Bosch: Legacy (2022) s02e02 Episode Script


Previously on Bosch: Legacy.
Harry, are you all right?
I let you sit in as a courtesy,
but you can't be involved in this.
- Don't cut me out of this.
- I'll do what I can.
I need you right now.
It's an emergency.
My daughter has been abducted.
What do you mean she's been taken?
The case she was involved with,
a serial rapist.
Cops are calling him
The Screen Cutter. I think he has her.
There had been
sightings of a man running
from the scene wearing a luchador mask.
Jerry, I have a witness
who saw a guy outside
Maddie's apartment building
the night before.
It's Honey Chandler.
She was visiting Maddie.
You need to set her up with a composite
artist as soon as possible.
- That's the guy.
- Are you sure?
Yeah, it's him. That's the man
I saw outside Maddie's apartment.
His name is Kurt Dockweiler.
He's a city inspector.
Picked his victims
from the neighborhoods he worked in.
Can I help you?
- I believe you can.
- Harry,
you're not gonna believe this.
- Dockweiler just turned himself in.
- What did he say?
- He claims he knows where she is.
- Jesus.
Tell me she's still alive.
Somebody help me!
I'm in here!
Oh, my, my ♪
Times are changing ♪
There's a fire of a new day
coming 'round ♪
It's a feeling like
a cool rain coming down ♪
It's a rhythm of a new song singing ♪
It's a rhythm of a new song singing ♪
Oh, my, my ♪
Times are changing ♪
Oh, my, my ♪
Times are changing ♪
All my life I've been waiting
for this moment ♪
Oh, my, my ♪
Oh, my, my ♪
Times are changing ♪
Oh, my, my ♪
Times are changing ♪
Then if that's all
you're gonna give me,
I'll see what I can do with it.
How did you get so lucky?
Representing that piece of shit.
Mr. Dockweiler is my client.
No need for name-calling.
Serial rapist, now a kidnapper. Spare me.
James Rafferty.
And you are?
Emmett Archer, district attorney
for the city and county of Los Angeles.
Oh. Sorry. I'm not from around here.
Advise your client to tell us
where Officer Bosch is.
It's his best chance
to avoid dying in prison.
Mr. Dockweiler
is willing to give you her whereabouts
That would be a smart move.
in exchange for full immunity
from prosecution.
You gotta be kidding me.
You got some balls.
Her freedom for my freedom
is how he put it.
Well, that's never gonna happen.
Every scumbag in LA would be looking
to snatch someone off the streets
to use as a "get out of jail" free card.
I'm just conveying my client's offer.
Charges for the four rapes,
twenty-five to life each.
Aggravated kidnapping, seven to life.
You stack them all together, he's looking
at over a century behind bars.
So here's our offer.
He gives us Officer Bosch unharmed
and we'll take life off the table.
Give him a chance at parole.
If you can agree not to charge him
with the rapes
- I can't do that. They'd crucify me.
- I can get him
to plea to the kidnapping
with a determinate sentence.
He just he doesn't wanna die in prison.
First things first. We need proof of life.
I'll talk to him.
I'll discuss with my staff.
Don't take long. He says
she doesn't have much time.
What the fuck does that mean?
If she dies, he loses his leverage.
Neither of us want that to happen.
So while they negotiate
with this psychotic fuck,
time is running out on my daughter's life.
I swear, Jerry,
if he's done anything to her
- Don't go there, man.
- I'm already there, partner.
I'm already fucking there.
You have no idea
what I'm feeling right now.
We'll get her back.
Harry, she's gonna be okay.
She's strong. She's smart.
And he needs her alive and well.
Tell me what I'm supposed to do.
You tell me what the fuck
am I supposed to do?
Get me in that room, Jerry.
He'll tell me where she is.
You know I can't do that.
Keep good thoughts. Stay positive.
I gotta get back.
Listen, Jerry, when I was at his place,
there was dirt and foxtail in his bathmat.
Make sure the lab test
there's a reason he's washing his boots.
You got it. I'll be in touch.
Whatever you're doing, drop it.
I need you.
Well, I think I can get him
to drop the rape charges
but they're gonna need proof of life.
I'll give the DA proof of life
after we have a deal.
- They need it now.
- Let me spell it out for you.
The cops got a partial print
off the mask and DNA.
It was just a matter of time,
which is why I struck first.
I dictate the terms.
If Archer thinks
the cops will find her
while he hems and haws
and drags his fucking feet,
he's making a mistake.
A fatal mistake.
Fatal for him.
Fatal for her.
What does that mean exactly?
It means, Jimbo, my friend,
I'm calling the shots.
So tell them again,
reiterate, time is of the fucking essence.
That him?
James Rafferty,
30 years and 20 pounds ago.
Well, not everyone
ages gracefully.
Some of us are just born lucky.
Ain't that the truth?
Dockweiler has come
a blank slate so far.
Not even a birth certificate.
Keep digging.
RHD's got his laptop,
so I checked the cloud and, bingo,
we backed it up. God bless the cloud.
Don't you need a password?
Brother, these days you don't need
a password to get past the Pearly Gates.
I used Caddy Linux to run
a dictionary attack
and, lo and behold, I cracked it.
Maps or location searches?
- No.
- GPS tag photos?
Looks like he wiped it pretty good.
- Fuck.
- But what I did find
in his search history,
searches for sedatives
including Rohypnol and Ketamine.
Must be how he overpowered her.
Specifically he was looking for a dosage
that would knock someone out
for four to six hours.
So he can take her by car. That could be
anywhere in a 300-mile radius.
- It's a start.
- No, it's not.
It's a tease. He's fucking with us.
He wanted us to find it.
Otherwise, he would have wiped
that search, too.
Holy Toledo.
Invading his cloud account
seems to have triggered a video link
that's going out to LAPD
and the local media.
It's labeled Madeline Bosch.
Open it. Do it.
The signal has gotta be coming
from somewhere. Find it.
Video feed's host is on the dark web.
It's untraceable.
- There has to be a way.
- Maybe NSA could do it,
but convincing them is gonna take time.
Which we don't have.
We are following
a breaking news out of Los Angeles.
Local news stations across the county
have received
a live video feed
of the missing LAPD officer,
Madeline Bosch.
The the feed
is most likely live
and not recorded footage.
It is reported that LAPD also received
the same new stations.
The message received creates alert.
Madeline Bosch.
Harry Bosch. Leave me a message.
Harry, thinking of you
and Maddie, obviously.
Please call me if there is anything
in the world I can do.
Where the hell did this video come from?
Dockweiler must have released it.
From a holding cell?
I don't know how but I can guess why.
He's ratcheting up the pressure
on the DA to make a deal.
We don't even know that this is live.
For all we know, she's dead.
This guy is playing us.
She's alive until we know otherwise.
You better hope so.
Harry Bosch. Leave me a message.
Harry, call me.
I got the lab results
from Dockweiler's bathroom.
Hollywood station.
This is RHD Detective Baston.
Who's this?
- Officer Onaki.
- Okay, Onaki,
listen, I need you to take Kurt Dockweiler
in the interview room.
I need to swab him again.
No problem. I'm gonna tell
the watch commander that
I already spoke to him.
If I have to wait a second,
it's going in my report. We clear?
Yes, sir.
You're wasting your time.
I said I'm not talking to you
until I speak to my lawyer.
Where is she?
Harry Bosch.
I walked you through my house.
How you made entry, clear the rooms
like you were still a detective.
But you had no idea
that I was right behind you.
- I figured you now, shitbrain.
- Ow!
I'm the only person
who knows where she is.
If you kill me, you'll never find her.
Help! Help!
This guy is fucking crazy!
You listen to me, motherfucker.
You have two eyes
and two chances to tell me the truth.
Now where is my daughter?
Fuck you.
- Fuck you! Fuck you!
- Harry!
Let him go.
- Harry.
- Don't!
Harry, you can't help us
find her from a jail cell.
Harry, you don't wanna do this.
But I do.
Harry, think about her.
I want my lawyer.
Give me my lawyer!
He attacked me!
Give me my lawyer now!
You gotta get out of here right now.
Something he said in there,
that fucker knows how cops clear rooms.
Find out if he has any affiliations
with law enforcement.
Will do. Come on.
I got your message. Lab reports.
High levels of sodium chloride, salt,
along with calcite and gypsum and borax.
The desert.
He took her to the desert.
You gotta go.
You hear that right?
Come on. He's getting away.
Harry Bosch just tried to kill me.
Harry was here?
He assaulted me.
He tried to poke out my eyes.
Never happened. He must be off his meds.
Roger. I'll lock him back up.
What are you doing in here anyway?
Who put you in here?
- A cop.
- Bosch?
No. Not Bosch.
- Bosch tried to kill me.
- All right. That's it. Come on.
You're going right back where you belong.
Come on.
- What'd you find on his lawyer?
- Not much.
No complaints with the Bar.
Retired a few years ago.
Got a family business.
This is Honey's world.
Send her what you got.
I'll call her from my car.
- Copy that.
- Meet me at my office.
Dr. Clarence Donovich
to help explain
why a live feed of a kidnap victim
has been made public.
Why aren't we out canvassing?
Running down known associates
of this creep?
RHD's got point. It's bullshit.
We can't just sit here.
What can we do? We're on the clock.
I'm not. Fuck this.
Can anybody hear me? I'm down here!
Please, anyone!
You're a fucking little bitch, huh?
I'm looking for Harry Bosch.
He's not here.
Can I help you with something?
Reina Vasquez.
Maddie's training officer.
Oh, Mo Bassi.
I work with Harry.
I talked to him earlier
about The Screen Cutter.
I wanna help.
We could use another set of eyes,
scouring social media
for possible witnesses.
- Any hits?
- Not so far.
She turned over.
Yeah. About 20 minutes ago.
Looks like she's crying.
She's not crying.
She's working.
You get the file from Mo?
On Dockweiler's lawyer? Yes.
He's not a criminal attorney.
He does child welfare cases.
At least, he did.
He hasn't practiced in a decade.
Why would Dockweiler choose a guy like
that to negotiate a complex criminal plea?
It makes no sense.
He's not even from LA. Kern County.
Maybe he's a friend of the family
working pro bono.
We need to figure out
what his connection to Dockweiler is.
Of course.
Crate and Barrel have a beat on him.
I'll text you their number.
I'll follow up.
- And Harry
- Yeah?
keep the faith.
She's a survivor.
Yeah, that's what everybody
keeps telling me.
What are you doing here?
Did something happen?
There's no news.
I just came to help.
She found something on the feed.
Maddie turned away from the camera.
Did it for about an hour.
Looked to me like she was doing something.
And that's when we saw it.
She scratched something
in the wood right beside her head.
What do you think she was trying to write?
It's her location.
EDW is the airport code
for Edwards Air Force Base
out towards Joshua Tree
and Twentynine Palms.
She must have heard something
or seen something. Maybe
a fighter jet.
Can you get the flight paths
of the training missions
out of Edwards yesterday?
Ooh. That stuff is classified.
Since when has that slowed you down?
- I may have a way around.
- Use it.
What about my other problem?
This should work.
Get that flight data.
No. No.
No, no, no, no.
James Rafferty?
- Yes.
- Honey Chandler.
I'm an attorney.
And I will hold you personally responsible
if anything happens to Madeline Bosch.
I want her home as much as you do.
I can see you're working hard
to make that happen.
How do you know Kurt Dockweiler?
He's a client.
From where? Kern County?
Is that where he has Maddie?
I don't know where he has her.
I wish I did.
I don't have any idea where she is.
And, and now you're asking me
to violate attorney-client privilege?
Ms. Chandler
- I've been more than civil with you.
- Okay. You're right. You're right.
You don't have to talk to me,
but don't act like we're on the same side
and you're doing everything you can
to bring Maddie Bosch home.
I'll give you two minutes.
I've been
Mr. Dockweiler's attorney for many years,
long before these allegations.
Since he was a minor.
They're hardly allegations.
He's confessed.
Ms. Chandler, I've heard you out.
I told you all I can.
Now I have to go.
I've hold Rafferty
as long as I could.
He's on his way up.
Mo, I've got Chandler here.
- I think I know where Maddie is.
- What did you find?
Sealed court records.
Dockweiler was adopted.
His birth name was Adam White.
His birth mother raised him
in a religious cult in the desert,
The Order of Tranquility.
There were allegations of sexual abuse
of minors and he went in the system.
And became Kurt Dockweiler,
rapist and kidnapper?
Yeah. Don't feel sorry for him.
Oh, trust me, I don't.
If I had my way,
they'd string him up by his fucking balls.
So where is she, Harry?
Well, the cult operated
in the Mojave Desert,
a place called Zzyzx, Z-Z-Y-Z-X.
There was a map in the file.
I'm forwarding it to you, Mo.
I got the flight path data
from Edwards after he took her.
It lines up, Harry. Straight over Zzyzx.
Three square miles of desert.
She could be anywhere.
A VPN feed will need a power source
and a place to send a signal.
Both will be nearby.
It's a five-hour drive,
if she even has five hours.
Leave that to me.
I owe you.
Hey, I'm going with you.
You said it yourself, there's three square
miles of desert out there.
You can't do it alone.
Somebody help me. I'm down here.
If you see anything
in a three-mile radius, radio me.
Divide and conquer.
You go down this way.
I'm gonna check
these structures down here.
So what are you, good cop?
I'm not here to work you.
I mean, what's the point?
It's only a matter of time
before the DA realizes
he's gotta give you what you want.
Most people who end up in here
aren't exactly criminal masterminds.
You know what I'm saying?
So what, are we friends now?
I hope they lock you up
and throw away the key.
But game respects game.
You've been two steps
ahead of us all along.
You really backed us into a corner.
- Harry!
- Yeah?
Come here. Come here.
Check this out.
Listen, I'm willing to go to prison,
just not as a sex offender.
For straight-up kidnapping,
you'd get eight years max.
That's how I see it.
Of course, if she dies,
all that leverage goes out the window.
If that's happens, it's on you.
I made sure she has enough air and water,
if you find her in time.
This must be where the signal
is coming from.
Can you get in?
It's locked.
Where is she?
I wanna give you a hint.
You know what an hourglass is?
You turn them over and start the clock
and the sand slowly trickles
down to the bottom half?
That's what they mean
by time is running out.
This might be the DA.
- Jerry?
- Harry, this guy is bedbug crazy.
- I think he's got Maddie underground.
- Why?
He said he made sure
she has enough air
and then he started talking
about sand in an hourglass.
I tracked her to Zzyzx.
Maybe he buried her here.
Hello. Can you hear me?
Yeah, we think we have her. Come back.
I'm here. Can you hear me?
I got you.
I got you. I got you. I got you.
I got you.
How is she?
She's dehydrated.
They got her on a drip and
she'll, she'll be fine.
Give her time.
You know, everybody counts
and nobody counts.
That's your thing.
Family counts a little more.
Thank you.
Found you a nice Airbnb.
Just for a few days.
For as long as you like. No pressure.
You hungry?
Right now I just want a shower,
crawl in a bed for a week.
Well, it's all set up for you.
Hi, buddy.
Someone's excited to see you.
It's good to have you home, Maddie.
Thanks, Sam.
This season on Bosch: Legacy.
David Foster, come with us.
You're under arrest
for the murder of Lexi Parks.
Why are you working this case?
Because every time I look at her face,
I see your face.
What's up with you? You good?
Sorry. Just distracted.
Does the job feel the same?
FBI is here.
That is quite a coincidence.
Both of you far off the beaten path,
in the same place at the same time.
We'd like to know
what you were doing there,
you and Bosch.
There's an opening in our unit.
I've been looking
for the right person to fill it.
Who is this?
Harry Bosch.
He's the investigator working your case.
You lied to your wife.
You lied to your attorney.
Lie to me and I will walk.
On your knees, now!
A crew is a big deal.
Are you sure you're ready?
What's your number?
You're the rock star hacker.
Figure it out.
We've got a problem.
The feds have taken over
the Wakefield case.
- Him.
- You're sure?
A hundred percent.
He said, "Boom," and blew up the place.
Allison Long.
Looks like they partnered up
about six years ago.
Do you anticipate
any charges being filed?
Someone is trying
to destroy my reputation.
You've got a federal target
on your back.
I'm worried my own father
is about to crash and burn.
You're a disgrace
to the badge you used to wear.
I love you, Maddie.
You're not gonna talk to them, are you?
We'll see.
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