Bosch: Legacy (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Inside Man

[narrator] Previously on Bosch: Legacy.
Free gas. Can't beat the profit margin.
Well, Rogers isn't hot to the Russians.
He's under serious pressure
to deliver more gas.
[Matthew] I think that's a blueprint
of a shipping container.
That seven-digit number?
A tracking number.
Boat's scheduled
to be picked up this afternoon.
Adios, asshole.
World's a better place.
No question.
We've discussed this man.
It solicited some powerful emotions.
Yeah, I guess I really thought
getting rid of him would fix things.
My daughter's been abducted.
- Oh, shit.
- When?
When's the last time you spoke with her?
[Honey] That's the man I saw
outside Maddie's apartment.
Dockweiler just turned himself in.
Now where is my daughter?
Fuck you. Fuck you!
I'm in here!
He took her to the desert.
Hey, I'm going with you!
Maddie! Maddie!
[suspenseful music playing]
I got you.
I got you.
I got you.
I got you.
[crickets chirping]
A protein bar is not food.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
See? Not so bad.
Hmm. My shift. I gotta go.
Just two ships that pass in the night.
What time do you have to be
at City Hall in the morning?
Uh, normal. 9:00-ish. Why?
You make the coffee,
I'll make the omelets.
Right here, 7:00 AM.
That's a date.
Be safe.
Sleeping in?
[soft tense music playing]
[singer] Oh, my, my,
Times are changing ♪
There's a fire of a new day
coming 'round ♪
It's a feeling like a cool rain
Coming down ♪
It's a rhythm of a new song singing ♪
It's a rhythm of a new song singing ♪
Oh, my, my, times are changing ♪
Oh, my, my, times are changing ♪
All my life,
I've been waiting for this moment ♪
Oh, my, my,
Oh, my, my, times are changing ♪♪
[theme music playing]
[singer] Oh, my, my,
Times are changing ♪♪
[birds chirping]
[inhales deeply]
[inhales deeply]
[Maximo] If I were you,
I'd think about replacing
the anchor's bracing system.
Shit. We're already way over budget.
I'd also recommend
using helical steel piers.
Like I said. What's on your punch list?
Odds and ends.
Uh, a touch of drywall,
weather stripping, socket covers.
You know what,
I think I'm gonna finish the job myself.
You sure?
You know,
the city's pretty strict these days.
You're better off
with a licensed professional
seeing it through final inspection.
Look, I know I can't fix
what's wrong with the world down here
but I sure as shit
can fix my own house, right?
I'll send you the final bill.
Good luck, Mr. Bosch.
What's going on?
Your father just fired me.
[machine whirring]
Did you just fire, Maximo?
I didn't really fire him.
There's no longer a need of his services.
But he's not done yet.
I'm gonna finish the job myself.
- You sure?
- It's just a punch list.
Yeah, well, it never gets done.
Which is why I'm doing it now.
Hey, do you ever listen
to that Miles Mosley album I loaned you?
Oh, I haven't gotten around to it.
Well, I better get it back to him.
Yeah, you can just go ahead and return it.
I can download it on my phone.
That is no way to listen to real music.
Well, I have a decent pair of earbuds.
At least download it to your computer?
And use the headphones
I got you for Christmas.
- Okay.
- Better for your ears, too.
So what do you wanna do for dinner?
Um, I might already have plans.
Um, I'll just let you know.
Call me when you know.
I will.
David Foster, come with us.
You're under arrest
for the murder of Lexi Parks.
David, what's going on?
I don't know, it's a mistake.
You have the right to remain silent.
- [man] Anything you say
- Call Honey Chandler.
[man]can and will be used against you
in the court of law.
[tense music playing]
The name David Foster
mean anything to you?
I had a client David Foster years ago
if we're talking about the same guy.
His wife called.
He's been arrested
and wants you to defend him.
What's the charge?
Murder. Matthew has her number.
I'll call her.
Wrong side of the bed?
I didn't sleep well.
You need to get your own place.
I'm looking. Everything's so expensive.
Come to Boyle Heights.
See [indistinct]
I'm not getting
in the middle of that mess.
Besides, the commute will kill me.
How's the field?
Love it.
Wear my own clothes,
put my hair down, less bad guys.
Jealous, I'm dying of boredom.
You'll be back on the street
before you know it.
I hope so.
- We on?
- Uh-huh.
- Great.
- Stay safe.
- You, too.
- Oh, it's really funny.
Seriously. Paper cuts are a bitch.
Shut up.
Get [indistinct]
Fuck off. I hate you.
- [Rico] Later.
- Later.
FBI's here asking for you.
- Me?
- [Matthew] What they said.
Send them in.
Counselor. I'm Agent Sylvia James.
Lucas Jones.
What can I do for you?
A few months ago,
the bodies of Carl Rogers and Gwen Keating
were found in a shipping container
when it offloaded in Ho Chi Minh City.
They'd been shot.
You might've seen
something about it on the news.
We traced the container's point of origin
back to a warehouse
at the port of Long Beach.
[Sylvia] And the data dump
off the nearest cell tower
gave us your cell phone number.
Which was used to text
an ex-LAPD detective
who was in another part of the port
at the same time.
That is quite a coincidence.
Both of you so far off the beaten path
in the same place at the same time.
The same day the container
was loaded onto a ship bound for Vietnam?
We'd like to know
what you were doing there.
You and Bosch.
I'm afraid I can't help you.
This is your chance
to put your story on the record.
I have nothing to share with you
either on or off the record.
You don't wanna talk to us,
you can talk to the grand jury.
You're on notice not to destroy any files,
documents, communications,
or any other records
relating to this case.
To do so would be
a violation of federal law.
You know the way out.
What did they want?
Oh, just fishing.
Is this about Carl Rogers?
The gift that keeps on giving.
[soft tense music playing]
You don't seem unduly concerned.
They got a partial text
which doesn't incriminate anyone.
Nobody talks to them or their grand jury.
Case dies from lack of oxygen.
Let me ask you something.
Did Rose or Ramirez get subpoenas, too?
Just me.
You think that's significant?
Maybe not.
I'll give Crate and Barrel a heads up.
Mo, too.
Yeah, we have to assume
they're watching and listening.
[Harry] Well, that's a given and you did
exactly what they wanted you to do.
Run straight to me.
Shit. Sorry.
Indicative of a guilty conscience.
Do you feel guilty about anything?
No, I do not. Not for a second.
Good. Neither do I.
You want me to hack into a law firm's
protected files and communications?
Emails, texts, cell phone records.
Same firm that paid me way better
than anybody else including you.
Does kablooie ring a bell?
Because your ass
is on the line, too, brother.
Yeah, I'm acutely aware of that.
Look, I need to know who Rose and Ramirez
are communicating with.
If one of them was cooperating,
we need to know
what kind of leverage the Feds have.
What a colossal waste of time.
I'm only here because
my insurance company says I must.
Were your car doors locked?
I was gone for less than five minutes.
I just ran in to make a quick return.
So, no. Where was the item?
In a bag on the front seat.
They take the bag, too?
[woman] They did.
Describe the stolen item.
Cartier art deco bracelet.
Platinum and diamonds.
Thirty-five thousand dollars.
It was a gift.
So no.
What about the bag?
Oh, Kate Spade, 500 bucks.
On sale.
We'll do what we can
to find your bracelet.
Get it back to you.
I am sure you will.
You're welcome. What a piece of work.
I know, right?
Can I run this back
to the pawnshop detail?
I'll do it on my own time.
Knock yourself out.
Sorry. Too recent.
That's not gonna show up in any
pawnshop chits for at least a month.
Tell me something.
What would you do
if you had to solve this crime?
Your old man.
He had a sign above his desk that said,
"Get off your ass and knock on doors."
Yeah, he still does.
True as it ever was.
Never crossed my mind.
You've never thought
that blowing up an oil pipeline
was anything less
than a big fat fucking felony?
Sure, but domestic terrorism?
Isn't that a bridge too far?
Look, all I'm saying, you get a subpoena,
you lawyer up before you go, yeah?
I don't think we'll need one.
How's that, Barrel?
In a pickle, take the nickel.
Taking the Fifth
doesn't look great on our resume, but
But we're retired. We don't have resumes.
Gone, but not forgotten.
Forgotten, but not gone.
Jesus Christ.
You guys need to come up
with new material.
We're comfortable with what we've got.
Sanguine, even.
[horns honking]
[woman] Came in, made a return.
No receipt, natch.
Went back out to her car
and then scream bloody murder
when she saw that her bag was missing.
Right. I'm gonna need to take a look
at your security cam footage
just from the front of the store, please.
Not a problem.
[soft dramatic music playing]
So they have evidence.
What kind of evidence?
What could they possibly have?
We'll find that out at the arraignment.
I didn't even know this lady.
Lexi Parks, assistant city manager,
West Hollywood.
Her husband, an LASD deputy sheriff,
came home
after working the graveyard shift
and found her bludgeoned to death.
Jesus Christ.
You sure it wasn't him?
Nearest and dearest.
No, his, his alibi is bulletproof.
David, do you have an alibi
for that night?
Who remembers
what they were doing four months ago?
I mean, what day of the week
are we talking about?
[Honey] Friday.
Friday. I was with Louise.
I must it must have been.
Oh, that's our date night.
You remember where?
I home.
Okay. I'll need to talk to her.
- She'll vouch for me.
- Oh, I'm sure she will.
Anyone else?
"Memphis Soul Stew," King Curtis.
My man, the late great,
cut down in his prime.
I prefer the live version
of Fillmore West, but that's just me.
I don't disagree. You could have called.
It was safer to drop by.
- You clean?
- [Mo] Just finished a suite.
So Rose & Associates.
I found an unsigned email
sent from a Rose & Associates computer
- that I couldn't hack.
- What's your best guess?
[Mo] John Law.
Maybe. Encrypted up the wazoo.
- [Harry] Dead end?
- Not quite.
They had an attachment I could hack.
Some kind of blueprint.
It's the schematic
for the shipping container
where the bodies were found.
Oh, tin can coffin.
Who sent it?
Not like we have a plethora of suspects.
If it's an inside job,
my money is on Ramirez.
Old man Rose
can barely operate the fridge.
We follow them both.
[knocks on door]
[Maddie] Afternoon, sir. LAPD.
That your Tesla?
Is there a problem, Officer?
I paid that ticket online.
I'd like to take a look at the footage
from your car's cameras.
Hmm. Of course.
What's this about?
Trying to catch a thief.
Your Honor,
we'd like to continue the arraignment
until after we have a chance
to look over discovery.
Any objections, Mr. Landreth?
No, Your Honor.
Mr. Foster, do you waive
your right to arraignment
and plea until a later date?
Yes, I do, Your Honor.
You'll schedule a hearing
for 30 days from today.
Bail set at no bail.
Does either party wish to be heard?
No, Your Honor. Not at this time.
No, Your Honor.
We'll see you all at the next date.
Have you talked to Louise yet?
It's next on my list.
Hold fast, David. Stay strong.
- I don't know if I can.
- You can.
I'm here for you.
[bailiff] Come on, let's go.
So what's your timeline on discovery?
End of the day.
Oh. Thank you, Brett.
Just a heads up.
Oh, I hate it
when prosecutors say heads up.
Usually means
they're about to chop off yours.
DNA analysis
connects your client to the victim.
I don't see how that's possible.
Found on and in the body.
Does he have an alibi?
He was with his wife.
That's not great.
At least it's not his mother.
- You heading out?
- I am.
- Have a good evening, Marty.
- [Marty] You as well.
[soft music playing]
Mo, you see him?
Got him.
[car engine revving]
[soft tense music playing]
I have to say, I'm loving the hair.
I wanted a new look.
Let me ask you something.
When did you know it was time to go back?
I didn't.
I just did it.
Does the job feel the same?
Well, I'm only on the front desk.
But a woman came in,
left her car unlocked
with a $35,000 bracelet
sitting in the front seat.
Uh, I just wanted to run with it.
So, got back out there
and it felt so good to to feel
Something different for a change.
I'll drink to that.
[dramatic music playing]
[car door opens, closes]
Rose is home.
How long you want me to hang around?
[Harry] I guess that's it for the night,
come meet me here, 24 Blanca.
I know that place.
Salvadorian, killer for [indistinct]
Ramirez just walked in.
Any chance you got a camera
with you with a long lens?
[Mo] Matter of fact, I do.
Couple came in after Ramirez.
Loose fitting tropical shirts
like the ones you wear.
Good taste in haberdashery.
They're FBI and they're strapped.
[Mo] Hence the shirts.
Go ahead and take off.
I got him when he comes out.
I'll text the pics.
[mellow music playing]
[phone vibrates, chimes]
- [line ringing]
- [Maddie] I'm not here.
Leave a message.
Hey, Mads.
I'm just calling to see where you are.
Can you call back when you have a chance?
Just checking in.
No big deal.
[phone vibrates, chimes]
[mellow music playing]
There's no way
Matthew is talking to the Feds.
Well, I know for a fact he is.
Fuck me.
I feel so betrayed.
Should I fire him?
What does Ramirez know?
- How much can he hurt us?
- [Honey] A lot.
He identified the schematic
and located the tracking number
for the shipping schedule.
Maybe, we keep him in place.
We might be able to use him.
I could feed him misinformation,
walk the FBI into an entrapment case
that'll stop this in its tracks.
Worth a try.
[Honey] You need to be working for me
to preserve attorney-client privilege.
Is that the same dollar as last time?
I saved it for good luck.
And to explain our frequent meetings
and communications,
I'll have to put you on a case.
What is the case?
Lexi Parks.
I have the files in my car.
If it makes you feel any better,
I happen to believe our client,
David Foster, is innocent.
Of course, you do.
Good work, Bosch.
Thanks, John.
Give this to the detective
covering the case.
[foreboding music playing]
[birds chirping]
You're thinking of buying?
[woman] It's quite a story.
Yeah, how's that?
Wife was murdered in the house,
if you can believe it,
by an intruder
while her husband was at work.
That's terrible.
Soon as the crime scene tape came down,
the for-sale sign went up.
You know what happened?
I didn't hear a thing.
Her husband found the body.
You can't blame him for wanting to sell.
No, you can't.
I couldn't live there.
So you didn't hear anything?
- Alarm went off?
- It wasn't set.
You'd think him being
in law enforcement and all but
Well, people get careless, right?
How about the dog, did it bark?
They didn't have a dog.
- No dog?
- Never did. Just the sign.
Maybe the bad guy knew there wasn't a dog.
Tesla built-in video cam.
- Who knew?
- Yeah, I know, right?
Got the plate, got the registration.
Got the thief.
Good police work, Boot.
Way beyond what you're
supposed to be doing.
As usual.
I just don't want it
to get lost in the shuffle.
I will personally pass it off
to the detective in-charge.
You're the best.
You're not so bad yourself.
I was raised right.
[Jen] Damn straight.
So the writer says,
"My agents came to my house?"
Want some company?
I was just leaving.
Care to join me?
Buy me a drink first.
Make yourself comfortable.
I'm just gonna freshen up.
[engine revving]
What is it?
Nothing to worry
your pretty little head about.
I'll be right back.
[door closes]
[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
He was home that night with me.
Did anyone else see him here?
Did he talk to anyone on the phone?
I don't remember.
I need to corroborate your story.
I thought you were
supposed to be on our side.
I am, a hundred percent.
And I I want his defense
to be rock solid.
But you're his wife.
And a jury is not gonna
just take your word for it.
So, I need to know the truth.
Where was he that night?
I don't know.
Do you have any idea?
I do and I don't.
I can't believe she gave me up.
She cares about you, David.
She's not stupid.
She knows you're using again.
So, you wanna tell me
where you were and with whom?
A friend.
Friend have a name?
James Allen.
[Honey] He's your alibi.
Why didn't you tell me
that from the start?
I'm sorry.
Apology not accepted.
I was hoping to keep it a secret.
I thought you were clean.
I was until about six months ago.
I I ran into this old friend.
We did some lines
and one thing led to another
and I thought I could keep it
under control.
This old friend, same guy?
James Allen.
I'll need his number. What does he do?
He's my dealer.
I got a call from the detectives
that you found my bracelet?
- Made an arrest, too.
- What about the bag?
The Kate Spade, I don't think so.
That's it.
So, when do I get it back?
After the criminal case is closed.
Oh, my God. I can't wait for that.
That could be months.
It's evidence. Sorry.
I'm not pressing charges.
Well, that's not up to you or me.
Who's it up to?
The detective in charge
and the DA's office.
This person is a thief.
She committed a felony.
I don't give a shit about that.
Tell the detective
to drop the fucking charges.
I'll come back tomorrow to pick it up.
Matthew, I hired Harry Bosch
to work on the Foster defense.
So, make sure he's copied
on everything as discovery comes in.
- Will do.
- Okay.
Oh, by the way, before I forget.
I want you to bring me every document
pertaining to the civil suit
we filed against Carl Rogers
on [indistinct] behalf.
Every hardcopy, every email.
Is that a problem?
No, not at all.
Harry Bosch.
I'm not answering any of your questions,
so you can put your subpoena on the table
and you can both shag ass
away from my crib.
You know the drill.
You're either a cooperating witness
or a target.
Thanks for the offer. I'll pass.
I know about the pipeline, Bosch.
You and your gang of misfits
and has-beens blew it up
so Rogers couldn't pay the Russians
what he owed them.
Misfits and has-beens, really?
It hurts.
[dramatic music playing]
[siren wailing in distance]
[tranquil music playing]
- [man] I love it, too.
- [woman] Yeah.
I haven't seen you here before.
Does that sound like a line?
Hmm. You have to ask.
It's my first time.
So, what do you think?
Hmm, too soon to tell.
You see, meditation rewires your brain,
relaxes the amygdala.
The amygdala, huh?
You can look it up.
Huh. I don't know
if I want my brain rewired.
I'd settle for a little less
stress in my day.
You've come to the right place.
We'll see.
[knocks on door]
Get that, will you?
Ordered us a little something
from DoorDash.
Who the fuck are you?
Ash? Ash?
Ash ain't coming over.
We got you on video.
As soon as we clean up the picture
and enhance the sound,
Carey will be able to stream
that bad boy direct to your widescreen.
That's your wife's name, right, Carey?
Or is that the daughter, Kelly, Carey?
Ellie? I get it mixed up.
Please. I made a mistake.
[man] Save it.
What do you want?
What the fuck do you think we want?
How much?
[Harry] So, I've been through
the discovery materials
and I can't find any evidence
that David Foster
and Lexi Parks ever crossed paths.
Not in this lifetime.
[Honey] And that bothers you?
Yeah. That bothers me a lot.
Next step?
[Harry] Meet your client face to face.
I can arrange that.
Follow up with the wife.
Yeah. She changed the story.
It turns out she wasn't
with him after all.
- So, no alibi witness?
- [Honey] One.
I have a number.
I just haven't been able to reach him yet.
Who's the friend?
His name is James Allen.
He's David's dealer.
They were together
that night getting high.
[Harry] No wonder he lied.
Well, he didn't want his wife to know.
He thought he could keep it a secret.
This is why I hate defense work,
the clientele.
[line beeping]
[Lucas] He showed us the door
right from the get-go.
Yeah. I'm not surprised.
We need a warrant
for a wire on Chandler's phones.
Bosch, too.
Bosch we can do.
But a wiretap on an attorney,
particularly this attorney,
it won't get past the federal judge.
It's not happening.
Let's see what Chandler says
in front of the grand jury.
- She'll just take the Fifth.
- Bosch, too.
Well, put them on the record.
In the meantime
[pensive music playing]
[metal creaks]
Hey, how was your day?
It was okay.
What are you looking at?
Crime scene photos.
The case you're working on with Chandler?
- Lexi Parks.
- I thought you swore off.
Working with Chandler, I did.
Show me.
Mads, you don't wanna look at these.
They're brutal.
I'd like to see them.
I'm a cop, not a delicate flower.
I wanna see what you're working on.
Why did he cover her face with a pillow?
I don't know.
Maybe so he wouldn't have to look at
what he'd done, you know.
You're right.
They're disturbing.
You think he knew her?
I don't know yet.
It's high in my list.
What was the point of contact
between the killer and the victim?
What was the crossing?
Where did they cross paths?
[Harry] Exactly.
If I can answer that, I'm halfway there.
Was she raped?
Yes, she was.
I was lucky.
Don't minimize your ordeal.
[Maddie] I don't.
Believe me, what happened to me was awful.
It could have been so much worse.
I think about that sometimes.
Dockweiler's sentencing is company up.
Yeah, I know.
Have you given any more thought
to your victim impact statement?
[Maddie] Kinda.
A little.
Not really.
It might be helpful to you.
I don't really see how.
Articulate your feelings.
Or-or worse, it it could make me
feel worse dwelling on it.
If you like, I can help you with it.
I'll let you know.
I'm I'm tired.
I'm just gonna head to bed.
Look, Mads.
No pressure.
You know, you didn't really
answer my question.
Why are you working this case?
Client is innocent,
which means the real killer
is still out there.
And because every time
I look at her face, I see your face.
What happened to Lexi Parks
could have happened to you, too.
[door opens]
[lock clicks]
[dramatic music playing]
Next time on Bosch: Legacy.
I mean, what's the rush?
It's only been a few months.
I I need my own place.
There's an opening in our unit.
I've been looking for
the right person to fill it.
Bosch and Chandler
at the port at the same time.
Bosch and his associates, the pipeline.
- Still need to prove it.
- Your client is a liar.
A liar, an adulterer, an addict,
not a murderer.
I can't wait to meet him.
What else is keeping you up late?
[cell phone ringing]
Honey? What's wrong?
Marty, I'm sorry to bother you at home,
but I have a situation.
[theme music playing]
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