Boy Swallows Universe (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Boy Gets Chop

[birds chirp]
[van engine rumbles]
[gentle music plays]
[Eli] Check out that cubby house.
It's, like, bigger
than our whole actual bedroom.
Don't exaggerate, Eli.
[gentle music continues]
What's she got six dogs for?
Mate, I reckon she gets paid
to walk 'em for other people.
I'd really like a dog.
Mate, when you learn to pick up
your own poo, then we'll talk, okay?
[Lyle chuckles]
Just up here. Go right.
[gentle music continues]
Can you believe
this is all one person's house?
If we go in, don't touch anything.
[gentle music continues]
[doorbell rings]
- Hi, we come about the Atari.
- "Came."
About the, um, Atari games console.
Yes. Yes.
Uh, my husband hooked it up to the TV
so that you could see that it works.
- Maybe if just one of you
- Oh yeah.
We'll just We'll wait outside, won't we?
Well, um,
I don't know how to play the thing.
Perhaps you children
might know how to play it.
- [Eli] Yeah.
- Well, then we best go in. Hey, boys?
[woman] It plays Space Invaders
and these other games.
Gillie's hardly used it to be honest.
He's now more interested in robotics.
- Ah, we'll take it.
- You don't wanna try it?
No, you're all right, love. We trust you.
Here. There you go.
Oh, the advert did say a hundred.
Um, I'll see what else. Oh Ah! fiver, 55.
Hang on. Hey, what have you boys got?
Empty your pockets.
Fifty-five. Oh, 57!
Fifty-seven. Fifty Come on, boys.
What have you got, boys?
Empty your pockets, guys.
Go on, then.
- [chuckling] Yay!
- Good on you, love.
- [coins jingle]
- Just freeze, okay? It's not a toy.
[footsteps approaching]
So how do you get to live
in a place like this?
You rob a bloody bank, mate.
- [Frankie] Don't say that.
- What?
Behind every fortune there's a crime.
What? You never heard that?
Boys, you know your mother
would be living in a joint like this
if she wasn't a teenage runaway.
Ah, come on, darl.
We got a really good deal.
[whispers] Fifty-seven bucks.
It's worth twice that much.
[Eli] You all right, Mum?
[Lyle] It's gonna get better, Frankie.
[gentle music plays]
It's gonna get so good
you'll forget it was ever bad.
[gentle music crescendoes]
Watch your fingers! Ah!
["Be Good Johnny" by Men At Work plays]
Skip de skip, up the road ♪
Off to school you go ♪
Don't be a bad boy, Johnny ♪
Is that a dead cockatoo or a used nappy?
Epic. How'd it get up there?
Don't know, mate.
- ["Be Good Johnny" continues on radio]
- [man and woman arguing]
And look at this place, hey.
Fucking Darra.
You know what they call this, kids?
Societal breakdown.
- It's just chuck out day.
- Yeah!
That too.
Told by my mother ♪
Be good, be good ♪
Be good, be good, be good ♪
Be good, be good, be good ♪
- Be good, be good, be good ♪
- Johnny ♪
Be good, be good, be good ♪
Be good, be good, be good ♪
Be good, be good, be good ♪
- Be good, be good, be good ♪
- Johnny ♪
Be good, be good ♪
Be good, be good, be good ♪
["Be Good Johnny" ends]
- Hey!
- [man] Lyle, buddy.
[Lyle] You boys know Teddy.
Bit young to be starting work,
aren't they?
Oh, show and tell for their school,
you know?
What will you show them, one of the hands?
"Hey, teach, cop this."
"What the fuck?!" [chuckles]
I got one of 'em at home
for my dogs to chew on.
You know what you should do,
put some tomato sauce on it.
- Are you a machinist here too, then?
- No. I got a proper job driving a truck.
- How's Frankie goin'?
- Yeah, she's all right.
Yeah? You bringin' her
to the party next month?
It's free feed.
You could even bring the kids if you want.
Hey, wanna talk to you about somethin'.
[whispers] Listen up, mate. Now
[Lyle and Teddy continue chatting]
What are they talkin' about?
[Teddy] I'll still drive there?
- [Lyle] Easy. Fuckin' easy.
- Okay. See you.
All right. Come on.
You're so slow. Geez, Louise.
Hey. Have a look.
Pretty snazzy, huh? Yeah?
[Eli] Excellent.
- [Lyle] Hey, mate.
- Good day, Lyle.
[Lyle] Come look at my station.
Come on, Gus.
What's wrong, mate?
Does it get boring?
No. No way, mate.
There's different stuff to do every day.
You got legs, you got arms, feet, knees.
It's great.
[Lyle] Hey, kids.
[imitates mechanized breathing]
- [as Darth Vader] I am your father.
- [as Luke Skywalker] But not our real one.
[both imitate lightsaber sounds]
[imitates gushing blood]
Oi, oi, stop playing about.
G'day, boss.
So who have we here?
Ah, this is Eli and this is Gus.
My old lady's kids.
Boys. This is Mr. Broz.
He owns this whole factory.
Go on, shake hands.
[Broz] Mm
You have strength in you, boy.
- Hm?
- [mysterious music playing]
Yes? No?
He doesn't talk. Hasn't said a word
since he was eight years old.
- Is he, uh
- [Lyle] No, nothing wrong with him at all.
He's sharp as a tack.
He knows all sorts of stuff,
he just doesn't say it.
[Broz] Ah
So you're the chatterbox
of the family, are you?
Give me your arm.
Don't be scared.
Ah, yes.
[intriguing music plays]
Not yet developed.
I can feel it in the marrow.
The bone is hard, but not yet full.
So what interesting things
does your brother know?
Actually, he can tell the future.
Our own regular Hegesistratus, hmm?
[intriguing music continues]
He was an ancient Greek prophet
who cut off his own foot
because he no longer wanted
to remain in captivity.
So, give me an example
of your brother's soothsaying.
Well, there was this one time
where he wrote "Park Terrace,"
and that was the day that Mum sees
this old lady stepping off the footpath
with her shopping.
Then Mum pulls her back
just as a council bus
is about to flatten her.
Ah. On Park Terrace?
[Eli] No. Oxley Avenue.
But then Mum took the old lady home.
To Park Terrace.
No, actually she lived
on something Boulevard.
But it was a block of flats,
with a sign saying
to please park on the terrace.
Spooky, eh?
- Interesting kids you have, Lyle.
- [Lyle] Yes, boss. Thank you, boss.
[Broz] Mm.
[whimsical music plays]
[Eli] Dear Alex,
it's the last two weeks of term
and school's startin' to feel
even more pointless than usual.
[whimsical music continues]
Mum's doing something artsy crafty
for the end-of-year fete,
but those skills
are never gonna make us rich.
I reckon Gus could really clean up
as a professional fortune-teller,
but until he breaks his silence,
I'll have to explore
other sources of income.
Bich Dang is the richest person we know
and she did sort of offer me a job.
Anyway, Lyle's got an invite
to some centenary
for the limbs factory where he works
with all those other ex-crims,
and Mum's all "ooh-la-la" about it.
I think it's just gonna be
everyone tryin' to be respectable
when none of us are.
[Alex] Dear Eli, it's been a slow couple
of weeks in here also.
The only amusement being
Billy Pedan gettin' dunked into shit
for knifin' Giggsy.
[man] Surprise, cunt!
[Alex] Now they've put a rim
on all the shit buckets
so they're too small
to fit a human head inside.
[all shouting excitedly]
[Alex] All I'd say is beware of shortcuts.
There's no such thing as easy money,
and retribution does come to all of us,
usually when you least expect it.
[Teddy] Lyle, where are ya?
Ha-ha. This looks fun. Can I have a go?
It's gonna be a stall at the fete.
Hang on. You have to stand behind this.
- You stick that down with superglue?
- You have to pump harder.
Do you say that to all the blokes,
do you? Hey?
Right, watch this.
Ah-ha! Got him!
- So what's the prize you're offering?
- Just lollies and stuff.
[Teddy] Mm.
Hey, uh, could you tell the boys
I'm parked out front please? Thank you.
[tense music plays]
Come on, mate. You got your floaties.
[Eli] Hello.
[man] Read the bloody sign.
[Lyle] What's goin' on?
- [Eli] Pool's closed for maintenance.
- You're fuckin' kidding me.
What needs to be repaired in a pool?
Fuckin' hole with water in it.
I dunno, chemicals or something?
Sorry, boys. You'll have to walk home.
Supposed to be at Jamboree Heights
five minutes ago. Go on, scram.
- Wait. What's at Jamboree Heights?
- None of your business. Now, go on.
- You selling that gear from Bich Dang?
- Hey!
I bloody warned you.
Shit, what? I know, Gus knows,
I bet Mum probably knows too.
Also, Gus's thongs are broken.
Oh, look at that.
That's bloody convenient, isn't it?
Get in.
Hey, with the kids?
Yeah, yeah, they'll be fine. Go on.
[Teddy] Don't touch anything.
[mysterious music plays]
[mysterious music fades out]
[Eli] So, this is the place?
[tense music plays]
- [Eli] So, what are we waiting for?
- Mate, just put a sock in it, please?
[quietly] Okay, you two just sit here
and stay outta sight, okay?
Okay, all right.
So when that bloke over there
asks what we're doing, I'll be like,
"It's all right, sir."
- "My stepdad's just making a drug deal."
- Shh! You're startin' to piss me off.
All right. Come on.
[Teddy] What the fuck?
They won't say a word.
Don't say a fucking word!
- Yeah.
- [Lyle] I'm serious.
- [tense music continues]
- [film playing on TV]
[knocks on door]
[man] That you, bro?
It's open.
Sit down, bro.
Oh, um
No. Sit down, bro.
That's some prize parenting there,
Bringing your kids to a drug delivery.
Papa of the year, hey, cuz?
Well, the pool was gettin' repaired.
- What needs to be repaired at a pool?
- I know. That's what I said.
So what's the film about?
Dunno, boy.
Gangsters and shit.
Right now he's traveling around Hong Kong,
trying to find a fucker
who cut off his old lady's head.
- What did he cut off her head for?
- Because he's a fucker.
Like your mate Ivan, eh?
It's what evil fuckers do.
- [man] So you got something for me?
- [gasps] Yeah.
[snaps fingers]
Brought you some beers.
- Do you wanna check it?
- You check it.
[man] Come on, Elsie!
Can't you see
it's gettin' to the best bit?
[men fighting in film]
You boys wanna come in
and choose a soft drink?
There's some Iced VoVo biscuits in there,
next to the sweet potatoes.
You want a beer, bro?
- Yeah.
- [man] Give it here.
What's that?
[chuckles softly] It's a mere.
It's my family heirloom.
Belonged to
my great-great-great-grandfather.
- What's it do?
- It's a lethal weapon.
If you know how to swing it,
that thing can do real damage.
It can bust the top of a Pakeha's skull
like cracking the top off an egg.
- What's a Pakeha?
- [Elsie chuckles] It's a white fellow.
Like Lyle.
- [Elsie inhaling]
- [mysterious music plays]
[exhale slows, echoes]
That's some good stuff, I'll tell ya.
Better than that Dustin Vang shit.
Who's Dustin Vang?
[Elsie] You ask a lot of questions,
don't you?
[clears throat] Dustin Vang
is a dealer outta Sydney.
But he cuts his gear with Mannitol
so we don't like to use him.
And his couriers keep getting bumped off.
Who bumps them off?
You'd have to ask Lyle that.
You gonna drink that?
Or just gonna stand there
and stare at my tits all afternoon?
- Sorry.
- [Elsie chuckles softly]
So, Captain Details, what were you
and Elsie talking about in the kitchen?
Well, she had this big Maori club
hanging on the wall, which belonged
to her great-great-grandfather,
- who's like the Viv Richards of warriors.
- Aha.
And also she said our gear
was heaps better than Dustin Vang's,
'cause he cuts his gear with Mannitol.
What's Mannitol?
Okay, let it go, mate.
[ominous music playing]
[tires squealing]
- [music fades out]
- [Lyle sighs]
Hey, I'm drivin' the truck next weekend
so someone else will need to ride shotgun.
- All right.
- [Teddy] Sorry.
[Lyle] There you go.
It's done for now.
[Teddy] Unreal. Thank you.
[Lyle grunts]
See ya.
I could ride shotgun.
[Lyle laughs] Good one, buddy.
[Eli] The other thing Elsie said
is that someone keeps
bumping off Dustin Vang's delivery guys.
Is that what Ivan Kroll does?
Huh. There's no such person, okay?
Ivan Kroll is a bogeyman invented
to keep everyone in line. That's all.
Yeah, well, Darren believes in him,
and so did Ezra.
[mockingly] Ah, do they now?
[Eli] Either way, you could use someone
to watch your back.
You know what I could use?
Someone who talks a little less.
All right? I mean, Jesus, mate,
if you wanna help,
just pull your head in a bit, okay?
You know? Have a bar.
I don't need someone to ride shotgun.
I don't need that. I don't need it.
Jeez, where does he get
these bloody ideas from?
[gentle music plays]
[music crescendoes]
[music fades out]
[school bell rings]
Oi. I don't want you hanging out
with Nunchucks anymore, okay?
He's a full-on bloody psycho.
What do you mean?
I don't hang out with Darren.
You seemed pretty tight with him
the other night.
- You seemed pretty tight with his mum.
- Oi! That's business.
[man] You boys! Get to your classes now.
Go on, get outta here.
Bugger off, both of youse. Go on.
Thanks for the lift.
You're welcome.
[gentle music plays]
See you, Gussie.
- [Eli as Michael Jackson] Hoo-hoo!
- [chuckles]
[Eli] Hoo-hoo!
[music continues]
Better get going. See you, Gus.
- [girl shouts]
- Oh no!
- Oh my God.
- What happened?
- [boy] Is she okay?
- [Shelly] Uh
[Poppy] Shelly, are you all right?
[Shelly shudders]
Just sit and get your breath back.
[Shelly panting]
[Poppy] You just breathe.
Thank you.
Uh, Mum? What are you doing here?
Shelly Huffman's mum took her
to the doctor, so I volunteered.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- [Frankie] You're 13.
Eli, I don't have to ask your permission
to work at the school canteen.
- Jesus, Mum.
- So what do you want?
Um, can I get three lamingtons?
That's not a lunch.
- Mum!
- All right. All right. Three lamingtons.
Have a good day.
- [coins jingle]
- Thank you.
Kids, eh?
Uh, so Lyle's busy?
Yeah, he's still working at the factory.
[woman] Mm.
He, uh He couldn't get us
a bit of blow, could he?
Lyle doesn't do that anymore.
Sorry, I heard he'd
- Heard what?
- Sorry.
I heard you're doing a stall at the fete.
Just doing our bit for the community.
[woman] Mm-hmm.
[Slim] Lyle teach him that left hook?
Could be a good career in that.
Do you think Gus will ever speak again?
Don't see why not.
Do you think
he can really tell the future?
[Slim coughs]
You know
[coughs]if I could tell the future,
I'd be keepin' quiet about it.
[Eli] Why?
Because people wouldn't leave you alone.
What'll you tell them?
Sometimes bad things have to happen
to get good things.
Like what?
Well, if your Mum
hadn't run away from home,
she wouldn't have met Robert.
If Robert wasn't a hopeless drunk,
she wouldn't have met Lyle.
That's a lot of bad things
for one good thing.
Two good things.
Got to meet you two little bastards.
What I'm saying is,
you know, pain and pleasure, they're
they're just all part of being human.
That's how you know you're born.
If it doesn't hurt, not real life, mate.
[gentle music plays]
[Eli] So Teddy hasn't been with you
for a couple of weeks.
[Lyle] Jesus, mate.
[Eli] Well, I reckon you want me along
'cause I see stuff you don't.
[Lyle] Just stay in the car
for this one, mate, okay?
These blokes are bloody hardcore.
I mean it.
[dog barking]
[Lyle exhales]
[tense music playing]
[music continues]
[man] No need to count it.
It's all there.
Now you promise me this is the good stuff.
It's always the good stuff, mate.
Mm. 'Cause last time was a little bit off.
Maybe your body's getting used to it.
- And maybe you're just tryin' to fuck us!
- Jeez. Relax, okay.
[Eli] Lyle, what's happening?
[man] Who the fuck are you?
I thought I told you
to stay in the bloody car, mate.
- What are you starin' at?
- He's not starin' at anything, mate.
Well, to be honest, I was just wondering
if you were going bald
before you became a skinhead
or if that happened afterwards.
[suspenseful music plays]
[music fades]
The fuck you bring your kid for, eh?
[tense music plays]
Just Just fuck off.
[punk rock song plays]
Who's right?
In the ears of the movers? ♪
Talk rubbish
Against the poor and the loonies ♪
You sound like a prick in the movie ♪
Cruel but fair
I know where you're heading ♪
Down ♪
Apologist! Pleader! ♪
Apologist! Pleader! ♪
Who's that ♪
In the idiot box? ♪
Words of hatred ♪
[Lyle] Hey, ladies.
Devils ♪
Advocate ♪
Do you know ♪
See you, ladies.
Apologist! Pleader! ♪
Apologist! Pleader! ♪
You carry on! ♪
I'm bloody seathin'! ♪
Apologist! Pleader! ♪
[Lyle] Slim's here.
Are you right? ♪
[Eli] Oh, look. It's Shelly.
You bloody look it ♪
Thievin' pricks, scathin' of the sick ♪
[punk rock song ends]
Shelly, how are you going?
- [Shelly] Hey.
- I heard you were in hospital.
What are these for?
Something wrong
with my leg muscles, apparently.
Shit. What's the treatment?
Dunno, they have to do some tests first.
- [Slim] Hurry up. Footy's on soon.
- Wanna come in and watch the footy?
Nah, better get home,
cheer up my mum. See ya.
- Mm. See you, then.
- See ya.
[Frankie] Eli, can you put the giblets
in the bin, please?
[dramatic music plays]
[Slim] Eli, it's starting.
[music fades]
[exciting '80s music playing on TV]
- Tell Lyle he'll miss the start.
- [Eli] Okay.
[Lyle grunts]
- [Lyle] Don't cheat.
- [Frankie] I'm not.
- [chuckles]
- [Lyle] Uh-huh.
- [Frankie] Okay. What is it?
- [Lyle] Open your eyes. Open your eyes.
- [chuckling]
- Go on.
[Frankie yelps, chuckles]
Are you sure we can afford this?
[Lyle] Worth every bloody penny, honey.
- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
- Ah.
[Frankie giggling] I love you.
The match is starting.
[chuckling, kissing]
[announcer] Hello and welcome
to viewers right round Australia
for the 1985 preliminary final
between the Canberra Bulldogs
and the Paramatta Eels.
- Can I ask you something?
- You already did.
Supposing you were doing something
that you might get caught for,
and if you get caught,
you'll be in deep shit,
but the only people you were robbing
were villains anyway,
would you do it?
- Is this about you or asking for a friend?
- Asking for a friend.
I'd tell your friend that someone's
always gotta pay the price.
You might get away with it for a while,
but in the long run,
it'll come back to bite you on the bum.
If not you, someone you love.
Just the way the world works.
You look how happy your mum is.
Why would you want anyone to risk that?
[Lyle] All right, boys.
- Here we go.
- Goody.
There you go, mate.
Thanks, mate.
[announcer] underground,
and indeed, around the country,
to rise for the national
[Lyle] Scooch over, mate.
[national anthem plays on TV]
Can you tell Lyle what you just told me?
[Lyle] Hey, not now, mate, come on.
Bloody anthem's coming up.
The best country in the world.
- [singer] Australians ♪
- [Lyle] Australians all let us rejoice ♪
- [Eli, Slim] For we are young and free ♪
- [Gus chuckles]
We're What is it?
We've golden soil and wealth for toil ♪
[singer] Our home is girt by sea ♪
[in Vietnamese] How many chicken wings?
We need twice that.
Is that the scallops?
Why aren't they cooked already?
Take those flowers to the bar.
Where are the table cloths?
Quickly! You're like a sloth!
Quick, the guests will be here soon.
[Lyle in English] Boys, get a wriggle on.
I don't wanna be late.
How do I look?
[Frankie chuckles softly]
Like a bloody goddess.
Twirl there.
I'll get the kids.
I'll, um
I'll warm up the Datsun.
[Frankie] Hm.
Do you want a hand?
Come on.
[Frankie sighs]
Can't me and Gus just stay home
and watch a video?
[Frankie] It'll be fun.
[Eli] It'll just be a bunch of old people
making speeches.
Well, you might meet someone useful
like Tytus Broz.
We met him already. He's creepy.
I know you just turned 13,
but it's not compulsory
to be shitty about everything.
That's not what being a teenager's about.
Lyle's been at the factory
for three years.
He's a valued employee.
Mum, if they valued him,
they would've given him a promotion or
Stop it, Eli.
We're going, you're coming.
You can at least look
like you're enjoying yourself.
You're trying to make us look respectable.
Respectable is why Lyle pulls on his
overalls every day and goes to work,
even when he doesn't feel like it.
Respectable is why
he fixes the fly screens,
and cuts the grass,
and puts money in the bank
to get us out of here.
Respectable is why you have food
and loo paper,
and your day isn't always going to shit.
So don't knock respectable, right?
It's got a lot going for it.
[Frankie sighs]
[dog barking]
- [Frankie] See now, you look sharp.
- Hey, okay.
Will you just be normal, please?
[playing "Steppin' Out" by Joe Jackson]
The mist across the window
Hides the lines ♪
But nothing hides the color
Of the lights that shine ♪
Electricity so fine ♪
Look and dry your eyes ♪
Hi, Darren.
Tink? How the fuck
did you score an invite?
[Eli] I dunno. Lyle works there.
- So, how's the distribution business?
- [Eli] Pretty good, I think.
I go on the deliveries with him sometimes.
[Darren] And do what?
Keep look-out.
Make sure no one's takin' advantage.
[laughs] Tink, the standover man?
[giggles, sighs]
Ladies and gentlemen,
please take your seats.
Dinner is served.
[Lyle] Here we go.
So who's at your table?
[Darren] The local member for Oxley.
And that's Detective Tim Cotton.
'Cause Tytus helps
prisoners in rehab, right?
[scoffs] No,
it's 'cause half the cops around here
get their Christmas holidays
funded by Mum.
[dramatic music plays]
That's Ivan Kroll.
Lyle said there was no such person.
Lyle probably wishes there wasn't.
What happened to his face?
Well, the story is the brother
of one of his victims
came after him with a shotgun.
[gritty discordant music plays]
Atlas Prosthetics made him
that face thing.
[Eli] So what happened to the guy
who shot him in the face?
[Darren] Took him a while
to find the bloke,
but finally, he tracked him down
to a logging camp in bumfuck Tasmania.
[gritty discordant music continues]
[music crescendoes]
Eli! Lookin' sharp, buddy.
[sniffs] Hey, uh,
what table are the folks at?
[Lyle talking indistinctly]
[Frankie] Feel good, Gussie?
[Eli] Um
It's Teddy. You know him?
Think he fancies my mum.
- Oh!
- [laughs]
Everyone fancies your mum, Tink.
I'd give her one.
[dramatic music plays]
Ladies and gentlemen,
please give the warmest welcome
to your host tonight, Mr. Tytus Broz.
- [applause]
- [people cheering]
[Broz] Thank you.
As some of you know,
the three most important women in my life
are my mother,
my daughter,
and my beloved wife.
All sadly dead now.
[pensive music plays]
My daughter Hannah
was the brightest light in my life.
Despite all the challenges that she faced
from her rare, disabling condition,
from the minute
that I held her in my arms,
I knew my purpose on this Earth.
To give mobility.
To give independence.
To give dignity to my daughter
and all those like her in the world.
But we have a long way to go, my friends.
It is my hope and belief
that fully-functioning arms and legs
will be as replaceable
as automobile parts.
Till then,
I promise you that our sacred mission
to restore full mobility
to all those who desire it
and deserve it
has only just begun.
["Knock on Wood" by Amii Stewart plays]
Have a good evening.
I don't wanna lose you ♪
This good thing ♪
That I got ♪
If I do ♪
I will surely ♪
Surely lose a lot ♪
'Cause your love ♪
Is better ♪
Than any love I know ♪
It's like thunder ♪
Lightning ♪
The way you love me is frightening ♪
You better knock ♪
Knock ♪
On wood ♪
Baby ♪
Whoo ♪
Baby ♪
Whoo ♪
I'm not superstitious about ya ♪
But I can't take no chance ♪
You got me spinnin', baby ♪
You know that I'm in a trance ♪
'Cause your love is better ♪
Than any love I know ♪
It's like thunder, lightning ♪
["Knock on Wood" fades out]
Whoo! Ha ha!
Hey, can I have a balloon?
So close. You got it. You got it.
Yes! Yes! Yes! I hit it.
Yeah, you did, man. Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- [Frankie] Well done.
- Mutant Madness. Step right up.
- [boy] Whoo!
Can you put all the money
in the bag, Frances,
and make sure it's all correct?
[Eli] Popstick Pandemonium!
Pick a stick and win a prize!
This is a pretty lame stall.
Did you volunteer for it?
No, Mum said we had to.
Yeah, she's gone all community on us.
I like your mum. I always used
to be jealous of your family.
[chuckling] Jealous of us. Why?
Because you're loved.
Everyone's loved, aren't they?
I mean, I feel loved,
but now I'm just making my mum really sad.
You're luckier
than you think you are, Bell.
[hopeful music plays]
Yeah. Come on, mate!
- [hopeful music continues]
- [laughs]
Popstick Pandemonium!
Mutant Madness!
Popstick Pandemonium!
No, no, no. Mutant Madness!
A whole lotta popsticks
and a whole lotta pandemonium.
No. Mutant Madness.
Mutant Madness, there are no real mutants.
Just saying.
Better prizes over here.
Way better prizes over here.
We want food! We want food! We want food!
Look at that, would ya? Hey?
[Frankie kisses]
- What was that for?
- Nothing.
[Lyle] Hm.
I really enjoyed today.
It just felt really wholesome.
You know what I mean?
Everyone together as a family.
[Lyle] I know exactly what you mean, darl.
You guys just wait.
Very soon it's all gonna get
even more rosy, I promise.
- [Frankie chuckles] Maybe.
- [toilet flushing]
- Give that a minute.
- Oh, come on.
[Teddy] Spag bol, you little champion!
[Lyle] Mate, you could've
at least shut the bloody door.
You wanna let that breathe.
[knock at door]
- I'll get it.
- Did you boys invite Shelly or something?
- [Lyle] Ooh, Shelly!
- [Frankie chuckles]
[menacing music plays]
Sorry to interrupt.
- [Frankie] Who are you?
- Friend of Lyle's.
You, out.
- Go on, get out!
- [Teddy] All right. All right.
[Ivan] You, sit.
Don't move. This won't take long.
Just need to ask Lyle
about his little side business.
Side business?
What's he talking about, Lyle?
- I don't know what he's talking
- [man] Shut up!
Wanna tell us
where you hid the extra, Lyle?
[tense music playing]
Hey! Hey!
[Lyle] Come on now,
there's no need for this shit.
Where'd you hide the extra, Lyle?
[Frankie] It's okay.
- It's okay.
- [Eli whimpers]
- [Lyle] Okay.
- So?
What are you doin'? What's he telling him?
Cut that shit out. Talk to me, Lyle.
- [Eli shouts]
- [Lyle groans]
- [Frankie yelps]
- [Lyle] Fuck! Stop.
[breathing deeply]
[dramatic music plays]
I'm sorry, Frankie.
No, Lyle. No, Lyle. Lyle.
Oh, fuck this. Get him outta here.
[Frankie] Lyle! No!
I'm sorry, baby. I was just tryin'
to make it better for everyone.
[Frankie] Lyle! Lyle!
They don't know nothing!
- [Frankie yelps]
- [Eli] Mum!
- Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum!
- [both grunting]
- Sit down.
- [Eli] Mum! Mum!
Shut the fuck up, kid.
Now, I don't have much time.
And this is your last chance
to stop something
very unpleasant from happening.
[menacing music plays]
- What did Lyle say to you?
- He doesn't talk!
Everyone talks eventually.
[Ivan] What did he say, dummy?
Where did Lyle hide the extra?
Write it in the air for me.
Write what Lyle said,
and I won't cut off
your little brother's finger.
No! He doesn't know anything.
There's a good kid. Spell it out for him.
[menacing music continues]
Tell him.
- Spit it out, Gus.
- [Eli groans] He doesn't
[Eli shouts]
He said
"Whatever happens
I love you boys very much."
Yeah, yeah. And what else?
The rest was kind of,
"Go tell the sack of shit
to go fuck himself."
And stuff.
[menacing music continues]
That's hilarious.
[Eli hollers]
[menacing music crescendoes]
[siren blares]
[gentle music plays]
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