? Bosch I have some small understanding of what you're going through.
Yes, you do.
Let me know how it goes.
With Walker.
BOSCH: Chief.
Eh, I recognized you from yesterday.
Way you scope the scene.
Uh, job like this, we need to study people.
Feds have the memories from these? Copies.
Don't get your hopes up.
Kawasaki Ninja.
It's a sweet ride.
No plate.
Ten grand, friend of mine spent.
Likely stolen.
You would not believe the tail my bud gets with his.
Can you zoom in? Closer.
Right there.
I know what you're going through.
MATH TEACHER: Let's get settled.
I understand some people had trouble with the homework last night, so before you turn it in, let's start by going over questions seven (CAR DOOR CLOSES) (CAR TRUNK CLOSES) It's kind of pointless, following Drake.
I know.
At least it got us out in the world.
I'm tired of doing Bosch's grunt work.
Virgil Avenue vids were a bust.
Nothing on his phone since Sunday.
Credit cards, ATM.
Yeah, he's gonna make it as hard as he can.
Elias's autopsy, today at 2:00.
Soon as they pull that bullet, we should walk it straight to Firearms.
Volunteer? I have to serve that credit union warrant.
I can go after.
That's the way you do it.
How'd it go with Drake? Bank, Starbucks, market.
Comes out with a couple bags of groceries, and for a minute, we're thinking, "Sweet, maybe it's supplies for Sheehan.
" But then, uh, dry cleaner, car wash, consignment shop to pawn an old laptop.
Uh, liquor store for lotto.
Laptop? SNYDER: Mm-hmm, and home.
What? The laptop.
Drake's a technophobe.
Barely knows how to use his phone.
The consignment shop was a drop.
(SCOFFS) Fuck.
How's Bosch? Hurting.
It's fucked up.
Harry put this in his pocket when things went down.
Forgot it was there.
Find anything good when you opened it? Have any idea who did it? We'll get there.
So nothing yet.
Between you and me.
I don't want to be chasing a killer, and watching my six for an emotional lone wolf.
Keep him close.
I will.
Then you have to worry about both of us.
(SIGHS) You here about the gun? Relax.
Friday morning, I put it in the console.
Early Saturday, get home, go to take it out Barrel lock.
Who's got the key? Never seen one.
Walker says the lock slows you up if you need the weapon.
But he's not the one that got written up - when I made the report.
- Okay.
Tell me about Friday.
(SIGHS) Boss had a morning meeting in Atwater.
Construction site on Flower most of the day, a couple city things in between.
Mayor's office, a commission thing.
You stay with the vehicle? In and out, you know.
I thought I locked it.
We left here at 6:00 for the Biltmore.
Parked close by.
A few of us went over to Bottega Louie.
I put their names in my statement.
Thought you'd want to know about it.
When I lock the car, it doesn't beep.
Made the dog bark.
My wife wanted it turned off.
I don't know how many times I click this thing every day.
I try to count, but Apparently, not enough.
Anything else you need from my driver, Detective? (SCOFFS) What I need is the weapon.
Without it, there's no way to connect it to a crime.
Just knowing the gun was stolen doesn't help me.
What's the latest on Francis Sheehan? Still looking.
That why I'm here? Chief told me what happened yesterday.
My deepest condolences.
But the city's on edge, and I asked for and expect regular updates.
Yes, sir.
You think I've wasted your time.
Not at all.
See something, say something.
We'll keep it in mind.
Sheehan came and got it 30 minutes after Drake dropped it off.
I fucked up.
Just outfoxed.
That what Bosch will say? Bosch is the one got outfoxed first.
Don't sweat it.
(SIGHS) BILLETS: We'll block off Wilcox at Homewood and De Longpre.
That's as close to the station as you're gonna get.
What? We afraid of them? No.
That's not the point.
So we're still four days out Sure.
God forbid we agitate the snowflakes.
I say we send blue suits to broom them the fuck off the street now and leave ourselves less trouble at the other end.
Okay, they're not exactly breaking any laws.
On the day, what if you're wrong, and this all turns into a shitstorm? We have a mobile field force here at De Longpre Park.
Out of the way, but immediately available, and coming from an unexpected direction.
(QUIETLY): Like the lieutenant playing captain.
I've made some tentative assignments.
CALLAS: I'll be in court.
(LAUGHS) Sunday? Callas, you're on tactical.
Orkin, the park.
And, Thorne, the immediate perimeter.
THORNE: I'm in drop, Grace.
Taking the kids to Exposition Park.
Thank you all for your input and cooperation.
See that the final deployment roster is on my desk in one hour.
Copy that.
PELL (OVER PHONE): You've reached Detective Pell at LAPD RHD.
Leave your name, message and contact number, I'll (ENGINE STARTS) (LINE RINGS) (PHONE RINGS) Any issues with our commissioner? There's been a breakthrough in the River Watch arson case.
Do you know about it? Bosch.
You said you'd keep me advised.
And you said you'd stay focused on Elias.
A 40-year-old cold case that, by your own admission, is running on fumes.
Bennett and Pell have a POI.
I'll look into it.
Maddie's a responsible young woman.
I don't think you need to worry.
If her plans changed, she'd tell me.
- It's only been a day.
- Yeah.
The death of a parent at any time I appreciate your concern.
Yeah, Grace.
Is Maddie with Lisa today? No.
Lise is up north with her dad.
What's up? Miscommunication.
Can I help? - No, it's fine.
- Look, if you need somewhere to park her tonight while you're at work No, I got it covered.
(STARTS ENGINE) (CHANTING): Justice for Elias! Justice for L.
! Justice for Elias! Justice for L.
! Justice for Elias! Justice for L.
! Justice for Elias! MAN: Hey, hey, there he is! Hey, hey, hey POWERS: Hey, hey, hey, come on! Hey, come on, keep it moving! (OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) Hey, come on, come on, man.
What'd I tell you? Maddie? Maddie, you here? Sorry.
Into the ether again.
No problem.
We had a pool at our house in Vegas.
Every house had to have one.
My mom could hold her breath and swim one side to the other three laps without stopping.
Sometimes I'd sit at the bottom with goggles, watch her go back and forth above me, trying to hold my breath that long.
You know that feeling when you're at the bottom looking up? Yeah.
And you know if you sit there any longer you might drown, but you stay there.
Your chest tight, your nose, like, burning.
You stay there.
We'll make it.
What? To the surface.
We'll make it.
(RINGTONE PLAYING) (RINGTONE STOPS) Got anything to eat? I will look.
MCCURDY: Bullet went through the fleshy part of her mother's hip, lodged in the womb.
Actually grazed the girl herself.
Still has the scar.
Mother survived? Emergency C-section.
It was an LAPD black-and-white got 'em to the ER, saved both their lives.
The girl never talks about that.
Slowly grinding toward her PhD with a sense of special mission.
Carries a ton of student debt.
Likes oral sex, Octavia Butler, Greek yogurt, whiskey sours.
Girlfriend's got a warrant hanging.
WTO thing last year.
You got all this from her social sites? Here and there.
IRVING: Civil unrest is organic.
And once momentum builds, no one person can stop it.
Nothing starts on the streets anymore.
It starts on phone screens.
Spreads across platforms.
She's got 13,000 new followers on Instagram since Elias was killed.
A crusader.
Some of those were purchased, of course, but yeah, a new breed.
So how does this help me? (SIGHS) That hard, slow work of the old protest movements had resilience.
Now it's a piece of cake to post pithy slogans and gather your crowds.
But just as easy to lose them to the next bright shiny thing.
In here? Yeah.
It's a little more private.
Take a seat.
So, uh - we waiting for someone else? - Callas.
I was, um I made some final adjustments to the planned deployment for the protest, per your earlier input.
Are you wearing the uniform to make some kind of point, Grace? I guess I am.
Chief assigned me this job.
I need to take it seriously.
And so do you.
Because if we can't respect the chain of command shake off the petty bullshit and have each other's backs we may as well be on the other side of those barriers on Wilcox.
Lieutenant Thorne station security.
Lieutenant Orkin, lost children.
And Lieutenant Callas, bus detail.
I copied it up to command.
Grace, I mean, come on, we were just hazing you.
It's nothing personal.
Because anybody not making his or her post, for any reason, will be considered insubordinate.
Even if he is in drop.
Uh, Becca told us last night.
Jesus, - I-I'm so sorry.
- Is she here? Yeah.
Yeah, uh, Becca? Hi, Mr.
You know, if there's anything we can do, just BOSCH: Who is he? Ky.
- Where does he live? - Larchmont? He runs track.
- He's nice.
- Harry wants the address, Bec.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
The robbery audit.
I call bullshit.
That's how his sniper thing started.
KY: Mr.
I'm Ky Hartman.
Another time.
Let's go.
If initial angle of the trajectory is right, bullet's somewhere here.
But it wasn't when Central looked for it.
Glass would've made it tumble.
Crims tried to factor that in.
Hey, don't sweat it.
We've got the slug from Elias.
That's all we need.
Did you lose something? My I.
This always happens to me.
Two confirmed bullets, separate victims.
Way better in court.
You sound like Bosch.
(SIGHS) But how did he get there Sheehan, the shooter and how'd he get away? Maybe that's why he chose Angels Flight.
No camera coverage along this part.
Edgar thinks he must've known.
A cop would.
Okay, but wouldn't we have him on cameras down on Olive Street? Or Fourth? Look, Maddie, go wherever you want to, see whoever you want, but the world is not your friend and I am your father and I need to know where you are.
There's an app on your phone.
Takes about three seconds to find me.
You were the one who made me download it.
I don't want us to be like this.
And I'm sorry if I embarrassed you in front of your friend.
I just wanted to get away from school.
Didn't want to ask permission or explain where or why or anything.
Are we not going home? No.
I made a call.
There's simply not enough of us to get everything done.
Edgar's treating us like a couple of boots.
BILLETS: You're covering the on call.
Dump it on somebody else if you'd like.
(GROANS) There's a command decision.
If you feel that you can no longer pull your own weight No, that's not what we're saying.
I am trying to wrestle a D-One from Bureau.
Until I do, I hope that I can depend on you two as I always have.
So, this mean we don't have to go with you to the Homicide meeting tomorrow? Breakfast at Grand Central Market is on me.
- Ooh.
- (LAUGHS) Excuse me? Uh, uh, the restaurant, L-T.
- At Grand Central.
- Okay.
You sure? Yes.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) She told me I couldn't sit there.
Said it was taken.
Don't mess with her.
Introductions? This is Drake.
I used to know him.
What the fuck's eating you? Black Guardian.
Francis Sheehan confessed to Bosch.
You're Catholic, right, Santiago? You know I am.
Yeah, me, too.
And we both know that confession is bullshit.
People say all kinds of things, especially when they've lost a kid - and their life goes sideways.
- Hey, stop.
Talk to Margaret Sheehan? I talked to you.
It's not my story to tell.
You lied under color of authority.
Did I? Frankie was in that bathroom with him, not me.
I can't see through walls.
You gave him money today.
(SIGHS) Sometimes a man's got to take a walkabout.
Get himself straight.
About what? Hmm? Afraid if we catch him, maybe he flips on you? Is that what you wish you would have done at Rampart? You could have.
It's not the same.
No? So, you were in there with Harris and you know exactly how everything went down? Yeah.
Everybody chose an easy fiction to avoid doing what's right.
You don't bring down a fellow officer, u-uh, because of what you believe may have happened.
You got so many unwritten rules I lose track, Terry.
The streets are muddy, my friend.
The rules are all we got.
(SIGHS) I mean that's why you're stuck in Hollywood with self-righteous fucks like Harry Bosch and not working RHD where you belong.
Sheehan killed Elias and we're gonna nail him for it.
(SIGHS) And you can stay the hell out of my bar.
(TAPS KEYBOARD) Is that Eleanor? Yeah, data dump.
From her phone.
Not in my house, J.
What? We talked about this.
What? Um, I don't think so.
Okay, do what you want on your own time, but do not bring that dark shit here.
(STAMMERS) This is the world we live in.
This Take it home with you.
Lock the door when you leave.
(MUSIC STOPS PLAYING) How are you doing? She didn't look real.
Yeah, I know.
Listen, Maddie, this afternoon when I couldn't find you You made finding me a big deal to avoid dealing with your own I don't know what, but I get it.
Won't happen again.
Does the hurt ever go away? No.
Closure is a myth.
You sort of put it in a box and then when it gets out, you, you wave, you go on, so you can get out of bed in the morning.
Why would someone kill Mom? I don't know.
You have no idea? Something to do with her job.
Playing poker for the feds.
Why? I don't know.
They wouldn't tell you? They're feds.
Are you gonna go after whoever did it? Not my case.
That's not what I asked.
(INHALES) You know, Mads, I I've tried to protect you from the darkness, to somehow get in front of it for you.
Now it's got us both.
I tried calling Reggie.
I thought you would.
Were they gonna split up? Didn't look good.
We had a fight about it.
Last time we talked, we had a fight.
Don't do that to yourself.
What did she want to talk to you about? At Du-par's, before You.
What did she say? Tell me everything she said.
Maddie, I-I wouldn't know where to start.
Start anywhere.
Please, try.
Her love for you was absolute.
I already knew that.
Keep going.