Bravest Warriors (2012) s01e04 Episode Script

Memory Donk

1 Next stop, NeoMars Convention Center.
Thank you.
Carefully sever the aorta.
P-P-P-POWER UP!!! Hi, I'm Chris.
You look familiar.
Don't I know you from somewhere? No I, wait I think I do know you.
I think you're aren't you my friend? What? My name is-- Beth! I think you're someone I care about.
A lot.
Why can't I remember? You're like, my closest friend or my Boyfriend? Shoot, I could be your husband! Or your dentist! I have no idea! We could be anybody! This guy says his name is Wallow.
-And I'm Danny.
And this is Jelly Kid.
This is your pilot speaking.
I don't remember how to fly.
We're all going to die.
Wait, wait! Has everyone here lost their memories? -Yep.
-Yes indeed.
-No memories.
I've forgotten how to dance! What the dickens is happening to us? I think we're going home To Mars.
Warning! Reduce your speed! Maybe Jelly Kid can pilot the shuttle! Self-destruct initiated.
Check it out guys! I've got a sticker on my belt, and when I rub it a little cat comes out.
Oh crap! The four of us all have these little sticker pets? Maybe we're in a band.
Maybe we're all rock stars! And Beth is our mom.
Maybe the three of us are assassins and we're all sent here to kill Danny.
High five, dog! I get it -- So, you're the cool one, you're the funny one and you're the Girl.
Which one am I? Okay, check the wax.
The steering controls are I.
locked and we're picking up speed, so we're going to crash right into the NeoMars Convention Center and die.
No, NO! We can dig a tunnel to freedom! Ballerinas are natural burrowers! Someone has to help him! I'll help! Really? Help We're here to help you That's why we're here! -Yeah that's right! -Yeah! We assist peeps! Ballerina dude, I promise you, you will dance again! What do we do now? I don't know it just feels right to pose like this! I remember: that thing's a Memory Donk an alien creature who steals memories! Jelly kid can make anything! Make us some weapons! Jelly Kid No! Hey, my dog became a sword! Ha-ha, we're warriors! Activate heat sensitive stickers!! What do I do with you man? I don't know, I'm a bee! I'm just a little bee! Punch it! This Donk suuucks! You guys? The Convention Center! Five seconds to impact! Do something! Cats always land on their feet! Go Cat Bubble! Greetings my friends! Yes, I finally made it.
It's a Memory Donk Convention! I don't know how to thank you.
I'm getting on in years, and last month I had my license taken away.
So you had to take public transportation? Yes! But people lose their memories whenever they're near me and the pilot forgot how to fly! But why did you attack us? I just Donked out for a moment.
It happens.
I'm okay now.
Indeed, I am President Memory Donk! You Bravest Warriors have delivered me safely to my followers! We did it, Beth.
All of us.
As a reward, 我归还你们的记忆 I return to you your memories! I think I know which one you are You're my best friend! Wow that's insane, You're just my best friend! Oh, right! Just friends.
Dance for us Ballerina Man.
Dance while the world is watching!