Bosch (2014) s04e08 Episode Script

Dark Sky

- Step back, please.
We're looking for this gentleman and this gentleman only for today.
- So if you cooperate, we'll - (SPITS) Gracias.
Now you're all going to have to show - some identification.
- (SIREN WAILS) AGENT: Let's go! Alberto Bondigas, you're under arrest.
Turn around.
Let's go.
Take him.
(HANDCUFFS CLICKING) I got Russians Sberbank to guarantee the loan.
I'm just looking for a 30-day bridge.
No, sanctions are a formality, window dressing.
This is a no-risk, no-brainer for you.
(INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSION) - (NO AUDIO ON MONITOR) - (INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSION) Must be a reason Sheehan's case hasn't been filed yet.
- Just trying to get it right, Mank.
- Yeah, I know.
I mean, just gonna have to cut him loose - end of watch if you don't.
- Like I said.
I know.
This way.
Thanks for coming in early.
Need a word.
Let's talk out here.
Sheehan's OIS, 2012, what's your thinking on that? Wasn't my investigation.
What happened to the bullets? I wouldn't know.
So you didn't notice the bullets were missing from evidence? I've never even seen the evidence for that case.
You sure? Bosch, y you want to explain to me You were the last officer to check it out.
Sounds like you were.
What's going on? Property sign-out sheet shows you examined the evidence, Tuesday around 1300 hours.
Sign-out sheet's wrong.
- How so? - I wasn't there.
- The fuck are you accusing me of? - Not accusing you.
Just trying to get a handle on what everyone's been doing.
Someone signed my name.
Check the thumbprint it won't be mine.
Or the surveillance footage.
I sure as hell will.
What footage? (SIGHS) Yeah.
Defeats the purpose if everyone knows about it.
They put a camera in property after Rampart.
But thanks for calling me a liar.
Hold up, Snyder.
Keep this between us.
I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go - I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go Can't let go Can't let go Like me.
Besides Sergeant Snyder, who's been made aware of this? Lieutenant Billets, when she signed the report.
(SIGHS) Where are we on filing Elias? Getting there.
Feels like you're pulling an entirely new thread with this.
Not sure what I got yet.
Another compromised cop.
Who else could it be, Detective? Last I checked, property doesn't sign out evidence to civilians.
No, sir, they don't.
(SIGHS) You're not telling me everything.
Keep it that way.
(IRVING CLICKS PEN) Get the footage.
Close this case.
Thank you, Chief.
- Young Wash.
- (DOOR CLOSES) (DOORS OPEN) (DOOR CLOSES) Site visits this morning, all divisions.
Start with the Valley.
Central, West, then South.
I'll let the deputy chiefs know.
No, I'd rather it be a surprise.
Keep everybody on their toes.
Word travels fast.
Drive faster.
Meet me on P-one.
Right in front of the station.
Robertson and Pierce.
They okay? (SIGHS): Yeah.
Billets put us on tac alert.
What's that? What happened? But the boys can still stay at your place this weekend, right? JOE: Why can't we live together in one house? JACK: Yeah.
We don't need two houses.
You're here all the time anyway.
- Jack.
- Joe started it.
Dad's moving in? He's not moving anywhere.
Mom bus leaves in five minutes.
(WHISPERS): We'll figure it out.
So keep your head on a swivel and your nose out of your cell phone.
We'll be on modified tac alert until further notice.
But remember, we are not at war with the city.
They're at war with us.
Do not take this personally.
Animals tried to burn us down.
- Mm-hmm.
- But didn't.
All eyes are on us now.
So do your jobs, do them right, everybody goes home tonight.
(LOW MURMURING) (INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSION) Didn't see who threw the firebomb, but this one gets out and he gives chase.
P-two Dog instincts die hard.
The guy they caught still insisting he didn't do it? Claims he was never there.
Might be something on surveillance.
Crims collected glass from the bottle, see if they can raise prints.
Other guy had to have help getting away.
- He just vanished.
- Tip of the iceberg.
This was not two lone wolves.
Might get a break from social media.
Loose lips, incriminating chatter.
Whack jobs with an ax to grind glom on to any protest, peaceful or otherwise.
Or a rogue copper pissed off at you guys about Sheehan.
Like someone in RHD.
What else do you guys need from us? That should do it.
Just gonna poke around a bit more out here.
All right.
You're the arson guys.
Hey, I'm so sorry about Yeah, thanks.
You in? Alberto Bondigas.
Our POI from River Watch.
Right, right, right, right.
Chief Irving said he'd tell you.
Both been busy.
Construction worker, bragging about a fire for hire.
I want to be there for the interview.
That's why I came over.
Soon as we hook him up, - I'll give you a shout.
- Appreciate it.
How'd it go with the surveillance footage? Need me to expedite anything? - No.
Walked it over myself.
- Oh.
- Mind if I look at that in here? - Sure.
I don't know which is worse that the department installed surveillance in the property room, or that they needed to.
This came to Eleanor's.
Maddie dropped it in the trash.
Whoa, isn't that? Yeah.
I haven't worn my Class A's since wife before last.
I opened that suit carrier, and a host of Tineola bisselliella - just swarmed out of there.
- Clothing moths.
BARREL: Yeah, my pants are in tatters in the bottom of that bag.
Those are nice sweats.
- Thank you.
- PIERCE: I hope no one writes you up for not having your boots.
It's not the clothes, it's the man.
- I don't see a problem.
- And if anyone does - they can go fuck themselves.
- Mm.
BOSCH: Up the roof.
No Lincoln or Snyder.
- (DOOR OPENS) - LINCOLN: Morning.
Sydney's school assembly ran over.
Oh, her solo blew me away.
Well, glad I rushed to get in here.
Where is everybody? They don't tell me shit, Gabby.
Yeah, well, we're almost out of here.
Back to setting our own hours.
I have to run an errand.
Someone needs me, I'm on my cell.
You all right? She swapped out the bullet from Elias so it would match Sheehan's gun.
- Why? - Payback, maybe.
I mean, Sheehan got over on Lincoln and IA for Black Guardian.
She wants to make sure he goes down for Elias.
Eh, that's a long drive, brother.
- You gonna question her? - She'll deny it.
She didn't notice, the bullets were already missing.
Yeah, we need to box her in.
Yeah, fucks up Elias but good.
Not Sheehan.
Sure looks like he's innocent.
Now we need the slug that killed the operator.
I'm on it.
Unless you need me here.
Go to.
There's a video, Jimmy.
What? From the junkyard bathroom.
Pretty confident it shows the torture of Michael Harris.
Micro SD chip.
Elias kept it secret, was gonna drop it on the world at trial.
Well, thanks for sharing.
Haven't had the chance.
The Special Master give this to you yesterday? No.
Just a very strong theory that it exists.
Could be anywhere.
No, we stay on Lincoln, but no one else can know that we're looking at her we play this close.
Pull her package, run her financials.
With her sitting right there? I can get her out of the office, but until we know where loyalties lie, we keep her partner in the dark.
Where's Snyder? Running some errand.
You can call her.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - Need something? You two in the Valley getting statements from Sheehan's friends and neighbors.
I thought you got those already.
That was before ballistics came back.
- New development.
- We need to do them again.
Have Snyder meet you there.
(SIGHS): Right.
On my way.
- MADDIE: Dad.
- Everything okay? I wish people would stop asking me that.
Every time I call doesn't mean something's wrong.
Seems like a fair question since you're supposed to be in class.
Are you? Mr.
Detective no, I'm not.
What's up? I just thought I'd let you know I might be home late tonight.
Where you going? Drive around, clear my head.
How late? Dad.
Call me if it's gonna be past 11:00.
- Thanks.
- Yep.
Love you.
I know.
(KNOCKING) Here's the Delgado material.
Thank you.
I've asked IA to send over packages on the other assistant chiefs as well, so, as soon as you have them? Jerry, that log of Sheehan's phone calls over there? Looks like e-mails.
Oh, need those, too.
Yeah, hold on.
Harry, coroner's office, line one.
This is Bosch.
She left instructions.
Any places you could recommend? Uh-huh.
I'll make the arrangements.
(SCOFFS SOFTLY) People saying you all found the cop that did it.
Still collecting evidence.
What you looking for? Bullet that killed Lanny Johnson.
Oh, man.
You know, about time somebody said his name.
Lanny was good people.
And like he didn't matter.
Everybody matters.
I haven't seen nothing like a bullet up here.
It's down there.
(KNOCKING) Lincoln's TEAMS report, per your request.
- She is squeaky clean.
- IA lifer.
I mean, a couple of minor citizen complaints from patrol days, but nothing since.
Any intersect with Sheehan? Besides IA's investigation of Black Guardian.
They both work out of PAB, but they're about eight years apart in the academy.
I mean, there's nothing in there to suggest they've met anywhere but across an interview table.
Let me know if I can get you anything else.
- Thanks, L.
- Yup.
Phone calls, e-mails.
I'm not seeing a connection, either.
On Lincoln's end? Check her 15-38? Divorced twice, one daughter Sydney.
No overlap with Sheehan's kid on the school front.
I asked Satriano to run her financials.
Has another favor ahead of mine.
Said he'd circle back - as soon as he could.
- 15 years on the job, no connection to Sheehan, and no reason to risk her career by framing him.
Well, unless she's protecting herself.
Lincoln killed Elias? Or knows who did.
Black Guardian again.
They both wanted the same thing bring down bad cops.
- Back already? - Didn't go.
I opened an IA investigation to find out who forged my signature at property.
I saw the footage.
Tell anyone else? Judge May signed the warrant, and Satriano in commercial crimes did a financial workup on Gabriela on the down low.
A favor.
He won't say anything.
Guess we know who's got pull.
Two years ago, Gabriela opened a joint account with Sydney, her daughter.
Only made two deposits.
One for 12K, May 3, 2015, and then another for 50K, November 3, 2016.
Now I checked the dates and it's around the time Elias would've received settlement payments on the cases against Officer Prentis and Detective Beckett.
Do you mind if I? I got it.
She's right.
Elias made settlement deposits end of April 2015 and October 2016.
Lincoln did Elias.
SNYDER: We can't say for certain the money Lincoln deposited came from him.
For years, rumor's been that Elias had a squirrel in PAB, feeding him key information so the city would settle out of court to bury big scandalous cases.
This time, he's fed footage of Black Guardian.
- From where? - EDGAR: Hidden camera we think your partner found in the junkyard bathroom.
And Gabriela gave it to Elias? Sold it to him for a piece of the action.
Any idea where she was last Friday night? Okay.
We need to find out if she has an alibi.
- (SNYDER SIGHS) - Full workup.
Search warrants for her cell, anything else that can helps us establish a timeline for her.
And get her gun.
And get her in here for questioning without her figuring out why.
(DOOR CLOSES) This is fucked.
You did good work.
(SIGHS) On a lost cause.
Guilt by association.
You think my next partner is gonna trust me after I helped take down my last one? It depends on the partner.
I don't know how you do it.
I'll never make it off Bosch's shitlist.
He's had a lot come down on him.
Some very good detectives have made it on that list, one point or another.
You? So, you didn't see any of this coming with Lincoln? Shit, Jerry.
Of course not.
- (DOOR OPENS) - BOSCH: Jerry? Let's get soup.
What you did, going the extra mile, goes a long way with him.
He'll never say that.
That's why I did.
I could possibly be fading Or have Something more to gain I could feel myself Growing colder I could feel myself Under your fate Under Your fate It was you (MUSIC STOPS) (DISTANT TRAFFIC NOISES) (EXHALES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Gentlemen.
Detectives Bosch and Edgar.
Card game.
Ken Lin said you let him play here last Friday night? Ken Lin.
Your cousin.
From the mainland? (LAUGHS) Let me show you our kitchen.
(MEN TALKING IN CHINESE) What is it you want from me? Whatever you can tell us.
Chinese national.
He was at your cousin's game.
What would you like me to say? Start with what you told the Feds.
I don't know him.
I've only seen him once.
Hope to God I never see him again.
Your cousin knows him, works for him.
My cousin's back in China.
- We're not close.
- Mystery man have a name? Ken called him Shiwei Chen.
Heard he got violent.
We're looking for his L.
intersect, other family, friends he might reach out to.
- Family? - Yeah.
You've put my family in danger just by coming here.
(CLATTERING) - Harry! - Please! If you think of something.
We've all got family.
EDGAR: You all right? Yeah.
I blew my top.
No apology needed.
He wasn't gonna call.
(SCOFFS) Not in this life.
Fat cats in the back? Asian OGs.
Probably got that guy paying protection tax.
The cousin and this Chen.
Overseas connect to some local op the Feds and Eleanor were onto.
Chinese national looked to local soldiers to do his wet work.
Yeah, let's reach out to San Gabriel gang unit.
(PHONE RINGS) Hey, Jimmy.
What's up? ROBERTSON: We got the warrants on Lincoln.
Ready for the judge on your say-so.
We're heading in.
ROBERTSON: And Snyder and I have an idea about how we can get Lincoln talking.
(BIRDS CHIRPING QUIETLY) (EXHALES) (SIGHS) This is Detective Jerry Edgar at Hollywood Station.
I'd like to leave word for Detective Moy.
Have him call me as soon as he can.
Prints came back on Clifton Campbell.
Seven times.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
Pull 'em up.
The fuck? You said Frankie wanted to talk to me.
I'm sure he does, but we want to talk to you first.
- Well, I got nothing for you.
- Hey.
We got something for you.
Sheehan didn't kill Elias.
And Bosch is the only one who believed him from the get-go.
Someone swapped out the bullet at the coroner's.
Another cop.
- Bullshit.
- Hear us out.
So why is he still in custody? We need to bring this individual in for questioning.
Get an admission on tape.
Clear Francis? Of Elias.
- If this is some fucking ruse - Look, Rooker.
Help us, help your partner.
Otherwise, take it on the arches.
All right.
What do you need me to do? BARREL: Stolen property.
Assault with a gun.
CRATE: Suspect wearing a hat, riding a bicycle.
Son of a bitch.
We solved the Koreatown Killer.
- Dude, tenth floor kicked this to the bulls for, like, six months.
Took us, what? Two days.
Zen masters.
Got you.
(PHONE RINGS) Sergeant Lincoln speaking.
It's Bosch.
LINCOLN: This was a total waste of time.
Snyder couldn't make it out here.
The neighbors didn't want to talk.
I'm done.
BOSCH: Don't worry about it.
How soon can you get back here? I was on my way home.
What's going on? Think maybe Rooker could have been with Sheehan when he pulled the trigger.
Thought his alibi checked out.
BOSCH: Didn't hold.
Pierce went over the security cam footage again.
Rooker was on the corner of 4th below Angels Flight, time frame of Elias' murder, near where I found the watch and wallet.
Rondell's a relentless son of a bitch.
We need to get Rooker in here, get him talking.
Good luck with that.
He pretty much hates you, Bosch.
BOSCH: That's why I need you to do it.
That man's got no love for IA, either.
Yeah, but you've been besting cops for the last ten years.
11, actually.
Now that's an asset? Okay, fine.
I'll ask Snyder to do it.
I'll square up my child care - and see you in about 40 minutes.
- Thanks.
- Oh, no, leave it.
He picks.
People are saying that this could be like '92.
The city's changed.
The media's fanning the flames.
You're not at all worried? I'm more concerned about what happens after.
Riot or not, the mayor's gonna hang my department out to dry.
- How? - (SIGHS) His citizen review panel.
An implicit validation of Sunday's protest and an indictment of my rank and file.
The obvious political play.
And anything I try to counter with now will be overshadowed by the narrative that a cop murdered Howard Elias.
Your reorganization of the command staff.
Delgado Nestor Delgado.
Among others.
I think you should just let Mayor Ramos do what he's gonna do.
What, use me as a punching bag? Rope-a-dope.
When it all dies down, you'll have your plan ready.
You know about rope-a-dope? Yeah.
Float like a butterfly.
(BOTH LAUGH) It's what I've been thinking, too.
Appear to be responding swiftly to what the public needs but, in fact, implementing the changes that you intended to make all along.
Still a few loose ends to tie up.
MANKIEWICZ: A cop in a cage is a real morale killer, Harry.
You gonna charge our friend in there - or what? - I Still time left.
- Hey.
He here? - Booking.
No camera in the jail interview room.
Gonna need to bring your own recorder.
Jail? You got probable cause? I'll fill you in.
Go check your weapon.
Be right back.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Wait till Sheehan sees him.
Mank, give us some audio.
Rooker! Rooker! Rook! Rooker! What's going on, guys? Rook.
Robertson, talk to me.
Come on.
Robertson, fucking talk to me! Come on! Okay.
Let's do this.
What the fuck's going on here? Bosch! Come on, man, talk to me.
What's Rook doing here? (BOSCH EXHALES) Get a sitter for your daughter? My ex.
Lousy husband, but he's a pretty good dad.
EDGAR: Your partner got any upside? Jesus.
Jerry, let it slide.
Something happen with Amy? Wasted half the day signing out evidence from Sheehan's old officer-involved shooting.
- Why? - You weren't with her? Me? No.
When? Tuesday.
(SIGHS) I had the credit union warrant and the coroner.
Maybe she just wanted to check the evidence against something from the file.
See? What I said.
Amy's ambitious.
Me? I like it where I'm at.
Why you're here and she's not.
You ask her about it? It's not worth the time it would take.
I'll go see if Rooker's lawyer showed up.
He's in a mood.
So what are we working with? Besides the bad alibi? Pretty sure Elias had surveillance footage proves Sheehan did Black Guardian.
I saw every inch of that footage.
Special master said Elias was gonna drop a video at trial to impeach RHD.
Could be Rooker went with Sheehan to get the tape back from Elias, shit went sideways.
(SIGHS) Jesus.
Well, how did Elias get ahold of it? Well, RHD collected the cameras on the day, right? So, Pipes, Fix, Drake.
Take your pick.
Well, it's got to be Drake, right? What? Was it you or Snyder that verified the cameras for the Harris complaint? I don't know.
Why? The case report says it was you.
(EXHALES) Could have been.
Or we went to the junkyard together and I wrote it up.
Five cameras.
What does the report say? I, uh I don't remember.
Could you have found a camera but didn't log it in? What does this have to do with Rooker? Did you know there's a security cam in the property room? Me neither.
Everybody who comes and goes.
Snyder's name is in the book.
But you're on video.
Walking in to swap out the bullet, after the credit union, before the coroner's.
There were no bullets in that box.
But why lie? Why use Snyder's name? (DOOR OPENS) Look (DOOR SHUTS) You were giving me the grunt work.
I thought I just thought, Sheehan's killed someone before.
It might be helpful.
It wasn't.
Look, and I didn't want you up my ass for taking initiative.
Where the fuck is Rooker? Rooker has an alibi for last Friday night.
Do you? Wait.
What is this? You know what this is.
Hold on.
I park my kid, drive all the way back up here to help you, and now you're questioning me, like I'm a suspect? You found a camera in the junkyard bathroom.
Sold the video to Elias.
BOSCH: With the understanding he wouldn't divulge his source, settle it out of court.
You think I killed him.
EDGAR: We have your bank statements.
Deposits that line up with other big Elias settlements.
But he didn't settle this time.
You were exposed.
Source of the tape.
I didn't sell anything to Howard Elias.
Someone else.
You have no idea.
Want me to talk? Bring in the DA.
O'Shea's in Sacramento.
Won't be back until morning.
Let's book her, isolate her.
Get our warrants, get her phone, get her gun to Firearms.
Harry, Detective Moy at San Gabriel called me back.
- When can he meet us? - Now.
Give me five? - (LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) - (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Cleared you, Frank.
Of this one.
Bullet got swapped, like you said.
(SOFT CHUCKLE) You know who did it? Still a lot of moving parts.
Can you gut it out here until morning? Word of your release gets out on the street, you have a bull's-eye on your back.
Like I got anyplace else to go, you know? Thank you, Harry.
(SCOFFS) DAIDO: Okay, they may try to move us back from the gate on Wilcox, but there is a back entrance over here where we could put people.
ZEALY: If they close off De Longpre, we'll need to be ready.
'Cause our only way out will be Fountain.
See? - Yeah.
- I like that.
- Babe? - Just a minute.
I want I just want to figure out these escape routes.
She looks so young.
Has Detective Sheehan been charged? I'm not at liberty to discuss an ongoing investigation.
Then we have nothing to talk about.
But you want us to change.
Or is that just an empty slogan? Not to me.
I have a proposition for you.
(CHUCKLES) I'm not interested in any backdoor deals with LAPD.
There's a spot opening up on the existing Los Angeles Police Oversight Committee.
Civilian reviewer.
And you want it to be me? I should think you would want it to be you.
Because I care about the community? No.
Because you don't trust LAPD.
Civilian reviewers are surprisingly lenient when it comes to officer misconduct.
I don't want bad cops in my ranks any more than you want them in your neighborhood.
I need someone who won't be blinded.
If you think this is gonna make me call off - the protest - Your protest? You taking responsibility for last night's firebomb? Two policemen almost got killed.
Zealy, I'm showing you the forest.
Stop staring at the trees.
See you on Sunday.
(CAR DOOR OPENS) (CAR DOOR SHUTS) (ENGINE STARTS) - (OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) - What the hell was that? After all the work that we've done? We put our lives on the line for you! Tell us what you were just doing - over there.
- We put everything on the line for you! - And you do this to us? - Everything.
Take a seat.
(INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSION) Detective Moy? Hollywood Edgar.
Harry Bosch.
Sorry for your loss.
The picture you sent.
Shiwei Chen? Not tracking in my unit.
Golden Soup? BBs own that part of town.
Baby Bandit Boys.
Loose ties back to the mainland.
- Murder for hire up their alley? - If the price is right.
I don't think money's a problem for our Chinese national.
We have some solid Cis in BB territory.
You got the time, we can do a bar crawl tonight, start with my boy Ted at this karaoke place.
Show your picture around, ask questions.
My informants can circle back with what gets said after we leave.
Let's do it.
Shake the tree, see what falls.
Can't hurt.
("CAN'T FEEL MY FACE" BY THE WEEKND PLAYING) I can't feel my face when I'm with you But I love it But I love it, oh Detective Moy.
San Gabriel PD.
And you are? Teddy.
Teddy, how you doing? Take a look at a picture for me.
Take your time.
Don't need time.
Don't know him.
Never seen him here, there, anywhere.
How about you? All the misery was necessary When we're deep in love Yes, I know Who's here tonight, Teddy? Uh two couples.
Big party down the hall.
We're gonna take a look around.
- Why? - Why? Want to talk to your customers that's why.
What if they don't want to talk to you? MOY: Free country.
Let's let them decide.
Stay here.
Whoa-oa-oa-oa I can't feel my face when I'm with you But I love it But I love it, oh I can't feel my face when I'm with you - I can't feel my face - But I love it - But I love it - But I love it - Still I love it - Oh I can't feel my face when I'm with you - But I love it - You know I love it But I love it, oh I can't feel my face when I'm with you I can't feel my face But I love it When I'm with you, babe But I love it (WOMAN SINGING IN CHINESE) Sorry for the intrusion.
I'm Detective Moy, from San Gabriel PD.
These are Detectives Bosch and Edgar.
Gonna show you a photograph of a man you may have seen.
Anything you can tell us about him would be greatly appreciated.
(SPEAKING MANDARIN) - Gun! Get down! - (GUNFIRE) - (SHOUTS) - One down! (PEOPLE SCREAMING) You know I love it I can't feel my face when I'm with you - I can't feel my face - But I love it When I'm with you, babe (MUSIC FADES) (MOTORCYCLE ENGINE REVVING) (MOTORCYCLE APPROACHING) (WIND BLOWING) Mom?