Boy Swallows Universe (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Boy Seeks Work

[coughs, gasps]
[wondrous music plays]
[exhales slowly]
[typewriter clacking]
[wind chimes tinkle]
Sorry, mate.
I can't stop.
I'm on a bit of a roll. [exhales]
What are you doing here?
I thought you were dead.
[wind blows]
I'll always be part of your life, mate.
I'm just lyin' low for a spell.
Writin' my novel.
[Eli] Lyle?
Lyle! [echoes]
[wondrous music crescendoes]
[dramatic music plays]
[breathes uneasily]
- [music fades]
- [indistinct background clatter]
[door buzzes]
[guard] Bermuda, letter.
[Alex sniffs]
[indistinct background chatter]
[door buzzes in distance]
[Eli] Dear Alex.
We've been pen pals for four years now.
There's been plenty of changes.
As Slim Halliday always used to say,
"Time is the answer to everything."
- [in Vietnamese] Come on.
- [pensive music plays]
[Eli in English] It was time
and another stroke
that put Bich Dang in a nursing home
[Bich in Vietnamese] Play.
[in English] and her son Darren
in prison.
[Bich] Oh
[Eli] Time brought mid-strength beer
to Queensland. Sobered up Dad a bit.
Time made Gus a little more talkative,
but not enough to be noticed.
And finally,
time got our mum outta prison.
So it was time to dig up the money
and buy Mum a house.
[softly] Gimme a hand with this.
[mysterious music plays]
- [Eli] Fuckin' hell. It's there.
- [Robert] Boys?
[softly] Come on, hurry up.
Mum's old typewriter.
[Gus] Let's go. Come on.
Boys, what are you doin' down there?
Sorry, I just found Mum's old typewriter.
Yeah, doozy. Come up quick,
wash your hands. Dinner's on.
Don't want it to get cold.
Got peas, Gussie.
Okay. Let's, uh, put that away, mate.
Let's eat. Come on.
- [Eli] Cheers, Dad.
- That's all right, mate.
He loves his peas, ol' Gussie.
Big day tomorrow, boys.
You, uh You gonna meet her at
at the jail or?
Nah, she's released today,
so we're going to Morningside.
What's at Morningside?
Um, it's a halfway house.
It's run by nuns.
Right. Do you need,
uh, money for the bus and stuff?
No, no, we're fine.
We made a few hundred
washing windscreens, so
- Okay. Good.
- [Eli] Yeah.
A couple hundred bucks washing screens?
You won't need all that for the bus.
Cough it up.
Forget about it. You got your own money.
[Eli] Pfft!
- Try this one?
- [Gus] Yeah.
- G'day.
- Hi.
Could I grab
the Quality Selection chocolates, please?
- [softly] Thanks.
- What did youse do? Rob a bank?
Uh, retired drug dealers, actually.
If you keep combin' your hair, you'll go
bald and she won't recognize you.
[bus arrives]
That's our bus. Oi! Oi!
Are you excited?
Yeah, yeah. Just a bit nervous,
to be honest.
What about?
You know, it's it's been a while.
Slim always said prison changes you.
- Changes you how? She's still our mum.
- Yeah, I know. It's just
You know, we've changed too.
She still loves us.
You're gonna be an artist
and you're a charity hero.
I'm gonna be a journalist.
We'll buy the dream home
and we'll be a family again, remember?
[Gus chuckles softly]
[gentle music plays]
[Gus] Nothing, it's just
Can you just lighten up a bit
and enjoy it?
Yeah. Yeah.
[Gus exhales]
- [Eli] Cheers, mate.
- [Gus] Thanks.
[Eli] Um
- Uh, it's this one, isn't it?
- Nah, I think it's this one.
I might grab one of these flowers.
What do you reckon?
Yeah, why not?
[knocking on door]
- Yes?
- Hi, I'm Eli, this is Gus.
- We're here to see Frances Bell.
- Yes. Yes! She's expecting you.
Flowers, hey? How lovely.
[hopeful music plays]
Okay, boys. Fourth door on your right.
[mouthing] Thanks.
[knocking on door]
[Frankie] Come in.
[Frankie chuckles happily]
[Frankie gasps]
[whispers] Wow.
You boys have gotten so big.
Hey, Mum.
Group hug?
[sniffles] Mum, I missed you.
Was it horrible?
That's kind of the whole point of prison.
But there were some good times.
Playing pranks on the screws.
All of us sorting out
our shitty lives together.
But you wanna know
what the absolutely best bit of all was?
What was the best bit of all?
[Frankie] When this crazy kid from Darra
broke in to see his mum one Christmas day.
[giggles] They still talk about that kid
all the time.
Serious question, Mum.
[Frankie] Hmm?
Where do you wanna move to next
after here?
[hopeful music fades]
Well, I have an idea, actually.
[Eli] We got a few ideas ourselves.
Go on. You first.
Well, suppose that we'd saved up enough
for a deposit for a place in The Gap.
[Frankie] The Gap?
[laughing] Where would you ever get
that kind of money?
Well, suppose that we did.
Big front lawn with trees,
and a big backyard, and
[inhales]you could sit outside
having Campari.
[Gus snickers]
That's very sweet of you, Eli, really.
Firstly, I don't
I don't drink Campari anymore,
and secondly, I've
I've got a better idea,
and it's all fixed.
[dramatic music plays]
What's fixed?
I'm moving in with Teddy Kallas.
What? Wh Why?
I don't Um
Don't know, I suppose I've
I've fallen in love with him.
You know that he ratted out Lyle, right?
Ratted him out to Ivan.
- Did Darren Dang tell you that?
- Yeah, he did, actually.
[Frankie] That's not what happened.
Teddy had nothing to do with it
and that's the truth of it.
Teddy was really good to me
all that time that I was in prison.
You know what?
Fuck Teddy and fuck this shit!
[softly] Fuck.
[host] For $2,000, which fruit is used
to describe a complete disaster?
- [contestant] Pear. That would be pear.
- [host] Correct.
It's a close game. We'll be right back
after this short break.
[bottles rattle]
[dramatic music plays]
- We can't touch that money. It's for Mum.
- But she doesn't want it.
- She could buy a car.
- She got Teddy's car.
- What will you spend 50 grand on?
- I don't fuckin' know. Stuff.
You don't think
anyone's gonna fuckin' notice?
I'm not just talkin' about the cops.
That money's fuckin' trouble.
["Boys Will Be Boys"
by Choirboys plays in background]
I've always been in trouble ♪
With the boy inside the man ♪
Yes, he loves to have a good time ♪
[Tim] You're Lyle Orlik's kid, aren't you?
[chuckles] And cashed up too.
I'm Detective Tim Cotton.
Anyone sitting here?
- Yeah, the seat's taken, actually.
- [Tim] Won't stay long.
I just wanted to offer my congratulations.
On what?
Your mum gettin' outta prison.
It's always a pleasure to see a a family
gettin' back onto the straight and narrow.
As long as they can stay there.
That's the big risk, isn't it,
with a family such as yours?
Once you've experienced
the rewards of life on the dark side
You know that better than most.
I'm not sure what you mean by that.
I mean, you're friends with Ivan Kroll,
aren't ya?
Saw you and him at a party
a few years ago with Tytus Broz.
I'm sure you know
what happened to my stepfather.
This is precisely what I'm talking about.
Failure to let go of the past.
Flirting with real danger.
A sense of injury.
["Boys Will Be Boys"
continues in background]
[Tim] Let it all go, mate.
Let it go. You'll thank me for it.
Boys will be boys ♪
And keep off the spirits.
I'd hate to see you go home legless.
I'm sure your mum wouldn't like it either.
After everything she's been through.
Hey, boy, you can't do that ♪
You've been a child too long
It's time for you to grow up ♪
I put that old mask on
It didn't last that long ♪
[children playing in background]
[birds chirping]
[Mom] Come on, Shells.
Time for your physio.
How else are you gonna get better?
That's not how
muscular dystrophy works, Mum.
Never say never.
[inhales] Up you pop, quick sticks.
I'm not three years old.
- Oh. Are you ready?
- Yeah.
[Mom grunts]
Oh [sighs]
Gus said he'd come in the afternoon,
watch the cricket and stuff with you.
Whoop-de-fuckin'- do.
Shelly, I know
you are doing it tough here,
and things are pretty bleak,
but if you won't make
an effort for yourself,
just do it for me, right?
[dramatic music plays]
[voice breaking] Don't deny me
the right to hold on to hope.
'Cause right now, that's just
about all I've got goin' for me.
Okay, take a chill pill, geez.
[car honks]
Teddy's offering us all a home, Eli.
Tell me a better option.
- You could always come stay at Dad's.
- [Frankie scoffs]
You know that could never work.
Thank you.
Robert's a
Robert's a troubled man,
but you've seen him when he's blind drunk
and that is not a household
that you wanna grow up in.
We already grew up in it.
Teddy loved Lyle,
and he just wants to help, Eli.
And if you're looking for work,
there's a tutor on my psych course
who has a nephew who works
as a groundsman at The Courier-Mail.
Right, well, she said
that they're often looking for cadets
and you should talk
to the editor-in-chief.
And I wrote his name down.
- Why don't you give him a call?
- It's not that easy, Mum.
Okay, so go in and ask to see him.
Two minutes is all you'll need with him.
- I don't need a job, it's fine.
- Oh come on.
Everyone needs a job, Eli.
[car honks]
I have to go now.
Are you serious? He's already here?
We could be a family again.
You know, it would be so lovely.
- [softly] Hey.
- [softly] Hey.
Hey, uh, big fella. Long time no see, huh?
- Yeah, right.
- I was just telling Eli about your offer.
- [Teddy] Hmm?
- About the boys staying with us.
Oh, sure. Yeah. Why not?
We could clear out that spare room,
chuck a couple beds in there
for you and Gussie.
Plus, whenever I'm not there,
you and your mother,
you basically have
the place to yourselves. Hey?
You could keep an eye on her for me, huh?
[Teddy chuckles]
Just have a think about it.
Come on, let's go.
[dramatic music plays]
[softly] Think about it.
[door closes]
[announcer 1] Australia struggling
for a result here
on the last day of this test.
And hope to make a return
to the dominance shown
in these highlights of previous days.
[dramatic music continues]
- [banging]
- [shouting]
[Frankie screams]
[high-pitched ringing]
[announcer 2] Very good catch that was
there by Richie Richardson.
- How are we doin'?
- Shithouse.
[announcer 1] from, uh, everybody.
And, uh, Geoff Marsh knows
He's got that one away.
Hey, um, Mum says hi. She wants us
to come and stay with Teddy for a bit.
[softly] Fuck!
- [shouts]
- [high-pitched ringing]
Does Teddy eat lamb shanks?
The fuck are you talkin' about?
[announcer 2] Well played.
Warriors, our guys.
[announcer 1] That was a magnificent shot.
So what've you been doin' today?
[crowd cheers on TV]
Charity stuff.
[announcer 2] And that's his over.
Just come off the edge after the
Do you want a cuppa?
Hi, Dad. How's your book?
Hmm? Yeah, good. Yep. Mm.
- [Eli] Do you want a cuppa?
- I'd love one, Eli, but the milk is sour.
[anchor] Lady Luck came calling today
on one very special family
- in Brisbane's southwestern suburbs.
- Mm. Ah, but the beer's not.
[anchor] Single mom, Tessa Huffman,
has been hoping
to raise the $70,000 needed
to make life easier for daughter Shelly,
who is living with muscular dystrophy.
Over the past four years,
the school had raised
a little over $15,000.
But this morning, an unexpected miracle.
[reporter] I'm here with Tessa
and Shelly Huffman who have
an incredible story to tell.
Tessa, tell us,
how did you discover the money?
I went to the door to get the paper and
there it was,
you know, this this package.
- And we didn't know what was in it.
- You didn't?
You fuckin' bastard.
You gave away my fuckin' money?
What the fuck?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Fuckin' hell, Gus.
[crashing sounds]
Fuck you! Fucking
- Boys.
- [Eli] You arsehole!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Easy.
- [Eli] Fuckin' hell.
- Take it easy.
Fuckin' ruined us.
You've certainly ruined
my brand-new sheepskin.
Boys, keep it in the dojo.
[reporter] Shelly, is there a message
You would've only got us in a ton of shit.
I I couldn't take that risk.
[giggling] Whoever you are, I love you.
[reporter] And back to you
in the newsroom.
[anchor] Well, if that story doesn't warm
your heart, I don't know what will.
[door opens, closes]
[phone rings]
- [woman] See ya.
- [Helen] Hello, Courier-Mail?
Thanks for calling,
I'll pass on the message.
I'm here to see Brian Robertson.
- Is he expecting you?
- Uh, I wrote to him.
[scoffs] Yeah, but did you hear back?
No, I haven't.
[Helen] What did you want
to see him about?
I'm here to apply for a cadetship.
[scoffs] Sorry, love,
the applications closed three months ago.
You'll need to come back next year.
- But
- [Helen] What?
Well, it's just
that I really need this, so
I remember you.
You're that kid with the bandage
who stopped what's-his-name
from running into the doors.
Look, there's no way
I'm sending you in there.
But I can't stop you from hanging around
in the parking lot at 8:00 p.m. tonight.
Well, what happens at 8:00?
[inhales] That's usually when the boss
knocks off, but don't tell him I told you.
Courier-Mail. Which department
do you require? Thank you.
Uh, sorry, just one more thing.
Where does he park?
- You applying to be a journalist?
- Ideally.
Well, you could start
by investigating which parking spot
has the editor's name on it.
[dramatic music plays]
[sputters] Mr. Robertson?
[sighing] Yes, what?
I'm Eli Bell. I just have
a couple of questions for you
Let me go first. Where the hell
did you get that fuckin' awful tie?
Oh, my dad got it for me. He reckoned
it would appeal to your love of words.
Do I know your dad?
Um, don't think so.
Nah, 'cause he clearly doesn't know me.
I hate words. Words haunt my dreams.
- Maybe you could use me, then.
- For what? Clearly not fashion advice.
- For one of your cadetships, maybe.
- Maybe next year.
- You're not hiring till November, but
- But what? It's February.
You're either three months late
or nine months too early.
I've got a story for ya.
All right, give it to me quick.
If you can't tell your story
in three words, we don't have a headline.
"John Lennon shot."
"Iraq invades Iran."
"Is irony dead?"
- Well
- That's one.
- Look, it just depends on what angle
- Sorry, kid. Come back in November.
[dramatic music continues]
[train horn honks]
[announcer] The train on Platform One
is the Caboolture train,
running express from Bowen Hills
to Eagle Junction, and
[hopeful music plays]
Caitlyn Spies?
I'm Eli Bell.
Wow, I, um didn't recognize you.
Can we chat another time? It's my train.
[announcer] Doors closing
Yeah, me too.
- You on the Caboolture line?
- Yeah, it's close enough.
- Um, do you mind if I sit?
- Yeah, go for your life.
[gentle music plays]
So, uh, what were you downtown for?
Uh, I had a meeting with your boss
about a cadetship.
Ah [inhales sharply]
Mm, you know you can't apply
until November, right?
He said.
Did he do that thing he does?
The three words.
He did, actually.
[chuckles] Mm-hm. Yeah,
he loves to do that to newbies.
I remember
when I first applied for the job,
he asked me for three words
to summarize my character.
What'd you tell him?
"Spies digs deep."
'Cause I've always needed
to get to the bottom of things.
Why is that?
Well, uh
My mum died when I was eight,
and I guess that leaves you
with a lot of questions.
What happened? Who was responsible?
If there is a God out there,
why her, of all people,
with so many evil shitheads
running around free in the world?
That time at the newspaper,
you were gonna tell me
about your stepdad, but, um, you ran off.
Afterwards, the cops kept saying
it was all under investigation.
You wrote about it once.
It's where certain cops
protect certain crims,
and those crims keep
the drug dealers in line for the cops.
Everyone takes a cut of the profits.
Who was the crim who killed your stepdad?
Look, my, um my mum just got outta jail,
and she just wants stability
and security at the moment.
The last thing I wanna do
is stir up all that shit again.
Sometimes I think it's good
to stir up shit.
Not in my experience.
Sometimes, it's best to let it all go.
If you want answers,
I'd go and talk to Bich Dang.
She's pretty unwell, but she knows
probably where all the bodies are,
and everything.
Just don't mention my name, maybe.
[announcer] Eagle Junction.
Passengers for the Shorncliffe
Uh, this is my stop.
[announcer] please change trains here.
You don't live
anywhere near Caboolture, do you?
Um, Darra.
It's all right, I'll just take this
to Northgate and change there.
[hopeful music plays]
One piece of advice,
if you wanna write for the paper,
just write for the paper.
Write something so bloody earth-shattering
they'd be mad not to run it. [chuckles]
Okay. I'll think about it.
[brakes squeal]
[Eli] Dear Alex. I hope
your parole came good this time.
Turns out it's been tough
getting a start as a journalist,
but I've been getting some good advice.
Anyway, Mom wants us to go
and stay with her and Teddy for a week.
- Dad reckons we should do it for her sake.
- [Frankie chuckles]
Long time no see, Gussie.
Hey. How are you, mate?
What do you think? Hey?
Well, come on.
Bring your bags, bring 'em up inside
and then I'll take you out back.
There's somethin' I wanna show you.
You are gonna love this. Whoa. Easy. Okay.
- [Frankie kisses]
- [dramatic music plays]
- [Eli] Hey, Mum. How you goin'?
- [Frankie kisses]
[softly] Be nice.
Here's the living room.
Plenty of kung fu movies.
Hey, Gussie? [chuckles]
We thought that this
could be your room, boys.
Gets beautiful light in the morning,
doesn't it?
[Teddy] Yeah.
Well, go on. Drop your bags.
This and these, these were my mum's.
Probably worth a bomb by now.
Yeah, very special. Very special.
All right, come on. I wanna show you
somethin' outside. Let's go.
This, uh This is the shower.
You'll be needin' that.
This is the kitchen.
We won't be needin' that.
Am I right, lads? [cackles]
And these are my babies.
We have Bow and
And there she is, there's Arrow.
Do you get it? Hey? Like the
Ah! Hey. Hello, hello, how are you doing?
What do you think, huh?
Here we go, okay.
All right, now. Come around. Now
And what do you think of that?
That's a Kenworth K100 conventional.
[snaps fingers] Come on. We can jump up.
Gussie, you go around the side, yeah?
Just be careful with the door, mate.
Could be a bit sticky, yeah? [groans]
[Teddy breathes hard]
What do you reckon, boys? Hey?
I've got air con, CB radio It's
Eli, come on. Come and have a
Nah, I'm good.
All right, suit yourself. Check this out.
- [switch clicks]
- [static crackles]
[presses button] Hey there, Marlon.
[static crackles]
This is Teddy Kallas. Mate, you there?
Anyone? Fitz?
Anybody got their ears on? Oi.
[static crackles]
You know, when I can't raise
someone on the on the CB,
I'll, uh I'll talk to Lyle, sometimes.
- Yeah. Just, like, just in my imagination.
- Yeah, what do you talk to him about?
Just, uh, ya know,
times when we were together, ya know?
When we were kids.
[softly] Well,
he's the best friend I ever had.
[mysterious music plays]
Mrs. Dang? Uh, my name's Caitlyn Spies.
I wonder if I could ask you
a couple of questions.
Did you ever know
someone called Lyle Orlik?
I know you.
You're that newspaper reporter.
This This is not safe for me.
Who else know you're here?
- No one.
- Bullshit.
They all try to kill me.
Who is?
[orderly picks up dishes]
- I'm sure that's not true.
- [Bich] True!
I know too much now.
Well, maybe you could share it with me.
[Bich scoffs]
[inhales sharply]
I know how journalists work.
You get paid for the story
and some poor fool,
they suffer the consequence.
What do you care?
You're worse than the drug dealer.
Look, I just need
to know about Lyle Orlik.
You don't need to know anything.
I'm not talking.
[softly] Okay.
Okay, well
if you change your mind.
If you hear from me,
I probably be dead already.
[mysterious music crescendoes]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [train whistle blows in distance]
So? What did you lads think of Rain Man?
Yeah, it was good.
You reckon your brother could do
any of that stupid brainy stuff?
Like, if I showed him
a bunch of toothpicks,
do you reckon he'd be able to tell me
exactly how many there was?
He's not autistic, Teddy.
He just doesn't talk much.
It's the same difference, isn't it?
He got the top marks in school
and could've gone to uni easily.
Yeah, but wouldn't the uni people want him
to say something every now and again?
He does talk sometimes, don't you?
So why don't he speak to me, then?
Ah-ah, Gussie.
Care to comment?
- 'Cause he thinks you ratted on Lyle.
- Eli!
Uh [chuckles nervously]
Ah, that's okay. I don't even know
what he's talkin' about.
So what are you talkin' about?
You dobbed on our stepdad to Ivan Kroll
so you could get off with our mum.
Eli, that is enough!
[dramatic music plays]
[doors open]
[doors close]
[dramatic music continues]
[ominous music plays]
[Teddy stomps away]
[dog barks]
[Teddy opens front door, slams front door]
You really shouldn't have said that, Eli.
How do you know it's not true?
I already explained it to you.
Now, go inside and apologize.
He didn't mean anything by it.
[Teddy] Yes, he did! You heard him.
I heard him. Everybody heard him.
Everybody in the fuckin' street
basically heard him.
I mean, that doesn't make me a rat!
I never ratted on Lyle.
Look at me. I never ratted on Lyle.
He was cutting the gear, and somebody's
obviously fuckin' dobbed on him.
- And that's it. But how is that my fault?
- [Frankie] I know, I'll explain
[Teddy] You know, you'll explain to him?
I'm not having people
under this fucking roof,
my fuckin' parents' roof,
accusing me of bullshit.
I fuckin' ratted out my best mate?
Really, that's the best we can do?
I've got a fuckin' theory.
I've got a theory!
Santa Claus fuckin' did it.
[birds chirping]
Morning, sleepyhead.
- Where are you going?
- Out.
I'm gonna make lamb shanks for dinner.
Your favorite.
If you can be back by six.
If you're lucky.
[slams door]
[Gus yawns]
[crickets chirping]
So, should we eat? [sighs]
Just give him a few more minutes.
[keys fumble]
[slams door]
There's a beer in the fridge
if you're thirsty.
[Teddy scoots chair]
[silverware clinks]
[Teddy] You know what his real problem is?
You indulged him.
All this no-speaking bullshit,
you've made him as crazy
as his fucked-up father.
Just eat your dinner, Teddy.
If he can answer for himself,
why doesn't he, Frankie?
If you can answer for yourself,
why don't you, Gus?
And who would wanna live
with the bloke who tried to kill ya
by driving into a fucking dam?
[Teddy scoffs]
Dad was having a panic attack.
- He didn't know what he was doing.
- Hey, Eli, he's a fucking liar.
And you're a fuckin' fuckwit
for believing him.
- Teddy, that's enough.
- Actually, no.
You know what?
You know what? Fuck youse all.
This was my mother's table
and she had her fucking standards.
So you can leave my fucking table
and you can fuck off, the lotta you.
- Boys, grab your plates, we'll finish
- Nup, nup, nup, nup, nup!
Nup! Nup! No! Leave it.
Don't fucking touch it. Sit down.
[exhales sharply] Bow!
- [dogs bark]
- [Teddy whistles]
Arrow! Come on.
Yes, come on, come on.
Go on. Fuck off! Fuck off out of here
fuck off out of here right now.
Only family eats at this table.
Come on. Here we go.
Good boy. Hey. Ooh, look at that.
Yummy lamb shanks, huh? Yeah, that's it.
Up here. Up here. Yes. Yup.
That's a good
Come on, Arrow, look at this.
- Good boy. That's it, yes. Squeeze in.
- Mum, we should go.
[Teddy] Good dog. Good dog.
[Eli] Mum
[Teddy] Nice to have someone who knows
their place and keeps their trap shut,
and doesn't bite
the fuckin' hand that feeds 'em.
There you go. Go on, lots more.
Come on. Get it down you.
- [Eli] Mum?
- [Teddy] There you are. Yum.
[Arrow barks, growls]
[Teddy] What the
What the fuck was that?
[dogs bark]
[Teddy breathes heavily]
[Teddy] Those were my mother's.
Don't you dare.
- No!
- [Eli] No!
[Teddy pants, grunts]
- [cracking sound]
- [Teddy grunts]
[Eli] Stop.
[Eli grunts, hollers]
- [Arrow growls]
- Get 'em! Hold 'em there!
[Frankie groans in pain]
[Frankie shouts]
[Frankie screams]
All right, you fuckin' bitch.
[barking, growling]
[Frankie shouts]
[Teddy growls]
[Frankie groans]
[Teddy] Fuckin'
[Frankie screams]
- [Frankie yells]
- [Teddy grumbles]
[barking, growling]
[Frankie screaming]
- [Teddy] Come on.
- [Frankie whimpers, groans]
[Frankie groaning in pain]
[Frankie gasping]
All right, now you
[Frankie shouts, hollers]
[Teddy] All right, come on. Come on.
- [dogs yelp]
- [Teddy] Come on.
- [Teddy growls]
- [Frankie screams]
[Frankie inhales desperately]
Thirsty, huh?
[Eli hollers]
[Eli yells]
- [clanks]
- [Frankie pants]
- [Gus] Mum.
- [Eli] Mum!
[dramatic music plays]
Get your things. We're out of here.
["The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)"
by Tom Waits plays on stereo]
[phone rings]
And the piano has been drinking ♪
- [song stops]
- [ringing continues]
[line rings]
[ringing continues]
Dad, it's me.
Are you sober?
Uh [mumbles]
Mum needs somewhere to stay.
Can I please bring her home?
[hesitantly] What's wrong with Freddy's
What's his name, Teddy's place?
Well, the bloke just tried to kill her
and she's got nowhere else to go.
- Uh What about her halfway house?
- They're a bunch of retired old nuns.
He'll only go there
and and drag her back to his place.
[hesitantly] Yeah. Well, he's probably
just gonna find her here.
- Have you thought about that?
- But we'll be there to look after her.
Yeah, a lotta history there, mate.
He, um He said yes.
[hopeful music plays]
G'day. [sighs]
Thank you, Robert.
[softly] Yeah, okay.
[Robert sighs]
[Robert mumbles] It's just
Um, this can, uh
[inhales]be your room once we rearrange.
I'll be fine on the lounge.
Well, we'll we'll get it tidied up
and then you can have your own space.
All right.
[birds chirping]
- [Robert belches] Sorry.
- Sorry.
You got a nasty cut on your lip there.
Oh. Um, it'll go down.
[phone rings]
- [Robert] Oh
- I'll I'll get it.
No, no, don't. It could be Teddy.
[Eli] It's good.
Give me your mum. [pants]
- Who's this?
- Would you just put your mum on the phone?
[softly] Give it to me.
[inhales sharply] What part of this
don't you understand?
- I'm not coming back.
- No, no, no, no, no, Frankie. Frankie.
And you come anywhere near this house,
and we'll fuckin' smash your face in.
- [softly] Look, Eli
- Pardon?
I didn't quite catch that.
You'll do what exactly, Eli?
- Just tell him we'll call the police.
- Mum's already called the cops on you.
No, she hasn't.
I just heard your useless prick
of a father sayin' that.
[Robert] Oi, I'm hearing that.
I'm hearing it all, Teddy,
just so ya know.
And she's charging you with assault.
That's bullshit, Eli.
Just tell her I'm comin' to collect her.
Go fuck yourself, all right?
[intensely] I'm bringin'
my fuckin' baseball bat, Eli.
Well, bring balls and all,
'cause we got a whole family
waitin' right here for ya.
["Power & the Passion"
by Midnight Oil plays]
[dogs bark]
People wastin' away ♪
Fitz, Marlon. Biker-Man.
Anyone got their ears on?
Takin' your time ♪
Here's a bat. All right.
What do you believe is true? ♪
And nothin' they say ♪
Pretty good. The rat traps.
Got it.
You take all the trouble ♪
Put a grease trap on the ground
or something, I dunno.
- I'm goin' up, yeah?
- All right, go for it.
At least you won't have
Time to be bored ♪
[Robert] So, we'll start with,
uh, nonviolent resistance.
If that fails, then we're prepared.
Oh-oh, the temper of the time ♪
Oh-oh, the power and the passion ♪
[knock at door]
Oh-oh, the power and the passion ♪
Ax handle.
Sometimes you've got
To take the hardest line ♪
[knocking at door]
Who's that?
["Power & the Passion" ends]
[dramatic music plays]
I've come to take you home!
Get your arse out here.
[window opens]
Oi! I'm not comin' back to you, Teddy.
You had your chance and we're done now.
No, we are done when I say we are done!
She said fuck off, all right?
Now get off my fuckin' lawn
before I call the cops, you useless mutt.
[grunts, shouts]
[Teddy pants]
I think the lady told you
to get off her lawn.
[intensely] Go fuck yourself.
[Teddy grunts]
[Fitz] Who the fuck do you think you are?
Alex Bermuda,
sergeant-at-arms of The Rebels.
How you feelin', mate? All right?
Now see, what you're gonna do
is take that sorry sack of shit
back to the hole
- Yep.
- that he crawled out of.
And when he wakes up,
you're gonna tell him he's done here.
He's never comin' back around here again,
you understand?
- [Fitz] Yes, sir.
- [Marlon] Wake up.
[Fitz] Wake up.
Grab his arm. Hurry up.
Come on, get up. Come on. Mate, let's go.
Get outta here.
- [door closes]
- [engine starts]
You see, that's the problem
with this country.
They think the only way they can solve
their problems is with violence.
- You must be Eli.
- You're Alex Bermuda.
How you doin', mate?
Can we get you anything?
- I could murder a cup of tea.
- Yeah, I'll put the kettle on.
[Frankie chuckles]
Come on.
[door closes]
[dramatic music fades out]
[breathes softly]
Nice room they gave you.
[menacing music plays]
- I assume these are from Tytus.
- Very thoughtful man.
He is. He said to offer you a choice.
A pillow or the syringe.
I take the syringe.
Just like old times.
It's nothing like old time.
No business.
No healthy.
No son.
What's left to fight for?
[inhales] Tytus thought
you'd see it that way.
[tightens strap]
You know, it's crazy,
the research he doing.
Wouldn't know. We're not scientists.
Him neither. [inhales shuddering breath]
[Ivan sighs]
[Ivan exhales]
You can go now.
I'll stay a moment.
Just to be sure.
There you go.
[exhales, inhales slowly]
[Bich screams]
[continues screaming]
[screams loudly, stops]
[menacing music crescendoes]
[music fades]
There was a message on your answerphone.
"Tidying up, as discussed."
Thank you, Sophie.
[intriguing music plays]
[announcer] He says, for the sake
of our economic coexistence
with Northeast Asia,
industry protection must be abolished
in the next decade.
In breaking news,
colorful Brisbane identity, Bich Dang,
has been found dead
at her Brunswick Heads nursing home,
apparently of natural causes.
Police say there are
no suspicious circumstances.
Have another one.
- [Alex] Thanks, Mrs. Bell.
- [Frankie chuckles]
[rhythmic music plays]
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