Bosch (2014) s04e06 Episode Script

The Wine of Youth

That's how he proposed to Mom.
Or decided to.
Yes, no.
He flipped it three times before he got a "yes.
" He gave it to her.
She gave it to me.
For good luck.
He still doesn't know.
Keep trying.
You'll get through.
Why don't you wait? We can go to the bank together.
I need to get her instructions.
The will.
So we can do this the way she wants.
See how your day goes.
You can always call me, I can meet you there.
I know.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) - That's Jerry.
- Yeah.
Okay if I stay in here? Of course.
He'll understand.
Jerry, come on in.
(OVER SPEAKER): Eleanor, it's Jay.
My brother's in town.
Call when you get this.
BOSCH: Yeah, I've heard this before.
- There's two of 'em.
- One after the other.
Same language.
The brother, twice? Federal code.
Griffin pulling her in to protect her.
What else? An outgoing text.
Screen grab from a video sent late Saturday night to this number.
Blocked subscriber.
I've got Max on it.
15 minutes later, Eleanor calls you.
She was jazzed.
Back in the hunt.
Ran facial recognition.
No hits local.
Federal, a flag and a dead-end phone number for further inquiries.
Someone wants to keep this guy a ghost.
Ghost who killed her, had her killed.
Ghost makes Eleanor for a Fed, and/or thinks she makes him.
She sends this.
Griffin checks it out.
Major bad guy.
Monday morning, calls her in.
She took this.
(BOSCH SIGHS) The video was taken 20 minutes before she texted the screen grab.
At a restaurant called "Golden Soup.
" San Gabriel.
Leave now, it's less than an hour.
Want company? - Take your ride? - Yeah.
Reggie's Skype account it looks like it's been closed.
We'll find him.
I'm gonna take a ride with Jerry.
I left the car keys out on the counter.
I might not go.
Whatever you decide.
I'll be on my cell.
Me, too.
I love you.
Dad? I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go - I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go Can't let go Can't let go Like me.
Let's play spot-the-Fed.
I already started.
Cable truck as we drove in.
Couple with the tiny dog.
Maybe we should rethink our approach.
I want soup.
Harry Bosch.
Jerry Edgar, I presume? Chuck Tang.
What are you doing here? You can't really be here.
(TANG SIGHS) Look, Harry, I can't begin to imagine.
I'm not asking you to, Chuck.
Don't jerk me off.
Who is he? A person of interest in a major counterintelligence operation.
You're set up here, waiting for him.
Homeland Security, geopolitics.
The stakes are sky-high, and you are directly in our arena.
We'll wait here with you.
His daughter just lost her mom, and you're talking about stakes.
The man is a Chinese national.
- He didn't pull the trigger.
- You saying he wasn't involved? I'm saying that if you go anywhere near him, you'll jeopardize the case that Eleanor gave her life for.
You want to do that? No, I don't.
Thank you.
Let me know if you need any help.
EDGAR: New Bosch Helpful Harry.
BOSCH: He's right.
We don't want to screw up their case.
We leave their person of interest alone? Homicide's our arena.
We'll go after the shooters first.
As long as we're out of here before this goddamn protest.
- Here you are.
- Oh, hold-hold on a second, okay? - Oh.
I'm sorry.
Egg whites only.
- Oh, sure.
What the fuck?! He stole my phone! SNYDER: This was - a rush order.
- Howard Elias.
Hot case.
Lincoln dropped off last night.
The test was authorized for after-hours.
Nothing to test.
Our courier banged in sick.
We couldn't get your evidence from property.
It's still there? Well, it would be if I hadn't caught it when I came in, and I sent someone over, but we are way backed up here today.
Yeah, well, this one's a high priority.
Straight from the chief.
Yeah, I get it.
Do my best.
GARWOOD: Times called me this morning about Francis Sheehan.
Prime suspect.
Your boy Bosch and his task force are leaking like a sieve.
The same Bosch who ran interference for RHD's Friday night antics? You're not here about Sheehan.
Rumor is you're making changes.
The tenth floor has always complained about my unit's caseload.
Some of my command staff think you're not pulling your weight.
Do you agree with them? Send in Detectives Bennett and Pell.
I understand you've had a breakthrough on River Watch.
PELL: Person of interest.
Undocumented individual overheard, two separate occasions, bragging about the torching of an old folks' home.
Reliable sources? GARWOOD: CI's we've used before, solid results.
We have a description, a name.
Uh, Bondigas.
Says he lit the match, made a pile of money.
A contract job.
BENNETT: Yeah, we've made a few discreet inquiries.
Didn't want to spook 'em.
PELL: Construction site's downtown.
CI says he's a welder.
Bosch has some intersect with this, doesn't he? A cold case connected to Caffrey, the ex-cop who died in the fire.
BENNETT: We reached out.
Bosch must be pretty busy with Elias.
Well, I'll fill him in the next time we talk.
Good work.
Thank you, sir.
(DOOR CLOSES) Listen, Chief, I I wouldn't put too much faith in rumors, Captain.
If I decide to make changes in RHD, trust me, you'll be the first to know.
WALKER: I don't know what you're worried about, Allen.
The thing's not built yet.
The penthouses are 70% sold.
- It's not me.
It's my board.
- Who? Jamie Leonard? His firm's taking two full floors.
We need to restructure the new loan.
You're too leveraged.
This is legacy.
We're all leveraged one way or another.
Leverage, risk that's how this city changes.
The bank needs breathing room.
You need to shift some equity.
Whatever you need.
Two percent of your phase three top sheet should do it.
It's no problem.
Send the papers, I'll sign them.
- Oh, shit.
- (CAR LOCK BEEPS) - Look at this.
- Oh, a good car wash will fix that right up.
It's just dust.
Hell, have it detailed.
On me.
Golden Soup's ground zero.
Poker game.
We need to narrow this down: who was playing, how they got there.
The Chinese national didn't play.
If he had, Eleanor would have taken his picture earlier.
So he showed up late.
Why? (PHONE RINGING) We've got to talk.
I thought we were.
If I'm in, I'm in all the way, which means no surprises.
Not this time.
No apology for what I did with Gunn.
I'm talking about now.
Moving forward.
How does this go? We're gonna find who killed Eleanor.
That's not what I'm asking.
But that's my answer.
We get there, see how it goes down.
If that's not enough, I understand.
(GRUNTS, SNIFFS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (CHANTING): No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
No jus (KNOCKING AT DOOR) Sorry.
Left my keys in here.
Central's got a witness that puts Sheehan in a bar at Grand Street Friday night.
Fit the timeline? Wit's wobbly on that.
Uniform found your ID in the parking lot this morning.
Must've dropped it.
- Mystery solved.
- (PHONE RINGING) - Snyder.
- WEBSON: No guarantees, but I'm gonna try to sneak you in before this multi-four from South Bureau.
Any chance I could watch? I've never seen one before.
WEBSON: Bucket list.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
I'll text you a heads-up when we're close.
Why can't you find Sheehan? I'm really uncomfortable talking to you, sir.
You really should be talking to Bosch.
(SCOFFS) I would be if the good detective bothered to return my calls.
A cop who doesn't want to be found by other cops.
He's making us work for it.
I don't know what else I can tell you.
You know, if this murder isn't solved, if this investigation drags on What about the ballistics? They tested his gun last night.
Results should be back today.
The bullets match, that's it.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Lee Russo.
I understand you're having trouble with your mother's safety deposit box.
I need access to the box, but I don't need anyone watching me while I do it.
Unfortunately, probate rules Only apply to boxes owned by individuals.
This box is owned by a trust.
My mother transferred title a few months ago.
I'm sorry.
I was misinformed.
I have a key and a death certificate.
And, as you can see, I'm the successor trustee of the Eleanor Wish family trust.
Everything's in order.
- Hey.
- Thanks for doing this.
- Yeah.
No problem.
Hey, you're undercover.
Ah, I know.
You can't talk about it.
- Just head out, please.
- Yeah.
CRATE: Yeah, but how exactly does one coddle the egg? You indulge it.
Big allowance, - trips to Paris for Fashion Week.
- I'm serious.
But no COMSTAT meetings.
Now, sure, an egg will help a good I.
But those fucking windbag eggs from Valley Bureau hmm-mm.
DISPATCHER (ON RADIO): Hollywood units and 27 Tom-Lincoln 41, ambulance hit and run just occurred at Franklin and Cahuenga.
Hit and run, that's close.
, come on.
Back to the barn.
Show me responding code three to hit and run on Franklin and Cahuenga.
- Billets, Hollywood.
Officer Rogow, this is my homicide team: Moore, Johnson.
What do you got? How can we help you? Uh, ID says Clifton Campbell.
The driver of the Prius, Aubrey Stenstrom, was about to park when Mr.
Campbell crashed into her car, and then was blindsided by a white SUV.
Texting while driving.
Park one of those black and whites over here.
Block the view of the decedent.
Pedestrian witness got a vehicle ID and a partial plate.
The driver stopped, then sped off.
People hear that thud, that sound, - something breaks in their head.
- CRATE: Morality.
- Ethics.
- BARREL: You on your own with this, Rogow? ROGOW: Oh, yeah.
I'm used to it.
I'll be on this till EOW.
One and done.
(INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER) Believe I'll take me a little stroll.
We spent the morning babysitting our lieutenant.
Got the broadcast on this on our way back to the station.
They have the crullers over there? Bagels, but we had Eggslut prior.
The line at that place fucking sucks.
CRATE: Barrel.
Check this out.
Officer Rogow, you need a little help with this? ROGOW: You guys think that gun is some kind of clue, be my guest.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm looking at a felony K.
Point has eyes on an arrival.
Kid's back with an unidentified male passenger.
Been gone about a quarter of an hour.
It's Bullard, SIS.
At the Sheehan house? - Yeah.
What's up? - Couple minutes ago, a car pulled into a neighbor's two doors down.
Kid we've marked gets out with an unidentified male passenger, goes inside.
Limited view.
Hat, head down.
Could've been Sheehan.
SIS has movement on Sheehan.
- (SIREN WAILING) - Bang it.
Hey, we'll meet you there.
- Sheehan.
- BOSCH: Jimmy, I want SIS to lock it down before we're on scene to assess.
- What if he runs again? - BOSCH: We've got a perimeter.
I don't want a barricaded suspect situation.
Well, we don't want to lose him again, either.
- We won't.
- All right.
Bullard? Robertson.
We're on our way.
Listen, tighten up your secondary, and have your layoff units look for a rental he might have parked nearby.
Roger that.
What? You got a question? (LOW SIREN WHOOPS, SHUTS OFF) - Margaret.
- Frank, what do you want? Look, I just I got to leave for a little while, okay? And I just wanted to come say good-bye.
Done and done, Frank.
I have to disappear myself.
You disappeared two years ago.
Good plan, well thought out.
I just want to say good-bye to Liam.
I want to give him a hug.
Liam's at school kindergarten, five days a week.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, goddamn it.
- Shit.
- How much have you had today? I'm not drinking.
I gave up.
I quit.
- I'm quitting.
- Oh, good to hear.
Day one.
I didn't expect you to believe me.
How can you expect me to believe you, Frank? I don't even know you anymore.
Maggie, I don't fucking know me, either, anymore.
Okay, you think I'd be here right now in this place if the baby had lived, really? Yeah, I do.
This is where you've been headed - for a real long time.
- Fuck.
The baby, the Michael Harris thing.
You were looking for excuses to get where you wanted, and now you're there.
I'm sorry, Mags.
You got SIS moving in.
- Take it easy, Frank.
- No.
I get it.
You put 'em there, right? You had to, it's the right move? - You didn't give us a choice.
- Yeah.
Well, I'm giving you one now, okay, 'cause my wife is here, Harry, okay? You get that? My wife is here.
I don't want her getting caught in the fucking crossfire.
Okay, let's talk this through.
No, I'm not talking this through, Harry.
Okay? You talk to them now.
They have to back off, okay? They have to back the fuck off.
If they don't back off, Harry, I'm I'm gonna fucking eat my gun.
BOSCH: No, you're not.
I'm headed to you.
Sheehan's cell it's back on.
- (SIREN WAILING) - We're ten minutes away.
Bosch, what's your location? Westbound, down on Victory from the 5.
SHEEHAN: Listen, Harry, Margaret's got to go.
She's got to pick up our kid Liam.
Frankie, no.
Yes, you have to go.
She has to go.
She's got to go get Liam, okay? Once I know she's safe, that's fine.
Then then game over.
I'll come out, hands up.
Frank, put your wife on the phone.
Hold on.
It's Harry.
Talk to him.
Margaret, drive away from the house.
And-and then what happens? BOSCH: Drive away from the house.
When you see a patrol car, pull over.
He's gonna hurt himself.
- No, he's not.
- You don't know that.
I won't let that happen.
Sheehan's wife is driving away from the house.
Sheehan's wife is going to drive away from the house.
One more time, sir.
Detective Robertson isn't here.
Mm-hmm, but he would tell you the same thing.
You need to speak to Media Relations.
Confirm that, fuckhead.
Firearms Unit call here? Where is everyone? Our rabbit's at his wife's house.
What was that? Our Times weasel Anderson.
Wanted confirmation of Francis Sheehan as our prime suspect.
Can anybody keep a secret in this town? Wife on the move.
Heading south on primary.
His phone it's moving with her.
Copy that.
(SIREN WAILING) Your close contain spooked him.
- Man was already well spooked.
- You don't know that.
Hey, let's argue about it later.
You close? Three minutes.
BULLARD: The phone it stopped with the car.
Don't move! Get out of the vehicle! - Slowly.
Up where I can see 'em.
Let's go! - Turn around.
- (GARBLED RADIO TRANSMISSION) Walk backwards to the sound of my voice.
Keep coming.
- Stop.
I need you to kneel, ma'am.
- My son Kneel! Put your hands behind your back.
Is your husband inside your car? Just don't hurt him.
Please! He's not in the car.
(SIGHS, SNIFFLES) Grey Honda Element heading westbound on "H.
" - We're close.
Hang back.
- Copy that.
- I don't see it.
- BOSCH: You didn't do Elias.
Let me prove it.
It's too late for that.
BOSCH: No, no, no.
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
We're all wasting our time if that's how it is.
Is that what you're saying? Liam.
What about him? You check out now, he'll never know.
That may be better, Bosch.
That's never better.
You didn't do it.
You got to show him, Frank.
What about the other stuff? You're already taking the first step.
But this isn't worth what it'll do to him.
The man you shot.
It was a good shoot.
You know it.
BOSCH: I do know it.
I do.
Your boy? His father? That's not just your birthday, brother.
That's every day for him.
Every minute of every day for the rest of his life.
Come on, Frank.
Come on.
I know, brother.
Come on.
The way you talked him down.
"I believe you, Frankie.
I believe.
" I meant it.
Hey, man, you already won your Oscar.
- Jimmy.
- Hey, I'm just saying good job.
Thank God we didn't have to shoot another cop.
Here comes the cavalry.
This is on you, Bosch.
This whole thing.
- Yeah? How's that? - PIPES: Mr.
Special Task Force.
Big man.
Second you see Elias dead, you think it's one of us.
- It's what you guys thought, too.
- Well, Elias was coming after Frankie.
You know that, right? Most cops would protect their own.
I got two murders.
I'm trying to find the truth.
- The truth? What are - Whoa, whoa.
We got her statement.
Where's he going? Someplace safe.
For how long? Are you gonna charge him for killing Elias? Ballistics aren't back yet, but he didn't do it.
Don't worry.
I'll clear him.
Frank get yourself a good lawyer to deal with Black Guardian, like we talked about.
Meantime, I got 48 hours to prove you didn't do it.
I liked being a cop, Harry.
Go easy, brother.
You guys take him.
We'll clean up here.
(DISTANT TRAFFIC SOUNDS) (RECORDED): Hi, you've reached Tiffany's cell phone.
Leave a message.
MADDIE: It's a sweet ring.
What is this? BOSCH: Jesus.
Night before I shipped out from Fort Irwin.
You were what, four? Last nights, always tough.
Borrego Springs Valley Inn.
For some reason, your mom had this idea we should go to the movies.
That's a real thing? Yeah, used to be.
2003, not so much.
She swore she'd seen one just outside of town.
So the three of us hopped in the Goat, - just after sunset - Slow down.
"The Goat"? A perfect black GTO.
I'm guessing that's a car.
No, not a car.
A beast.
'67 Pontiac.
And you named it.
Ragtop, V8, four on the floor.
Mads, a car like that needs a name.
I got a picture of it around here, somewhere.
Anyway picnic basket in the back.
You're on Mom's lap, buckled in.
Top down, wind in our hair.
Head to the drive-in.
We get there, no movie.
Closed? Never existed.
She straight-up lied.
It was a smart move.
A picnic.
My last night.
But it was beautiful.
Amazing view.
It was a clear night.
Sky was packed with stars, and it was just the three of us, sitting on this big blue blanket.
Buddy of mine from Stars and Stripes made this up for me, and I sent it to your mom a few years later.
The last time together as a family.
I asked her if she was okay, me leaving.
My age, an old guy, could've finished my service as a training officer.
But she said she was fine with it.
Said if I didn't believe her, maybe I'd believe the stars.
Your mom was a bit of a gambler.
(PHONE BUZZES) So, we're sitting there.
No shooting stars.
She said she's gonna count to ten.
One shows up, I go to Afghanistan.
No shooting star, I stay home.
You saw one.
Not just one.
Ten, maybe 20.
You know, Mads, if I had it to do over, I wouldn't have gone.
You make choices.
Sometimes they're wrong, sometimes they're right.
You do your best.
I sure loved your mom.
Going to bed.
ROBERTSON: I'm not asking for a "Jimmy, you're right.
" I'd settle for, um, "Jimmy, you're not wrong.
" No games.
Not now.
Ballistics came back.
Bullet in Howard Elias matched to Sheehan's service weapon.
The nine he gave you.
- (CAR DOOR SHUTS) - I know a good shortcut.
- What? - Never mind.
Buckle up.
Sheehan killed Elias.
We solved it, Bosch.
We got our guy.