Bosch: Legacy (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Previously on Legacy.
Alexei and Lev Ivanovich.
Bratva royalty.
The boys are gangster princelings.
And Rogers owes these guys a lot of money? A ton, from what I heard.
My businesses all took a hit when I was inside.
He won't fucking haggle with you.
Clock is ticking.
What I really want is to hunt him down and fucking end him.
What's stopping you? We can file a wrongful death case, a survivor action on your behalf.
What's the point? The point is, Rogers pays a price for what he did to us.
He had your mother killed, had me shot.
He was in the bedroom, waiting for me.
He had a knife.
He told me not to scream.
You think she's gonna be okay? Preeda Saetang.
The rape victim? Let it go.
I just I keep thinking about it.
So stop.
You had a son.
His name was Dominick Santanello.
He was a medic.
Died in Vietnam.
I'd like to know more about him.
Whatever you could find out about my son.
Olivia MacDonald? You wanted to talk to me? Would you be willing to meet with me? What's up? Matthew's been digging up dirt on Simon Wakefield.
Rogers' right-hand man.
You find something? Not on Wakefield, on his son.
Even better.
What are we talking about? Big-time bank fraud.
I'll spare you the details.
So you're gonna use the info on his son to squeeze Wakefield? Until he gives up Rogers.
Could work.
Nice job, Counselor.
I thought so.
Where are you? - Oxnard.
- What's in Oxnard? Chasing a lead.
I'll be back later today.
On Rogers? No, something else.
I'll see you when I see you.
Have you got time to talk to a prospective client? Uh, sure, what's the case? Wrongful arrest.
It was LAPD.
Mistaken identity.
Based on what? I mean, if it's a shaky eyewitness or a bad photo lineup, have Matthew or Louise take it.
Facial recognition software.
Really? Uncharted legal territory.
This could be one of those seminal cases.
Okay, okay, okay, don't oversell it.
I'll put him in the conference room.
Nick Santanello was my brother.
Your adoptive brother.
Yes, we were both adopted by the Santanellos.
How did your parents know his birth mother's name? They both met Vibiana when they went to St.
Helen's to take Nick home.
I have often wondered about Vibiana.
I know Nick did it.
Do you know what happened to her? She died shortly thereafter.
Oh, dear.
How? She took her own life.
Did she? Oh, I am so glad Nick never knew that.
Uh I wasn't sure that I was gonna show you these, but Here.
Where was this taken? Basic training.
Camp Pendleton.
Name on the shirt.
Lewis? That was a friend of his, a fellow medic who couldn't pass the swim test, so Nick put on his shirt and took the test for him.
Was Nick drafted? Enlisted.
Why a medic? He wanted to be a doctor.
He had plans.
His helicopter was shot down two weeks before he was due to come home.
Such a waste.
I'm sorry.
It was a long time ago.
Yeah, but you still send him a message nearly every day.
I miss him every day.
I know you do.
I was wondering, is there any possibility you might still have some of his belongings around? I have no idea who she is.
If I can get these printed, I'll send you copies.
I'm out in the driveway helping my boy with his bike chain.
And all of a sudden, three cop cars roar up.
Next thing I know, my face is on the ground, got a knee in my back, and I'm cuffed up.
Wife's screaming.
Son's crying.
Six years old.
How's he supposed to understand? Why did they arrest you? Detective said I robbed some Korean corner store I never set foot in.
Did you get the detective's name? Gutierrez.
And what did you tell Detective Gutierrez when he arrested you? "You got the wrong guy.
It's a mistake.
I got an alibi.
" But he was dug in.
Said some computer IDed me as the guy who did it.
Facial recognition.
That's it.
Did the police check your alibi? Far as I know, not.
What about Gutierrez? Did you talk to him after your arrest? Never saw him again.
Two weeks in that hellhole, never talked to nobody except the lady from Legal Aid.
Were you working at the time of your arrest? Steady.
And since your release? They gave my job away.
Ain't had another one since.
Google my name, see what comes up.
Shit's gonna follow me till the day I die.
What happened to you is inexcusable.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
But I want them to be sorry.
Pay for what they done to me and my family.
We're gonna do everything in our power to make sure that happens.
They're almost 50 years old.
And kept in an attic, basement, mini-storage ever since? Garage.
I can tell.
Cupping, cracking Can you salvage them? Oh, you must be laboring under the misconception I'm a miracle worker.
What, you're not? We can try rewashing.
No guarantees.
What's your time frame? Day before yesterday.
The woman and the child? Can you do those first? It's gonna cost you.
Can you afford me now you're not on the department's dime? Me? No.
But my client can.
Ida, what am I looking at? A check for $20,000 to St.
Helen's Maternity Home, with a personal note from you.
- You think 20,000 is enough? - Sir? Seems paltry.
Well, we can discuss an annual gift.
In perpetuity.
- Let's do that.
- Discuss it? No, let's do it.
I'll initiate the paperwork.
Ida, Ida, Ida I don't know what I would do without you.
Nor I you, sir.
Maybe we should do a door knock.
Just to make sure she's okay.
It'll take two minutes, it's just right around the corner.
Don't know how many times I gotta say it.
We're not detectives and we sure as shit aren't social workers.
Case belongs to Sex Crimes now.
I know, but Look.
They got their job and we got ours.
And we can't do ours if you keep worrying about theirs.
Feel me? I feel you.
- That's the Hotel Del, in Coronado.
- Mm-hmm.
Any way to figure out when these pictures were taken? No time stamp on the film.
I can tell you when the film itself was made.
"Seventy-two-AJ"? It was made between April and June 1972.
Guy who took these pictures was in Vietnam December '71 to December '72, then he was killed in action.
So how could he have taken them on the beach at Hotel Del? What I was wondering.
Hello, Mrs.
Cheong? Yes? My name is Honey Chandler and this is my associate, Matthew Ramirez.
Yes? I understand you had an armed robbery here a couple of months ago.
He put a gun in my face.
I was afraid I was going to die.
Well, believe me, I know exactly how you feel.
I don't think so.
I don't think you do.
I have been the victim of gun violence too.
You? A home invasion.
I was shot twice.
Oh, how terrible for you.
There are many bad people in this city.
There's so many good people too, like you.
Thank you.
Would you mind if we asked you a few questions? No, I don't.
Detective Gutierrez filled us in.
Matthew, will you take notes? Of course.
Are we being taped? Oh, yes.
We tape everything, 24/7.
MacDonald? Olivia MacDonald? Can I help you? We're from the VA.
Veteran's Administration.
I know what the VA is.
Of course you do.
Do you have a moment to speak to us about Dominick Santanello? Who? Don't be disingenuous, Ms.
Dominick Santanello.
Your brother.
Don't worry, there's nothing he can do to you.
Well, I'm worried about what I might do to him.
Just give me a minute to duck.
Carl Rogers, you've been served.
What the hell is this? Look.
"Estate of Donna Sobel v.
Carl Rogers.
Complaint for wrongful death.
" What the fuck? Are you fucking kidding me? You people, get out of here.
He was acquitted.
He wasn't acquitted, he escaped.
Do you really think I'd let you get away with murder, you malevolent fuck? Bosch.
It's Olivia.
Olivia MacDonald.
Everything okay? Well, you know, I'm not sure.
After you left yesterday, two men came to the house and said they were from the VA.
What did they want? They said that Nick had some outstanding death benefits that I might be entitled to.
About 40 years late.
And why I come to the house? Why not just send a letter? That's what I thought.
They asked if he'd ever been married or had any children, and I told them no.
What'd they say? They said that that's what their records show, but that they just wanted to make sure.
Anyway, I just thought you should know.
Okay, I wouldn't worry about it.
If they come knocking again, you let me know, yeah? Okay, will do.
Who are those guys? It's game over.
Take your fucking gun.
Let's go.
- Why? Why? - No, no, no, no, no.
Don't fuck with me.
What you got? Trouble.
I was clean when I went up to Oxnard.
No tracker, no tail.
Somebody somehow figured out I was up there.
How do you know? Went up there to do an interview.
Later that day, two guys show up at my client's door asking questions.
And now these fuckers are back on my tail again.
I got a question of my own.
When's the last time you looked up? Drone? Best guess.
What are you gonna do now? Turn in my rental and get my jeep back.
No, no, no, I meant, like, what do you wanna do? Another shake and bake? No.
No, these guys are too good.
Time to play possum.
Assume we're bugged and tailed.
And droned.
And don't know about it.
I retrieved a still photo of the robbery suspect from the store surveillance video and submitted it to the LACRIS facial recognition system for comparison.
And is this the photo you submitted? Yes.
So the facial recognition software compared this photo of the robbery suspect with photos from L.
County's digital mugshot system? That's right.
Your client is in the system because he's got a record.
And the software hit on Russell Barnes' mugshot as a positive match.
Now, when you say "positive match," you don't consider the result to be a definitive identification of the suspect.
No, no.
Because in fact, facial recognition technology is notorious for misidentifying people of color at far higher rates than Caucasians.
Use of the word "notorious.
" I'll rephrase.
Known for misidentifying people of color at higher rates.
I can't speak to that.
It's a legitimate investigative tool used by law enforcement across the country.
All right, despite these caveats, once you got this positive hit, you focused your investigation solely on Mr.
Barnes, correct? He was our prime suspect.
Were there any others? Suspects? - Yes.
- No.
What the fuck, Lev? Jeez.
I didn't see you.
Where'd you come from? You scared the living shit out of me.
Going somewhere? I'm meeting my girlfriend.
I thought maybe lawyer.
Imagine my surprise.
Hmm? Read it in paper, also social media, you are sued for millions of dollars.
Lawsuits are the cost of doing business in this town.
It's just a nuisance.
Trust me, you'll get your money.
We're oh-so close.
We have saying in Russia.
Elbow is close, but one cannot bite it.
Fuck does that mean? Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
Okay, so after you have this possible positive match, did you compare Mr.
Barnes' fingerprints or DNA with evidence left by the robbery suspect at the crime scene? No usable DNA or prints were found at the scene.
Did you investigate Mr.
Barnes' alibi? Didn't have to.
We compared his mugshot to the surveillance photo of the suspect.
It was obvious the two men were one and the same.
Obvious to you.
Is this the mugshot of Mr.
Barnes you used for your visual comparison? Yes.
And did you ever inspect Mr.
Barnes in person? No.
Well, if you had, you would have noticed that while the robbery suspect has several prominent tattoos on his right arm, Mr.
Barnes' arms are tattoo-free.
What brings you here? Mr.
Vance sent me.
He'd like to know if you've made any more progress in your investigation.
Vance instructed me to report only to him, no one else.
You don't wanna do that.
Vance has taken ill.
And he's unable to speak to you, so he would like you to report to me.
And I'm happy to do so when I hear from him.
Ask Mr.
Vance to call me when he's feeling better.
Vance, it's Harry Bosch.
Please give me a call when you have a chance.
I need to speak to you about something.
So this beat-to-shit car screams through the light, literally right in front of us.
I call it in, my T.
puts the pedal to the metal, lights and sirens.
We finally get him to pull over.
takes point? Of course, 'cause he's gotta show me how it's done.
So he goes up to the driver's window, and I swear to God he turns red.
Then he waves me over, all frantic.
So I walk up, take a look inside.
And? And the guy's wife has her feet up on the dash with a baby's head coming out of her chucha.
What did you do? Fucking T.
wasn't about to roll up his sleeves, so Mamacita and I, we got it done.
Baby boy, seven pounds ten ounces.
- I hope they named him after you.
- They did.
- No way.
- Way.
Little Rico.
Okay, Molina, you're up.
Um It's my first jumper call.
Came out as a possible.
Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center.
We drop everything, race over there.
We get there and Fire's deflating their cushion, Shrink's taking off the harness.
Don't tell me he already jumped.
Must've hit the blacktop going 70 miles an hour.
You see him? Fuck yeah.
His ass was pancaked.
Just a sack of broken bones.
And I'm like, "Dude, think about the chump who's gotta scrape you off the pavement, have the courtesy to OD instead, you know.
" Oh, Maddie, you had that broad daylight prowler rape call in Thai Town, right? She okay? Your vic? As far as I know.
Um Uh, excuse me.
Hey, Mads, little late.
Did I wake you? No, no.
I was just going over some house insurance paperwork.
Everything okay? It's fine, I was just calling to say hi.
Night out? Classmates from the Academy.
You know, boots only? I remember.
Everybody's got their first war story.
You tell yours? Mm, I didn't feel like sharing tonight.
Something you wanna talk about? I'm good.
I was just calling to say hey.
I'm here always, all ways.
Yeah, I know.
You wanna come by, say hey to Coltrane? Thanks, Dad.
I think I'm gonna go home and get some sleep.
You sure? Give him a scratch for me.
You're not driving, are you? Not to worry.
Called an Uber.
Love you.
Me too.
Good night.
That's Hotel Del.
It was in his effects.
He probably took that photo between April and December 1972.
Why those dates? Film was manufactured April '72, December '72 he was killed in Vietnam.
Your working hypothesis? He spent a couple days in San Diego.
Middle of his tour.
Ah, trips to the mainland were prohibited.
He would've risked court martial.
I went to Honolulu for my R and R.
The airports were full of MPs on the lookout for guys trying to sneak back to the mainland.
That military haircut was a dead giveaway, not to mention the uniform.
Maybe his hair was longer.
He did keep a stash of civvies at his sister's.
Well, then he might have made it.
Pretty risky, though.
Risk worth taking if it meant seeing his new baby girl.
Can you recommend a private, reliable lab for DNA comparison? Let me guess.
Maddie finally realized she's too smart to be your daughter and now you're scrambling to prove she is.
Well, you're in a fine mood.
Actually, I am.
Making headway on my case.
I just need a good lab.
Well, I've worked with a couple of good ones.
I'll send you their names.
Great, thanks.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey, Harry.
How'd he do? Such a good boy.
Did all his business.
That's new.
Yeah, present from Maddie.
It's my favorite movie.
" What's it about? It's about a ronin.
That's a samurai without a master.
On his own.
Kinda like a private eye.
Yeah, kinda.
But with a sword.
See you tomorrow.
Bye, Coltrane.
Hey, Rogers is on the move.
Wakefield's with him.
A sit-down.
Where? Some diner in the South Bay.
Eat at Rudy's.
Got it.
I'm on it.
Hey, I need boots on the ground.
Beautiful South Bay.
I owe ten originally, but now they want 40.
The only way I could swing that is by doing a second tap.
You have any idea how much this increases our risk? I couldn't agree more.
It is reckless in the extreme.
They're breathing down my neck.
They fucking know where I live.
What choice do I have? Can you hear what they're saying? Not a word.
But from their body language, I'd wager they're not exactly bosom buddies.
It's more like that meet between Michael Corleone and Sollozzo.
Is that One or Two? One.
The sit-down in the restaurant where they speak Sicilian.
Can you hear anything? Not a damn thing.
Try this.
What the hell is this? Some gadget I got from Bosch's tech guy.
It's like a mini-shotgun mic and recorder.
Stick it in your phone and hit record.
I think we're just meant to record it, not hear it.
So, Russ, you're gonna have to shut this down in the next 48 hours.
It's impossible.
Scheduled maintenance isn't for another three weeks.
Then you've got to do a hot tap.
No fucking way.
It's suicide.
That's insane.
Fuck no.
Way too dangerous.
I'm not sending my guys down there unless it's completely shut down.
Okay, then it's on you, Russ.
Get the scheduled maintenance moved up and shut the damn thing down ASAP.
Jesus, you're not listening.
The more you take, the harder it is for me to hide it.
They're sure to notice a second tap.
You'll find a way.
Looks like we're adjourned.
Just remember, if anything starts to go sideways, I can erase this complete operation in an instant.
Calmed down now? It's me and my men at risk here.
Everybody wants to make it safe.
Don't be late.
Just make sure you're prepared.
My men could be prepared before I even hit the freeway.
Everybody good? If you say so.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I need a second pair of eyes.
Been telling you that for years.
Yeah, Poly First Corporation.
They're in Carson.
On it like a bonnet.
Bite me.
Cheese dick.
2 million.
Without even going to trial? That's what the city will pay to make this go away right now.
Oh, man.
I never dreamed I think the real question we need to be asking ourselves is, do we want this to go away? Of course we do.
Russell, we have a really strong case.
And I'm almost certain we'd win at trial with a much bigger payday.
How long would that take? A year, maybe.
No, thanks.
You suffered a serious injustice because of this flawed technology, this lazy cop, the way the system works.
This is our chance to start to change the system.
Just a little bit.
A lot can happen in a year.
What am I supposed to live on in the meantime? We can help you find a job.
I'm gonna take the money.
Thanks anyway.
So far, I've managed to clean up this part.
Now, it's a terrible recording.
There's all kind of ambient noise.
Here we go.
You're gonna have to shut this down in the next 48 hours.
That's it? So far.
Forty-eight hours.
Uh, Rogers, Wakefield, and these two, Pensak and Aslan.
You're retired.
Some of us more than once.
How'd you get DMV photos? - We know a guy.
- Say no more.
We may be gone, but we're not forgotten.
Actually, we're forgotten, but not gone.
Well, I'm not questioning your methods, I mean, far be it from me, I'm just curious.
What do we know about these two? Well, Pensak is a pipeline operator for the Drysdale Oil refinery.
Responsible for controlling the flow of gas through the company's pipeline network.
And Aslan runs Aslan Inc.
He runs fleets of freight trucks and gasoline tankers.
And he owns this.
What are we looking at? Manufacturing plant.
PVC pipes.
Closed down about five years ago.
Security like Fort fucking Knox.
He's got security patrols, cameras, and every 20 minutes, the doors open, a gas tanker comes out, another tanker goes in, the door shuts.
Just tankers? Mm-hmm, around the clock.
Why is this interesting? Why the security? Why the heavy tanker traffic here? It's not a filling station.
Unless it is.
But it's not.
In my humble opinion, something ain't kosher in Denmark.
And you couldn't hear what they were discussing during the meeting? Mm-mm, but it was tense, I can tell you that much.
Mo's cleaning up that recording.
What do you think they're up to, Harry? I think I need to get into that building.
Hey, hey.
Hey, buddy.
I think you left your wallet in there on the counter.
I don't think so.
Sure looks like you.
What, are you blind? That don't look nothin' like me.
Oh, jeez.
My mistake.
I'm sorry.
And hey, hey, pal.
Have a nice night.
He buy it? Not a chance.
No surprise.
You know, I've been told this driver's license photo of me is a real stunner.
Who told you that? Lady who took it at the DMV.
She administer the vision test too? Let me get the keys to the office.
Yeah, yeah.
On to you, you son of a bitch.
Hands up! Now! Coming up on Legacy.
"Last Will and Testament of Whitney Vance.
Hieronymus Bosch, sole executor.
" What do we do next? You keep working your case.
Confirm Vance has an heir.
We see who makes a move.
Nicole wasn't even there.
But now she's an accessory.
You have got to swear that you're gonna keep her safe.
I'm gonna do everything I can, Mrs.
She's only helping him so she can come home and be with Kalon.
We need to do something about this DNA situation.
What options am I looking at here? Inside.
I haven't seen Carl in days.
I swear.
I don't know where he is.
You need to make careful decisions.
I represent people who reward those who make careful decisions.
If I were still a cop, I'd arrest you for threatening an officer and attempted bribery.
But you're not.
- Detective.
- LT.
You see that press conference? LAPD knew Nicole was not a threat.
This is not acceptable.
She did take the cash.
She got back in the car.
What could we do? We need to stick together on this.
What if I never feel like myself again? Having second thoughts? About the job? No.
I understand you have work for me.
Indeed, I do.

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