Boy Swallows Universe (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Run Boy Run

[dramatic music plays]
[siren blares]
[man] Eli, mate.
Can you hear me, mate?
Just gonna pop this oxygen on.
- [hissing continues]
- Take some deep breaths for me.
[monitor beeps]
[doctor] You're gonna feel
something a bit cold.
[beeping continues]
[beeping echoes distantly]
[wind chimes tinkle]
["Golden Brown" by The Stranglers plays]
Golden brown ♪
Finer temptress ♪
Through the ages, she's heading west ♪
From far away stays for a day ♪
Never a frown with golden brown ♪
["Golden Brown" continues,
echoing in background]
[rattling softly]
["Golden Brown" stops]
[indistinct background chatter]
Welcome back to the real world, mate.
How you travelin'?
[weakly] Water.
Where am I?
Royal Brisbane.
- Could they put my finger back on?
- Sorry, mate.
Apparently, that wasn't possible.
Where's my mum?
[Slim] Police took her for questioning.
[detective] If you were worried
about your son's continued good health
What about Lyle?
[Slim] Forget about Lyle.
It's your mum you gotta worry about now.
She's probably gonna go to prison.
What for? For how long?
Dealing and possession,
four to five years.
[somber music plays]
No, it She didn't do anything.
That was Lyle and me.
Yeah, well, that's not what she's sayin'.
[crying] Mum did nothing, it's me
who should get the prison sentence.
Careful what you wish for.
What about the blokes who took Lyle?
I dunno anything about that,
and my advice to you is you don't either.
- I'll tell 'em everything
- Eli!
I'll tell them Bich Dang supplies
the whole town with heroin
and pays off the cops.
Shut your fuckin' voice!
- I'll tell
- Keep your voice down. Shut it.
how Ivan dragged Lyle away
and chopped off my finger.
That's not the story your mum told 'em.
What did she tell them?
She said you and Gus
were horsing around with Star Wars figures
and decided to cut
Darth Vader in half with an ax.
And then Gus took a swing,
cut off your finger,
your mum fainted with shock,
and banged her head.
Jesus, Slim.
Yeah, well, that's her story
and she's stickin' to it.
I guess to protect you,
and now you gotta protect her.
Sign here.
[Slim] Bad things happen to people
who talk about you-know-who.
Not just to you,
but to the people that you love.
No, no, no, no, this is wrong.
We should definitely tell someone.
Yeah, and who are we gonna tell, eh?
The police are in on it, mate.
Well, you care what happens
to Lyle, don't you?
'Course I do.
But I care more about what happens to you,
and Gus, and your mum.
I'll tell you this
Somebody call the cops!
[Slim] Whatever Lyle's got into,
the last thing he wants
is for you to be in there with him.
And the best way you can help Lyle
is to say nothin'.
Any minute now, a lady'll come in here,
a Dr. Brennan.
She'll ask you for your story.
So quick-smart, you gotta make up
your mind what you're gonna tell her.
You make the wrong decision,
it's not just Lyle you'll lose,
it's Gus and your mum, all in one shot.
The card's upside down.
[somber music continues]
[Slim] Now,
just because your mum is in prison,
doesn't mean they can't get to her,
you know what I'm sayin'?
Now, you told me you wanted
to be a good person.
This is a test.
No test is worth anything
unless it's difficult to pass.
And this is yours.
Where's Gus? I wanna speak to Gus.
Yeah, well, he's at Robert's.
Robert's? What's he doing there?
[exhales] He's your father.
That's where you belong, the pair of you.
Fuck that!
We haven't spoken to the bloke in years!
- Eli! [coughs]
- Who says we have to stay there?
Will you do as you're told for once?
[Slim coughs, wheezes]
That doesn't sound good.
You wanna get that cough seen to.
No. No, you doctors will, uh, just try
and stop me from dyin'.
Name's Halliday, friend of the family.
Okay. So has Eli got a place to go now
for when we discharge him?
- No.
- [Slim] He's staying at his dad's place.
Do I get a choice?
Good lad. Okay, now
You got some clothes in here.
Twenty dollars for a taxi.
And this letter came for you,
from your mate at Boggo Road.
Now, you wanna get in touch with me,
you ring Gill at the bottle shop.
You say you got a message for Slim.
- Slim Halliday, that's not the
- What?
- The taxi driver killer?
- He didn't kill that bloke.
Okay, well, anyway, you you tell him
that he needs to get a chest X-ray.
Okay [sighs]
let's have a look at this hand of yours.
I hear you lost your special finger.
All right, let's see
how that wound is healing up, huh?
[grunts] Why can't they
just sew it back on?
Well, it's complicated.
The nerves are really hard to reattach,
and even if you can get them to grow back,
your finger tends to stiffen up
while it's waiting around
to be reconnected.
Well, you just end up
with this useless, numb, hooky thing,
catches on your clothes, gets in the way.
I mean, to be honest,
you're better off without it.
That's a nice clean cut.
Must've been a heck of a sharp ax.
[curtains draw]
Uh, we're busy in here, Christopher.
What do you want?
Tang's too weak again.
That's impossible.
I doubled the strength yesterday.
It's still too weak! I'm fuckin' dying
and you're givin' me weak Tang?
Just just go away, Christopher,
and close the curtain,
and I will come and see you later.
- What's wrong with him?
- Brain cancer.
- That's shit.
- Yeah, that's what he thinks too.
[inhales sharply, grunts]
Why can't they just operate?
Well, I'm not sure.
Want to see
if we can shrink his tumor first.
All right
- [Eli winces]
- so you were saying?
About this accident with the ax
when your brother cut off your finger.
Well, we decided
to, um, execute Darth Vader
to pay him back
for killing Obi-Wan Kenobi.
What? No. You think Obi-Wan Kenobi's dead?
Well, he got chopped with a lightsaber
and vanished, so
Well, vanished isn't the same as dead.
[gentle music plays]
All right.
Okay, can you show me
how you were holding Darth Vader?
Like that.
Okay, all right, and your your brother,
he he took a massive great swing
with an ax,
cut off your finger,
clean through that joint,
without damaging
any of the ones next to it?
I I guess so.
Wow, that's a that's a pretty good shot.
Then your mum came in the kitchen
and slipped on the blood,
and knocked herself out?
If If that's what she told the cops
- Mm-hmm.
- then then yeah.
What I'm asking, Eli,
is whether you wouldn't like to revise
the story that you just told me
in any way at all.
No, no, no, um, I wouldn't.
Okay. All right.
[inhales deeply] Well, look,
I'll be in to see you a little bit later,
and the police might be in tomorrow.
There's a Detective Tim Cotton
who wants to have a word with you.
[ominous music plays]
All right, then.
Yeah, she's gonna plead guilty,
so we're all good there.
And all the evidence will suggest
that her partner done a runner.
I'm gonna go pay the kid a visit tomorrow.
Make sure he knows to keep schtum.
- [buzzer sounds]
- [door opens]
[ominous music continues]
[inmates taunt indistinctly]
[inmate] Hi! Mornin', darlin'.
[taunting continues]
[door unlocks, opens]
[inmate cackles]
[inmate] Your mum's
not gonna fuckin' help you now.
[Eli] Dear Alex,
excuse the wonky handwriting.
Long story short,
I wound up in hospital two days ago
after a disagreement with an ax.
The doctor reckons
I'm healing really fast.
Maybe because it was a clean cut.
- Who you writing to?
- A friend of mine.
[Christopher] A friend in Boggo Road Gaol?
- You reckon that's a bad thing?
- What'd your pal go to jail for?
He was a sergeant-in-arms
for a motorcycle gang.
Right. So he's a psycho,
and he knows your address now.
- That's pretty dumb.
- Well, he seems friendly in his letters.
- If he's a biker, he's a dead-set psycho.
- Ah, and you know a lot of bikers, do you?
Nah, but my mum does.
- Dr. Brennan says you got brain cancer.
- [Christopher] So?
You gonna start writing letters
to cancer patients now, are ya?
Not if they're all dicks like you.
[indistinct chatter]
- I'm Christopher.
- Eli.
[Christopher] A girl's name.
No, it's not. My dad got it
from a book he was reading.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
I asked them to put on Diff'rent Strokes,
but there's more little kids than big,
so we all watch this shit.
These little pricks
will spend the rest of their lives
watching whatever the fuck they want.
I'll be dead in three months
and can't watch Diff'rent Strokes
when I want to.
Three months? Seriously?
Unless they can operate.
So, what happened to your hand?
You want the truth?
Nah, I want you to bullshit me like
everyone else does in this fuckin' place.
Well, my stepdad's a smack dealer,
and the enforcer for his network
cut off my finger
with a bloody great hunting knife.
What'd he do that for?
Thinks my stepdad
has a secret stash somewhere.
[Christopher] Does he?
No idea.
Well, where is he now, your stepdad?
I dunno.
They, uh They smashed him in the face
and then they dragged him off
and then they, um
knocked my mum unconscious, so
Hardcore, man.
Yeah, I just need
to get outta here quick-smart
and do a deal with these kidnappers.
- You're not shitting me, are you?
- [Eli] Why would I be?
You're just some psycho
who'll be dead in three months.
[Christopher] How you plannin' to get out?
[Eli] I'll wait for the tea trolley,
they'll be here at 3:00,
and make a distraction
while the doors are unlocked.
What kind of distraction?
Well, when my mate Slim was tryin'
to get out of Boggo Road Gaol,
he set fire to a big heap
of mattress fibers to distract the guards.
[alarm ringing]
His plan was to go through the roof
and over the wall.
Did it work?
[Slim] Get off me, you motherfucker!
Get off me!
[Eli] No, not that time,
but he got bloody close.
[intriguing music plays]
[TV chatter continues]
I can do you a distraction.
Just gimme a minute.
[door buzzes]
["Horror Movie" by Skyhooks plays]
[all gasp]
Horror movie right there on my TV ♪
Horror movie right there on my TV ♪
[nurse] Christopher, settle down.
I told youse all
I wanted to watch Diff'rent Strokes.
Put the TV down now.
Shockin' me right outta my brain ♪
Shockin' me right outta my brain ♪
Watch a horror movie
Right there on my TV ♪
Shockin' me right outta my brain ♪
It's bound to get ya in
Get ya under your skin ♪
Hit you right on the chin
Oh yeah ♪
It must be a thriller ♪
It's bound to be a chiller ♪
It's 'bout to be a killer
Oh yeah ♪
You think it's just a movie
On the silver screen ♪
And they're all actors
And fake old scenes ♪
Maybe you don't care
Who's gonna lose or win ♪
Listen to this
And I'll tell you somethin' ♪
It's a horror movie ♪
Where'd that come from?
[man] There, with the children.
Right there on my TV ♪
Horror movie ♪
There's a television in my car.
Horror movie ♪
What kind of a show are you running here?
Shockin' me right outta my brain ♪
["Horror Movie" ends]
[church bell tolls]
[dramatic music plays]
[footsteps approaching]
[Eli] Um
Does this next bus go to Darra?
Darra Darra
[man chuckles]
Bite my hand.
Go on. Bite my hand
as hard as you can. Go on!
[teeth clack]
Just a bite. Go on, bite it.
[dramatic music continues]
[dog barks]
[Eli grunts] Ooh! [exhales]
Forensics have been
all over your house like a rash,
so breaking and entering's
probably not your best option.
Oh, hi, Gene.
Just need to get something from inside.
That was some carry-on the other night.
What happened?
Well, me and Gus decided to chop
an action figure in half with an ax,
and he got my finger instead.
[chuckling] Right.
'Cause when I looked out the window,
I I saw Lyle being dragged off
by two blokes into the boot of a car.
You tell the cops that?
- Too right I did.
- And what did they say?
They told me to keep quiet about it
for my own safety.
Yeah, that figures.
Any word of Lyle?
No, but I'm gonna find him
before anything bad happens to him.
I reckon you're too late for that, matey.
But he did once give me this,
uh, back door key to look after.
"For a rainy day," he said.
- But it's not raining.
- Mate
From what I've seen,
it's bloody well pissin' down.
I never saw you, all right?
Thanks, Gene.
[mysterious music plays]
[Eli grunts]
[Frankie] Lyle!
- [Frankie yelps]
- [Eli] Mum!
[eerie music plays]
[mysterious music plays]
[Eli] No.
No! No! No! No! No!
[phone rings]
[ringing continues]
[Eli] Who is this?
[man] What are you doing there?
- I'm looking for Lyle's secret stash.
- How do you know Lyle's got a stash?
Well, Ivan Kroll thought he did.
That's why he cut off my fucking finger,
'cause he wants everyone
to be scared shitless of him.
Which is why none of the adults will help,
and I don't even know where to find Lyle.
And I don't even know who I'm speaking to!
Suppose you did find Lyle's stash,
what are you gonna do with it?
I'm gonna offer it to Ivan Kroll,
if he'd let Lyle go free.
So, who would you talk to to find Ivan?
- I don't know. The cops?
- Think harder.
Maybe Bich Dang?
- Stay safe, Eli.
- Wait. No! No! No!
- Wait! Wait! Wait! Come on
- [line beeps]
[dramatic music plays]
[intriguing music plays]
[doorbell rings]
[woman] Hello, who is it?
Is Bich there?
It's Eli Bell, uh, a friend of Darren's.
One moment, please.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Come with me.
[theme music playing on TV]
[announcer] And now here's Troy,
our favorite wheeler-dealer.
[Troy] Thank you very much.
Yes, it's the Wheel of Fortune.
Some great prizes yet again.
We have some lovely contestants here,
who are going to take them all away.
We just love to give things a
- [remote beeps]
- [TV turns off]
Eli Bell.
What do you want?
Uh, you once said that I could come back
and talk sometime.
- I need your help.
- You're filthy, go stand over there.
Why would I want to talk to you?
You betray me.
No, I didn't. How did I betray you?
You and Lyle, selling rubbish heroin,
saying it was mine.
Bich Dang's heroin was 100% pure.
Now Lyle ruin my reputation.
Dustin Vang thinks
he can take over the market.
I'm s I'm sure Lyle didn't plan that.
No one plan the Vietnam War,
but it happen.
Didn't plan for my parents' boat to sink,
but that happen too.
A lot of shit happen without plan.
- Why you still here?
- I need to speak with Ivan Kroll.
Can you contact him for me?
He came to your party.
Not my business.
Not yours either.
Not if you don't want to end up like Lyle.
- Wait, so what happened to Lyle?
- I don't know what happen.
You were supposed to be helping me,
but you fuck up.
Go home, have a bath.
[dramatic music plays]
I don't have a home.
Not my problem.
[Troy] car that's good for show,
it's a car that will go, go, go.
It handles like a dream,
what a great little machine.
[dramatic music continues]
[breathing heavily]
[dramatic music fades out]
[water flowing]
["Give a Little Bit" by Roger Hodgson
plays softly in background]
Hey, Eli.
I knew you'd show up eventually.
You're still talking.
["Give a Little Bit"
continues in background]
That's good.
So, how long you been here at Robert's?
Couple days.
- So, he's in there?
- Just be careful.
He's just a bit unpredictable
when he's been on the piss.
[man singing off-key]
- What's that horrible noise?
- That's him singing.
[Robert] Oh, come along too ♪
[singer] Come along ♪
[Robert] Come along
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
[Robert] Oh, hey ♪
Come on!
- [song stops]
- Give a little bit ♪
[Robert muttering]
Are you all right, Dad?
It's It's me, Eli.
[Robert growls]
[Eli] Dad?
- [yelps]
- [grunts] Oof!
Dad! Dad, stop it, that's Eli!
[Robert shouts]
[Robert snores]
[snoring continues]
Don't worry, that's just
the double-strength beer talkin'.
He didn't know who you were.
He's quite sweet when he's sober.
- Help me drag him in there.
- [quietly] Okay.
[Gus] I found an old lock under the house.
- [Eli] Is there anything to eat here?
- He spends all his dole money on booze.
I wouldn't eat anything in there.
- Is that mud or shit on your trousers?
- Mm? Oh, it's just mud.
I was in the tunnel at Sandakan Street
looking for Lyle's stash.
If we hand it over,
then they'll release him.
It's only fair.
I don't think
that's how the criminal mind works.
Lemme fix that.
How is your hand?
It's okay. Hurts a little bit.
To be honest, I think
they probably killed Lyle already.
- Dumped his body somewhere.
- Come on, Gus.
We can't just give up on Lyle like that.
He wrote something in the air
before they dragged him off.
What did he write to you?
"I love you, QSLG."
What the fuck's QSLG?
That's just when they hit him,
the letters went all wobbly.
I'm sorry, Eli.
Wanna see the rest of the place?
I'll show you around.
This is his library.
He said he's read 'em all,
which is not impossible,
considering all he does all day
is read and drink
and watch Sale of the Century.
[gentle music plays]
[Eli grunts]
[Eli] I remember this one.
We don't have any blankets,
but you can have this coat.
I'm gonna ring the limbs factory,
'cause if they fixed up Ivan Kroll's face,
then they'd have to know
where he lives, right?
I say we speak to Slim first.
See if he'd let us
stay with him for a bit.
- What do you reckon?
- All right.
Don't stop talking, Gus.
[pleasant music plays]
[birds chirping, warbling]
[music fades]
["I'll Be Gone" by Spectrum plays]
Someday I'll have money ♪
Money isn't easy to come by ♪
By the time it's come by, I'll be gone ♪
I'll sing my song and I'll be gone ♪
Someday I'll have lovin' ♪
Lovin' isn't easy to come by ♪
By the time it's come by
I'll be gone ♪
I'll sing my song and I'll be gone ♪
[Robert] Gussie!
- Someday I'll have money ♪
- [inhales deeply]
[grunts in pain]
Money isn't easy to come by ♪
By the time it's come by, I'll be gone ♪
I'll sing my song and I'll be gone ♪
Lived a life of luxury ♪
Doesn't seem to be for me ♪
Be for me ♪
Movin' around comes naturally ♪
Movin' around and feelin' free ♪
That's for me ♪
[Robert] Gus?
[Robert sighs]
- ["I'll Be Gone" ends]
- [sighs]
[gentle music plays]
[Robert exhales]
[dramatic music fades out]
[dog whining]
Hey. Eli, Gus. What are you doin' here?
Eli reckons we should find Ivan Kroll
and do a deal with him.
Well, there's no way you're doin' that,
and I've already told you the reason why.
Good to see you got your voice back.
- Been to see your mum in prison yet?
- No. Not yet.
We need a responsible adult to take us.
- Yeah, so ask Robert.
- [Eli] Have you ever met him?
Robert is a useless alco
and his place is a shithole.
You're not stoppin' here,
if that's your plan.
Why not?
Thought you were our friend, Slim.
I am. But you stay here,
they'll catch you and put you in care,
like me when I was a young nipper.
You can see how that worked out.
Well, what if we just hide out here until
Until what? They're gonna get ya.
You're talking about a serious crim,
corrupt cops, the education department.
And they know everything,
they're fuckin' relentless.
- What's wrong with Robert's place?
- Everything.
To be honest, he's pretty unstable.
I mean, he thought Eli was a burglar
and attacked him with an ax handle.
Yeah, well, you gotta get him
off the piss, haven't you? Dry him out.
Sit down. I'll make you up some damper
and some tea and drive you back to town.
Fuck that, we'll manage ourselves.
Come on, Gus, let's go.
Mate, don't get your knickers in a twist.
I'm just trying to be practical.
You're being a coward.
[Slim] I'm tryin' to tell you
how the system works.
You go on like this, your mum won't see
the light of day, and you won't either.
And the pair of you,
you're gonna end up in care,
and I'll go on the pedo register.
Here, let me give you some money anyway.
Oh, keep your fucking money!
Gus, we're leaving.
[Slim] Mate, now you're talking,
see if you can talk some sense into him.
[Eli] I'm goin' to the newspaper.
I'm gonna tell Caitlyn Spies
what really happened.
[Slim] Big mistake, mate.
You'll just make things worse
for everyone.
How could it be worse, Slim?
Our mother's been locked up
for something she didn't do,
and our stepdad has been kidnapped
by a murderous fucking psychopath,
the police wanna put us in juvie,
and our dad tried to brain me
with a fucking ax handle!
Now name one thing
that could be worse in that picture!
[dramatic music plays]
[exhales sharply]
[dramatic music continues]
[dog barks]
[dramatic music fades out]
Um, hello?
Can I help you?
Um, I'm here to see Caitlyn
Push the button as you speak, please.
I'm Eli Bell,
I'm here to see Caitlyn Spies.
She expecting you?
- No, but I got a story for her.
- What kind of story?
It's a crime story.
Are you a witness?
No, I'm a victim.
Caitlyn is busy on a deadline
at the moment.
Do you want to leave your name and number
and she'll get back to you?
Tell her I can get her an interview
with Slim Halliday.
Hold on a sec.
Hi, Caitlyn.
Yeah, I've got an Eli Bell at the door.
He says that he can get you
an interview with Slim Halliday.
Come in, then, she'll be down in a minute.
[door buzzes]
[wondrous music plays]
- You can just take a seat there.
- [phone rings]
Hello, Courier-Mail.
Can Brian call you back?
He's in a shareholder meeting
with Mr. Broz right now.
- Yeah. Okay.
- Just goin' on a tea break.
Right-o. Speak to you later. Bye.
[echoes in slow motion]
Are you waiting for me?
[regular speed] I'm Caitlyn.
[wondrous music fades out]
- [Caitlyn chuckles]
- I
Yes, I I, um
[chuckles] Shall we start
with your full name?
Oh Why do you need to know that?
'Cause I'm planning to knit a cardigan
with your initials on it.
Uh, it's
- Brain.
- Not Eli Bell, then?
It's what you told the receptionist.
[receptionist] Yes.
- I'll go with Eli Bell, shall I?
- Can we do this anonymously?
- Why?
- There's people that I need to protect.
The man that I'm about to tell you about
did terrible things to people.
All right, and are these friends
of Slim Halliday?
No. Way worse.
[dramatic music plays]
Is this anything to do with your hand?
Yeah, um, but to understand it properly,
I'll have to go back a few weeks.
Actually, Eli, can we cut to the chase?
A, uh, tattooed leg just washed up
on Brighton Beach.
Something I have to look into, but
Are you all right?
- What kind of tattoo?
- [door bangs]
- [man] Let me in! Let me in!
- Jesus.
Oh, shit, it's Raymond Leary.
Helen, where's security?
[Helen] He's on a break.
Mr. Leary, please step away
from the glass.
Let me in! I know Broz is in there.
- Let me in!
- Who's Raymond Leary?
He's a building contractor.
Says his client wouldn't pay him,
he went bankrupt,
then his wife got depression
and killed herself.
He wants the paper to tell his story.
Let me in!
[humorous music plays]
And why won't you?
'Cause his client,
Mr. Broz, is a major shareholder
who already took out a restraining order.
[Helen] Yes, police?
This is the office
of The Courier-Mail at 2 Holt Street.
There's a guy tryin'
to break the door down.
- He's gonna kill himself.
- Wait, no, no, don't let him in.
[Eli] Mr. Leary.
Eli! Eli, get back in here.
You're not winning any friends.
Just let it go. There's no point.
- Mate?
- Get out of the way, kid.
[Eli] Just go home and put it in a letter.
- There's no point.
- Eli
Get out of the way.
[intense music plays]
[Raymond groans]
Oh, Helen, call an ambulance.
[door buzzes]
Eli, are you okay?
Gonna write about him now?
To be honest, probably not.
He's got a bit of psychiatric history.
[Eli] That leg you mentioned.
That was a man's leg, right?
With a woman's name on it.
Uh, police haven't released
the details yet.
The woman's name is Frankie.
- Right, and how would you know that?
- She's my mum.
[door opens]
Step aside. Everybody, stand back.
No, Eli!
[phone rings]
[Helen] Hello, Courier-Mail.
[bike approaches]
Hey, I'm sorry I ran off.
[somber music plays]
It doesn't matter.
Someone found a leg
that washed up off Brighton Beach,
and it had a name tattooed on it.
Doesn't mean they murdered him.
But you're right, it probably does.
Eli, you still gonna talk to the papers?
No, Slim's right.
Just gotta keep quiet and
sort out Robert [inhales]
[exhales]before anything gets worse
than it already is.
It's just you and me, Gus.
No one's gonna help us.
[phone rings]
[dramatic music continues]
- [Caitlyn] Brian?
- Yes?
[Caitlyn] I had a walk-in
off the street this afternoon,
just something I'd like to follow up on.
[Brian] Yes, no worries.
Now, before you run off on us,
where are you with Mr. Shark Leg?
His old mate in forensics
sent that through for you this afternoon.
[mysterious music plays]
[mysterious music crescendoes]
[delicate music plays]
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