Bosch (2014) s04e07 Episode Script

Missed Connections

A suspect in custody but no charges filed.
What are they waiting for? What are they hiding? A cop Francis Sheehan who murdered Howard Elias to silence him.
- Girl - Silence is their weapon.
The blue curtain falls.
But you know what? We will not be silenced.
Come Sunday, our voices will break through their silence with our weapons the weapons of truth, transparency, accountability and justice.
We will march to Hollywood Station and we will speak of justice for Howard Elias, of justice for Michael Harris, of justice for L.
, and for Justice Now, motherfuckers.
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- That's crazy.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, get out, man.
- I'm telling you.
- Hey, you okay to drive? - Are you okay to drive? I'm just on Stanley you got to go over the hill.
Ah, I might take a power nap in the car.
All right.
Hey! I'm just helping my friend.
- Locked his keys inside.
- I'm a police officer.
Step away from the vehicle.
Show me your hands.
Wait, wha-wha? Seriously? - Show me your hands.
- Aw, come on.
- I need some identification.
- Okay, okay.
I'm just Don't shoot me.
Let me get it out.
Hey, yo.
Bartender had the real thing.
What the fuck is going on? - He's a cop.
- Hey, drop that.
- Drop it! - Officer Uncle Tom.
- I'm getting it, all right? It's right here.
- Yo, yo, yo.
I-It's my car, man, all right? He doesn't have to show you anything.
You don't have probable cause.
Drew, it's cool.
Nah, it's not cool.
They got time - Police! - for this bullshit but not to charge the killer cop? - Step back.
- Put your hands on the fence now.
Okay, well, we-we don't have to show you shit.
I need three I.
s now.
We haven't done anything wrong.
Come on.
Let's go.
Dude, you cops are out of control! On the fence.
Hands behind your head.
Hands on the fence now.
Hollywood units and 6-A-45.
Requesting a backup at Cherokee and Hollywood.
6-A-45 handle code three.
Show me responding to the backup.
What do we got here? Rolled up on a possible BFMV.
Seriously? Some of Mom's friends want to have a wake in Vegas.
You tell them that's not what she wanted? I'm not sure they care.
I mean, what's she gonna do? Still headed over to Mom's this afternoon? You know there's no rush for that, Mads.
I know.
So I guess your Angel's Flight case is over.
That sounded like a no.
Something I missed.
I don't know.
You aren't sure the cop did it? Evidence says he did.
What I can't figure is what I got so wrong.
I need you to close this today.
Buy me some room to maneuver.
Bringing one of our own to justice why would that need any spin? I said maneuver, not spin.
Irv we have a real opportunity here.
- For what? - The public thinks the motive - was Black Guardian.
- We can steal thunder from these potentially violent protestors on Sunday by letting the community know that they'll have a voice, a real voice.
Cops versus community.
The mentality I've been working to change.
And you will.
You're not on the hook for any of this.
Black Guardian was on Chief Tenzer's watch.
We isolate Francis Sheehan as one bad apple not representative of the rank and file.
You do know the saying about bad apples? We shouldn't rush to any so-called solutions without a clearer view of the endgame.
Just thinking out loud, Irv.
We won't make any decisions without your full approval.
I appreciate that.
Keep us informed.
Chief? Ida, see if Millie Elias has any free time this morning for me to visit.
Then put in a call to Laura Cooke at the Times.
And get Detective Bosch in here.
I'm told your work with Francis Sheehan yesterday was exemplary.
Under difficult circumstances.
Team effort.
How's your daughter? She's navigating.
Thanks for asking.
Will you be filing on Sheehan today? Depends how quickly it comes together.
Well, the mayor would like to close this - as soon as possible.
- Yeah, well, the mayor doesn't have to make it stick at trial.
Something specific I'm unaware of that might hold things up? Frank Sheehan admitted to me he was guilty of the Black Guardian assault.
So I'll have to coordinate with Internal Affairs if we're filing additional.
Admitted Black Guardian? But denies Elias? You believe him? I did.
Who else knows about this? Just my team.
Take the whole 48 hours.
But I want to look at the filing package - before you submit it to the D.
- Yes, sir.
- What do we want? - Justice! - When do we want it? - Now! - What do we want? - Justice! - When do we want it? - Now! - What do we want? - Justice! - When do we want it? - Now! - What do we want? - Justice! - When do we want it? - Now! - What do we want? - Justice! - When do we want it? - Now! - What do we want? - Justice! - When do we want it? - Now! No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, no peace.
- Hey, old-timer.
- Hey.
He's, uh, asking for you.
Tell his lawyer? Private moment, I believe.
I'm trying to get in touch with one of your dealers.
Tiffany Hsu.
Yeah, I've left her messages, but How long has that been? Me, too.
If you hear from her, can you please ask her to give me a call? Thank you.
Thought I'd get an early start.
On Elias? Or something else? What would that be? If you and Bosch need any help with - what you're not doing - Yeah.
I appreciate it, Jimmy.
You fucked me.
No, you fucked yourself.
- You lied to me.
- After all your bullshit about believing me and proving me fucking innocent Nothing I can do about ballistics.
Aw, shit no.
Yeah, that's a perfect frame.
Yeah, whose idea was that? You still saying you didn't shoot Elias? Yeah, and my gun didn't either because I had it with me and I wasn't fuckin' there.
- You're a blackout drunk.
- Fuck off, Harry! - How would you even know? - Fuck you! - Explain the match.
- I I can't.
I can't.
Time was that would've been your job.
Hmm? Yeah.
What happened to you? Charter member of the Oxford Avenue garden cooperative.
Got to be a blemish.
Parking ticket at least.
Not so much as an overdue library book.
What's going on with that traffic K hit-and-run? - Victim appears to be a saint.
- Wait.
Maybe not.
That Colt 1903 is reported stolen.
- There you go.
- Hey, LT? LaForest awaits.
- Okay, keep me informed.
- Yeah.
Who in Prints owes us a favor? There were three of them detained, so backgrounds took a while.
It's all in the log entry.
But Sergeant Mankiewicz suggested I run it by you.
What I wrote is what happened.
Not so much what you say but how you say it, Sergeant.
Powers and Edgewood screwed up.
They should be dinged.
The question is by whom and for how long.
I don't understand.
Well, we got lucky the civilians dropped it.
But this goes in, we're forced to file a 128 face sheet.
Hyped up as this city is, evidence of more cop misbehavior is about the last thing we need.
I could smell alcohol on Officer Powers' breath from three feet away.
Edgewood, the same.
There are rules.
Well, rules say you should've made them blow.
Right? Rules are a guide.
Then what? A notice to correct stops at my desk.
It never goes public.
Trust me, they will feel my wrath.
They will accept it, and just as important, you will still be accepted.
Clear? It's clear.
I need a list of all weapons registered on Francis Sheehan's gun card.
Soon as you can.
- Thanks.
- How's Sheehan? Thinks I set him up.
That's rich.
You're the only one who believed him.
You want wits listed alphabetically or by timeline? - Both.
- Alphabetically.
Type a separate timeline version to clip in.
Where you at, Snyder? We're short some photos we requested for the book.
Let's run through what we know.
Frank Sheehan shot Howard Elias.
21:45, Elias gets a text.
Angel's Flight in ten.
Burner phone, luring the man up there to kill him.
Facts, Jimmy, not assumptions.
After that depo dust-up, I'm Elias, no way I go meet Sheehan alone.
Someone else sent a text from a burner.
- Bait and switch.
- Wait.
- An accomplice? - Talk about assumptions.
Elias recognized the burner number, or he wouldn't have gone.
Clandestine relationship? Maybe they met up there before.
People say Elias had a source in PAB.
Yeah, okay, okay.
Let me get this straight.
So, we're saying Sheehan was up there, drunk off his ass, at Angel's Flight, waiting unseen? Kills Lanny Johnson with a single shot, Elias also, when the car gets up top.
Kill shot and the one up the pipe quick, precise, like a pro and then disappears like Bigfoot, without anyone seeing him.
That's what we're saying.
Car waiting? There goes that accomplice again.
We need to nail this down for the D.
He can file with what we've got.
Ballistics, Black Guardian, probable cause.
Lawyers put this on a slow boat, we'll have plenty of time to connect the dots.
Maybe I should take another stab at finding the slug - that went through the Operator.
- Maybe.
But first we get Wexler this warrant and go search Margaret Sheehan's garage.
Special Master for Detective Bosch.
Task force room is off-limits, Counselor.
We need to protect the case.
- Uh, captain's office is empty.
- That's where we'll go.
- What's up with that? - I solve murders, not mysteries.
Elias was gonna show a video in court.
Requested a practice session to make sure it worked when he did.
Tech request.
Made by Elias himself.
Didn't want even his associate to know what he had.
Which was what? Something on a Micro SD card.
I found an adaptor in his briefcase, like this.
- Counselor? - Of course, no card in his.
What was the video? Bosch, I heard about your ex-wife.
I'm I'm so sorry.
What was the video? I have no idea.
But if I did, if I even had an inkling, I couldn't show you that e-mail, because it might be related to protected evidence.
No videos in Elias's discovery, not one.
Gee, I think you're right.
Michael Harris says he was Elias's whole case.
Forcing I'm speculating here the defense to put Black Guardian cops on the stand to rebut.
He said, they said.
Elias locks down their testimony on cross, then shows the video.
Proves the torture, blows them out of the water.
Impeachment evidence.
Discovery rules don't apply.
Look at you.
What I don't understand? City would have given Elias anything he wanted to keep that video quiet.
Jury would have given him more than that.
The whole world sees it.
Is it Sheehan? Right.
What they're saying about the cop is true.
Francis Sheehan.
There is compelling evidence.
Well, killing my husband won't stop the civil suit.
No, it won't.
But that's not why you're here.
You would have made a formidable lawyer, Millie, the way you can read people.
No, I don't love the law the way Howard did.
I don't enjoy the game.
And yet, you sent your son to Hollywood station looking like a poster for police brutality.
I let my anger get the best of me.
Well, I've come hoping to persuade you not to let your anger inflame an already volatile situation.
Well, conflagration can be cleansing.
Well, give me a chance to make some changes before consigning the entire city to hellfire.
Mayor Ramos wants to position himself as the reformer.
His blue ribbon panel.
I told him no.
If I go back to work, it won't be as a professional widow.
I said no to Bradley Walker, as well.
What did the commissioner want? To tell me that his foundation is funding this beast, assure me that it will have real teeth, power to change the corrosive culture of your department.
His words or yours? They're trying to throw you under the bus, Irvin.
And even in the fog of my grief, that doesn't sit right.
- This is a notice to correct.
- Only because Mank told Sergeant LaForest to run it by me before he cut a face sheet.
Nothing happened.
Three civilians up against a wall under threat of deadly force? By two officers seen in a nearby bar? None of 'em beef'd us.
The driver had an outstanding warrant that you traded.
Lucky you.
All right.
Lieutenant, look, this is all on me, all right? I misread the situation.
Edge had it covered.
Your point? He doesn't deserve an NTC.
Not to mention this is gonna put a dent in his plans to move up to Vice.
Yeah, this is gonna cost him six months before he can reapply.
If he hadn't engaged after a few beers, you wouldn't have had a situation to misread.
You're both excellent street cops.
This time, you both fucked up.
Thanks for stepping on the 128.
I'll let Edge know.
Should have the burner phone call logs here tomorrow.
What did the Special Master want? RHD ever figure out how Michael Harris's prints ended up on the Kincaid girl's school book? Three months before the junkyard, Harris worked part-time at a car wash.
Kincaid's mother took her minivan there to wash it.
Book on the back seat.
Harris had to move it to vacuum.
No good deed goes unpunished.
They collect the junkyard security videos, or was it you guys? It was RHD as part of Kincaid, but we reviewed it.
Hours and hours.
Nothing corroborated any of Harris's claims.
Maybe a camera someone missed.
I was up there twice.
Why the sudden interest in Black Guardian? You want to learn how I work? This is it.
Look again.
Sometimes you tread water.
I need some coffee.
Detectives, I'm sorry to interrupt.
This is Liz Fleischer.
These are Detectives Johnson and Moore.
- Pleasure.
- Ms.
Fleischer believes - that her stolen phone is here.
- I don't believe it's here.
And I will leave you in their expert hands.
It is here.
My computer's Find My Phone app says it's here.
That means that you still have juice, so, may I have your number, please? Ah.
What was that all about? Money Chandler's convinced that Elias had a video that blows up RHD's Black Guardian story.
- No justice - It's got to be the torture.
Camera they didn't find.
Michael Harris said Elias believed him, like he was there.
No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! - Good.
- Listen, you want to go 60-40 on that stance.
- There you go! - Knob to the ball.
Both hands, both hands.
Good, good.
Keep a level swing, man.
Eye on the ball, follow through.
Follow through.
Which one's your grandson? You got your man, Santi.
What, you come to crow? Not me, man.
I get why you did what you did.
But you don't agree.
Maybe we just agree to disagree.
I never thought he did it.
That's why I stopped by.
New developments, ballistics.
Maybe you might want to amend your original statement.
And why would I need to do that? In the event you forgot something, or misremembered.
I gave him some money.
That's what brothers do.
Only time? What about Friday night? You helped a brother then, too? My statement is straight, Santiago, and my memory works fine.
I remember how many cops' careers got ruined because of that son of a bitch, Elias, for his 30 pieces of silver.
I remember how you kept your own counsel at Rampart to protect me.
I remember back when you were a real cop.
Well, me and Sheehan we still are.
She's naive.
A little girl playing with matches.
- Anarchists? - Doesn't take many.
Reading between the lines, Twitter, Reddit they've already co-opted her cause.
She just doesn't know it yet.
Desiree Zealy and her noble crusade? That's the sideshow.
This could get ugly.
She's gonna get burned.
And what about the other matter? I'm not sure I understand - what we're looking for.
- Leverage.
Who supports him, - who he owes, who has his ear.
- Quid pro quo is in every mayor's DNA.
Are we talking about criminal corruption or? No.
No, not at all.
Just, um something that could look like it.
If I need it to.
Because of Sheehan? They're coming down on us again? Oh, come on! Are you guys ever gonna leave me alone about this fucking thing? It's two years ago now.
Didn't think it had anything to do with you.
Edgar, Bosch, Hollywood Homicide.
Nothing's locked.
Place is all yours.
Knock yourself out.
Where would you put it? Behind that.
Wide-angle lens.
We'd see the whole room.
Bet there's a closet on the other side.
- No doubt.
- I don't know - about any camera.
- We dust the mirror and the wall behind it, whose prints are we gonna find? Mirror was on a hook, kept sliding around.
When I changed the clamps, I had to take out the hook and plaster over the hole.
Who'd ever see a hole behind a mirror? Pretty sure I did that wall work well before your black pencil thing even happened.
Pretty sure there was a camera in there.
If there was, I had nothing to do with it.
You hire other ex-cons like Harris? I like to give them a break, yeah.
But they're cons.
Sure, maybe it was one of them - put it in there.
- Or you, worried about drugs.
You find one of those little SD memory cards? There was no camera.
I'm saying, if there had been one there, how often would you check it? About once a week.
Until I found it was gone.
If I found it was gone.
My boss said I had to call you.
I already talked to the Feds.
We're on a different track.
Eleanor Wish was my partner's ex-wife.
They have a daughter.
This is family.
I understand you're scared, but anything you can tell us could be helpful.
I don't like talking on the phone.
I'll come to you.
When and where? Thanks.
I'll be there.
The dealer that set up the game at Golden Soup.
- Pretty skittish.
- She'll meet with us? Chief Irving finds out you're chasing this, he'll shut us down.
I'm house mouse I go, nobody's paying attention to me.
What? Video doesn't really change anything, in terms of Sheehan.
I disagree.
Now we know what he had, maybe why he was killed.
But not who took it, not who gave it to him or where the hell it is.
These are challenging times for our city, but maybe, with our public and private commitment to affordable housing, it will help heal our divide.
Speaking of the divide, I'm sorry to tell you that a rogue Los Angeles police officer was taken into custody in the murder of Howard Elias, and the case will be presented to the district attorney for charges.
To make sure that the culture of police misconduct that plagues our nation does not infect our city I'm forming an independent civilian panel to oversee and review, going forward, every aspect of the Los Angeles Police Department, and make it better.
Thank you, and God bless you all.
Excuse me, Mr.
I just have one question, if you have time? Ms.
I feel like I already know you from your social media.
This new commission, how can it be independent if it's privately funded? Where are you getting that? Well, I hear the money's coming from Bradley Walker.
You think it's wrong to give the community a voice to investigate police misconduct? You'll hear the people's thoughts on Sunday.
Mayor, I know you love to engage with constituents, - but we - Hold on, Jen.
You don't need to investigate misconduct, you need to stop misconduct.
People like us, people of color, always have a difficult choice.
Yes, we all want justice.
If you'll excuse us.
President of the Police Commission, big developer who works close with City Council where's the independence in that? We choose to burn and destroy, or, with a perhaps naive hope, to create and to build.
This is my choice.
False prophets, false choices that's the bottom line.
You want to know my bottom line? Justice for L.
Let me ask you something, Frank.
Who was it cleared the junkyard cameras during Kincaid? Drake? Fix? Pipes? 'Cause one of them found another camera in the bathroom, held it back, then gave the tape to Elias.
Food for thought.
I fucked up, Harry.
I guess I should've killed one of them, too, huh? Whatever you don't take, I'm giving or throwing away.
We only take evidence.
But I'll send someone out who can help you.
Are you gonna charge him? He didn't do it.
Anything? It's a man's life.
If you could take all that? I don't know how to get rid of it, and I don't want it here.
It was just an excuse for him to come back.
Found something that might interest you out here in Sheehan's garage.
Two extra barrels for the Beretta, - and a box of hollow-points.
- Listening.
Doesn't change my mind, but why didn't he swap barrels before he gave you his gun? And the hollow-points.
I mean, one could argue a man so intent on taking out Howard Elias, how come he didn't use them? You got an answer for me? I don't, no.
You're welcome.
His hit-and-run walked in.
Voluntary surrender.
Be nice if that caught on.
Was he texting? I don't know.
He's getting a warrant for the guy's phone.
Guy says the cyclist is at fault.
Bike riders are always trying to run SUVs off the road.
Should we tell Rogow before or after he files that his vehicular assailant may be a hero? Hey, hey, hey, don't jinx our prints.
They ever give out medals during sentencing? Only in the court of poetic justice.
So no funeral, huh? She didn't want one.
It still doesn't feel real.
It won't until it does.
And it will in its own time.
Which, uh, may or may not be when you want it to.
That's comforting.
There is something breeding in this fridge.
Mom thought sell-by dates were suggestions.
- Webson.
- Danny, Harry Bosch here.
You did the match on the Elias case - what's the margin of error? - None.
Well, it's never a hundred percent.
The barrel striations were so clean, I could've done it naked eye.
- Sheehan's nine.
- I'd put money on it.
It's me.
Hip deep.
Not gonna be able to pick the boys up later.
I'll be there for dinner if that's still good.
I owe you one.
Detective Edgar.
I don't know why I'm so I mean, I'm not even It's just that, you-you know, you hear these stories about gangs and Was Eleanor undercover? Is that why they killed her? Is that why who killed her? Step by step.
You put a poker game together.
Two whales from Shanghai.
They wanted a challenge.
Good players.
Eleanor's real good.
Whales have names? Ken Lin was the one who hired me.
His cousin manages the place we played at.
- Golden Soup.
- Yeah.
Ting something.
I never got the rest of his name.
And the guy who came late? You know about that? Yeah, I never saw him before.
He's from the mainland.
Something about the whales missing their flight back.
He went postal on Ken.
It was bad.
Really scary.
Ting know who he was? I don't know.
He seemed to.
How's her daughter? Holding up.
It's hard.
The Feds say they can protect me if I have to testify.
They can.
But for how long? Thank you, Ida.
Harry Bosch came through like a champ on Elias, Irv.
Well, still some work to be done, but, yes, - he's a good detective.
- And you're a hell of a chief.
Now, if you could finesse Justice Now and avert a riot I'm kidding.
Great job.
And your support is much appreciated.
And, um, well, I may need it.
What for? The mayor's new independent probe into LAPD.
This may end up in a showdown, and I'm grateful that we have each others' backs.
If it comes to that.
I would like to think that the three of us could find a way to both serve the department's needs and the mayor's ambitions.
- I'm less sanguine.
- Anyway There is a more mundane matter you could help me with.
RHD is looking for a construction worker who may have information on an arson-murder.
And? If you'd encourage your foreman to cooperate, I'd appreciate it.
That sounds like a long shot.
Recent? Last fall.
Retirement home.
Three victims.
Worker have a name? Bondigas.
Well, I'll get the word out.
Thank you.
And again congratulations on Elias.
When? Monday.
I've been trying to reach you.
And no one knows who or why? No one knows anything.
Where are you? Hong Kong.
I'm back in Hong Kong.
I wish I was there with you.
Me, too.
In this life, we get two families, Maddie.
One we're born with and one we choose.
And your y-your mom and you you're who I chose.
Jesus, your dad.
He was with her.
I was thinking I might come to Hong Kong.
You can't.
Not now.
After I graduate.
You can't, Maddie.
Why not? Someone's there with you.
Your mother's federal friends used her to look into my family.
It broke my heart.
Nothing came of it.
I am now suspected of being an unregistered foreign agent.
I was invited to discuss it with government officials in a detention center outside of Chengdu.
Because of what Mom did? No.
I don't know.
I'm sorry, Maddie.
But it's going to be okay.
We go on.
When will I see you again? You're seeing me now.
You think Bosch is right about Sheehan being innocent? I want him to be.
I think I know what you mean.
To protect and serve, that's a real thing for me.
- no peace.
- It's not that simple, youngblood.
- I think it is.
- No justice, no peace.
It's just hard to hold the line sometimes.
You wait ten years, get back to me.
No justice, no peace.
No justice, - no peace - No shit.
no peace.
No justice, no peace.
I'll call it.
Officer needs help.
Back gate of Hollywood Division.
Pierce, where the fuck you going?! William-51.
We're code six.
Our vehicle's been hit by an incendiary device.
Dig it.
Jack Teagarden.
I need to see all the evidence on D.
number 12-0311524.
And you can turn that back up while you're looking, 'cause there's a Ben Webster solo coming up.
John Hancock and thumb.
That was quick.
Something missing.
I'm shocked.
Take a look, see who checked it out last.
Snyder, Amy.
Two days ago.