Bravest Warriors (2012) s02e02 Episode Script


1 Sup, bros? What's my favorite color? Abe Lincoln! Nooo What's my favorite food? The Miracle of Childbirth! Close When is my birthday? Yesterday! Hey! By the way, happy belated 17th buddy! Thank you for remembering Robo-Chris! I'm invented! Sup, bros? That's totally not cool.
Doesn't he get to have skin? We've got a bunch extra in Cargo Bay Two.
Hey guys, sorry I'm late.
My god, that guy looks exactly like me! What's going on here? He's you, Chris, 'cept better! He's laser resistant, flameproof, and I juiced up his dancing skills nine thousand percent! Ladies love this ladies love this Danny that is awesome! What? You're not insulted? You're damn right, I'm insulted! I think maybe he's evil, Danny.
Why would you birth evil? You guys, this is great! Robo-Chris can sub for me on missions! We can program him to have that Italian accent I always wanted, and now I can dole out twice as many deep, meaningful hugs.
Robo-Chris gives me all the hugs I'll ever need.
I hope that doesn't make you insanely jelly, Chris.
Don't lose your temper and smash him to tiny oil-spurting chunks! Of course not! I'd never do that! I'll do it! Everybody is overreacting.
I think Danny's invention is brilliant.
I will do a murder on you.
I still need to adjust his moop drive.
You're finishing our crossword puzzle with Robo-Chris? Oh, I hope you don't mind man.
He's just so good at it.
I barely noticed it wasn't really you.
He's so handy! You guys should start that friendship garden we always dreamed about when we were kids.
He's not jelly at all! I will hit him with rocks until he is jealous! Are you pretending to be evil again? I like to make you smile.
Set fluorescent bio-slime gauges at zéro.
Set! Danny, we've got a red honk on gauge two.
Can you- Danny? Strut like you mean it! Yeah, stir that sauce! Oh, I'm sorry Chris.
I'm just so busy over here with my new best friend! Thats cool, man.
I'll take care of this for you.
Back to work! No more distractions.
Oh my heavens.
Danny, you have so much tension stored in your shoulders! Your robo-fingers are like magic! Hey Robo.
I built a little work-station just for you, man! I was just about to text you that exact message! Well I guess we're just gonna have overclock your friendship synthesizers into maximum hyperdrive! There! Feel any different? Not different! Better! Friendship! HUG.
Oh man, dude! I love you, Danny.
If sounds so weird to finally say that out loud! My name is Chris Kirkman and I love Danny Vasquez! This little weirdo is starting to grow on me.
What's this all about, man? These are the moments that define a friendship, Chris.
This is what real friends look like! It is? This is what you want? A needy little guy who climbs all over you? There's nothing wrong with that! Friends have boundaries, Danny.
When someone's your friend, there's a line that should never be crossed.
Well I mean never say never No, dude.
Robo-Chris is just extremely comfortable in his heterosexuality Yeah, Chris.
How come you don't help Danny to chew his food? He's just jelly.
Chris, I'm sorry if my ultimate friend makes you strawberry jelly.
Stop saying jelly! Nobody needs to say jelly ever again! I, I can't even begin to understand why you do this.
Hurts doesn't it? I guess you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, huh? What? What is your problem? YOU FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY! I Dude, I'm sorry.
Happy Birthday, man Thanks, dude.
Up top, cough drop! Do you like what you see? Of course.
You're my invention and I'll always be proud of you.
-But- -C'mon now.
You know I don't like to dance alone.
Robo-Chris, I think we're at a point where what you want and what I can offer you no longer match.
What are you saying, Danny? I don't think you should sleep here anymore Yeah, all right! Scootin' over! Dancin'! Be a member of my awaiting! This is Bravest Warriors that com to join.