Bosch: Legacy (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

Musso & Frank

Previously on Bosch: Legacy.
Client of mine,
Raul Arraya, one of these days,
his boys are bound to pay you a visit.
A few months ago,
the bodies of Carl Rogers and Gwen Keating
were found in a shipping container.
We'd like to know
what you were doing there.
You and Bosch.
Harry Bosch.
So you can put
your subpoena on the table
and you can go shag ass away from my crib.
There's no way
Matthew is talking to the Feds.
I know for a fact he is.
Should I fire him?
We might be able to use him.
What do you want?
What the fuck do you think we want?
David Foster, you're under arrest
for the murder of Lexi Parks.
- David.
- Call Honey Chandler.
So you wanna tell me
where you were and with whom?
James Allen. He's my dealer.
What is it?
Nothing to worry
your pretty little head about.
- How's crew?
- Love it.
Just dying of boredom.
It's all yours.
Don't worry about those scratches.
We'll take care of it.
Where shall I send your security deposit?
Just let me know when it's ready.
I'll stop by the office, pick it up.
Sorry for your trouble here.
- What's your hurry?
- Get a grip, Dad.
It's not like I'm moving cross country.
I still think you're making a mistake.
Yeah. I know you do.
But it's mine to make.
It's just
I mean, what's the rush?
It's only been a few months.
It's high time.
I I need my own place, Dad.
This is your perch. I'm underfoot.
No, it's not. It's your home.
You be a good boy?
Take care of your old man?
I'm worried about you.
I'm worried about you.
I love you, Mads.
I love you.
Get the fuck out of here.
Yeah, I know. It's just you and me, boy.
Oh, my, my ♪
Times are changing ♪
There's a fire of a new day
coming 'round ♪
It's a feeling like a cool rain
coming down ♪
It's a rhythm of a new song singing ♪
It's a rhythm of a new song singing ♪
Oh, my, my ♪
Times are changing ♪
Oh, my, my ♪
Times are changing ♪
All my life,
I've been waiting for this moment ♪
Oh, my, my, oh, my, my ♪
Times are changing ♪♪
Oh, my, my, oh, my, my ♪
Times are changing ♪♪
The City of West Hollywood
prioritizes public safety,
first and foremost,
without sacrificing tolerance,
diversity, quality of life,
or neighborhood sustainability.
Out of an abundance of caution,
the city council has decided to cancel
the 2021 Halloween Carnival.
Protecting public safety
and health is paramount.
We hope to bring this vibrant
and creative event back next year.
What was Lexi like to work with?
People underestimated her
because she was pretty, petite.
But she got shit done.
Did she have any enemies?
Just the usual disgruntled constituents.
Nothing she worried about.
Nothing worth killing her over.
I've hit a wall with my alibi witness,
James Allen.
- Number didn't pan out?
- I've called and called.
No answer. Voicemail's full.
He's a dealer. Probably has priors.
Along those lines,
I asked Mo to do some digging.
He found a booking number
from an older rep.
Text it to me.
I can use it to get a last known.
Coming your way. Thanks, Harry.
How about that face to face
with your client?
Working on it.
Bosch, got a minute?
Do I need a rep?
Might if you don't come with me right now.
Let's go.
What's this about?
Sarge wants to talk to you.
About what?
Didn't say.
Am I in trouble?
About to find out.
- Officer Bosch.
- Sergeant.
Good work on that bracelet.
The burglary detectives
were most impressed.
Thank you.
Vasquez has been
singing your praises, too.
I may have laid it on a little thick.
There's an opening in our unit,
and I've been looking
for the right person to fill it.
- Seriously?
- Interested?
Will will Vasquez and I be partners?
Well, she did draw
the short straw.
Somebody has to protect the public
from Mad Dog Police.
Can I think about it?
I thought you said
she was chomping at the bit.
- Thought so, too.
- No. I I am. I am.
Chomp-chomp, when do I start?
Welcome to the team.
He was 19, scared to death.
I knew his parents
and took the case pro bono and
got the charges reduced
to misdemeanor possession,
got David into a program.
He turned his life around, I thought.
And now all this
and, uh, it's a freaking nightmare.
What else is keeping you up nights?
The other night at meditation.
How's it going, the meditation?
It's helping, I think.
Go on.
I caught this guy watching me
and he came up after and made small talk,
introduced himself.
Was he hitting on you?
I don't know.
A little maybe.
How'd it make you feel?
Annoyed, angry.
Say more.
I like that place.
I mean, I wanna go back.
I shouldn't have to deal with
Attention, flirtation, you know,
the dance, whatever.
Maybe just wants conversation.
Why would you say that?
Don't predetermine the outcome.
No, thank you. Not interested.
In him or in general?
Either, both.
Then we should talk about that.
No, you fucking talk about it.
Sorry to bother you.
I'm looking for James Allen.
- Who are you?
- My name is Harry Bosch.
I'm a private investigator. You're Miss
Allen, his sister.
Well, I just wanna ask him
a few questions. Is he around?
James is dead.
Oh, no. I'm so sorry.
When did this happen?
Couple of days ago, I guess.
Two detectives came by
the house last night.
They they said his body was found
in an alley in Hollywood.
They didn't know exactly how long
he'd been there.
Did they know what happened?
They think probably an overdose.
Not such a surprise, the life he lived.
These two detectives,
did they leave you a card?
I have it inside. One minute.
Thank you.
Chandler, Bosch. Call me.
Mr. Arraya is currently
incarcerated here at Terminal Island.
D block, same as you.
What a coincidence.
One of these days,
his boys are bound to pay you a visit.
- Why would they do that?
- Raul owes me a favor.
Shortly after Willie Datz was murdered,
you did meet with Honey Chandler.
You taped that conversation, too?
Of course not.
Attorney-client, it was privileged.
And you always follow the rules.
Did she call in that favor?
Yeah. She saved your life.
It's a pretty heavy debt.
I'm gonna tell you all one thing.
It was a bluff.
She bluffed Datz.
He fingered the Russians,
got himself killed.
So you did not stick your boys on him?
Didn't have to.
Some Russian stooge shanked him in
the shower.
The day room?
- Not one of yours.
- Asked and answered.
When Chandler did come
to see you, what did you talk about?
- You mostly.
- Me?
You Feds.
How you were all up in her business
looking at her for debts.
Suborning murder, or conspiracy,
or some shit.
She even wanted to know
if I had anything to do with Datz.
Like I went off the reservation
and took it upon myself to, you know
Repay the debt.
Did you?
What part of no snitching
don't you motherfuckers understand?
Boom, we're in.
- That's it?
- We're up on his phone.
- And he won't know?
- You'd have to be me to figure it out.
Shit's undetectable.
And this gives us total access?
Emails, texts, calls, everything.
- You're a genius.
- Man, Sonny Rollins is a genius.
I'm just a humble hacker
striving for excellence.
- I appreciate you coming, mate.
- Yeah.
Well, I appreciate you picking up
the check.
I'll bet you do.
I I just wanna check
and see how Maddie's doing.
Oh, she's doing aces.
I mean, this whole stolen bracelet caper,
all accounts dog with a bone.
Tenacious. Like her old man.
Bracelet caper?
- Oh, she didn't tell you?
- Well, we've both been busy.
Right. Well, she impressed
the right people.
For a P1 to snag a spot in CRU,
oh, that's a big deal.
I mean, you gotta be proud.
As can be.
- How'd you do?
- Five miles.
- Hmm.
- Barely broke a sweat.
What are you up to?
I'm working on my victim impact statement.
How's it going?
Nowhere fast.
Mind if I take a look?
"Four months ago,
my life changed forever."
That's a start.
Why am I even doing this?
What does it matter?
It's supposed to be good for you.
Like lancing a boil.
That's what my dad says.
You don't think so?
I mean, I survived.
He's going to prison.
That's all that matters.
You don't have to do this.
Your choice.
I just wanna turn the page.
You know what you need?
What are you doing?
What's it look like?
You making pancakes?
- Cheer you up.
- Well, screw that.
You don't want pancakes?
No. It's a great idea.
We should just go there.
So this case you're working,
a Lexi Parks murder.
That woman in West Hollywood.
We're representing the accused,
David Foster.
What's your client got to do with our vic?
Your vic, James Allen, is my guy's alibi.
According to Foster, they were together
the night Lexi Parks was murdered.
Allen's sister seems to be
under the impression that her brother
died from a drug overdose.
We may have given her that impression.
That was before the autopsy.
Ligature strangulation with a wire.
Might be connected
to an earlier murder we're also working.
Another male prostitute dumped
in an alley.
Same MO, could be a serial.
I think you buried the lede.
So, James Allen was a prostitute?
Sex worker, male escort,
number of priors for solicitation.
Did you find his phone?
No, unfortunately.
Well, that's his client list, right?
- His calendar?
- We know.
Okay, young-blood.
You let me know if you find it.
Condescending know-it-all.
The same old Bosch.
No more riding the front desk.
How does it feel?
Hmm, like I won the lottery.
What about you, though?
I bet you can't wait to get back to work.
You are coming back, yes?
I don't know. It depends on the day.
How much my neck and back
hurts when I get out of bed.
My mom has it her way or I'd never set
foot in a police station again.
Yeah. My dad had his druthers,
I'd be running the desk until I retired.
He knows about your new assignment?
He might freak.
But get over it.
All right. To Maddie,
better bring your A-game, Boo.
Don't call me Boo.
- Fair enough.
- To Maddie.
Hear, hear.
So much for David's alibi.
Not to mention the DNA.
Yeah. We're gonna need to cast doubt
on that.
What? It it's a frame?
Somebody planted it?
That's possible.
I mean, you said so yourself.
Their paths have never crossed.
Well, as far as we know.
What we do know for a fact
is David Foster, our client, is a liar.
A man with a secret life
who wanted it kept secret?
Sounds like the first
line in your opening.
A liar, an adulterer,
an addict, not a murderer.
Can't wait to meet him.
Well, tomorrow, attorney-client
visit with an investigator in tow.
What about our other problem?
Mo has been up on Matthew's phone.
Radio silence.
Should we be worried?
Lawyer's in the dining room
having drinks with some guy.
- Who?
- Seems like a cop to me.
- Hey.
- Carries himself like a cop.
Get out of here!
Believe these zombie fucks
make me puke.
Hey. Could you spare a buck
so I could get something to eat?
Get outta here.
- Get the fuck outta here.
- Okay. Okay.
God God bless you. Have a good evening.
Look at this fuckin' guy.
Oh, hey, stay stay in the car.
Hey, pal?
Hey. Come here.
- I got something for you.
- Oh, God bless.
You're gonna pop an aneurysm.
You know that, right?
The world's gone to shit.
There you go, sir.
All right. That'll be $10.
There you go. All right.
That's him, the guy she was with.
Yeah. Let me go take a closer look.
Blue Jeep Cherokee.
Classic shit box.
It's a collector's item.
You stay on him and you take
the shit box. I'll stay on the lawyer.
We have the schematic
of the container the bodies were found in.
We could tie it to Rose & Associates.
We have Bosch and Chandler
at the port at the same time.
Bosch and his associates at the pipeline.
Still need to prove it.
It's enough for a search warrant.
Not quite, but we're getting there.
Chandler. She fucking fed Rogers
to the Russians.
Hey, how you doin'? Scotch rocks?
Uh, Scotch. Neat.
- Where you at?
- Not far.
Hollywood Hills, just above Sunset Plaza.
Oh, and the guy's strapped.
So am I.
What'd you got?
His name is Hieronymus Bosch.
What kind of name is that? Is that Dutch?
- Where are you now?
- On my way back.
Still got eyes on him?
Yeah. She just called for the check.
I'm waiting outside.
- Go, go, go, go.
- Where is she?
Black Mercedes.
Yeah, I see her. I see her.
I see her.
911, what's your emergency?
Yes, ma'am.
Uh, there's a woman driving drunk,
swerving all over the road,
and, uh, I'm just I'm I'm afraid
she's gonna kill somebody.
What's your location, sir?
Uh, South on Gower,
approaching Melrose.
Repeat. Heading southbound?
And now west on Melrose.
Can you describe the vehicle?
It's a black Mercedes oh, shit!
She almost hit a car.
Uh, she's out of control.
She, uh, she's just turning left on,
on Larchmont.
One moment, sir.
Calling units 67, 67.
Citizen is following possible
DUI driver southbound on Larchmont.
Vehicle described as a black Mercedes.
Honey? What's wrong?
Martin, I'm sorry to bother you
at home, but I have a situation.
We're code six on Larchmont.
Black Mercedes-Benz, license number 3,
young, Adam, Mary, 543.
What is this about?
Ma'am, I need you
to step over to the side.
Wanna tell me why you pulled me over?
Step off to the side, please.
Let me see your driver's license
and registration.
They're in the car.
Doors are locked.
Do you have the keys?
I'm not answering any further questions
until you tell me what's going on.
A citizen reported you
weaving all over the road,
and you appear to be under the influence.
I wasn't weaving.
That's ridiculous.
Where are you coming from?
Musso & Frank's. Did you see me weave?
How much you had to drink?
Couple of glasses of wine,
not enough to affect my driving.
That's for us to decide.
You willing to undergo
a field sobriety test?
Blow into a balloon?
If that's what you wanna call it.
Well, I'm not drunk, I am not impaired.
So are you refusing
a field sobriety test?
Absolutely. I absolutely am.
Well then,
you understand we're obligated
to take you into custody?
For an unwarranted stop?
Ma'am, please put your hands
behind your back.
You've gotta be kidding
fucking kidding me.
We're taking your purse.
Stupid motherfuckers.
- What was that?
- Nothing.
You made this easy on yourself.
Well, you could tell me
why you're harassing me.
Driver your hands.
Yes, please.
Patrol is gonna take her
down to the station.
I told them to standby for a tow,
meet them there.
Works for me.
we have alpha, Mary.
Got it.
What gives, Councilor?
Well, that's what I'd like to know.
- I've been here all night.
- DUI?
Were you under the influence?
I refused to take the test.
Why didn't you take the test?
I was not under the influence.
You remind me of my ex.
Often mistaken, never wrong.
It was harassment.
Did they take blood?
Over my objections.
All right. Um
let me see what I can find out, okay?
Can I get you anything in the meantime?
A chocolate croissant, a diet Coke.
And a barf bag for my friend here.
Oh, yeah.
All right. I will see what I can do.
Um, you know what? Come with me.
Let's get out of here.
Let's, uh, let's walk this way.
And you can just have a seat
while we sort this out.
- Thank you.
- All right.
You promise not to make a break
for it till I get back?
- I promise.
- All right.
- You're on the honor system.
- Got it.
Mr. Bosch.
Martin Rose of Rose & Associates.
Nice to meet you.
Heard a lot about you.
You, too.
Shall we?
- Lead the way.
- Okay.
- Who is this?
- This is Harry Bosch.
He's the investigator working your case.
- Where's Ms. Chandler?
- She's tied up in court.
Something I wanna show you.
Know who this is?
- Lexi Parks.
- That's right.
And then raped postmortem.
Your friend
James Allen.
Drugs, burglary, solicitation.
Did did he back my alibi?
He can't help you anymore.
James Allen is dead.
- What?
- Strangled.
His body was dumped
in an alley in Hollywood.
You lied to your wife,
you lied to your attorney.
Lie to me, and I will walk.
I told you everything.
Fuck this.
Waste of time. Mr. Rose, let's go.
He wasn't just my dealer.
We were involved.
How long?
Six months.
You should have told us that, David.
Right from the start.
And what? Blow up the little,
little life that I have left?
I can't lose my family.
Probably goes without saying,
anybody finds out we're a thing
Oh, I don't plan on telling anyone.
Me either, but we are living together.
Until I find my own place.
What about Vasquez? Does she know?
Well, she's not blind.
Of course, she knows.
She cool?
As long as the personal doesn't
interfere with the professional.
See you around the barn.
Don't you dare even look at me.
They were in plain clothes.
- Did you get their names?
- No.
I'll try to find out who brought you in
and booked you, talk to them.
How much did you have to drink?
One more glass after you left.
I had to go with Foster.
He was with Allen that night.
Doing more than drugs.
One night stand?
Last six months.
And where were they that night?
Motel in Santa Monica.
Allen worked out of Baruch.
Great. Lied to me. Again.
Everybody counts. Even David Foster.
So now you believe him?
Getting there.
Here you go.
How did you get this key?
Vehicle was OOA.
- Open on arrival.
- No, no. The car was locked.
If you'd like to make a complaint,
I can get you the paperwork.
Just show me where my car is.
Space 20.
Everything in order?
Well, I thought I had
the Foster file in front,
and now it's second to the last.
You did have too much to drink.
Fuck you.
And I know I locked the car
with my spare key.
Maybe the tow guy opened it.
Look, we need to stay focused on Foster.
What do we do next?
The lab finally finished
enhancing the footage.
Check this out.
It's a video from the neighborhood.
Took long enough.
Simon Wakefield's house,
day of the murder.
Here's Chandler.
Okay. Coroner estimated time
of death around early afternoon.
And timestamp
puts Chandler's arrival on 4:30.
Wakefield would have been floating
face-down in his pool.
She didn't report it.
Or maybe she was unaware
that he was living the life aquatic.
Her her prints were on the pool's camera.
She retrieved Wakefield's phone
from the pool.
The phone was never found.
That would explain it.
Then had Ramirez download the schematic.
What's this?
Wakefield's house, same day,
hour or so early
before Chandler's arrival.
Who does that look like to you?
Lev Ivanovich.
That's Rogers, Keating, Wakefield.
The Russians are out of reach.
Chandler's not.
Next time on Bosch: Legacy.
All those years on the job
and now lapdog to a lady lawyer.
Dinosaur for the dark side.
High-end watch case,
tan line on her left wrist.
- You involved?
- That is, um
that's a long story.
- Am I done?
- You're not done.
I accepted an assignment to CRU.
Are you sure you're ready?
Bosch and I will be on foot,
acting like tourists,
oblivious to all the bad actors
looking to fleece us
while soak in the sights.
We don't believe
you blew up your own pipeline.
You can help yourself by helping us.
- So what's the emergency?
- We've got a problem.
The feds have taken over
the Wakefield case.
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