Bosch: Legacy (2022) s01e02 Episode Script


1 [BOSCH.]
People versus Rogers.
- The jury is hopelessly deadlocked.
- Shit.
- You're going to retry him, right? - We will weigh our options.
How is this even a question? Rogers hired a hitman who killed four people, including a judge, shot me twice and left me for dead.
- I understand how you feel.
- You have no Goddamn idea how I feel.
What can I do for you, Mr.
Vance? I was hoping you could bring an old man some peace.
I have no wife, no children that I know of, no one to leave this to.
There's billions at stake here and people will do anything to stop you.
Trying to get a hold of a death certificate.
- [WOMAN.]
Name? - Vibiana Duarte.
- How did she die? - Suicide.
I'd like to try and find her child.
Your child.
You heard about Dr.
Basu? Yeah, he was a hero.
He devoted hisself to the unhoused community.
I gather there's already been an arrest.
Yeah, a homeless man.
Jeffrey, did you tell the detective that you attacked the doctor? I wanna go home.
Would you call what you've just seen a cooked confession? One hundred percent.
And in your expert opinion, what is a proper interrogation supposed to be? A search for the truth.
Cameras, every corner of the house.
Motion detectors, spotlights On the bright side, no dogs.
Can you disarm the system? Man, can Sonny Rollins improvise? How long to bug the cars? How many he got? Two, according to the DMV.
Hmm Fifteen, tops.
If they're parked in the driveway.
If they're in the garage? Thirty.
I'm your first call from jail.
Well, look who's home.
Rogers and his plus one.
Dude, that's the new McLaren GT.
Yo, that shit runs between 250, 300K.
What's that car do, fly? Everything but.
And hello, Jasmine.
Plan B? Tail him wherever he goes.
When the moment's right, bug the cars.
Mercedes's a cinch, but McLaren's gonna require a little bit of research.
Takes what it takes.
I thought this guy was urgent.
This is just the beginning.
Are you sleeping? Not great.
I wake up about 3:00 or 4:00 every morning and can't go back to sleep, so The Ambien's not working that well.
The Ativan? Yeah, it's effective for the most part.
Keeps that, uh you know, that crazy, panicky feeling at bay.
How's the drinking? Yeah, I know.
Um You know, that's That's not really my thing.
It's, uh, it's under control.
And work? Work.
Work keeps my mind off other things.
Like what? Carl Rogers.
Say more.
What I What I think about all the time [SNIFFLES.]
What I really want is to personally hunt him down and fucking end him.
What's stopping you? [SCOFFS.]
Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪ There's a fine, new day comin' round ♪ It's a feelin' like a cool rain comin' down ♪ It's the rhythm of a new song singin' ♪ It's the rhythm of a new song singin' ♪ Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪ Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪ Oh, my, my, I've been waitin' for this moment ♪ Oh, my, my, oh, my, my ♪ Times are changin' ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪ The civil case should keep Rogers distracted.
Just to be clear, I don't work for you.
I need to see the Franzen deposition video so I can see why Willy Datz changed his testimony.
It's a shame you don't work for me.
Client confidentiality extends postmortem so I can't share the video with you.
Worst thing about moving to a boutique firm like this? I have to brew my own coffee.
Takes forever.
First World problem.
Care for a cup? Yes, please.
Make yourself comfortable.
It was just a scare.
They've already sent Mr.
Vance home.
What was wrong with him? Fainted.
Potassium deficiency.
Old fool should drink a Gatorade and eat a banana.
Why the fuck we hire a private investigator? Blackmail? About what? There's always been those rumors about Whitney Vance.
No kids, lifelong bachelor The man's 88 years old, for Christ's sake.
Even if they were true, why would he care? I've spoken with my sources at the Times, the news stations, nobody's approached them.
Lawsuit about to drop? If there is, his attorneys haven't heard about it.
What about an heir? One, there is no heir.
Two, he's chosen you to succeed him as CEO.
Yeah, what if this detective digs one up? Some, uh, pretender, right? An heir has a board seat, controlling interest of the company.
Look, you might as well resign yourself.
As soon as the old man croaks, long-lost children of Whitney Vance will crawl out of the woodwork, and the litigation will commence.
It's inevitable.
Could royally fuck my succession.
Which is why you have a flotilla of attorneys.
In the meantime? Meantime, my people are on Bosch.
How are you and the staff doing? Right as rain, thank you.
And Ida? Quite a shock, but she's back on the job.
And how's Mr.
Vance this morning? Happy to be home and resting comfortably.
How can I help you, sir? Harry Bosch.
What about him? Why would Mr.
Vance hire a private detective? No idea.
None of my business.
It Whitney's in some kind of trouble, I hope you know we're here for him.
We have enormous resources at our fingertips.
I'll bear that in mind.
I'm gonna text you my cell.
If you need anything, anything at all, David, I want you to reach out.
I appreciate that.
Carl Rogers mostly makes his nut on Wall Street, and then opens it up to small fry like me.
But the buy-in on this scheme was too rich for my blood and Rogers had some really unsavory actors in the mix.
Unsavory in what way? In the Bratva way.
Russian mafia.
Call Rogers mostly makes his nut on Wall Street, and then opens it up to small fry like me.
So, uh, anything strike you? Bratva strikes me.
Ah, more Franzen bullshit.
The D.
couldn't find any linkage between Rogers and Wall Street, much less the Russian mafia.
"Carl Rogers makes most of his nut on Wall Street.
" You think maybe he meant Wall Street here in Los Angeles? The Fashion District? It's mobbed up.
Never even occurred to me.
Call it a hunch.
Let's say I take a run downtown, see if anything shakes out.
Last thing.
Robbery's looking for a recidivist follow-home bandit named Lavell Brown.
Brown tails people home from banks and ATMs and robs them at knifepoint.
We wanna get this asshole before he draws blood.
Anything? Nothing pops.
So far anyway.
Well, not every hunch pays off.
Gonna be out of pocket rest of the day.
Working a private case.
That's all right, I have my own fish to fry.
The homeless guy.
That's right.
Jeffrey Herstadt.
Whose DNA was found under the victim's fingernails.
How's that working out for you? I'm hanging up now.
Before you do Just circling back with you, just one more time.
How far are you willing to go on Rogers? Asked and answered.
I'm all in.
Oh, Bella's here.
- Tell her I said hey.
- I will.
Harry Bosch says hello.
Well, say hi back.
I really miss your mom.
I know you guys were really close.
Hey, can I, uh, can I get you anything? I'm fine.
Okay, well, please have a seat.
You must be so disappointed with the way things turned out.
I'm beyond disappointed.
Aren't you? Of course, but what can we do about it? We can file a wrongful death case, a survivor action on your behalf.
I I don't know if I want to go through all that again.
Part of me feels like I should just let it go, move on.
What's the point? The point is, Rogers pays a price for what he did to us.
He had your mother killed, had me shot.
Why would the result be any different this time? Okay, couple of things.
This is civil, not criminal.
The burden of proof is much lower.
No "beyond a reasonable doubt.
" The other reason? I'm driving the case.
Bella, it's some measure of justice for you, me, and your mother.
All right.
Sign me up.
The decision whether to try the Rogers case a second time was not an easy one.
Given the hung jury and the issues with Datz's testimony Yeah, well, a heads-up before the news conference would have been nice.
Have you talked to the U.
Attorney? Maybe there's a RICO case to be made.
I'm moving ahead with the civil case.
On behalf of Judge Sobel's daughter.
- She's on board? - One hundred percent.
Glad to hear it.
I will need your case file.
Well, submit a PRA request.
We'll work with you.
The entire case file, Emmitt.
You don't get to decide, piecemeal, what to share or not share.
I only have to give you documents generated by my office.
I also want the police reports and anything from the coroner.
I'll take it under advisement.
Take it anywhere you want.
Just send me the whole enchilada by the end of the week.
Unattended vehicles are subject to immediate towaway.
So, how was the flight? [SPEAKING RUSSIAN.]
Thirteen hours.
I'm starving.
I know a place.
Nothing fancy.
Pretty girl.
I told you.
Thirteen-hour flight.
So what's the story? [LEV.]
Carl Rogers.
So great to see you, brother.
We make some noise.
Dang, all this plastic.
Aerodynamics, man.
You wouldn't wanna hit 220 without it.
Fucker'd be airborne.
Yeah, that's why I keep my Leaf under two at all times.
One-seventy, tops.
Yeah, right.
What are you looking for? A spot on the frame to stick this magnet.
Somewhere it won't fall off when this baby hits a speed bump or a pothole.
How about up there? [MAGNET CLACKS.]
What do you know.
Magnet, my ass.
"Vibiana Duarte.
" You know the location of her death? St.
Helen's Home for Unwed Mothers.
You know for sure she had the baby? That's what I'm trying to find out.
We wouldn't have any birth records that mention St.
Why not? Privacy laws regarding adoptions.
If a child's born there, what do they do? List it as a home birth.
Ah, I see.
Please pull all home birth records from January, February 1953.
That would be hundreds of records.
And I'll look through every one of 'em.
Hope your eyes are good.
That's a shitload of microfiche.
If I need a lot of copies, what's that gonna run me? Thirty dollars a pop.
Cash only.
Since when? Since you quit the department, sweetie.
Well, I need 'em.
All right, I'm up on the girlfriend's Instagram.
Twitter too.
What about Rogers? Man, he's like you.
He don't do no social media.
Surveillance packages? Prepping 'em as we speak.
Don't forget to scratch off the ID number on the SIM card.
Come on, man, way ahead of you.
Fake IP address, fake email.
There's no way these bad boys are leading back to us.
What are you listening to? Oh.
Christian Scott.
"Litany Against Fear.
" Sounds ominous.
Pumps me up.
Hurts my teeth.
Basu was stabbed five times under the right armpit.
Vital blood vessels leading directly to and from the heart.
Would've been a ton of blood.
He went into hemorrhagic shock and bled out.
Give me the EMT report on Basu.
"Massive blood loss.
No pulse.
" Hand me the Herstadt incident report.
Come with me.
What about Pink's? Hot dogs? And turkey dogs and burgers.
Umami's got great burgers.
Not on my watch.
Bougie bullshit.
I think I know those knuckleheads.
Let's stop 'em.
For what? Dope.
Unpaid tickets.
What's our PC? - Fuck you, bitch.
Jaywalking? Proactive policing, buttercup.
- Seriously? [SIREN BLARES.]
Spread your legs.
Spread 'em.
Now interlace your fingers.
Shit's harassment.
Pat him down.
- What's this about, Officer? - Turn and face the wall.
No problem.
Interlace your fingers or we're gonna handcuff you.
- Come on.
- Fuck you, Vasquez.
- I'm not gonna say it again.
I don't have to do shit, bitch.
- Cuff him.
This is some fucked up shit, yo.
For your safety and ours.
Spread your legs.
Spread 'em.
Pat me to the left, baby, I'll feel safer.
- Shut your mouth.
I got something.
Well, well.
- I ain't carrying.
Told ya.
How about you, hmm? - I'm clean! - Motherfucker! Stop where you are, asshole! Oh, shit! Run, bro, run! [LAUGHS.]
- On your fucking knees! - [GROANS.]
Stay the fuck here! [PANTING.]
Son of a bitch.
What now? [EXHALES.]
Worry about him later.
We don't know why he ran.
Well, he probably had a warrant.
And if not that, what? We got him on a traffic ticket? A one-forty-eight? Watch Commander's not gonna sign off on that shit.
Where's your guy? Shit.
You left him on the sidewalk? Oh Not supposed to leave my partner.
Not supposed to leave your suspect either, boot.
Why didn't you throw him in the back of the orca? I screwed up.
You think? He's wearing your cuffs.
My dad gave me those cuffs.
And your serial number's on them.
Homeboy gets caught with those cuffs, you'll take shit for this caper for the rest of your career.
Oh, this is gonna be my second write-up in a week.
Motherfucker ran on us and you're worried about your probation? We're gonna find that pendejo and arrest him.
We don't know who he is.
Check his cell.
It's locked.
He's got an address book? They give 'em to prisoners in County.
No names.
Just numbers.
For people he doesn't want listed in his phone.
"Property of Sneezy.
" Our first clue.
How do we wanna do this? Who's "we"? Start calling.
Figure it out.
I love your nail color.
Thank you.
I like the gel.
Can't decide between these two.
What do you think? What's the occasion? Me and my boyfriend are going to Santa Barbara for the weekend.
The Ranch at San Ysidro.
Very nice.
I'd go with the darker one, but that's just me.
What's your occasion? A homecoming.
He's been out of town.
Going someplace special? Republique.
Love that place.
Have fun.
You too.
Um, I'm looking for one of your friends.
Sneezy? Hello? Hello? About five-nine.
You know, Sneezy.
How many Sneezys do you know? We wanna mail him his check.
He owes you money? Ma'am, please don't scream at me.
I didn't sleep with him.
Yeah, his aunt's been in a car accident.
Yeah, that's right, Auntie G.
Um, so they took her to the hospital, but No, no, it's not serious.
It's just a precaution.
But I need to tell him.
You know where he lives? That is super helpful, thank you.
That was his ex.
I got a name and an address.
I'm looking for a paramedic named Albert Morales.
Is he here today? Who wants to see him? He doesn't know me.
I'm passing on a thank you from someone he took care of on a call.
I can give it to him.
It comes with a story I need to tell him.
Yeah, give me a sec.
Wanted to see me? Albert Morales, Rescue Two-Seven? Yeah, that's right.
I have something for you.
- What's this? - A subpoena.
Signed by Judge Baker.
You need to be in court tomorrow at 9:00 sharp.
Please read the details.
Fuck me.
What case is this? [RAMIREZ.]
Jeffrey Herstadt.
You treated him for seizure at Caffé Etc.
in Hollywood.
The guy that killed the doctor? Allegedly.
It says you need to bring any documentation you have on the call and your rescue kit.
My kit? What the fuck for? You'll find that out tomorrow.
You've been served.
See you in the morning.
When are we meeting with this fucking guy? [SPEAKING RUSSIAN.]
I'm handling it.
I didn't come here to wait around.
In the meantime, maybe you help me fix something else.
Hello, ma'am, is Roberto here? What's this about? We need to talk to him about his parole.
Thought you could run from me? The fuck? Get up.
On your feet.
Let's go.
What am I being arrested for? Running from the police.
What'd you do with her cuffs? [GRUNTS.]
Got 'em.
They're hers.
I'm gonna let you walk.
But you run your mouth about this, I will hunt you down.
Understand? Go.
Get the fuck out of here.
You're letting him go.
If I arrest him, I have to report this whole shit show.
So I, um, guess this means you're not writing me up.
I'm going out on a limb here for you, Bosch.
You shouldn't have left him on the sidewalk.
But you had my back.
I won't let you down.
Jesus, boot.
Don't ever say that.
- Yeah? Hey, come in.
Oh, sorry I'm late.
No place to park.
Tell me about it.
Ever since traffic has gone back to, quote, unquote, "normal.
" Yeah, it's the one good thing about the pandemic.
At least you can find a parking space.
Thanks for stopping by.
Coffee? Just made.
Oh, no, thanks.
Nice digs.
You living here? Yeah, time being.
They red-tagged my house.
Well, Rogers' visitor log, phone records.
Some audio files too.
But here's some intel that's not in there.
While he was cooling his heels in County awaiting trial, our boy Rogers bought himself some big-time protection.
How big-time? Round the clock.
Never even got his hair mussed.
Well, I'd say anytime, but that isn't true.
I get it.
You miss it? A little bit.
Thank you.
Take good care of her.
My pleasure.
My man.
"Maternity home marks 100th anniversary.
" Abigail Turnbull.
Abigail Turnbull.
Worth a try? [DOG PANTING.]
What do you think, boy? Yeah, worth a try.
Literally the best tiramisu ever.
And I've had a lot of tiramisu.
Cat's in the bag.
Bag's in the river.
Audio too? Girlfriend digs the tiramisu.
Let me know if he doesn't go straight home.
Copy that.
Hey, boy.
How you doing? Good morning.
I'll be with you in a minute, pal.
- Clear? - Hold on.
We're good.
When you gonna put me in again, Coach? I could use the dough.
When I need you.
Right now what I need is to borrow your car.
I get it back by tomorrow.
I just booked a role.
Oh, yeah, what's the part? Waitress.
Three lines.
Look at you, showtime.
I know, sucks, right? Think I should quit? Uh, I'm the last guy in the world you wanna ask for career advice.
Your Honor, I'd like to mark for identification a copy of the Fire Department incident report filed by Mr.
It'll be marked as Defense Exhibit A.
Go ahead, Ms.
What is that document, Mr.
Morales? It's the incident report I filled out after treating Jeffrey Herstadt.
Can you read the summary? [MORALES.]
"Subject fell or seized on floor of business.
All vitals good.
Oxygen levels good.
Refused treatment or transport for minor head laceration from fall.
Subject walked away.
" "All vitals good.
Oxygen levels good.
" How did you reach that conclusion? I measured his pulse, I checked his blood pressure, and then I put an oximeter on his finger.
And what does the oximeter do? It measures the oxygen content in the blood.
Can you show us the oximeter? Just clamp it on any finger? Index finger.
How long did you treat Jeffrey Herstadt that day? [CLEARS THROAT.]
From beginning to end, when he walked away, 11 minutes.
And then what did you do? Packed up, got a couple lattes, and left.
Did your crew receive another emergency call soon after returning to the station that night? - [MORALES.]
What was the call? A stabbing.
The doctor that got stabbed.
Okay, let's talk about that next.
How soon after returning from treating Mr.
Herstadt did you get the stabbing call? The calls were one hour and nine minutes apart.
Was the victim, Dr.
Basu, alive when you got there? He was circling the drain.
He was dying? He lost too much blood.
He was unresponsive.
There was no pulse.
There was nothing we could really do for him.
But you checked his vitals despite the fact that, as you say, "He was circling the drain"? It's protocol.
No matter what, you do that.
- With the oximeter? - Yes.
Was that the same oximeter used less than an hour earlier to check the vitals of Jeffrey Herstadt? [MORALES.]
It would have been, yes.
And between the two calls, where was the oximeter? In my kit.
Did you clean or disinfect it between these two calls? No.
Sterilize it? No.
Morales, do you know what DNA transfer is? Objection.
Uh Mr.
Morales is not a DNA expert and can't testify on DNA transfer.
I'll withdraw the question.
I have nothing further, Your Honor.
No questions, Your Honor.
I think we should take a break.
And during that break, I invite Ms.
Saldano and Ms.
Chandler to my chambers to discuss the viability of this case.
Any objections? - No, Your Honor.
No, Your Honor.
How's it hanging? [WAKEFIELD.]
Enjoying your freedom, I hope.
That, I am.
Our Stoli friend wants to meet.
Can you buy us some time? [WAKEFIELD.]
Not an option.
Well, he knows I'm good for it.
Are you? They sound impatient, Carl.
The old man sent Lev.
Carl? You still with me? Just find out the where and when and we'll be there.
Rogers just got off the phone with a dude named Simon.
They're setting up a meeting.
Simon Wakefield's his financial guy.
Yeah, well, they ain't dealing with no bank.
This sounded urgent and Rogers sounded concerned.
Anything else? Yeah, the phone that he used in prison.
The number he most frequently called was a burner.
So we don't know who he was calling.
I scored the serial number.
The burner was bought from a gas station in Bakersfield.
It's a Sokol Gas & Go.
All right.
Call me when you got something more.
Can I help you? Yes, I was wondering if I could speak to Abigail Turnbull.
Oh, she hasn't been here in many years.
Is she no longer with us? [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, she's still here.
- Oh.
- Abby will outlive us all.
I met her at the hundredth-year anniversary party.
My mother and I spoke to her then.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? Dale.
I was born here.
- You don't say.
- Yeah.
Abigail was my mother's social worker.
And my mom never forgot her.
Well, what can I do for you, Dale? My mother just passed away.
I'm so sorry.
I have a message for Abigail from her, so I'm just trying to figure out the best way to get it to her.
Oh, send it here, and I'll make sure she gets it.
I think it'll take too long.
I just wanted make sure she knew about the service in case she wanted to attend.
When are the services? Sunday.
- I'll be right back.
- Thank you.
I can't give her phone number without permission.
But under the circumstances If you put it in the mail today, she should get it in time.
Bless you.
You have a wonderful day.
Based on our discussion, Your Honor, the defense is making a motion to dismiss.
People? Your Honor, based on discussions with the court, counsel, and my supervisors, regarding possible DNA transfer, the People are unable to proceed at this time based on the insufficiency of the evidence.
The court is going to grant the motion to dismiss pursuant to PC 1385.
Court is now in recess.
He didn't say I was innocent.
Hey, this just means that you're not facing a murder trial.
We'll petition for factual innocence and we'll get there.
This is great news, Jeffrey.
What now? You'll be processed out.
It'll just take a few hours.
You're a free man.
Thank you.
You know, that kid is a menace.
And whatever happens from here on out, that's on you.
And your investigator.
He's not my investigator.
You still think Herstadt did it? I fucking know he did.
He needs to be locked up for his own good and everyone else's.
Excuse me, please.
You tell Bosch good job.
He should be proud.
He just undid everything he ever did with a badge.
Move, asshole.
Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
I was wondering if you could help me.
What do you want? My name's Harry Bosch.
I'm a private investigator.
I'd like to speak with you about a case I'm working on.
You mind if I come in? I have my credentials here.
- May I sit? - Go ahead.
What's this about? Well, I read about you in the paper.
The story you told about your daughter going there for answers and finding you.
So I work for someone.
An older gentleman.
He's looking for answers too.
His child was born at St.
Helens, and I think you can help me find his child.
I was there for 50 years.
There were hundreds of babies.
I understand it was a long time ago.
But I think you'd remember the name.
Vibiana Duarte.
You remember her, don't you? This man you work for.
He abandoned her.
And his son.
He doesn't have much time left.
Then he's better off not knowing.
Not our call to make.
The boy was frail.
We had a rule, no baby could go home until it weighed at least five pounds.
Vibby kept him in her room.
She fed him with her milk.
How long? About a week or so.
She got time with that baby no one else ever got with theirs.
Some people call that a blessing.
But not you.
She bonded with that child.
Of course she did.
She was heartbroken when they took him away.
Losing her baby like that.
She was so young.
What happened to Vibiana? She used a clothesline.
From the laundry.
By the time anyone found her, it was too late.
And the boy? Adopted.
Do you remember his name? Vibby called him Dominick.
And what name did the adoptive parents give him? They promised to call him Dominick too.
Bathroom's on the other side.
Cyrus, right? Alex.
My brother Lev.
And this is my office, guys.
You work for Gurov.
Gurov works for us.
So this is our office.
Well, you want him, he stops by in the afternoons, you have to come back.
Oh, he knows we're here.
What is this? [ALEX.]
We're visiting all our stations, making sure all the numbers add up.
Gurov can show you the books.
I've seen them.
You're stealing from us.
What are you talking about? [ALEX.]
Don't play dumb.
Gurov gets his money.
Every penny.
Maybe you talk to him.
Come clean.
We work this out.
Just don't lie to me.
I swear.
No! Please! Please, man! I can't! Please! Please! Just inside! Inside! [BEEPING.]
I have a family! No! No! No! [GRUNTING.]
Dominick Santanello.

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