Bravest Warriors (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

The Bunless

T-minus Ten seconds to transference of Entities.
Wallow to Bunmasters.
Come in Bunmasters.
Bun check.
Cut it out, Bunmaster.
Receptacle is primed.
Buns are a go, repeat, buns are a GO.
Good to go on Beth's end, Wallow.
Chris, Beth, we've only got one shot at this.
The fate of Bunless 9 is riding on this dance mixer.
Three, two one! YYYES! It feels so klaarg to be inside a physical being after five centuries! Blood pumping! Buns surging with life! Let us mingle, Chris Kirk-man! Oh, Beth.
I haven't seen Chamsy in a grip.
Things didn't end well between us.
If you and Beth don't get these two creatures to fall back in love by the time the Celestial Ascension occurs, the Bunless people will be plunged into one-hundred years of war and darkness.
Okay here he comes, Beth.
Remember, the Alien Entities need your buns to communicate.
Bunless Team Three, ready happiness and cue dancing.
Come on people, dance harder! Chris, Slide up to Beth real smooth like.
Don't spook the Entities.
Smooooth, smooth.
Oh, Hello Killrock.
Hello Chamsy.
So how's the apartment? Cold You still have my yoga ball? No.
Too much tension.
It'll never work.
They can tell my joy is disingenuous.
We're all gonna die--! Danny, Sector Five.
I've got him.
We're all gonna die--! Come on you two, show the Entities how it's done, these guys need to remember that they're soulmates! One too many trips to the punch bowl for Shlarpsak! Only two minutes until the Ascension! Standby Team Three.
You uh, you and Killrock sure are fetching in that gown, Beth.
Team Three, cue validation.
Yes! You are a sizzlin strip of bacon lady.
You are the bomb, mamma.
You are so fine! Thanks, Chris.
I really like how your hair goes PSHYEWW! And Chamsy is also quite handsome.
They aren't speaking.
Ask her to dance! You promised we wouldn't have to! You know I don't dance! Come on Chris, I'll help you through it.
Hey is that noted D.
Shap Fancybone spinning over there? Let's dance! Dancing? Oh, Bully! And initiate silky jams.
Just relax and follow what I do.
I, this is a nice night for some feelings to happen Killrock, you always were pretty sloop at Chipnopple dancing.
Aha, Chipnopple dancing runs in my family.
I feel sexier just saying it out loud.
Chipnopple! It's working! Chris, say something else.
Uh, your eyes make me wanna share with you to a costly pasta meal.
He's so sweet! These wistful dandelion sniffers need a good smack in the stamen.
What? Why are you always so cruel? Well why do you have to be so critical? You never believed in my landscaping business! Well maybe if YOU'D accepted my Father's loan- Oh here we go, just accept handouts like a Pleegoflip! Like a common, dirty Pleegoflip! The Ascension! It's happening now! We're out of time! Mind if I cut in? Danny what are you doing?! Saving your butts! Killrock, may I have the pleasure of this dance? Finally a gentleman! Who is this fool? How dare he cut in on Chamsy! The fool must die! That's what people do at a mixer, Chamsy.
Anyway, Danny's a good dancer.
What?? We're not just gonna take this? They love us, not him, Kirk-man.
Kirk-man? Killrock! You're my woman! Okay now -- walk over there.
Now like, move this guy out -- of the way.
That was raw! Beth Oh Chamsy! You know I love a man who takes what he wants! You're all I've ever wanted! Face us together, Kirk-man! Not close enough! Oh my god I love you I love you! I've wanted this! For so long! Oh yes! Behold, the Celestial Ascension is at hand! A new era of peace dawns for our planet! Wow Chris, you were amazing.
It was nothing.
Bravest Warriors, help! My planet is spinning waaay too faaast! We're on our way!