Boy Swallows Universe (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Boy Takes Flight

[dramatic organ music plays]
- [man] Young gentleman.
- Thank you.
Do you care to sign
the book of remembrance?
I'll sign.
[music ends]
Slim maintained
throughout his long imprisonment
that he was innocent of the crime
for which he was convicted.
But he also believed
that he deserved his sentence
for past misdeeds
which had gone unpunished.
"Do your time before it does you"
was the epitaph he chose for himself.
By which I think he meant
that none of us goes through life
without committing certain acts
they have reason to be ashamed of.
But as long as we are living,
we have time to make amends
for these transgressions.
We shall now play
one of Slim's favorite songs.
["If I Needed You"
by Townes Van Zandt plays]
Well, if I needed you ♪
Would you come to me? ♪
Would you come to me ♪
And ease my pain? ♪
You will miss sunrise ♪
If you close your eyes ♪
That would break my heart in two ♪
[song continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[Eli] Excuse me?
["If I Needed You" ends]
- You're George Masoumi.
- Yeah, I know that. Who are you?
Uh, I'm Eli Bell. Slim said that you might
be able to help me with something.
[sighs] Slim's dead now.
Help you with what?
I need to get a parcel to my mum
in Boggo Road Gaol.
Sorry, mate, I wouldn't know
anything about that.
Just a package of stuff
that she's gonna need over Christmas.
I'm a fruiterer, mate.
I do fruit deliveries.
I can pay good money.
Well, any grocery requirements,
you know where to find me.
[Caitlyn] Eli.
Oh. Hello.
I've been tryin' to contact you.
Thought I might find you here.
You were right about the tattoo.
I know your stepdad's missing
and your mum's in prison.
You said you had a story to tell.
About men who did terrible things.
Yeah, well, I, uh I changed my mind.
Sort of.
Everyone says that I should
just keep quiet about stuff.
So, um, that's what I'm gonna do. For now.
Okay. But you realize
that if nobody ever says anything,
the bad guys just keep winning?
I reckon they'll keep winning anyway.
Maybe another time, eh?
But you can call me, anytime.
[quietly] They gave me his picture.
[Gus sniffles]
Tinker Bell, what is all this shit?
Give that back, please. It's important.
- [boy 1] Oh yeah, pass it here.
- Leave it!
- [boy 1] Wanna get it?
- [Eli groans]
- [boy 1] Chill out, mate.
- Hey!
Give that back. Come on.
[dramatic music plays]
Fooled you.
- [Eli] No!
- [boy 2] Brutal.
- Have fun.
- See ya.
[Eli] Oh no.
[knock on door]
Hi, we're collecting
for muscular dystrophy.
Is that what you've got?
Yeah, well, if we raise 70 grand,
the school can put in ramps and stuff
so I can still go to class.
Seventy grand?
That's a lot of fuckin' ramps.
There's a lot of fuckin' kids out there
who can't fuckin' walk.
- How much you raised so far?
- About 2,000, mostly from school fete.
So, bugger all, basically.
If you give us a tenner, that'll be 2,010.
Ah, good on youse.
I guess it is Christmas.
Oh, and you can, uh, miss out on 14.
She's a right hard-ass.
[door closes]
Why are you doing this, Gus?
Because I like you.
You know there's a lot more fun things
you could be doing instead of this.
Vandalizing bus stops like normal kids?
How do you feel
about changing adult nappies?
'Cause that's where
this is heading, you know.
Well, that's somethin' to look forward to.
And then after that,
you'll just have to watch me dying.
Everyone's dying, Shells.
You've always been ahead of the pack.
- You just wanna go to bed with me.
- No.
I'm in it for the nappies.
[intriguing music plays]
Here's the money you lent me.
For my mum.
[George sighs]
[George] Here, then.
[whispers] Fuck off.
[birds chirping]
How much did you get?
Couple hundred.
Doin' a good thing there, mate.
You don't You don't reckon I could, uh
- I'm just kiddin'.
- [Gus scoffs]
- Don't forget to keep up with school work.
- Yep, I won't.
[Robert clears throat, exhales]
[Robert] What've we got here?
Still nothing from your mum?
[Gus] No.
[breathes deeply]
[Robert grunts]
You know I'd take youse if I could.
Honestly, but, uh,
there's just too much history.
And she still blames me
for you not talking and all.
- She doesn't blame you.
- Yeah, she does.
I blame me sometimes.
She thinks I messed up your brain
with what happened.
My brain's fine.
I know that.
I know it is.
I wish mine bloody was.
[both chuckle]
Ah, we all have our struggles.
[Robert sniffs, swallows]
- [door buzzes]
- [indistinct background chatter]
[footsteps approaching]
Oi, Frankie, there's a package for you.
[Frankie] Oh
[gentle music plays]
[tape clatters]
[tape player clicks]
["Only You" by Yaz plays]
[Eli] Hey, Mum.
Been tryin' to contact you for ages,
but no, I don't think
our letters are getting through.
Hope you're doing okay in there.
Me and Gus made a mixtape of songs
so you've got something
to listen to for Christmas.
Please write back so we know
you've got this and you're okay.
This is gonna take a long time ♪
And I wonder what's mine ♪
Can't take no more ♪
- Wonder if you'll understand ♪
- [lighter clicks]
It's just the touch of your hand ♪
[Frankie inhales]
Behind a closed door ♪
All I needed was the love you gave ♪
All I needed for another day ♪
And all I ever knew ♪
Only you ♪
["Only You" fades out]
[Darren] Tink.
Thought it was you.
Hi, Darren.
[arcade game noises echo nearby]
[Darren] So, what you been up to?
You don't call. You don't write.
You know, the usual.
Tryin' to keep my dad off the booze.
- Getting picked on by Bobby Linyette.
- [scoffs]
- Bobby's a dick.
- I thought you and him were pals?
Pals can be dicks.
Can you tell him to leave me alone?
Tell him yourself.
I got bigger dickheads to deal with.
- Hear about my mum?
- No.
She had a stroke or some shit.
She can hardly walk now.
That's terrible, man.
She's still pretty pissed about it.
That's why I had to take over.
She's not so happy about that either.
[arcade game noises continue]
So, what are you doing
at the back of FunWorld?
Dustin Vang owns this joint.
He's trying to muscle his way
into my mum's wholesale business.
Wholesale of what?
Ornamental pot plants.
What do you fuckin' think?
I'm still figuring out
how to scare the shit out of him.
- Have you tried negotiating with him?
- We're talking about a major dickhead.
The only language these bastards
understand is violence.
Bobby Linyette included.
Did you ever find Lyle's stash?
[Eli] No.
Someone had taken it.
[mysterious music plays]
Wasn't me, if that's what you're thinking.
Did your mum ever say
what happened to Lyle?
Why would she know about that?
Your mum was the main importer,
and Ivan Kroll was the standover man.
The story I heard
was that your dad's pal ratted him out.
- And Ivan Kroll sorted it.
- Wait, what pal?
You know, the one who's
always sniffing around your mum.
Not Teddy Kallas?
[Darren] The rat's always closest
to the cheese.
[ominous music plays]
Eli, we're late.
- [girl 1] I think they've already started.
- [girl 2] I'm coming.
[dramatic music plays]
[Bobby] Nice school bag, Eli.
Your mum make that in prison for you?
[hawks up spit]
[boy 1] Oh, nice. Right on the spot.
[dramatic music crescendoes]
- [Eli shouts]
- [Bobby grunts]
- [Eli hollers]
- Ow!
- [boy 2] No way!
- [boy 3] Eli's bashing Bobby.
[Eli] Leave me alone or I'll kill you,
you hear me?
You're dead, Bobby!
I mean it, I'll kill you.
[Gus] Eli, come on. Leave it.
[Eli growls]
- Get off me!
- [Bobby wails]
- [Bobby] Fuck!
- [Eli] Get off of me!
I've had enough of this shit.
No more Mr. Nice Guy, okay?
- No more Mr. Nice Guy.
- Come on, it's not worth it.
[Eli] No more!
[Eli groans]
"In the end, I got two days' suspension
'cause of special circumstances."
"It's Christmas holidays comin' up,
so I'm not gonna miss much."
[gentle piano music playing]
"You said you were thinking
of doing a psychology course,
so I found a book on it
in Dad's book pile."
[ominous music plays]
"I'm gettin' really worried about you,
Mum, 'cause you haven't written back."
"Please let us know you're okay.
We love you, Mum."
[echoes] "And we're countin' down the days
till you get home again."
"1,451 sleeps to go." Yeah.
[dramatic music plays]
Are you hearing this?
[Robert] Yeah, you let me know
if you need a rest there, Gus.
- [Gus] Yeah.
- [Robert] All right.
[Robert grunts]
[Robert] Eli, get my back. Thanks, mate.
[Robert groans, farts]
Sorry, crap-dusted you, mate.
The fire started late last night.
While there was no loss of life,
foul play cannot yet be discounted.
[Robert] We gotta be real careful
about where we put 'im.
Not too much sun and not too much breeze.
Why not?
[Robert] Well, 'cause Henry's
a very sensitive soul. He's a weeping fig.
And if we upset him, he will weep.
He will turn on the waterworks
first opportunity he gets.
- Just, uh, like our little mate Eli here.
- No, I don't.
Oh, come on. You used to love a good sook
when you were a bub.
Surprised you remember.
Yeah, okay. Let's decorate him, shall we?
I reckon that's for you.
All right.
That's the way, go on.
Nice. Nice. Let me just pop her up here.
Keep things holy.
There we go. I reckon that's beautiful.
What do you reckon?
We can put our presents around the bottom,
just like in the movies.
- You actually got us presents?
- Well, no.
But, uh, I I had an idea.
Uh, I got this Christmas box
comin' from Vinnie's this arvo.
They got some good gear in 'em.
Ya know, a can of ham, pineapple juice,
licorice squares.
And I thought that, uh, maybe we could
each choose a book from the pile,
wrap it up, and put it
under the tree for each other.
You know, I mean, not just any book.
Ya know, maybe something
that you been reading
or maybe something you think
someone else might enjoy.
Anyway, here, got some names.
Just pick a name.
Who'd you get?
All right, so Gus picks a book for me,
I pick a book for Eli,
Eli picks a book for Gus.
We sit around drinkin' pineapple juice,
eatin' licorice squares,
I might have a beer,
and we can read our books together.
So how is that different
from any other day?
It's Christmas.
What's that for?
You will stick around for it,
won't you? Yeah?
Sure. You know, it's Christmas.
Why wouldn't I?
Yeah, that's the way.
[pats Eli] Good one.
[dramatic music plays]
[Eli] Dear Alex.
It's nearly Christmas,
and we still haven't heard
anything from Mum.
I've decided I can't wait any longer.
It's time to do something drastic.
["I Believe in Father Christmas"
by Greg Lake playing faintly]
Hi, George.
- [George] You again.
- Get anything back from my mum?
Sorry, mate. [sighs]
- I have a question.
- Okay, well, just make it quick, I'm busy.
What's the biggest thing
you've ever smuggled into Boggo Road?
What size were you thinking?
My size.
Just forget it.
Well, there's laws
against breaking out of prison.
Who says you can't break in?
No one says it
because no one's that stupid.
Yeah, but suppose someone was?
Move, all right? I'm not gonna do it.
[Eli] Slim said you owed him one.
He said he got your brother
through a tough stretch of porridge once.
He wasn't lying.
He said your brother
wouldn't have made it without it.
No, he probably wouldn't.
So now it's my mum who's behind the bars,
and I'm worried that she's not gonna be
able to take it, you know?
Not seeing us for Christmas and stuff.
And I'm worried that she's gonna get back
on the smack and OD.
[sad music plays]
That's why I need to see her again,
to show her how much we really care.
And to tell her
that everything's gonna be all right now.
[clears throat]
- I dunno, mate.
- [Eli] Look
I know that it's a big ask.
But you wouldn't be doing it for me,
you'd be doing it for Slim.
[birds chirping]
[hopeful music plays]
[Gus] We said you weren't gonna do this.
It's Mum, Gus.
- I have to.
- What if they lock you up?
Well, they'll have to catch me first.
It's a fucking prison, Eli.
Stopping people from running away
is kinda what they do there.
Unless you break your neck
tryin' to climb over the wall.
- Is that what's gonna happen?
- I dunno.
I still think it's a stupid idea.
So wish me luck.
[birds chirping]
Okay, no matter what happens,
you just stay quiet and you wait.
- [whispers] Okay.
- 'Kay.
Merry Christmas.
[intriguing music plays]
[intriguing music continues]
[horn honks]
[exhales uncomfortably]
[guard 1] Georgie!
[man over radio] Stand by.
Fruit delivery's coming through.
Here you are, mate, have that.
No one hiding anything in there?
[George chuckles]
Officer, you wanna check under the car?
Get in there.
[guard 1] Avocados.
Can you believe this shit?
Cherries, rock melons.
Fuck, these bitches eat better than I do.
I mean, to be fair, mate,
they also suck cock better than you do,
so there is that.
Let's get Georgie outta here.
- [guard 2] Jeez.
- All right, George.
[guard 1] Good to go, mate.
- [breathes deeply]
- [gate creaks]
[gate clangs loudly]
[guard 1] All right, George, on your bike,
mate. Get outta here.
[anxious music plays]
Officers, let him out.
[woman sighs]
[sighs] Tight fit, eh?
- You wanna get outta there?
- Yeah. Can you give me a hand up?
[woman grunts, exhales]
I'm Bernie.
George told me to expect you.
- You known him long?
- I reckon.
I dunno.
This has gotta be the first time
he's ever done anything this stupid.
[Bernie sighs]
Must be gettin' old.
- Is this where you make Mum's food?
- Bernie's Bistro.
[sighs] A limited menu,
but, um, never short on customers.
So, um, can I go and see Mum now?
Mate, have you figured out
where you are yet?
You're inside a women's fucking prison.
It's not like being in a hotel,
where you just phone someone up
and they meet you at reception.
[choir sings "Angels We Have Heard
on High" in background]
Salvos. Everyone's in the dining room
watchin' 'em.
- Don't you wanna be in there?
- Fuck no.
I hate hymns. Mission girl, me.
And stuff Christmas and stuff the carols,
and fuck 'em singin'
them Christmas fuckin' carols.
- [Debbie] Bernie!
- [Bernie] We're in here, Deb.
Is this Frankie's kid?
Dunno. Got a whole cart
full of 'em out the back, there.
You were supposed to bring Frankie
in with you, ya dopey bitch.
Yeah, she's gone
and jammed the door shut again.
The screw said to just let her stew.
I'm Debbie.
Is Mum hooked on drugs again?
[nervously] Look, all I can say
is she's in a dark place, mate.
She hasn't been eating much,
and I can't remember the last time
she came out for 3:00 p.m. rec.
Yeah, just just to warn you.
No, she'll come out for me.
Christmas is when miracles happen, right?
Just take me to her cell.
Soon as she hears my voice,
she'll open up that door.
[Debbie] I'm sure the screws will too.
But that's not my problem.
[sighs] All right, eh,
chop chop, in you hop.
What? With all the rubbish?
[Bernie] Just get in the bin.
[Eli groaning]
Now be quiet, and hang on.
- [anxious music plays]
- [Eli grunts]
[Bernie] Just before I leave you here,
if you get caught,
who wheeled you this far?
I couldn't see,
sounded like a white woman.
And how'd you get into this place?
I hung on the bottom of a truck.
Which truck?
Uh, I dunno. It was carrying prisoners.
Well, you're on your own now.
She's four doors down. B25. Hmm.
[Eli whispers] Mum! Mum!
[anxious music fades out]
[echoes] Mum?
It's me. Um, it's me Eli.
Mum, open the door.
It's not a dream, Mum.
Mum. Open the door.
Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday ♪
Who could hang a name on you? ♪
When you change with every new day ♪
[hopeful music plays]
Still I'm gonna miss you ♪
Mum, open the door.
Happy Christmas, Mum.
Group hug.
- Oh!
- [hopeful music crescendoes]
[Frankie laughs, cries]
- Are you real?
- 'Course I'm real, Mum.
God, your bones are thin.
You've got to get clean.
Everything's gonna be all right, Mum.
Gus told me and he knows everything.
You just gotta hang on.
We're gonna find where Lyle put his stash,
and then we'll sell it and get a deposit
so we can so we can buy you
somewhere better to live.
I don't need anything.
You and Gus are all I've ever needed.
[Frankie cries]
It's all gonna be brilliant, Mum.
You could go back to uni or
or work at the school canteen,
whatever you wanna do.
Oh, Eli.
My beautiful dream child.
It's not a dream, Mum.
All you have to do is believe.
You have to believe in us.
[Frankie chuckles]
Of course I believe.
I always have and I always will.
Look at me and say it.
What the fucking fuck?
[man 1] Keep your hair on, Laura.
What's goin' on here?
What sort of crèche are we running in here
when Princess Frankie
gets a contact in her cell?
- [man 1] What you goin' on about, Laura?
- I gotta go, Mum.
We can beat this.
We're stronger than they are.
[laughs hysterically]
Come on! He's gettin' away.
- [woman] Hey. Oh shit!
- Oi!
["Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again"
by The Angels plays]
[man 2] Hey, kid, come back here!
[alarm sounds]
I've got to stop these tears
That's falling from my eye ♪
Oi, get here!
Go walk out in the rain
So no one sees me cry ♪
Get him. He's under the table!
Am I ever gonna see your face again? ♪
Get up, get him!
[Debbie grunts]
Am I ever gonna see your face again? ♪
- [man 3] Come on!
- [Bernie] See you.
Am I ever gonna see your face again? ♪
Without you near me
I've got no place to go ♪
[man 3] Hey, come here!
Wait at the bar ♪
- [Eli] Merry Christmas! Help my mum!
- What are you doin' here?
Am I ever gonna see your face again? ♪
[woman hollers]
[man 4] He headed this way.
Am I ever gonna see your face again? ♪
[man 5] Get here. Get back here now!
Urgent, we got a breakout
through rear access, kitchen area B.
Get here now!
- Got a key. Come on, try it.
- Hurry up!
- Give it to me!
- [man 6] Don't be stupid. Come on.
Go get the bolt cutters!
- Go on!
- Quick!
Can you get through there?
Put it down now.
It isn't working!
[exclaims triumphantly]
[mischievous music plays]
[man 6] You're not gonna make it. No way.
- Let's go round.
- [man 6] Get him!
[Eli grunting]
[man 6] Don't be stupid, mate.
It's not gonna hold you.
Come down before you kill yourself.
[man 6] Kid, give it up. Are you stupid?
It's not gonna hold ya.
- [man 7] Get down from there.
- [man 6] Come on, kid!
[slowly] Oh shit!
[pleasant music plays]
[slowly] Slim!
[echoes] Lyle!
[Christopher] They can't hear you
if you're not dead yet.
So how can I hear you?
Guess I'm not dead yet, either. [echoes]
[pleasant music fades out]
- How is he?
- Dunno yet.
We took the tube out
and he's breathing spontaneously.
Won't really know what the damage is
till he's fully conscious.
Not you again.
[Brennan] How are you feeling?
Pretty crap, obviously.
Can you move your right hand?
[inhales] They got the whole tumor,
it was like scooping out an avocado seed.
It's possible
that you are gonna make a full recovery.
I think it might be a sign from God.
I don't believe in God.
Aw, well, that's too bad
'cause clearly he believes in you.
Merry Christmas.
[object clatters]
[choir sings "The First Noel"]
Noel, noel ♪
Born is the king of Israel ♪
Noel, noel ♪
- [guard 2] They say he's Frankie's kid.
- [guard 3] Did he bang his head?
[guard 2] Does it matter? Question is,
what are we gonna do with him?
If this goes public, it'll fuck
everyone's Christmas bonus,
the warden's included.
I'm not gonna go public.
["The First Noel" continues in background]
You'd better fuckin' not.
Know what happens
to prisoners who make our life difficult?
Yeah, Slim Halliday told me
all about what you done to him.
Gettin' beaten up and hosed down,
boogers in your food,
getting locked in Black Peter
for a week with no blanket.
Yet you still decided to break in.
My mum wasn't getting my letters.
That's a stupid excuse. How'd you get in?
With the Salvos.
I climbed into their van and then
told everyone I was with the choir.
♪Israel ♪
Noel, noel ♪
So, um what are you gonna do with me?
- To be honest, we still haven't decided.
- Well, you could just let me go.
- Yeah, and you could also rat on us too.
- It's the prisoners' code.
You know, mates don't rat on mates.
[guard 2 chuckles]
You're not our mate, mate.
In fact, the only reason we caught you
was 'cause you fell right on top of us.
Did you really know Slim Halliday?
Yeah. Did you?
I did, actually.
Sad to hear of his passing.
That was Halliday's Leap
you were trying to get over.
That was the plan.
- What was your plan if you got caught?
- [Eli] Maybe do a deal.
You let me out, I don't say anything,
my mum's allowed visitors?
You little shit,
you're in no position to make deals.
[guard 3] Enough.
It's Christmas.
Let me talk to Bernie.
Have a think how this'll work.
Noel ♪
Noel, noel ♪
Born is the king of Israel ♪
So, I've been reading this stuff
in my psychology book
about how you're most likely
to fall in love with what's familiar.
So, the more you're around someone,
the more likely you are to fancy them.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
For me, it's usually the opposite.
[Frankie] Hmm.
Frankie Bell, visitor for you,
in the visitors' room.
[door buzzes]
[door opens]
Table nine.
[Frankie] Hi, Teddy.
Lookin' good. Is that a new dress?
Mm. This old thing?
Oh, you'd look good in a sack, you would.
[Frankie] Certainly feels like one.
[quietly] Maybe I'll get you
something nice to wear underneath, huh?
I'm sorry about Lyle.
Nothing you could've done, Teddy.
I could've put up more of a fight,
or any kind of a fight.
I just didn't want anything
to happen to you. You know?
It's all in the past now.
It's really good of you
to come visit, Teddy.
You know, I've always had a soft spot
for ya, Frankie.
[Frankie] Aw.
Well, if there's anything I can do
to make things easier in here for you,
you let me know.
I think I'm okay.
You could check in
on the boys once in a while.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, well, I I went around
a couple of times already, actually,
um, but they wasn't in.
I'll go again though,
when I'm not on long distance.
You're a good man, Teddy.
Maybe don't tell 'em I come here though.
I I just wouldn't want them to think
that I was, um you know,
like encroaching or
- You're not encroaching.
- [Teddy] No?
No, it's always really nice
to see a friendly face.
It's good to see you too, Frankie.
- [guard] Table nine, no touching.
- We're not touching.
We're not fucking touching.
Did you see us touch? Huh?
[Teddy scoffs]
What's with her, huh?
That time of the month or something?
[alarm rings]
Uh, well, I'll I'll
I'll come back, yeah?
- Thanks, Teddy.
- [Teddy] Yeah, 'course.
[Frankie chuckles]
[door buzzes]
[Caitlyn] The owner of FunWorld
is Dustin Vang.
He's rumored to import the stuff
through Sydney.
The prime suspect is this kid,
son of local importer Bich Dang,
who recently retired from the heroin
business due to ill health.
It sounds like the conflict
between these two gangs
is coming to a head now.
If it becomes open warfare,
I'm imagining Dustin Vang
will finally be prosecuted
for his past crimes.
Like this one, perhaps.
Well, that's assuming
there's anyone left alive to testify.
And [sighs]there are no other players
we don't know about.
And, Jeffrey, when I said no adverbs,
I did not mean more adjectives.
Come on, people! It's four o'clock.
[Eli] Dear Alex.
Mum's off the drugs
and doing a lot better now.
Gus and I have been thinking
of part-time jobs
to save for a deposit on a nice house
that Mum can move into when she gets out.
[dramatic music plays]
We thought we should look
at Lyle's place one more time
to see if we can find anything to sell,
if you know what I mean.
[gentle music plays]
[squeaking sound]
Oi, come gimme a hand with this.
What do you reckon about this?
[Eli] Not sure.
[Gus grunts]
Wait, Gus, look at this.
Q, S,
L G.
[tense music plays]
What's he telling him?
[dramatic music plays]
[Gus] Hold on.
[Gus grunts]
Holy shit, Batman.
That's it.
[both chuckle]
Oh my God.
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music fades out]
- [Gus] How much you think it's worth?
- [Eli] All up? A hundred grand maybe.
What do you reckon we do with it?
Sell it, obviously. To Darren Dang.
Buy Mum a house.
I say bury it. We got four years
till Mum gets out of prison.
Yeah, but do you think
that Darren will still be around then?
The way he's going,
I'm not sure he'll live that long.
I could say the same about you.
Do you know something that I don't?
I know a lot of things you don't,
but I only see bits.
Like what?
Tell me.
[dramatic music plays]
[muted gasping, shouting]
[Robert] Boys? Dinner's up.
[intriguing music plays]
- What do you want?
- Hi, I'm Eli Bell.
I, uh
I'm an old school friend of Darren's.
I also brought some merchandise
that he might be interested in.
[hip-hop music plays in background]
[in Vietnamese] Guy with the merchandise.
Said you were in school together.
[in English] Chin-chin.
Nah, never seen him before.
What the hell, Darren?
[boy 1] I'll check this out, boss.
Who are you really?
It's me. You know, Tinker Bell.
- [blade flicks]
- [Eli gasps, exhales]
I reckon he's a spy for the BTK.
- He's certainly not 5T.
- Darren, I don't even know what 5T is.
I'm 5T.
This is 5T.
[in Vietnamese] Love,
Money, Prison, Sin, Revenge.
[in English] You wanna join?
We've got our own tattooist.
Can I think about it?
[boy 2] Who is this loser?
[boy 3] He's got no respect.
Same old Tink. Were you shittin' yourself?
- Yes.
- [Darren giggles]
[Darren exhales]
So, how much you asking
for the merchandise?
It's a quality product.
It's gotta have appreciated
in value over time.
[loud crashing]
What the f?
[in Vietnamese] Vang
and his mates are on the lawn.
[in English] Why let them in?
He drove his truck
through the front gates.
He said he'll burn your house down.
- They've got weapons.
- [Darren] Let's move.
[in Vietnamese] I told you
torching FunWorld was a bad idea.
[in English] Put that in the safe.
[snaps fingers]
[tense music plays]
- What's that?
- 50K, take it or leave it.
- Wait! I haven't finished negotiating yet.
- [Darren] Yes, you have.
The Sydney fuckers are tryin'
to take over our market.
[boy 4] What are you looking at?
You want a machete?
What? No fucking way.
Suit yourself.
[all repeating] Kill!
You fucked up my fence.
That's just the start of your problems.
After we burn your fuckin' house down,
I'll chop off your dick
and stuff it up in your arse.
[Eli] I think I'll go back inside.
[Darren scoffs] That's very original.
If you don't move your shitty vehicle,
I'll tattoo your face to your ball sack
and send it to your mum
to use as a finger puppet.
- [in Vietnamese] Kill them all!
- [in English] Wait, wait, wait!
Look, I know none of you know me
and I don't know any of you,
but I really think
in this kinda situation,
a different point of view can really help.
You fucking kidding me?
My stepdad's grandparents
were refugees from World War II.
A lot of folks like them came to Darra
fleeing from war and shit.
Your parents could probably tell
the same story.
In truth, we're all foreigners here,
but I know we all think
of this place as home now.
So why can't we just put down our weapons
and sort this out like family,
like neighbors,
with a sit-down in the front yard
for a beer and a yarn?
So, who's gonna be
the first to shake on that?
[in Vietnamese] Kill them all!
[in English] Oh, God!
- [all yelling]
- [rhythmic music plays]
[crunching, banging sounds]
[Eli pants]
[breathes slowly]
[exhales heavily]
[music crescendoes, fades]
[birds chirping]
Tell me that's tomato sauce.
Nah, it's actually blood this time.
Jesus, Eli, what happened?
Check that out. Look in the bag.
Fifty thousand in cash.
Deposit on a house for Mum.
[scoffs] We did it. [giggles]
["Dumb Things" by Paul Kelly plays]
Welcome, strangers, to the show ♪
I'm the one who should be lyin' low ♪
[Eli] Dear Mum.
Just to say, Gus was right.
Everything's working out
just like he said it would.
We found some of Lyle's old things
and sold them for cash,
and Dad's learning to cook.
[Robert] Oof! You boys gettin'
a good whiff of that?
[Eli] Just 1,381 sleeps.
It'll be just like old times.
Better, I promise.
And I get all your good advice ♪
[Robert] Oi, you smell that?
You wait till you get
a look at this thing, eh?
Ow, fuck! Oh, fuck.
- [clatters]
- Fuck!
[Eli] You all right, Dad?
[Robert] Yeah, I'm fine.
Pie's fucked.
It'll still taste all right, I think.
That's why we need a dog.
I've done all the dumb things ♪
I melted wax to fix my wings ♪
I've done all the dumb things ♪
Yeah, I threw my hat into the ring ♪
I've done all the dumb things ♪
Well, I thought
That I just had to sing ♪
I've done all the dumb things ♪
["Dumb Things" fades out]
[wondrous music plays]
She'll be out in four Christmases.
I'll be 17.
[dramatic music plays]
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