Bravest Warriors (2012) s01e11 Episode Script


But science tells us the universe goes forever.
The Space-Time Calliope contains infinite worlds and alien species.
We all know it's been proven, but we still can't comprehend it.
I haven't given up yet.
Our brains just weren't designed to understand the concept of "Forever.
" What about your horse? He realized the meaning of the universe back when we were six.
Ohhh yeah he hasn't moved since.
I feel like I should ride him more often but he's always so blown away.
Sorry to invade your private little world-- Danny! I see someone painted her pigs.
Get out! Oh come on, you look adorable.
Dude, what do you want? Oh I just thought you ladies might want to hear about all the presents we got today.
From our parents.
Catbug lives in two separate dimensions, jumping back and forth between realities.
But until now, we never knew exactly where he goes when he jumps.
To the See-Through Zone? Where all our parents have been trapped for two years.
They've been sending Catbug back with presents? My Dad sent my Pony Lords Battle Aquarium! I haven't seen this in a hella-fortnight! Chris' parents sent his baby pictures- Some Will Rogers commemorative stamps- And a sinus irrigator.
Sweet! I got this expired lottery ticket and a knife.
My Mom's got class.
Catbug jumped! He'll be back any second.
"Chris, We are alive.
Love, Mom and Dad.
" This is bonkers! Anything from my dad yet? It's peanut butter squares? Those are from my mom! They're my favorite! What did she say? Your mom said to say I could have just one peanut butter square but not til after they cool down.
Good boy Catbug! I'm Catbug! Are they really okay in the See-Through Zone? Yeah! Everything is okay! Did you see my Dad? I don't think so.
Beth didn't get any presents.
You're very brave buddy.
Ask them if they need us to send anything, okay? Yeah but I don't know how to make myself go there.
Maybe it might never happen again.
Don't eat that! It's crawling with some kind of freaky microorganism.
It's a virus.
All the gifts are covered in it! Can you identify it? I've never seen anything like this.
Sugar peas! Drop 'em! Okay! I can't kill it.
I can't even affect it! A virus from outside the Space-Time Calliope.
Hey, you guys, these gifts are gettin up to some mischief.
This thing's rising like a hot oven biscuit! Throw a blanket over it! If this grows into some kind of extradimensional monster, it could destroy NeoMars, or the whole planet! Containment cones? Won't help.
Put a little fence around it! The laws of space-time don't apply.
Trying to control this thing is kinda like trying to make oatmeal cry.
Why would you do that? It's like trying to use the President's mouth to make out with God's middle name.
It's like trying to stir diarrhea with your dog's sense of humor! Aww maaan.
Pony Lords, jump for your lives-- A door.
Our parents sent us a door? It must lead to the See-Through Zone! I'm gonna see my Mom again! Is there a key? Hang on, we can't just assume our parents knew this door would materialize.
Another note! Is it from my dad? "Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips is the key.
" Who's that? Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips! I don't know him.
I don't care what I have to do, or how long it takes me.
I will not rest until I've opened that door.
I'm goin to bed.
Sleepiest Warriors, to the pillow zone.
Bedtime! Oh well, at least we know our parents are still alive.
Oh sorry Beth.
I haven't given up yet.
I think I'm gonna go outside and visit my horse.
Paralyzed Horse's Log: July 3, 3085 Everyday I hear and see eternity.
I am frozen in awe of my knowlege of 'Forever.
' But I belong only to one girl.
Nowhere can I see more clearly then into her heart.
When Beth feels heartbreak, I am stranded in the stygian void, helpless to comfort her.
for I am just a horse Sleep now, Bravest Warriors, and dream of doors and keys and Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips.
Today, something unnatural has slipped into your universe.
An octave of death.
A tentacle of time.
It is the final gift and it is not for you.
Beth does not know it now, but this gift is for her.