Bravest Warriors (2012) s02e01 Episode Script

Aeon Worm

By the cast of the sister moons of Mars she rises, in answer to the beckoning of some demented whisper from beyond the veil.
A girl and her horse slip through the night, across the precipice of the infinite.
What? Where are we? -Beth awakens to find herself within a mysterious- Horse? Are you talking? Now Beth appears to be delusional.
My ears hear your horse thoughts! How is this possible? You can really hear me? There must be some kind of brainwave conductive material in the See-Through Zone! See-Through Zone? You mean- We must return at once.
This timeless realm is beyond my knowledge! I can not protect you! No! My dad is lost in here somewhere and I'm gonna rescue him! Somehow this place is familiar.
Is this it? Did we find him? This whole zone is some kind of computer program? I have to jump.
I'm going alone.
I am your horse.
Mount me.
Monty? Is that you? Wha Who? Daddy?! Oh, my mistake.
Welcome Daughter, and Horse.
I'm Reverend Pickle chips.
Dad! No you're not- On to Step Two! He thinks he's Ralph Waldo Pickle chips? I think your father has changed.
Dad, Catbug told us he'd found our parents, but he didn't see you.
Sit! I was just making Zone porridge, a good hard stuff.
But I came to bust you outta here! There is no way out, daughter.
I sent you a door and you came and you belong here with us.
Never doubt the worm We have to get you out of here now or-- What the hell?! You eat this virus stuff? The worm provides! His gut sack nourishes! His walls protect! Step three.
We stay warm with these old beach towels.
Wait Read.
Yes, sir.
You got a testimonial from the President Fishhead? The worm operates at a level of intelligence more advanced than you and I can imagine! He's sublime will penetrates minds in the highest seats of power.
For me, the cost of his guidance is the sacrifice of a virgin and a horse.
That's us! Or maybe a virgin horse? There's no comma and that line, could be a typo.
I'm afraid we're in the belly of the Aeon Worm, a reviled goliath of the highest evolution.
And the See-Through Zone is his prison! This place holds every creature your father defeated as leader of the Courageous Battlers.
I haven't seen those guys since the worm ate me.
Reverend?! You fought against our lord? That was before your time, Clemency.
Never doubt the worm.
This guy is fuh-reakyyy! My knowledge of the natural world is so vast that I can't move my- Beth, look! look!! Holy goat! The Zone has imbued me with telekinesis! I'm moving the leg with my mind! Right, left, right, left I can walk! Yeah! I'm over here and over here -And up and down, and up and kick and kick and bend! -You are full of surprises! I got this note that said "Ralph Waldo Pickle chips is the key", but- It's the name he chose for me.
Freedom! I am the key to your salvation.
Prancing! I'm prancing, Beth! Now that you two are here We are a family again and my vile lord is appeased! Everybody wins.
Dad, shouldn't we be escaping? Never doubt the worm! See what you've done? he's on the warpath now! Beth, even if you could escape our lord, the door I sent was designed to vanish after opening.
It may already be gone.
What?! No, maybe I can get the Worm to spit us out.
I'll have Clemency make up the guest beds.
His brainstem is so turgid! I can't lose you again, But staying here is just not an option.
Beth Tezuka, stop being selfish at once and accept your vile destiny! I yes sir.
We'll stay with you.
what that now? Good! That's my girl.
Sorry Dad, but I'm having serious doubts about the Worm.
Progress?! I got nothing! Never doubt the- Okay.
Math, it's just math.
Got it! The Aoen Worm must not follow us through.
It's a threat to all existence! What's happening? Do not look back! Its protest splendor is more than human minds can endure.
It's too fast!! Fear not! The power of the zone compels me! Form psychic Horse Armor! Form Psychic Crown! And a mean-ass hair-do! And the beard! We're gonna die, Horse! All right, Psychic Hooves of Fire! Catbug! Why are we running?! Cross over while I hold him at bay! No! You have to come with us! I have emerged from the Void, finally able to reach my destiny! I am super juiced to protect you with my life! Go!! Swifter than the leopards! More fierce than the evening wolves! Fear me, for when armored by her love I possess the strength to fight a GOD! Catbug! What is all this racket when I'm trying to make a mix tape!? I fight, so that she may go on.
For I am just a horse.