Bosch (2014) s04e09 Episode Script

Rojo Profundo

You were dreaming.
You said Mom's name.
Did I? Do you remember what it was about? Not really.
You were out super late last night.
I was working.
Where'd you go yesterday? Drove around.
Oh, I need coffee.
What was your mom's funeral like? I don't know.
I wasn't there.
You didn't go? No.
I was at MacLaren.
They wouldn't let me go.
You missed your mother's funeral? There really wasn't one.
There was no money, no other family.
The county took care of it.
Took me a while to find out what they did with her.
After I got home from the first Gulf War, I looked into it.
Finally found her.
An unmarked grave.
That's awful.
Well you know, Mads, I've come to believe that it really doesn't matter where you end up.
Under a fancy stone or somewhere out in the desert.
It's all sacred ground.
So long as your people know where you are.
You working today? Yeah, task force isn't over.
But I've got a briefing this morning on your mom's case.
- Can I come with you for that? - No.
No, you can't, Mads, and you know that.
It's just a phone call anyway.
I want to do something.
I feel so useless.
I know.
I felt it, too.
(SNIFFLES) Still do.
You left this at your mom's.
I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go - I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go Can't let go Can't let go Like me.
Let's go this way.
Set it up here.
That's good.
We should've done this two hours ago when it was still dark.
I would've missed out on that breakfast burrito.
Get serious, Frankie.
There are people out there that want to tear you to pieces, one piece at a time.
Yeah, well, you need a sense of humor when your life is totally fucked, and your department isn't gonna protect you.
What the fuck do you think we're doing here? Huh? All right, let's go.
And stay down.
GARWOOD: Let's go.
I'll go check in with Jimmy.
I got her.
ETA on O'Shea? She better have something good.
- Sheehan? - Back door.
Garwood and Rooker took him.
- Smooth move.
- Yeah, I thought so.
MOY (ON PHONE): Eddie Vang, 29, tight with Jai Lee, the guy I took down last night.
We think this is the second man.
Shooter had long hair.
Surveillance video, across from Farmers Market.
MOY: They're both local gangsters with Chinese OC ties.
- Triads here or back there? - One and the same.
Chen's triad.
MOY: We're on this, Bosch.
We'll find him.
Once we get him, you can ask him all about Shiwei Chen yourself.
I'll be in touch.
Asshole's probably halfway to Hong Kong by now.
Or laying low until he gets out.
The D.
is in the house.
It's the standard proffer, Sergeant.
If you give us information that leads to a prosecution in the murder of Howard Elias, we'll take care of you.
But you don't say how.
This don't guarantee shit.
There are no guarantees, not at this stage.
We might need your testimony, and we're not cutting a deal until after that happens.
You sure you don't want to talk to a lawyer? BOSCH: Lincoln, sign the deal on the waiver, or I'm gonna take your ass back to MDC.
I want to see my daughter.
That can be arranged.
I'm not taking the fucking fall for this.
Ask your questions.
You said you had a video from the Black Guardian case.
Who'd you give it to? Bradley Walker.
Walker? You heard me.
Bradley fucking Walker.
Holy shit.
All right, let's-let's hear it.
You're suggesting that the president of the police commission murdered Howard Elias? I'm not suggesting anything.
Why'd you give the video to Walker? We had a deal.
He and Elias had their own thing.
Walker would help him settle cases.
With insider information from you? I'd tell Walker what I knew about a case, he'd turn around and give it to Elias.
And Elias kicked back a percentage of the settlement? And Walker took care of me.
How many cases? Four.
The last two I put away for Sydney.
This one was gonna be it for me.
Why is that? Because everybody was gonna get rich off of this one.
The city would have paid millions to settle this case and bury the proof.
So what happened? Why'd Elias turn down the big payday? He got religion.
Like his mistress said.
Decided it was too important to bury.
Go to trial, make sure the world knew exactly what they did to Harris.
I mean, the man's been saying for years somebody needed to turn LAPD upside down.
O'SHEA: All right.
To get the video into court, he'd have to authenticate it.
He was gonna expose Walker as the source.
Which would ruin him.
Walker had no choice.
He had Elias killed.
How so? He did it himself.
He told me that's how you handle betrayal.
Face to face.
And he said that if he went down for it, I was going down with him.
So you framed Sheehan for Walker.
I saw the video.
I saw what Sheehan did.
Him and Drake.
Yeah, I switched the bullets.
Fuck Frank Sheehan.
Better him than me.
What'd you do with the bullet you lifted from the Elias autopsy? Tossed it in the gutter at Cal State.
After I switched it.
O'SHEA: Fuck me.
There's no evidence that anything you just told us is true.
We have her financials.
Several sizable deposits origin unknown.
Unless those checks have Walker's name on them, you don't have shit.
My office can't go forward without evidence.
You don't have it.
No gun, no video, no charges.
And Lincoln? She looks good for any number of crimes.
Let my office know if things change.
(EXHALES) So what now? Now we, uh, start over.
Look for any links between Lincoln, Walker and Elias.
Anything that backs up her story.
Why don't we just do a pretext call and nail Walker with his own words? SNYDER: Good luck getting that up and running before Walker finds out Lincoln's in lockdown.
Yeah, we don't have that kind of time.
We've got the weekend and then we have to charge her.
- What about a poly? - It's not worth a damn in court, but it might help convince O'Shea.
Go ahead, set it up.
We got to find that video, if it really exists.
And get fresh warrants for Elias' office and apartment.
We weren't looking for a microchip when we searched before.
Okay, do it.
But coordinate with the special master, okay? Don't cross any lines.
So that leaves Walker.
We got to run him down.
We got to see if he's got any alibi for the night of the killing.
But we got to be discreet.
I got Walker.
ROBERTSON: According to his driver's stolen gun report, Walker was at the Biltmore Friday night fund-raiser.
Good to know, thanks.
Okay, let's do it.
All right, next time we call O'Shea, we bring him a prosecutable case.
Bosch, my office.
(SIGHS) I thought you would be thrilled that Lincoln put the finger on Bradley Walker.
I'm his alibi.
Night of the killing, I was watching him at his fund-raiser.
He saw me there, engaged me.
He was using me in case he needed an alibi.
Jesus Christ.
Did you have eyes on him the entire time? Just about.
(TYPING) (TYPING STOPS) (TYPING RESUMES) A male transporting a female custody solo is frowned upon in the department.
It's frowned upon heavily.
Who's gonna write me up? You? Just saying.
Must be a purpose to it.
You didn't move the needle in the interview.
No checkable facts.
Nobody believes you about Walker.
You need to figure out how you could help us out, or Walker skates and leaves you to take the fall.
Come on, what have you got? I don't have shit.
He's too smart.
You missed the turn for MDC.
Piper Tech.
I'll take a poly.
Every fucking thing I said was true.
It's Bennett.
Bad news.
How's that? Our River Watch suspect got swept up by ICE yesterday.
By the time word got to us Known felon, rapid deportation.
They shipped him across the border.
- Swept up where? - Downtown.
That new high-rise going up across from the Biltmore.
The Walker Grand.
Yeah, I think that's it.
Harry Thanks for the update.
It sucks, I know.
I'm sorry.
What can I do for you, Mrs.
Elias? I heard you let him go.
We want the real killer, and so do you.
It wasn't Frank Sheehan.
Well, you inspire confidence, which I can't say about everybody else associated with the case.
How so? I'm dealing with the medical examiner's office.
They gave me this.
The things that were on his body and not collected at the crime scene.
Why are you showing me this? He didn't wear a wedding band, Detective.
He wore no jewelry.
Which makes me wonder if they can mix things up at the M.
's office, what about at the crime lab? First they said the bullets that killed Howard matched Sheehan's gun.
Then they said they didn't, which is why I came to you with this instead of going to them.
I appreciate that.
And I give you my word I will look into this.
What is it, Detective? We're looking for something else your husband had, Mrs.
Uh, a video.
On a micro SD card.
A video your husband believed would break the Black Guardian case wide open.
I don't know anything about it.
I'd like to come back to your house and search his home office, but with the media all over us, I don't want to do something that could be misconstrued.
I tell you what, Detective, I'll look for your card.
- But I doubt it's at the house.
- Why not? If it was something that important to the case, Howard would have kept it close.
Thank you, Mrs.
Where is everybody? Uh, Pierce went to Judge Wexler with the warrants, Edgar took Lincoln back downtown, and Robertson said he had something to do.
What are you looking at? Coroner gave Elias's personal effects to his wife, but she says he never wore a wedding ring.
Maybe it was something he wore for court you know, make the jurors believe he's a family man? He wasn't in court when he got shot.
- Hidden compartment? - Solid metal.
Book it as received by the victim's wife, and we'll circle back to it.
I got to go.
You know, Snyder, what Lincoln did doesn't have anything to do with you.
Is he still here? What the fuck you doing here, Jimmy? Don't be a dick, Rooker.
I need to talk to him.
(ROCK SPLASHES IN POOL) Well, Rook's separated, just like me.
What's that say about us cops? Can't hold onto our families? Some cops.
Took his sons up to Modesto.
No kids, no need for a fucking pool, right? My heart's bleeding.
What do you want, Jimmy? Some clarity.
We found the video.
You're gonna have to tell me what video you're talking about.
The one from the hidden camera in the junkyard bathroom.
You didn't need the video.
I told Bosch all about it.
I'm not running from it, Jimmy.
I just just fucked up.
When you talked to Bosch, you left out some details, didn't you? It would have taken at least two men to hold Harris down, Frank.
You and Terry Drake.
He's on the video.
I told Bosch what I did, end of story.
I may be a lot of things, Jimmy, I am not a rat.
You got the video it doesn't matter, does it? Terry's on his own.
Does that clarify things for you? Yes.
It does.
- Harry, what a surprise.
- Phil.
Uh, I-I don't think Maddie's here.
Uh, Becca? No, no, I-I-I'm not here for Maddie.
I need to talk to you.
About Becca covering for Maddie skipping school to go to Borrego? No, I'm working a case.
Oh, cool.
Um, come on in.
Sorry, it's, uh, it's probably a little pungent out here.
I just did five miles.
So so what are you doing here, Harry? You gonna read me my rights? $50 million.
I don't understand.
Last Friday at the Biltmore bar, you said Bradley Walker took a loan through your bank for $50 million and wasn't paying it back.
(NERVOUS CHUCKLE) Harry, listen to me, I-I-I was drinking, and I was pissed because I paid a thousand bucks to be at that thing, and some asshole took my spot.
Please forget that I ever told you any of that.
It could be my job if it got out.
It'd be my whole fucking career.
Okay, Phil, truth be known, I was the asshole who took your spot.
I needed to get in 'cause Walker was there.
You're investigating Walker? Wait a minute, you're homicide.
What does this have to do with his $50 million debt? I can't tell you what I can't tell you, but I need to know everything there is to know about his business and his money.
Now, if you can help me, I can help you.
I can keep your name out of the police reports.
Like the way you took care of my speeding ticket last year? Look, Phil, I'm sorry about that, I am.
Are you gonna help me or not? Yeah, of course.
You know Did you accept money from Bradley Walker in exchange for information from IA investigations? Yes.
Did Walker tell you that he shared this information with Howard Elias? Yes.
Did you find a video depicting the events in the Black Guardian case? Yes.
And did you give that video to Bradley Walker? Yes.
Is it true you did not shoot Howard Elias? Yes.
Did Bradley Walker tell you that he shot Howard Elias? Yes.
WOMAN: We expect a thousand people, and there's not enough room for that many people here.
And second, our protest is against the police, and you've moved us too far away from the police station.
- It's two blocks away.
- Come on, two of my guys get attacked by someone in your group? It changes the ground rules.
We respect your First Amendment rights, but we have to take into account public safety and the safety of our officers.
- It wasn't one of us.
- It doesn't matter.
It came from your crowd.
- Your crow - What do you mean "your crowd"? - Oh, my God.
- Someone using your group as camouflage, okay? We're not going to allow you to rally in front of the station where our officers and our vehicles can be targets.
I mean, look at this.
All these bars and fences.
It's like an outdoor prison.
It's like you want us caged.
Look, we can pull the permit if you don't agree.
Oh, wow.
Where's Ms.
Zealy? Maybe we should be talking to her.
She's no longer a part of this.
- Why not? - Look, this is a street rally.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's gonna be held on the street.
(DRUMMING CONTINUES IN DISTANCE) How about Homewood and Wilcox? Where your drummers are.
It's a half a block from the station.
We'll close off the intersection.
You guys can yell at us as long and as loud as you want.
Are you working today, Detective? - Of course.
- My office.
As soon as you can get here.
I'm kind of mid-city, Chief Chief? (STARTS ENGINE) (ENGINE STARTS) Thank you, Ida.
The district attorney's informed me that Sergeant Lincoln's big reveal was Bradley Walker and that you are proceeding with him as a suspect, even though she provided zero evidence of her allegation.
How most cases start.
We're trying to confirm or clear.
I'd like to know why I had to hear this from the D.
instead of the detective I handpicked to head my task force.
Fast-moving case.
Information comes in, we have to move on it.
You want me to work or spend my time down here with you? I want to be informed of what's going on in my own department.
And I'm concerned about you and your obsession with Walker.
I didn't bring him into this Lincoln did.
But I told you about him three months ago.
So are you upset with me or yourself? - Yeah, what's that supposed to mean? - Somebody tipped Walker that RHD identified a suspect in the River Watch arson.
That suspect was suddenly deported before RHD could grab him up.
Are you suggesting that I tipped Walker to that suspect? All I'm saying is, you didn't believe me three months ago.
Maybe now you're starting to.
You'd better be right, Bosch.
"Beyond a reasonable doubt" right.
Yes, sir.
(EXHALES) After we get out of here tonight, what do you say we go grab a cold one? Why would we do that? Because I know what you're going through.
Thinking you know your partner, when you really don't know shit.
I've been there, too.
- Hey.
Who wants to go first? I put Lincoln on the box.
No deception.
Story holds up.
Okay, good for O'Shea to have.
ROBERTSON: I went to see Sheehan.
Bluffed him, told him we found the video and that he and Drake were on it in the bathroom with Harris.
Sheehan confirmed with just another confirmation of Lincoln's story.
You get back into Elias' office? I did.
No microchip, no video.
I'm gonna hit his apartment tonight.
But could use help.
I'm in.
What about you, Snyder? I've been matching dates of cash deposits Gabby made with the other three cases she said she gave Walker information on.
It's lining up.
- And what about Walker? - Oh, Walker's got a $50 million construction loan.
He's leveraged up to his eyeballs, and he's been missing payments.
And every time my source's bank is about to move into receivership, he coughs up the cash.
Source unknown.
He's been promising the bank a seven-figure payment for a month.
Counting on a cut of the Black Guardian settlement from Elias.
Is that motive? ROBERTSON: Reverse motive, you ask me.
I mean, why kill the goose keeping him out of receivership? Because he's desperate and angry, and you don't cross Bradley Walker.
The motive is psychological, not financial.
This wasn't about the money.
This is about manipulation and abuse of power.
Did you look into Walker's alibi? No, he was definitely at the fund-raiser.
250 witnesses can confirm that.
Biltmore is, what, four blocks from Angels Flight? Could he have slipped out, hit Elias, and slipped back in? I'm gonna go down to the hotel and check their security cams - and see.
You, uh, got a couple visitors.
- I put 'em in the lieutenant's office.
- Who? One of them says he's a cop or something, from China.
Brought a translator with him.
Keep grinding.
EDGAR: Yeah.
(SIGHS) We are collecting money to send pizza to those drummers.
I figure they got to stop drumming if they're eating.
I'm in.
- Fuck yeah.
- Come on.
(DOOR OPENS) (SPEAKING CHINESE) Card's in English on one side.
You speak English.
I will be outside.
So what is the Ministry of State Security? Is that, like, the secret police? A special branch of the Chinese government.
I'll bet.
What's your business here? My condolences on the death of Eleanor Wish.
I'm here to exchange information and help you find her killers.
That's the FBI's case.
You should be talking to them, not me.
Do you have the identification of the killers? Do you? Do you have contact with Reggie Woo? (SCOFFS) BOSCH: This is a real exchange of information here.
No, I do not have contact with Reggie, and I don't know where he is.
What does he have to do with this? Is your daughter in contact with Reggie Woo? What? What did you say? You're asking about my daughter? Is that some kind of threat? - Harry.
- 'Cause I know that was you, asshole, in the video Eleanor took.
And if I find out that's what got her killed, I'm gonna find Eddie Vang and I'm gonna flip him, and then I'm gonna come for you.
And if you or any of you motherfuckers go near my daughter, I will send you back to China in a fucking sand jar.
Do you understand? Or do you need me to get your translator back in here? You really think you should've said all of that to him? - Fuck him.
- Harry, they probably just came to get a read on you.
- And you gave it to them.
- Good.
I went them to know I'm coming.
Where are you going? Get Maddie.
Make sure she's safe.
Maxine pulled the call logs from that number we think is Griffin's.
The video Eleanor took.
The day after she sent it to Griffin, he forwards it to an unknown number in China.
Eleanor was just a pawn in this.
I got to go.
BOSCH: What? You're calling about what to bring home for dinner.
- Let's get koi to go.
- No, no.
I'm not talking about dinner.
I want you to pack a bag.
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
What are you talking about? Pack a bag for where? Put some clothes and your computer in a backpack.
I got to move you.
It's just for a couple of days.
Is this about Mom? The people who killed Mom? Everything's fine.
Just pack the bag.
When I get there, I'll call you, you come up to the gate.
Okay? (TIRES SCREECHING) (TIRES SCREECH) - Maddie, go back! - DENG: FBI! BOSCH: Show me your fucking hands! Show me your fucking hands! It's Deng, Bosch.
It's okay, Mads.
- What the fuck is going on? - I know, I know.
That move by Chen surprised us, too.
What did he say? It was a threat.
To me, my daughter, Reggie Woo.
- You looking at him or me? - Both.
We have eyes on him but we have a security team on you and your daughter.
After Eleanor, we're not taking chances.
Yeah, well, thanks for telling me.
I need to put her somewhere safe.
You can do that.
But we've got this place covered from all angles.
You're lucky I didn't fucking smoke you.
DENG: I saw that movie.
Eleanor said it's what got you this place.
- Great view.
- I didn't buy it for the view.
I bought it because there's only one way in and out.
How's your daughter? I scared her pretty good, and I feel like shit about it.
That child's been through enough already.
Chen says he's with MSS.
What is that? Like our CIA, but more dangerous.
And Griffin's working with them? What makes you ask that? Why not answer that? If I knew the answer I would tell you.
I want to make sure my daughter is safe.
I have a case to work.
Tonight this is the safest place in the city.
It damn well better be.
I'm leaving now.
Give me 30 minutes.
Okay, and, um actually, uh, hold off on that.
Babe, I need to call you back.
This is a surprise.
I wish I knew you were coming.
I'm off duty, Irv.
Can I sit? Oh, please.
(SIGHS) What's on your mind? I'm wondering, Irv.
Can an old friend become a new enemy? Well, I don't understand.
I feel like I was set up.
I went in front of the cameras and said the Elias case was solved, that the police department had made an arrest.
Now what? I never told you to put that out, Mayor.
Ballistics cleared Sheehan, and we had no choice but to let him go.
I thought it was ballistics that tied him to the murder.
To be totally candid, we think someone in the department tried to frame Sheehan.
Which still means the killer is one of your people.
We don't know that yet.
(SIGHS) This city is about to come apart at the seams, Chief.
I don't want a major riot, or urban insurrection whatever you want to call it - on my watch.
- Neither do I.
We'll have more than enough security tomorrow, and we've been assured by the organizers that their intentions are non-violent.
Like the Molotov cocktail at Hollywood? Your people are primed.
Things get out of hand.
My people are well-trained.
Let's hope so.
I don't want any live feed on CNN showing our officers as the aggressors.
We won't be.
But I also won't tell my rank and file not to defend themselves.
You should know something now, Irv.
I've decided to join the protest.
To be there with my people.
So you're cutting the department loose.
I guess that means you're cutting me loose as well.
I feel like I have to.
I think it'd do some good.
Then I guess you were right, Mr.
Old friends are becoming new enemies.
I fucking babysat for her.
ROBERTSON: Hey, Terry named me guardian of the grandkid he's raising, should anything happen to him.
I mean, how's that gonna work if he ends up in prison? (LAUGHS) You know, maybe (CLEARS THROAT) it's just better to be like Bosch.
- No, no.
- No, no.
You don't let anybody inside the wire, you never get fucked over.
That's a lonely life, you ask me.
Feeling better, you two? - No.
- Not yet.
I know what you need.
"I know what you need.
" (LAUGHS) How well do you know her? (STAMMERS) I know her schedule.
What nights she works here, what nights she works another place I like to go.
You like to go because of her or the place? - Ooh.
- (BOTH LAUGH) You'll make a good detective yet.
Anyway, I was thinking, I'm in the running for the D-Three slot on the Newton homicide table.
If I get it come over.
Work for me.
Really? Yeah, I mean, I'll I'll take you on my team.
What's this? Rojo Profundo: deep red.
- Mm-hmm.
- The color of betrayal.
ROBERTSON: There you go.
I want one of those.
You got it.
You know what? You can have mine.
I'll have yours and little - Cheers.
- Cheers.
EDGAR: All I'm saying is, if they beat South Carolina, they're not gonna beat the Tar Heels.
Oh, they're gonna give 'em a run for their money.
Still doesn't mean they're gonna win, though.
PIERCE: Want to put some money on it? EDGAR: I'm tired of taking your money.
Open every light switch.
Every wall socket.
Chip this size could be anywhere.
(MAN SPEAKING SPANISH) (DISHES CLATTERING) - MAN: It's still nice and juicy.
- MAN 2: Mm-hmm.
MAN 1: And I see that you substituted the asparagus instead of the herbed creamed spinach that's on the menu.
Maybe we should get that changed there, okay.
Sir, I'm sorry, the kitchen is not open to guests.
I'm looking for a way out.
Is there a back way? Uh, no.
That leads down to the machine rooms.
Can you go down to get out? Only to the tunnels and they're closed off.
Can you show me? Right back, Tony.
Supposedly this was the way to the Red Car lines 60 years ago for the kitchen help, so they didn't walk through the hotel.
I'm afraid some employees have been using this space as an ashtray.
(DISHES CLATTERING IN DISTANCE) That's from a fund-raiser we had here last week.
You said this leads to the original Red Car subway tracks? Supposedly.
Under the old terminal building.
You can go back.
If this closes now, you won't be able to get back in.
I won't need to.
You toss the bathroom? - (PHONE VIBRATING) - What do you think? You know, it Harry.
Where you at? Angels Flight.
EDGAR: I see you.
What's up? I know how he did it.