Bosch: Legacy (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Always All Ways

1 [Bosch.]
Previously on Bosch: Legacy.
Gun, gun, gun! So from your vantage point, you did not see a gun? Correct.
Rose and Associates will be representing the Davis family in a wrongful death action against the LAPD.
Always looking for the pot of gold.
Can we meet? Talk about the audio recording you had Mrs.
Davis make.
Davis on tape.]
Does he still have his gun? [Nicole on tape.]
Yes, it's in the trunk.
The good doctor's most recent prescription audit.
Who wrote the most opioid scripts? Dr.
Vince Shipman by a mile.
What if one of his doctors was overprescribing? Writing scripts for nonexistent patients.
I called Dr.
Basu to follow up.
He didn't get back to me.
Next thing I know, he's murdered.
We're just canvassing the neighborhood.
Uh, there's been a series of daytime sexual assaults.
You may have heard.
No, I hadn't heard that.
Are you in the area often, mister Dockweiler.
Kurt Dockweiler.
My client was the biological father of Dominick Santanello.
Your grandfather.
You should know his estate goes to his heirs.
You and your son.
If DNA confirms bloodlines, which it will.
We have a match.
Now all we gotta do is keep 'em alive.
I'm gonna post up on the heirs.
I'll let Vibiana know you're gonna be keeping an eye out.
[camera shutter clicks.]
Fucking traitor.
I'll take care of it.
Sloan just called to come up.
To do a security check.
Okay, so he's probably just being He did one tonight already, Harry.
Okay, you need to get out of there.
- What is it? - Just come with me.
It's okay.
Take the stairs and get out of there.
I'm on my way.
I'll find you.
[tires screech.]
- Hurry! - Okay! Go, quick! - [gasps.]
- Quiet.
[lock breaks.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[phone vibrates.]
Shh, shh, shh.
[elevator whirring.]
[elevator stops.]
[elevator whirring.]
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
Go, go, go.
[engine starts.]
Hang on.
[tires screech.]
You all right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪ There's a fine, new day comin' round ♪ It's a feelin' like a cool rain comin' down ♪ It's the rhythm of a new song singin' ♪ It's the rhythm of a new song singin' ♪ Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪ Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪ Oh, my, my, I've been waitin' for this moment ♪ Oh, my, my, oh, my, my ♪ Times are changin' ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪ Your Honor, the SIS is exploiting a loophole in the public records law that allows them to withhold these bodycam videos as long as there's an ongoing investigation.
That is not what the law intended.
Your Honor, a thorough investigation takes time, and the police need that time to complete their inquiries.
The public's need to know the truth far outweighs the needs of the police department.
Judge, I'm only asking for what we're entitled to.
Your Honor, this is outrageous.
Counsel is grandstanding again.
Kessler, sunlight is always the best disinfectant.
I expect the city to act promptly and release the requested videos.
If it doesn't, I will compel disclosure.
Yes, Your Honor.
[indistinct chatter.]
Used to be we got an actual break for lunch.
You could sit down in a real restaurant and eat healthy food.
Mm, says the queen of Trejo's Donuts.
Donuts don't count.
Cops have an enzyme that zero out the calories.
Point is, five years from now, the department will be a bunch of lard-asses from all the shit we eat.
I think it pretty much already is a bunch of lard-asses.
Watch your mouth, beanpole.
Hey, you see that guy? Getting out of a City truck? I think he might be the inspector I talked to about the Screen Cutter.
Uh, yeah? Do you have a second? Sure.
Watch his place.
I thought that might be you.
I'm Officer Bosch.
We spoke over the phone about the Screen Cutter investigation.
How's that going? We're still looking for him.
I just I wanted to say thanks and, you know, keep your eyes open.
- Yeah.
- Call me if you see anything.
Sure, I'll do that, Officer.
- Appreciate it.
- Yeah.
- Enjoy your lunch.
- Thank you.
["The Magnificent 7" by Kamasi Washington playing on stereo.]
[knocking on door.]
[door buzzes.]
[music stops.]
That was loud, whatever that was.
Kamasi Washington.
Homegrown cutting-edge jazz.
Has to be loud.
What brings you to these parts? I need you to check this out.
Fuck is this? Just collating all the cams from that SIS shoot-'em-up.
Just in from Chandler.
That's my daughter.
I don't want her to have any part in this.
Man, talk to Chandler.
Well, I'm gonna, but I'm talking to you about it right now.
Well, this is her gig, man.
And by the way, she's the gift that keeps giving.
I depended on you, I'd be slurpin' ramen.
I don't care what she's paying you.
I need to jump the line, yeah? So what's this? Somebody tried to kill my client and her son.
The guy I had watching them, he's missing.
That's the link to the video cameras in her art studio.
Start there.
I wanna see what I'm dealing with.
About what time we lookin' for? She called me at 10:00.
They were already in the building.
They looks like one person.
This one means business.
Run it back.
Show me her face.
Isn't that illegal? Suppressor.
Still illegal.
Shoot me a copy of that.
You got it.
See if you can find any other cameras in the building or nearby.
Everything you can find on her.
Your clients, they safe? For now.
I got 'em stashed.
You're not gonna tangle with this one, are you? Oh, hey, what do I do with the vid of Dr.
Shipman? We got him dead to rights pushing the pills.
Well, we need him dead to rights killing Dr.
Look at this.
I can't read it.
Too small.
It's a court summons.
It's my first time testifying.
That foot pursuit with O'Neill.
Before long, boot, you won't even wanna open those emails.
All you gotta do is wear your class A's, keep your tie and collar tight, be professional, and don't let the defense attorney bait you.
Oh, shit, it's my day off.
Do I get paid for this? Question answers itself.
[RTO on radio.]
Hollywood units and 6 Adam 79.
ADW shooting just occurred at 626 North Ardmore.
Five to ten gunshots from inside residence.
6-A-79, handle code three.
That's us.
Take it.
[engine starts.]
6-A-79, show us responding from Hollywood.
We need to move this thing forward.
I can't keep Vibiana and her son off-grid forever.
Well, I'm still working on the probate petition.
Once it's ready, we file it and go public.
Really? You're working on it? 'Cause from what I hear, this is backseat to you running with the SIS shooting.
Harry, I can assure you that is not what's happening.
Listen to me, I don't want you dragging Maddie into this clusterfuck.
I already talked to her about it.
She didn't shoot anything, she didn't see anything, and she doesn't know anything.
It's not what she saw, Harry.
It's what her camera saw.
Like George Floyd and all the others, it comes down to video documentation.
I don't care what it comes down to.
You pull her it into the shit and you and I are done.
[sirens wail.]
[dogs barking.]
Follow my lead.
LAPD! LAPD! I'm coming in! [indistinct.]
Go to the stairs.
[man gasping.]
We got a man down.
6-A-79, requesting an RA at our location for a male Hispanic, approximately 25 years of age with multiple gunshot wounds.
Victim is conscious and breathing.
Check him for weapons.
[RTO on radio.]
6-A-79, roger, requesting an RA to your location.
He's circling.
- Okay.
- [Vasquez.]
Do you wanna tell us who did this to you? - [speaks Spanish.]
- [vomits.]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Just breathe.
- [coughs.]
- Just breathe.
It's okay.
Just breathe.
Hey, listen, help is on the way.
Okay? Help is on the way.
Okay, I got you.
Just wait.
Just stay with me.
It's all right.
What the fuck are you doing? [whimpering.]
He's gone.
[siren wails in distance.]
Nobody should die alone.
It's now a homicide scene.
We need to back out and call in the detectives.
I got two great seats for the game.
Cost me an arm and a leg, but it's gonna be completely worth it.
I tell you.
Gustafson, I need a word.
I'll catch up.
Bosch, I'm getting tired of seeing your face.
I'm getting tired of doing your job.
What is it? A way to close the Basu case.
The right way.
What's on it? Dr.
Vincent Shipman works at Basu's clinic.
- You talk to him? - Didn't need to.
He was using it as a prescription mill, writing phony scripts for the homeless and selling the pills himself.
Basu confronted him about it.
Two hours later, Basu was stabbed to death with surgical precision.
And it's all on that? I got a video of Shipman laying the drugs off to a buyer.
The rest you can get from the autopsy and a subpoena of Basu's records.
You put the package together, you bring Shipman in, you lay it out.
That easy, huh? Look, if I had a badge, I'd also get a cell phone dump around the area where the murder occurred.
My guess is Shipman's cell is gonna be on it.
So you put it together, I think he'll confess.
And you won't even have to take your jacket off or get in his face.
What do you want in return? I want you to do the right thing.
I want you to arrest the right guy and put him in fuckin' jail.
And if you can't do it, I still know people on the job that can.
[phone vibrates.]
I found something.
There's a hidden camera on the delivery door of that place downtown.
Probably to catch package pirates.
I found it on the building's Wi-Fi network and I backed up the image.
You're gonna wanna see it.
Send it to me.
I just did.
Brace yourself.
It's Sloan.
Here for a security check.
Okay, hang on.
[door buzzes.]
[suppressed gunshots.]
Jesus Christ.
[alarm chirps.]
[tires screech.]
All right.
Crash, crash.
[all screaming.]
Get on the ground! [all screaming.]
That's him.
Fuckin' bag him.
- [speaking Arabic.]
- Shut the fuck up.
Let's go, shitbird.
Let's go, boys.
Load 'em up.
Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! - Crips, take these fuckers for me.
- [speaking Arabic.]
Crips, you got lead.
Take us back, brother.
Roger that.
Let's go, boys.
Load up.
- We're good.
- Let's go, let's go.
Let's go, guys.
Let's go.
Let's go.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Put him in 19.
Sit down and shut the fuck up.
[speaking Arabic.]
You got him? Yeah, I got him.
I'll go see what's what.
He's Saudi.
Your guy speak Arabic? He speaks whatever we need.
We didn't find any intel in the cave.
We'll just have to see what he's got to say.
Okay, what's your angle? I'm gonna ask him to give it all up.
And he will.
You sure about that? These guys come rough.
Fuck that.
I'm gonna paint a picture of all the nightmare shit that I can do to him and then I'm gonna let him gestate on that until he's chatty.
If he's not chatty? Then all the bad shit I mentioned will start to happen.
And you'll have to shoot him.
To quiet him down.
Yeah, so what do you do? You cross your fuckin' fingers and hope that he's not just giving you whatever you wanna hear? 'Cause bad intel gets the wrong people killed.
This is my world, Sergeant.
So why don't you go back out there to yours and do what you do best, which I believe is kill people.
[Creighton grunting.]
The hell is this? Where am I? Oh, Jesus.
Help me! Somebody help me! No one can hear you.
It's her building.
Whose? The one you sent the assassin to because the place was empty.
That everybody had been evicted from except for her and her son.
Listen, Bosch, I don't know what you're talking about.
This is wrong.
You're not that guy.
You'll go to prison for this.
I am that guy.
If I go, you'll go.
It'll all come out.
You set loose a killer on a 14-year-old boy and his mother.
The only thing I'll be guilty of is trying to stop it.
This is crazy.
I'm an ex-cop, for God's sake.
A commander! [grunts.]
- Who is she? - Bosch, I don't know.
Don't fuck with me.
Who is she? How can I tell you something that I don't know? [grunts.]
Oh, shit.
Oh, Bosch, don't, please.
I can't tell you something that I don't know.
You had me checked out.
Tora Bora.
You know what we did there.
You don't wanna do this.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
Bosch, no, don't.
No, no, no, no, no, no, don't! I don't know her name! Okay? All I have is a contact.
No names.
I don't even know where she's from.
How was contact made? Text.
I have a number.
I use a burner.
The money's sent to a a blind account in the Caymans.
Then you can get a message to her.
Tell her to stop.
Her rules.
When she takes the job, there's no turning back.
What did she do with Sloan? Dead and buried, I assume.
She's a pro.
Everyone disappears.
Where's the burner? My briefcase.
What's the combination? Two-one-three.
Tell her Vibiana and her son are at Vance's country house in Hidden Valley.
How'd you know about that place? Sloan.
She won't believe it, Bosch.
She'll smell a set-up.
Then you'll have to convince her.
Call your people, tell 'em to get the drone up.
I'll tell you what to say.
You go off-script, I'll put you on your back again.
[Creighton sighs.]
[phone vibrates.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
What do you want? For you to watch this.
Get out of the booth.
I'm leaving.
Pay attention.
This is what happens after the shooting and Nicole is dead.
I said, get out of the booth.
The gun was planted and I can prove it.
Play it.
Okay, right there.
That officer is telling Cosgrove the gun was in the trunk, not where the driver could reach it.
Cosgrove then tells the two patrol officers, Vasquez and Bosch, to set up crime scene tape.
That was to get their backs turned to what's about to go down.
Cosgrove turns back to the trunk where the gun is.
The two officers turn back to their vehicle to get the tape, and as they do, Cosgrove reaches into the trunk.
His shoulder dips.
He grabs the gun, moves it around to the front of the car underneath the driver's seat.
Nicole told her mother that after shooting Officer Calderon, Sharp put the gun in the trunk.
And we know you have that conversation on tape.
So will you do the right thing? [Mo.]
Now, if you wanna set a perimeter, these cameras are good.
They use 'em to pick up mountain lions and other critters in the woods at night.
Top-of-the-line ClearVision, crystal HD at 12 MPs.
Now in English.
High-density night vision, 12-megapixel crystal imaging.
And it'll relay to your phone.
Just make sure you got your Bluetooth switched on.
Bluetooth [chuckles.]
[beer opens.]
What about him? That's a garden gnome with a wide-angle lens.
I call him Harry.
Very funny.
How about playback on the speaker? Also controlled from your phone.
And these right here are powerful speakers.
Just tap and play.
Uh, Harry That woman with the suppressor Why don't you just call the cops and let them handle it? They move too slow, if they move it all.
Then what's your plan? Off the record.
I'll give her every opportunity to give it up and stand down.
And if she doesn't? I'm gonna protect my clients.
Then, uh you need some backup? Appreciate the offer.
But this is my war.
[phone vibrates.]
You calling about the arrest? What arrest? For the murder of Dr.
It's on the news.
Who? A doctor who worked with Basu at his clinic.
Jeffrey Herstadt is no longer a suspect.
I hadn't heard.
You have something to do with it? Well, let's just say I gave Gustafson the path to redemption.
And he took it.
Well done.
So if you're not calling about that I'm about to go do something that could go sideways.
If it does Harry, what are you up to? Well, better you don't know.
But if what you're doing is dangerous, don't do it.
Little late for that.
[phone rings.]
[on voicemail.]
This is Harry Bosch.
Leave me a message.
Dad, guess who? What, are you in WitSec? Call me back or I'll steal all of your vinyl and I will sell it on eBay.
[water running.]
[knocking on door.]
[water stops.]
Honey, what are you doing here? We need to talk.
May I come in? Just got home.
It's kind of a mess.
I won't keep you.
[clears throat.]
You, uh You know I'm representing the son of the woman killed by the SIS.
What I know is if you drag me into it, you could destroy my career before it even starts.
That's not going to happen.
I'm not in this to destroy you or anyone else.
But what the police say happened didn't happen.
And I'm gonna prove it.
Then you are gonna destroy careers.
I thought you cared about me.
I do.
Of course I do.
But I also care deeply about justice being served.
Don't you? [crickets chirping.]
[phone vibrates.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[phone vibrates.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
"I understood that the lives of all the honest men aboard depended upon me alone.
Chapter 11.
"No, not I," said Silver.
"Flint was cap'n; I was quartermaster, along of my timber leg.
The same broadside I lost my leg, old Pew lost his deadlights.
It was a master surgeon, him that ampytated me out of college and all Latin by the bucket, and what not; but he was hanged like a dog, and sun-dried like the rest, at Corso Castle.
That was Roberts' men, that was, and comed of changing names to their ships Royal Fortune and so on.
Now, what a ship was christened, so let her stay, I says.
So it was the Cassandra, as brought us safe home from Malabar, after England took the viceroy of the Indies; so it was with the old Walrus, Flint's old ship, that I've seen amuck with the red blood and fit to sink with gold.
" "Ah!" cried another voice, the youngest hand on board, and evidently full of admiration.
"He was the flower of the flock, was Flint!" "Davis was a man too, by all accounts," said Silver.
"I never sailed along of him; first with England, then with Flint, that's my story; and now here on my own account, in a manner of speaking.
I laid by nine hundred safe, from England, and two thousand after Flint.
That ain't bad for a man before the mast all safe in the bank.
'Tain't earning now, it's saving does it, you may lay to that.
Where's all England's men now? I dunno.
Where's Flint's?" You move, you die.
[intense music playing.]
[gun clicks.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
Six shots.
You brought an old man's gun, Bosch.
You should have counted guns.
You're the boot.
End of watch, just make sure you turn it in clean like it's your own personal car.
I don't have people puking and shitting themselves in the back seat of my personal car, Sarge.
Not usually, anyway.
True, but you get the point.
Roger that, Mank.
Stay safe.
Say hi to your dad for me.
- I will.
- Vasquez.
You're late, boot.
What'd he want? Sorry.
He was bending my ear about keeping the Orca clean.
PM watch complained.
Man, I'd expect a little more care and attention to detail from a boot who's getting the keys for the first time.
Really? Let's go before I change my mind.
Press conference at City Hall? Yeah, at Grant Park.
I want Old Faithful behind me.
Good optics.
Holler when you need me.
So you have it all sorted out? I hope so.
We're taking it over to the courthouse now.
It'll be filed within the hour.
Now, what about security? [Chandler.]
Martin, we'll be fine.
Detective Morrison.
We were just leaving.
I'll give you the tape you want on one condition.
I'm listening.
You don't use it just to get a fast settlement from the city.
You use it to force change in the department.
You have my word.
But you have to keep in mind I represent a six-year-old boy whose mother was killed at the hands of the police.
I have to do what's best for my client.
I'll deal with this.
You need to go.
Thank you.
I hope I don't regret this.
As do I.
That's your mother and your grandmother.
Aren't they beautiful? Harry, you got it restored.
I want one too.
I'll get you one.
Ready to go home? Oh, here's some sandwiches for the ride.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Will I see you tonight? [chuckles.]
- Of course.
Oh, I wanna see your work.
My eviction exhibition.
Ah, I see.
If it's all clear, I'm gonna open it tonight.
I got those.
Harry Take care of my family.
I will.
Thank you.
[reporters clamoring.]
Today, I filed a petition to determine administration of the Whitney Vance estate, which includes a majority ownership of Advance Engineering.
Vance did not die without any heirs.
He has a granddaughter and a great-grandson, and we intend to prove it through DNA analysis and other means at the hearing in support of the motion.
Jane and John Doe? Why aren't you naming these so-called heirs? Well, I can think of a few billion reasons not to put their names out there.
People like you descending on them.
Others with their hands out.
These are very private people, and there have already been two attempts to find and eliminate them.
Eliminate? By who? Everything you need to know can be found in the petition.
Read it.
Thank you.
And I'm sure I will see you all in court.
[reporters clamoring.]
[engine shuts off.]
Hold on a second.
I thought you said we were all clear.
We are.
Old habits, you know.
You promise to come back tonight? I will.
Oh, and bring your daughter.
I'd like to meet her.
I'll ask her.
Then I won't say goodbye.
But I will say thank you, Harry.
For my son's life.
For my life.
For everything you've done.
It's what I do.
It was more.
Do something good with it, Vibi.
Make changes.
I will.
Car's outside.
Keys are in it.
What about her? Is she She's gone.
If she surfaces, it'll be with your gun.
You won't want that.
You know, Bosch, we could use a man with your skills at Trident.
Someone who's willing to cross the line.
Fuck off.
Fair enough.
[door opens.]
Dad, did your phone run out of battery? [sighs.]
I was tying up loose ends.
I got distracted.
How was your day? It was good.
Cold beer? Comin' up.
Where's Coltrane? Oh, he's having a sleepover at Sam's.
Dog's life.
So I, uh, I got to drive today.
[beer opens.]
Oh, yeah? How was that? I would be lying if I didn't say it was one of the cooler moments of my life.
Training wheels come off.
I remember it well.
I'm proud of you, Mads.
This cop thing could work out.
You think? Yeah.
Dad What is it, honey? Hmm? I just want you to know.
When I can't reach you, it scares me.
A lot.
Because I'm-I'm out there and I'm on the street and I see all of the bad shit that goes on.
And it just it gets in your head, you know? I do.
And I'm trying to-to stay rational so that I can do this job because I think I love it.
I get it.
I know you do.
Better than anybody I know.
So when your phone rings or you get a text, just let me know you're good.
Okay? 'Cause I need it.
So do you.
I will.
All ways.
I love you.
I love you.
Love you, Dad.
[lock clicks.]
[water running.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
So happy you came.
Ah, I wouldn't miss it.
I wouldn't miss it.
Just so you know, my daughter's meeting me here.
Oh, I wanna meet her.
You know, pretty soon, you're gonna be able to buy this building.
You won't have to go.
Chandler told me the same thing.
I might just do that.
And Harry, any piece you see in here that you like, it is yours.
I might just take you up on that.
These are really beautiful paintings.
- [exhales.]
- Go on, do your thing.
Do your thing.
[indistinct chatter.]
[line out rings.]
[Maddie on voicemail.]
I'm not here.
Leave a message.
I'm here.
Are you coming? Call me back.
[indistinct chatter.]
Sorry, it's taken.
The [clears throat.]
red dot means it's spoken for.
I knew that.
She said I could have any one I wanted.
I should've gotten here earlier.
Is Maddie coming? I thought she'd be here.
Why, so you could drop a subpoena on her? [sighs.]
Harry, please.
I told you I would not drag her into it.
I told Maddie that too.
At most, she would have to appear for two minutes at trial to authenticate her bodycam footage.
And that's not dragging her into it? Her camera caught a pivotal moment in the aftermath of the shooting.
I don't care what it caught.
She loves the job and you're gonna turn her into a pariah.
Don't you get it? [indistinct chatter.]
[camera shutter clicking.]
[line out ringing.]
[Maddie on voicemail.]
I'm not here.
Leave a message.
Mads, call me.
Like you, I need to hear back.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[engine shuts off.]
[helicopter whirring.]
Maddie, you here? Fuck this.
Mads? Mads, you here? Mads? Mads? [suspenseful music playing.]
[theme music playing.]

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