Bosch: Legacy (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

The Wrong Side of Goodbye

1 Previously on Bosch.
You know, on my desk at work, I have pictures of three young women.
They've never been identified.
Their murders have never been solved.
Why do you keep them, the pictures? To remind me.
Everybody counts or nobody counts.
Detective, when you shot and killed Mr.
Flores, weren't you, in effect, avenging your mother's death? - Objection.
- You got a lot of fucking nerve.
See you around, Detective.
Most likely in court.
Guys like you never stop stepping on their own dicks.
Borders' claim from the get-go, the police manipulated the evidence.
No basis for it.
It's bullshit.
I've never planted evidence.
I believe you.
So is that a yes? How can I not take you on as a client? It's too delicious.
Like a feral cat, you don't trust anyone.
You take too many risks.
We're cut from the same stone, you and I.
We do what we have to.
Chandler drives you pretty hard.
Just another relentless role model.
Don't idolize her too much, Mads.
What, I can't admire a strong woman who's really good at what she does? Trying to get guilty people off, I find that hard to admire.
No, I get it.
When she's representing you, she's cool, and when she's representing anybody else, she's not.
Meet me in the lobby.
Don't be late.
I hope you're ready.
How is she? Stable.
Still critical.
Medically induced coma.
She's hanging in there.
She's tough.
Yeah, she is.
Look, there's no easy way to say this.
You're in danger.
Go back to the car! Go back to the car! -Go, go, go! So who hired them? Look at the targets.
Franzen, Chandler, my daughter.
Who benefits if they get taken out? Carl Rogers.
Hedge fund guys don't buy hits on witnesses.
This hedge fund guy, Carl Rogers, he hired someone to kill me.
I know.
Carl Rogers.
You're under arrest for murder.
What are you looking at? The LAPD application portal.
You all do something that matters.
What am I doing with my life? You may get a call asking you to vouch for an applicant to the Police Department.
Who? Um Me.
Welcome back.
I got five innocent victims and you're asking me to stand down? Sometimes we have to make compromises for the greater good.
Take it.
Keep it.
Bosch, who are you if you don't have a badge? I'm gonna find out.
To become a state-licensed private detective, you must have at least 6,000 hours of compensated experience in investigative work.
Do you have that? I do.
You sure? Does 26-plus years with the LAPD count? Adam 77, continuing westbound First.
Adam 77, westbound First, approaching Vignes.
North on Vignes.
Northbound Vignes.
Westbound Temple from Vignes.
Air 12, advise ground units, roadblock on Temple.
- Repeat, roadblock on Temple.
- Clear.
You're clear.
Adam 77, code six on Temple.
Suspects have TCed.
We're in foot pursuit.
Two male whites, dark pants, dark tops.
Air 12, officers in pursuit.
Westbound Alameda and Temple.
Don't fucking move! Adam 77, suspect in custody.
My partner is outstanding.
Air 12, do you have him? All Hollenbeck and Central units standby.
Air 12? Air 12, do you have a visual? Adam 77, code six with my partner, Temple north of Alameda, one suspect in custody.
Oh, man, can these guys book.
What the hell were you thinking? What do you mean? I-I thought You're not supposed to think, and you're sure as shit not supposed to separate from your partner.
There were two of them.
You call for backup.
You never leave your partner.
You stay with your partner.
I'm writing you up, boot.
What the fuck, O'Neill? You're just pissed 'cause I caught mine and yours got away.
Nice mouth.
I'm writing you up for that too.
And this suspect here? He's mine.
Yours got away.
Get the car.
Let's go.
Come on, boy.
Try it backwards.
No go.
Backwards and upside down.
Upside down? Yeah, yeah.
Make the six a nine and the nine a six.
Got it.
Somebody's coming.
Shouldn't have opened the music box.
No shit.
What the fuck? What's that about, man, not taking your gun? It's about not risking an automatic three-year enhancement on a breaking and entering charge.
Hey, how'd you play the tunes? Oh, you know, tapped into the wi-fi, found a speaker on the house network.
Bebop? Oh, "Salt Peanuts.
" Man, my favorite.
You? "Night in Tunisia.
" Oh, yeah, also good.
Dizzy and Bird, baby.
Dizzy and Bird.
Hey, you got anything else for me this week? I'll let you know.
Cash? Come on, Bosch, when you gonna shake hands with Venmo? Cash is so last century.
So am I, brother.
So am I.
- Hey, champ.
- Hey, man.
How you holding up these days? Uh, I'm okay, Doc.
All right, see you tomorrow.
My last night training with him, the asshole writes me up.
Can you believe that? Your first ding, right? Yeah, so far.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Everybody has a hiccup.
I guess.
Look, if you had a perfect record, I'd be worried.
You learn from your mistakes.
Okay, not everybody, but you do and you will.
Did you ever get written up when you were a boot? Shit, Mads, I barely made it through the Academy.
They said I had a deep-seated disdain for authority.
Bordering on insubordination.
Boy, did they get that wrong.
Right? Thankfully, I never have to work with him again.
Who's your new TO? Oh, I don't know yet.
Here they are.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- Maddie.
- Hey, Michelle, how you doing? Nervous.
So what do you think? I don't know.
Just got the call to get here.
In Case BA926534, People versus Rodgers, the court has received a note from the foreperson that the jury is, after four full days of deliberations, hopelessly deadlocked, -six to six.
Therefore I have no choice but to declare a mistrial.
Counsel, we are now day 0 of 60.
I want to set a new pretrial date within 30 days.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I thank you for your service.
We are adjourned.
So does this mean a retrial? Means either that shitbird walks or he cuts a sweetheart deal.
- Miss Chandler.
- You're going to retry him, right? We will weigh our options.
How is this even a question? Rogers hired a hitman who killed four people, including a judge, shot me twice and left me for dead, and attempted to kill that young woman over there who is now a Los Angeles police officer.
The flaws in the case were exposed at trial when our key witness recanted on the stand.
- Alex.
- Without that, we cannot and could not establish a direct link between Rogers and the hitman.
Well, somebody got to Datz.
Okay, perhaps.
And absent any new evidence, that's still a problem.
Look, I understand how you feel.
You have no God damn idea how I feel.
Okay? None whatsoever.
The office will be in touch.
Come on, mama.
I'll give you a ride home.
As you may have heard, we had a 187 two nights ago outside Hollywood Charity.
High-priority case.
RHD is taking the lead.
Basu was a hero to the homeless community.
Of less import, the Thai Town peeping Tom is on the prowl again.
Several sightings.
Just BOLO that.
And finally, we have some Phase Two boots new to the watch.
I trust you'll give them the benefit of your experience and expertise.
Raise your hand when I call your name.
- Madeline Bosch.
- Here.
Adam 79, Vasquez and Bosch, East Hollywood car.
Yes, sir.
And just a reminder, Bosch, and you other boots, you're not cops yet.
You can still wash out if you fail to follow basic rules, like not separating from your partner.
Paulina Calderon.
Hi, I'm Bosch.
Hit the kit room, grab our shit, meet me at the car.
-Come in.
How'd it go? Your ex changed the combination, but we figured it out.
Have a seat.
What are these? Old cold cases.
Time to time, I send out packages to foreign countries, trying to ID these three women.
Are they missing? Dead.
Chasing ghosts.
Somebody has to, right? I've got your things here.
Thank you so much.
My grandmother's wedding ring.
Her ring and her recipes.
I can't thank you enough.
What do I owe you? On the house.
Just tell your dad he owes me a drink.
I will do that.
- Take good care.
- Thank you.
What took you so long? Sorry, there was a line.
Inspect the tube, make it patrol ready.
Let's go, we're late.
Not terrible.
Next time, do it without the attitude.
I heard about the other night.
Yeah, everybody has.
Don't interrupt.
I don't care if you're a legacy and I don't care if your father solved a thousand murders.
If you ever run off by yourself like that with me, that'll be the last time you wear that uniform.
You're a boot.
You don't even know what you don't know.
This is life and death.
You do your job right or you get the fuck out of my car.
I'm on hold with the DA's office.
- I'll come back.
- Hang on.
I'm sorry.
He's not available.
Well, tell him I'm just gonna keep calling back until he is.
I'll give him the message.
He's gonna dump the case and let Rogers walk.
I'll reach out to him too.
The Great Persuader.
Keep the faith, baby.
You used to say that in class all the time.
You heard about Dr.
Basu? Mm.
Yeah, he was a hero.
During the pandemic, he devoted himself to the unhoused community.
I gather there's already been an arrest.
Yeah, a homeless man.
No, tragic is what it is.
And it's the perfect case for you.
Marty, I I'm not ready to go back into the well yet.
It's exactly what you need.
I'm calling the public defender and telling them we're taking the case.
And I'm putting my best lawyer on it.
What's his name? Herstadt.
Jeffrey Herstadt.
All right, anything else I need to know about him? Some mental health issues.
Um, substance abuse? Probably.
And what are you not telling me? He confessed.
Have you ever had any form of psychiatric treatment? Uh-uh.
Is that no? No.
And Jeffrey.
Jeffrey? Did you tell the detective that you attacked the doctor? I wanna go home.
Where's home? You know.
People versus Jeffrey Herstadt, charged with one count Penal Code Section 187 murder.
Deputy District Attorney Susan Saldano for the People, Your Honor.
Honey Chandler representing Mr.
Does defense waive formal reading of the complaint and enter a plea of not guilty? No, Your Honor.
But we ask to put over the arraignment so that the defense can schedule a psych evaluation.
Can we set a new arraignment date for 30 days out? So ordered.
Bail? The People are requesting a bail deviation, Your Honor.
We are seeking no bail in this case.
The heinous nature of this crime shows the defendant to be a threat to the community.
He has no home address and is a serious flight risk.
We have no objection at this time.
Anything else? - No, thank you, Your Honor.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
- What's this? - Discovery.
The interrogation.
Your client's confession.
I'll watch it and give you a call.
No need.
I'm sorry? No plea deal on this case.
There will be a trial.
Congratulations, you are now the lawyer for the most hated man in the city.
Bill, what brings you all the way up here? Thank-you present.
Danielle is over the moon.
Oh, Jesus, that wasn't necessary.
It wasn't hard.
You do a lot of recipe retrieval? No, this is my first.
If you don't mind me asking, how's this working out for you? You miss it? I miss catching killers.
I don't miss the department bullshit.
I have my cold cases, work those.
I do standard PI stuff.
You know, background checks, surveillance, sneak and peek, runaway kids.
Beats the shit out of retirement.
I think it's more than that.
Yeah, how so? Still a mission for you, isn't it? Everybody counts or nobody counts.
Yeah, you're right.
That hasn't changed.
Quick nip? Oh, raincheck.
Danielle's making my mother's Irish stew tonight.
Thanks to you.
You need a recipe for stew? Secret ingredient.
You're still a damn good detective.
Eh Sláinte.
Save me some.
You bet.
Creighton will see you now.
Detective Bosch.
I don't think we've ever actually met.
You were command staff, up in the clouds.
I was on the street, catching bad guys, making cases.
And making a name for yourself.
Well, better late than never.
Someone slipped this under my door.
I needed to reach you.
Your number's unlisted.
It's unusual for a private investigator.
Depend on word of mouth.
Thank you for coming.
Wanted to see how the other half lives.
You should know upfront, I'm not interested in some corporate security gig.
I'm not offering you one.
Please, sit down.
I'm not staying.
I've seen the view.
I have things to do.
We have a client who wishes to speak with you.
What about? He won't say.
Give him my number.
Unlisted, remember? So give me his.
He wants to meet face to face, at his residence.
Why me? He's read about you in the papers.
What's his name? Whitney Vance.
The billionaire.
Advance Engineering.
He'll pay you $10,000 just to have the conversation.
Couple hours out of your day.
Ten K free and clear, no strings.
Just hear him out.
Follow me, please.
You'll get your things back when you leave.
Bosch is here.
I would stand and shake your hand, but I can't stand and my hand's not steady.
Don't trouble yourself.
Thank you, Sloan.
That'll be good.
Before we begin, Mr.
Bosch, I need you to sign a confidentiality agreement.
What I tell you cannot leave this room.
My father gave me that pen.
It's gold from one of my great-grandfather's mines.
From gold to steel to aviation.
That's how this family made its fortune.
Come join me.
On my good ear.
When you don't have much time, you think of the time behind you.
What can I do for you, Mr.
Vance? I was hoping you could bring an old man some peace and redemption.
How would I do that? When I was a young man in engineering school at USC, I met a girl who worked in the college dining hall.
We fell in love.
That was 1952.
And we made plans for a life together.
What happened? She got pregnant.
And when my father found out, I didn't stand up for her.
I didn't stand up for myself.
And I have regretted that every day of my life.
She was Mexican.
Came from a dirt-poor family.
He wasn't having any of that.
Said she was a fortune hunter.
Threatened to disown me, so I broke it off.
Transferred to another college.
And I never saw her again after that.
You want me to find her? I want you to find out what happened to her.
Is she alive? My child.
Does he or she even exist? I have no wife, no children that I know of.
No one to leave this to.
I can't promise you anything, Mr.
It's almost 70 years ago.
Vibiana Duarte.
She lived on Orchard Avenue, near USC.
The rest of it that I could recall, I put in the envelope with the money.
I'll see what I can find out.
I'll get back to you.
To me only, to no one else.
There's billions at stake here and people will do anything to stop you.
Ida, this is Mr.
Ida is Mr.
Vance's personal secretary.
Nearly 40 years.
Wow, 40 years.
You must know where the bodies are buried.
Vance is very ill.
He's more frail than he looks.
His heart.
We would hate to see him taken advantage of in his final days.
In any way.
I only answer to Mr.
Vance now.
I'll take my stuff and go.
You'll have to pass back through the metal detector.
In case I swiped Great-grandpa's gold pen? Visitors often take souvenirs.
I'll bet.
I hate this thing.
It's so fucking heavy at the end of the day.
Yeah, a royal pain in the ass when you need to pee.
If men had to deal with this shit, it would've been solved a long time ago.
How's it going with your new TO? He's all right.
A little too friendly.
Gonna have to break the news to him that I play for the other team.
Will he take no for an answer? He better.
He gets handsy with me, he's gonna regret it.
I remember you from the Academy.
We never really spoke.
Yeah, I thought you looked familiar.
So how's it going with you? How's your TO? Vasquez? Definite hard-ass.
Hang in there.
I hear she's tough but fair.
And when she trusts you, she'll even let you drive.
How long you been living there? I don't know.
Where were you last night? I don't know.
I can't remember.
- You saw Dr.
Basu leave the hospital.
- No.
You said that you heard Dr.
Basu talk to your neighbor as he walked by.
I didn't say that.
Then you followed the doctor.
Coltrane! Fuck me.
Dad, you feel that? A little.
You? Yeah.
No biggie.
Is anything broken? Only my train of thought.
How was your day? Smooth as glass.
New TO? Yeah, we're getting along like chicken and waffles.
Are you sure you're okay? You sound kind of distracted.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
All right.
Thanks, Detective.
Can I help you? Yes, please.
Trying to get a hold of a death certificate.
- Name? - Vibiana Duarte.
When did she die? I don't know.
I'm not even sure if she is dead.
Date of birth? I'm guessing probably somewhere around 1936, '37.
California? More likely Mexico.
Any other parameters you can give me here? Work with me, Detective.
She was alive and living in Los Angeles in 1952.
Maybe we could start there and work our way forward.
Yeah? Maybe we could.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Catatonic schizophrenia.
And how would this condition manifest itself if untreated in Jeffrey Herstadt's day-to-day life? Antisocial behavior, fear, feeling a sense of threat at all times, the overwhelming urge to flee stressful situations.
Violence? Generally, no.
This is a person who is frightened by the world, who shuts down under stress.
And would he confess to a murder he didn't commit? If he thought it would end the interrogation and get him out of that room, it's my opinion that he would confess to killing JFK.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
Stein, you mentioned the fight-or-flight syndrome.
Could Mr.
Herstadt have chosen to fight? Aw, you gotta be shitting me.
You red-tagging me? Sorry, got no choice.
Oh, come on, man, it was barely a quake.
I've lived through thousands of these.
Well, that's exactly what your neighbor down below is worried about.
- She called you? - Can you blame her? Foundation of this house is unstable.
You're hanging by a thread.
You can't live here until the structure is repaired, or razed and rebuilt.
All right, all right, all right, all right.
Can I at least go in and get some of my shit? Of course.
But find someplace else to stay tonight.
And don't take the tag off.
6 Adam 79, domestic violence suspect there now, 873 North Harvard Boulevard, Room 3, at the Harvard House Motel.
I know that address.
Couple of frequent flyers.
Tell Dispatch we're responding.
Adam 79, roger.
Show us responding.
Ever been in a fight? I mean, a real physical confrontation.
A knock-down, drag-out brawl.
Once in the eighth grade, this girl made a really racist remark about my stepfather, and I hauled off and clocked her.
-But no, not really.
- Call for backup.
- You really think we need it? No, they won't get here in time.
Just in case there's a use of force investigation.
6 Adam 79, requesting backup at our location.
All right, partner, let's see who's who in the zoo.
- Announce and pounce.
- Okay.
LAPD! Stop resisting! Turn around! Watch your six, boot! Turn around! Put your hands behind your back! Not bad, boot.
Fucking A.
But I told you to watch your six.
Let's go.
Can you believe this shit? LA bureaucracy.
What are you gonna do? Move in to my office.
Shower at the Athletic Club next door.
Can it be fixed? Well, if the city doesn't condemn it.
And do you have earthquake insurance? Good question.
I may have let it lapse.
Any word on a Rogers retrial? I haven't given up hope.
But that's not why I'm here.
Okay, so why are you here? We've taken on the Jeffrey Herstadt case.
The guy who killed the doctor? Allegedly.
Thought he confessed.
I think the confession was coerced.
I filed a motion to suppress it.
Good luck with that.
You don't believe that can happen? Of course it happens.
Not as often as defense attorneys like to claim.
What does this have to do with me? I would like you to testify as an expert witness on police interrogation techniques.
I don't work for the Dark Side.
Even in pursuit of the truth? Have you even read the Constitution, Bosch? We're an integral part of the justice system.
You're what's wrong with the justice system.
Sorry, not you personally.
Well, sometimes.
- If you change your mind - I won't.
the interrogation is on the disc.
What did you find out, Mr.
Bosch? Well, as you suspected, Vibiana Duarte is deceased.
Of course.
I've always known it.
When? I have a copy of her death certificate here if you'd like to see it.
That's a long time ago.
How did she die? Suicide.
Oh, God.
How? Doesn't say.
Well, I think that finishes us, Mr.
Send me a bill for services rendered.
Vibiana died eight months after the last time you saw her.
She could have had the child.
Wouldn't there be a birth certificate? Might be under another name.
Baby could have been adopted.
Maybe raised in the foster care system.
Maybe she lost it.
I'd like to keep looking.
Why? You may have an heir.
It's the reason you hired me, isn't it? Are you trying to take me for a ride, Mr.
Bosch? An expensive wild goose chase? No, sir.
The money you've already paid me is more than sufficient.
Then why? I know how it feels.
Know how what feels? Mr.
Vance, I'd like to try and find her child.
Your child.
If I can.
Well, please hurry, Mr.
I don't have much time.
I thought you said nothing broke.
Nothing important.
What the hell happened to you? Jesus Christ.
We need to get you out of here before this place slides down the hill.
Have you watched this? I don't work for defense attorneys.
That shiner? It's gonna be a doozy.
Yeah, DV call.
Wife sucker-punched me.
It was my fault.
I turned my back.
You hurt? Actually, it was kind of fun.
Can you make an exception? For me? Honey defended you in court and after Mom died, she was there for me.
This is a big moment for her.
Her first time back in court.
Please, just watch the disc, Dad.
This is the last time you get to play the daughter card with me.
Well, we both know that's not true.
Put some ice on the eye.
Hey, Michelle.
You still here? Few more days.
Thought I'd stay and see Honey strut her stuff in court.
- She in? - Mama, it's Harry.
- Goodnight, Harry.
- Night.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Never use my daughter to get to me again.
I'm sorry.
She offered, but I shouldn't have taken her up on it.
Thanks for getting this back to me.
It's a cooked confession.
I can show you.
I gotta say, I can't believe you're still living in this house.
Somebody tried to kill you here.
Well, somebody tried to kill you in your house.
I only got shot at.
You got shot.
This is my fucking house.
I'm not gonna let those motherfuckers chase me out of my own home.
Fuck them.
Now, Detective, at this point in the video, how would you assess the technique Detective Gustafson is using? He's got a downward angle on the suspect and he's showing him his gun.
This conduct communicates to a suspect that he's helpless and hopeless.
You were a detective for more than two decades.
Isn't that how you want a suspect to feel? You want a suspect to talk to you.
A conversation.
Both parties on the same level.
You don't hover over him with a gun.
You mentioned physical intimidation.
Let's talk about verbal intimidation.
You just told me that you did.
Which is it, Jeffrey? I-I was.
I was there.
I-I saw him.
I-I saw him.
You saw who? You saw the doctor? Of course you saw the doctor.
You stabbed him.
No, sir, I didn't.
What did you do with the knife? I I don't know.
Can I go? No.
No, no.
Not until I hear the truth.
Tell me why you did it.
I didn't mean to.
Yeah, you didn't mean to what? You didn't mean to what? Work with me here, Jeffrey.
You didn't mean to what? I didn't I didn't I didn't want to, but You didn't.
You didn't want to, but what? But what, Jeffrey? But I had to.
You had to.
You had to stab him.
Can I go now? Oh, no, no.
I need to hear you say it.
I stabbed him.
Detective Bosch.
Did Jeffrey Herstadt just confess to stabbing Dr.
Basu and murdering him? Yes.
And did you believe him, based on this video? I do not believe the confession, no.
He said he did it.
He said what he thought he needed to say to get out of that room.
Based on your training and experience, would you call what you've just seen a cooked confession? Yes.
One hundred percent.
And in your expert opinion, what is a proper interrogation supposed to be? A search for the truth.
Based on the totality of the circumstances, including the coercive tactics used by the detective, the court finds that the defendant's statement was involuntary.
Therefore, the video of the confession will not be allowed at trial.
The defense motion to suppress the defendant's confession is granted.
The court will be in recess for 15 minutes.
It's good news.
When are you gonna drop the charges? Despite the judge's ruling, we will be proceeding to trial and we will convict Mr.
Herstadt of the crime he committed.
Susan, come on.
No confession, no case.
- What's this? - More discovery.
Lab results.
- When did you get these? - Just got them.
Okay, what am I looking at? DNA evidence that links Herstadt to the victim.
- Did you know? - No idea.
I swear.
- If you're playing me - Harry.
I don't know anything about this.
She literally just sprang it on me.
Okay? Listen to me, I'm as surprised as you are.
Fuck! Good evening.
Here we go.
After intense internal discussions and analysis of the mistrial, and much soul-searching, the Office of the District Attorney has concluded that there is not sufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt Shit.
and that a retrial would yield the same result.
We will not be retrying Carl Rogers.
God damn it.
Mama, I am so, so sorry.
Carl Rogers was released from custody earlier.
Our camera was there as he appeared back in public for the first time since his arrest.
- The system worked for once.
- Sir.
Now, in other news, in Mid-City They have to retry him.
Fucking fucker hired someone to kill me.
It's outrageous.
I haven't forgotten.
Way of the world.
So it goes.
All right, Dad.
I think you're set with sugar, fat, and sodium.
Three major food groups.
You taking your microwave? Wasn't planning to.
You don't know how long you'll be out of the house.
Not that long.
I am so sorry.
It's not over yet.
Jesus, what happened to you? Oh, it's just work.
I, uh, I need to talk to your dad.
See the news? Justice denied.
You had a couple cocktails? Michelle drove.
She's waiting in the car.
We have to nail this guy, Harry.
Yeah, we do.
But we do it my way this time.
Your way.
Your way didn't work.
No, it didn't.
Courts, justice system.
Due process.
Fucker's free as a bird.
Your way.
It's late.
You should be in bed.
I'll tell the nurse.
Vance? Oh, my God.
This season on Legacy.
I wonder if I had stood up to my father all those years ago.
The path not taken.
Tell me, Mr.
Bosch, were you close to your father? I never knew my father.
Are you sleeping? Not great.
And work? Work keeps my mind off other things.
Like what? Carl Rogers, you've been served.
I went out early to run some errands.
I got home.
He was in the bedroom waiting for me.
You think he's gonna do it again? Let it go.
Now it's somebody else's job.
I know, but Look, they got their job and we got ours.
Feel me? I worry about you out on the mean streets of East Hollywood.
They can be.
Rogers had some really unsavory actors in the mix.
Bratva royalty.
Not to be trifled with.
Our Stoli friend wants to meet.
They ain't dealing with no bank.
This sounded urgent and Rogers sounded concerned.
We'll get you your money.
Hey! What I really want, what I think about all the time, is to hunt him down and end him.
I told you about that rape call we got a couple weeks ago.
Yeah, and? I just can't let it go.
At the end of the day, you have to decide what kind of a cop you wanna be.
An heir has a board seat, controlling interest of the company.
- There is no heir.
- What if this detective digs one up? My people are on Bosch.
Something ain't kosher in Denmark.
This is just the beginning.
Billions of dollars on the line.
People will do anything to get their hands on it.
- Hands up! Now!
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