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Cat Got a Name

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Gun, gun, gun! Rose and Associates have begun the process of filing a civil suit against the city of Los Angeles and the LAPD on behalf of Nicole's son, Kalon.
I was able to identify the SIS Lieutenant.
Spencer Cosgrove.
Chandler will distort the truth.
She'll inflame public opinion.
Well, it won't be hard.
The whole department will be under siege.
We need to stick together on this.
Basu had five stab wounds, all to vital blood vessels.
The killer knew what he was doing.
I'd wager the assailant has some military or medical background.
Can you describe him? He was wearing a mask.
One of those Mexican wrestling masks.
We're not detectives and we sure as shit aren't social workers.
Case belongs to Sex Crimes now.
What happened with that Thai Town call? Attempted rape.
Suspect fled.
She get a good look at him? Wearing a luchador mask.
Red and black? Any update on Vance's probate? It's still uncontested.
We need to confirm Vance's heir.
If it stays uncontested, all shares and interest will pass to the board.
My client was the biological father of Dominick Santanello.
Your grandfather.
You should know his estate goes to his heirs.
You and your son.
If DNA confirms bloodlines, which it will.
So how much? Billions.
Better guard those with your life.
Oh, I'm gonna take them straight there.
BioRight Testing's good, reliable.
Better be.
We need to do something about this DNA situation.
We need to strangle the baby in the crib, so to speak.
Creighton, I understand you have work for me.
Indeed, I do.
Good boy.
Miss Porter.
Where did you come from? Parked around the corner.
What brings you here? The envelope you sent me.
Maybe we should go inside.
You never know who's watching.
No, you don't.
I went to the post office and sent the envelope to you by regular mail, as Mr.
Vance instructed.
Did you know what was in the envelope? I did not.
You'd sign an affidavit to that effect? What's this all about? It's about establishing the chain of authenticity.
Which means? Ensures the contents of the envelope are genuine.
And what were the contents? A handwritten will and Mr.
Vance's gold fountain pen.
Oh, my goodness.
So What happens now? Probate.
They'll compare the will with other handwriting samples of Mr.
They'll analyze the ink and pen and paper.
As a secretary, I could help you, but I've been sacked.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Showed up on my doorstep and handed me my walking papers.
After 40 years.
Quite a shock.
- Who, Sloan? - No.
From the board.
He's running things now.
I suppose he's the executor.
I am.
You are what? I'm the executor of the Vance estate.
I know Mr.
Vance was grateful to you for finding his son.
He told you about that? Yes, he did, but that's ridiculous.
I agree.
What do you know about wills and estates and probate and all? Absolutely nothing.
I'll need some legal advice.
Poor Mr.
Vance wasn't in his right mind.
Yeah, I wouldn't bang that drum too hard.
Why not? He left you $10 million.
I think you should consider hiring an attorney.
Why would I do that? When this new will gets filed with the probate court, things are gonna get nasty.
You should protect yourself.
I don't know any lawyers.
Well, I can recommend one.
And you never answered me about the affidavit.
Oh, of course I'll sign it.
Okay, I'll write it up today and bring it by tomorrow and you can sign it.
That'd be okay? Yes, that's fine.
I hope you don't mind going out the back.
You can't be too careful.
No, you can't.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Key questions.
Which officer shouted "gun"? And did he really see the gun? Did Sharp make a move for it? Did SIS give him time to comply before they opened fire? When can we get body cam footage? We'll have to see how cooperative LAPD is.
Wouldn't hold my breath.
They have up to 45 days to release that footage, plus their own internal investigation to complete.
Maybe we can generate some public pressure on the police to release what they have now.
Well, it's worth a try.
Social media? All over it.
Smartphone footage, Ring footage A million little pieces.
Now, the thing is, it's like a football replay of a goal line stand.
No definitive angles? Ruling on the field stands.
I think I get that analogy.
And what about Cosgrove? I have a meeting later with an attorney who sued SIS and the city.
I'm hoping she can shed some light on Lieutenant Cosgrove.
The most recent incident, there were reports of a man running from the scene wearing a black and red Mexican wrestling mask.
Thank you, Officer.
A luchador mask and black gloves.
Based on those initial sightings, we set up a perimeter and conducted a thorough search Which came up empty.
So long story short, we're gonna expand the perimeter and recanvass the neighborhood.
Lieutenant, what are the chances those items are still around? Thank you, Officer Vasquez, for volunteering to take point.
Sir? I'm putting you in charge.
You can take your boot with you.
You see any strange cars? Anyone around the neighborhood you've never seen before? Sorry.
Nothing comes to mind.
We accounted all the visible cameras in the area, but do you maybe have one we're not aware of? Hidden cameras? I don't think so.
Do you talk to the people you're delivering to? "Sign here.
" That's about it.
Have you seen anyone lately lurking in between the houses? Lurking? How about unfamiliar cars parked in the alleys? I got a lot on my plate.
I can't be keeping track of who's parking where.
This is Officer Madeline Bosch, LAPD.
Please give me a call back at your earliest convenience in reference to inspection notice number 62544851.
Thank you.
You won a judgment against SIS? The city settled it before it went to trial.
My first big case after I left the DA's.
Why'd the city settle? Problems with some of the officers' depositions.
They were lying? Coordinating their testimony.
Cosgrove? He was one of 'em.
I'm interested in his disciplinary record.
I'm assuming you saw it during discovery.
Yeah, I can give you a thumbnail.
Smart, ambitious, aggressive, proactive.
Walks right up to the line.
Reminds me of someone I know.
Up to the line, but not over it? He likes to stress-test the system.
Excessive force complaints? A few.
But not many, considering how long he's been on the job.
A number of commendations too.
His officers swear by him.
"A cop's cop.
" So no smoking gun.
This is some disgusting, fucked up shit.
Who called this in? Anonymous tip.
Guy wearing a red and black mask running down this alley shortly after 3:00 PM Tuesday.
Trying car doors, looking for an unlocked car to steal.
That's right after the attempted rape.
Well, it doesn't hurt to look.
Yes, it does.
Fucking A, boot.
- Bag it and tag it? - Not yet.
There might be genetic evidence inside and outside that mask.
First we call Coleman to come check this out.
Then we bag it and tag it.
Nice work today, Bosch.
Hello? Preeda? Yes.
This is Officer Bosch.
We found something.
Turn on the news.
That's right, Larry.
Onlookers say the fire Holy shit.
I didn't think they'd go this far.
Playing for keeps.
I'm in court.
It's a very important case.
I don't remember what, but the galleries were packed.
And I get up to give my summation and I suddenly realize I'm naked.
That's a classic kind of anxiety dream.
To be naked in front of strangers.
Oh, yeah, I know, it's a total fucking cliché.
I hate it.
But that's not the interesting part.
I told you I woke up.
But that was still part of the dream.
So in the dream, I wake up and I realize I've killed someone.
And I've completely forgotten about it until just that moment.
I'm so horrified that I wake up.
Like, I actually wake up.
Like, sit up in bed, sweating.
Who'd you kill? I don't know.
Rogers? I didn't see his face.
How'd you kill him? I hit him with my car.
Ran him over and just drove away.
And then put it out of my mind.
The thing is, the dream was so real, I I couldn't shake it.
Like, for the next hour, I kept thinking, "Oh, my God.
Did I really do this? Did I actually kill someone and just totally suppress it?" I even went out and checked my car for signs of a hit-and-run.
Did you find anything? No.
What do you make of it? I think you feel guilty about something.
Don't we all? Can't beat that view.
A million-dollar view.
Oh, thank you.
- Careful, it's hot.
- Yeah.
So what do you think I can get for it? In this market? For sake of argument.
As is? As is, or if I bring it up to code.
Either or.
As is? A million seven, million eight.
Seriously? As you said, a million-dollar view.
What about up to code? Two one, two two.
That's an attractive ballpark.
If you have the time and money.
Cost you 50K to retrofit it.
And the aggravation of dealing with contractors and permits? Months before you could put it on the market.
What would you do? Take the money and run.
Let it be someone else's headache.
- Is any of this legal? - Not even remotely.
There you go, bro.
The good doctor's most recent prescription audit.
Every doc who works at his clinic.
Who's the target? - Who wrote the most opioid scripts? - Let's see.
Uh Dr.
Vince Shipman by a mile.
That was fast.
Well, that was easy.
Basu flagged it.
Followed up with a meeting with Shipman a couple days after the audit, calling him on the carpet for his profligate prescribing ways.
Do me a favor.
Print me out a list of his patients that he was writing prescriptions for.
A lot of them are homeless.
No fixed address.
Shipman your doctor at the clinic? It varies.
Basu was my main doctor.
Till, you know.
What has Dr.
Shipman been prescribing for you? Nothing.
Nothing? You sure? Nothing I can't get myself at the CVS.
I gotta tell you, it says right here, he's been prescribing you oxy.
I wish.
As I live and breathe.
You guys just can't get enough of them big city lights, huh? Who's your new partner? Name's Musso.
You're kidding.
Who'd Vance really hire you to find? And don't give us the long-lost USC frat mate crap.
This one's a real charmer.
What happened to Franks? Dropped dead.
Sorry to hear that.
Answer the question.
He got a girl pregnant at USC.
The girl was Mexican.
His father threatened to disinherit him.
So he ditched her.
Said he felt guilty about it all his life.
A little late.
Told me he wanted to balance the books, set things right before he died.
And did you find an heir? Oh, this is where we trade.
You ask a question, I ask a question.
Okay, ask your question.
Cause of death? He was found slumped over at his desk and it looked like a natural.
But because he's Whitney fucking Vance, billionaire, Coroner sees a chance to milk the media, orders an autopsy.
Lo and behold, finds a faint petechial hemorrhaging, rules it undetermined.
So we go back out there, take a few pictures, toss the pad a second time.
Check the couch pillows, find what looks like dried saliva on one.
We get a DNA match to Vance.
Figure somebody took the pillow, came around behind him, and held it over his face.
Wouldn't take much.
Our turn.
You find an heir? Girl had the baby, put it up for adoption.
I traced the adoption, identified the child.
Thing is, he went down in a helicopter in Vietnam a month shy of his 20th birthday, 1972.
You tell Vance? That's two in a row.
Don't get greedy.
Yes, I did.
My turn.
Who had access to his office the day he died? Security people, mostly.
David Sloan.
Who else? A chef.
A nurse.
His secretary.
Ida Porter.
- She was the one who found him.
- We're checking them all.
Have you taken a look at the corporate angle? We're looking at everybody.
Philip Corwin.
He's the one that stands to gain the most if there's no heir.
Like I said, everybody's a suspect until they're not.
You said his secretary was there.
He called her in to write letters for him.
His custom stationery, fancy pen, all laid out and waiting.
What do you mean, his fancy pen? Flashy gold fountain pen.
You got a picture of it in there from the scene? Mm-hmm.
You said you went back after the autopsy, took some more pictures.
They're in the back.
Everything's chronological.
The pen's not there.
You're right.
Where'd it go? Who knows? We didn't take it.
How's your morning looking? For you, my morning's wide open.
Why? Meet me at Ida Porter's house in half an hour.
Shall we proceed with the plan? Let's do it.
Bosch, I wasn't expecting to see you so soon.
Is now not a good time? Not at all.
Please come in.
Ida Porter.
Honey Chandler.
Pleased to meet you.
Chandler represents a direct descendant of Whitney Vance.
The rightful heir.
I'm so glad.
I was worried sick that the estate would pass to the corporation.
Oh, rest assured, that is not going to happen.
The proof is in the pudding.
Did you bring the affidavit? You might wanna take a moment and read it before you sign.
It all looks in order.
Don't we need a notary? Oh, it's fine.
I'm an officer of the court and Mr.
Bosch is the second witness.
And I have a pen.
You still have his pen.
I do indeed.
You see it's returned to its rightful owner.
His heir.
When will you file the new will? Oh, you mean, when will you get your money? No, that's not what I meant at all.
I'm just curious when I might need a lawyer to represent my interests.
Probably use a lawyer right now, but not the kind you're thinking of.
What are you talking about? We're not filing the will.
Why on earth not? Whitney Vance didn't write it.
You did.
That's preposterous.
I saw his hand tremor.
He hasn't written anything in years.
He had you write for him.
You learned to imitate his handwriting.
That's a grand story.
Like something out of a gothic novel.
But it's nonsense.
Great-granddaddy's gold pen was in my mailbox the moment you supposedly discovered Whitney Vance's body at his desk.
Death scene photos, they show an identical pen on his desk.
I want you to leave now.
Ida, there's something you need to know.
You're never gonna see a dime of that ten million.
It's the law.
A murderer cannot inherit from her victim's estate.
I'm not a murderer.
Then what are you, Ida? You smothered that man with a pillow.
The police know.
They're on their way here now.
So you can tell us what happened and maybe we can help you out.
If I'm representing you, everything we've discussed becomes confidential.
We can go to the police and the district attorney and get you the best deal possible.
You have it all wrong.
It was a horrible, horrible mistake.
He was supposed to die, you see.
He had taken ill overnight.
He looked awful.
He told me that he was dying and he needed to write a new will.
He dictated the terms and I wrote it in his hand.
Then he gave me the pen and told me to send everything to you, Mr.
Only there was something missing.
Something important.
Forgot about you.
All these years.
At his beck and call.
He took you for granted.
That was the thing.
He didn't.
He relied on me.
So you amended the new will.
I had the pen.
I did what was right, what was deserved.
I rewrote the will to make it fair.
It was so little compared to all there was.
You said he was supposed to die.
He'd been at death's door.
But then he rallied.
Called me in unexpectedly.
Told me to contact you to retrieve the will.
Now that he was better, he wanted to withdraw it and have a lawyer redo it formally.
And he'd see what you'd done.
How you had altered the will.
That would be the end.
I couldn't let that happen.
Something broke inside me.
I picked up a pillow and came up behind him.
The second gold pen.
Where'd it come from? He said that was the original and that what he'd had me send you was a duplicate.
Where is it now? In my safe deposit box.
How do you wanna play it, Anna? Please invite them in.
All right, watch your step here.
They actually seem pissed off we cleared their fucking case for them.
Ungrateful bastards.
Push yourself down.
They won't look so good when they have to explain that the suspect turned herself in before they even knew she was the suspect.
Davis, is, uh Is now a good time? What do you want? I just wanna pay my respects.
No, please.
I just wanna tell you how sorry I am.
What happened You promised Nicole wouldn't get hurt.
You promised to protect her.
Most of all, I wanna prevent false claims on Mr.
Vance's fortune.
If we're not careful, we might have a Howard Hughes-type situation on our hands.
I understand.
I appreciate you taking the time.
Sorry I'm on the run.
Supposed to meet a C.
in Baldwin Hills in about 30.
Good luck with that.
I'm just trying to close out the criminal inquiry on James Sharp.
I turned in everything I had.
I reviewed it all, but I also have Cosgrove's report.
He refers to James Sharp as suspect number one and Nicole Davis as suspect number two.
That the way you see it? I wanna know what you really think about Nicole Davis.
Between us? You tell me.
I told Cosgrove Nicole Davis was coerced by Sharp.
That she was an unwilling participant.
Her mother told you that.
Maybe you got played by the family.
Well, you heard the recording.
Does it sound like she's playing? Then why'd she go along with it? To stay alive and to get back to her kid.
SIS should've taken into account there was a victim in the car, not a suspect.
Then why didn't you say that in your documents? I all but did.
I couldn't slant it too far.
Thing like this, everyone goes into protect mode.
Isn't that why you're here? Trying to figure out how best to write your report.
I'm trying to remain as objective as possible.
I might have to stand by this in court someday.
So just the facts, then, right? This is Madeline Bosch.
Hi there, you left me a message.
Did I? About an inspection notice in East Hollywood.
Oh, right.
Is there a problem with the notice? We're just canvassing the neighborhood.
There's been a series of daytime sexual assaults.
You may have heard.
No, I hadn't heard that.
That's terrible.
Are you in the area often, mister Dockweiler.
Kurt Dockweiler.
Okay, well, if you see anything out of the ordinary, please do not hesitate to give me a call back at this number.
I'll do anything I can to help.
That's a solid find, Officer Bosch.
Ah, I got lucky.
Right time, right trash can.
Maybe they pull some prints or DNA off the mask.
Well, here's the thing.
Can't always rely on physical evidence.
Yeah, I mean, the cases, they're linked by DNA, but the suspect's not in CODIS.
That's what I'm talking about.
So what would you look for? It's a serial.
You have to identify the patterns.
Victims all live in the same area, right? Yep, Thai Town.
Daytime home invasion.
How's he gain entry? He cuts the screen.
He goes in through the window.
Victims know one another? Have similar daytime activities? I don't know.
Any other way this guy could have gotten his eye on 'em? I don't know.
Well, if the detectives are doing their job, those are the things that they'll look at to connect the cases.
If we're not careful, we might have a Howard Hughes-type situation on our hands.
He's careful.
Plausible deniability.
Until we know more, I'm gonna post up on the heirs.
I'll let Vibiana know you're gonna be keeping an eye out.
Harry Bosch on line two.
Thanks, Matthew.
Is it safe? Should be.
Just in case.
We have a match.
Now all we gotta do is keep 'em alive.
How do we do that? I'm working on it.
Fucking traitor.
I'll take care of it.
We have a problem.
Sloan just called to come up.
He say what for? To do a security check.
Okay, so he's probably just being He did one tonight already, Harry.
Plus I gave him a key.
Why would he say "buzz me in" if he has a key? Okay, you need to get out of there.
Get out of there, grab your son, take the stairs, and get out of there.
I'm on my way.
I'll find you.
Mijo, get up.
- Mom? - Get up, mijo.
- What's going on? - Things are gonna be okay.
- What is it? - Just come with me.
- Everything's fine.
Just follow me.
- You're scaring me.
You have reached David Sloan.
Please leave a This way.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Vamos, mijo.
- Hurry.
- Okay, okay.
Okay, go.
We gotta go quick.
Go, quick.
Quiet, mijo.
I'm scared.
Me too.

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