Bravest Warriors (2012) s02e03 Episode Script

Mexican Touchdown

1 Danny! Plum! We're waiting at the rendezvous site! Can I get like a ten four? Dude, what are you guys doing up there? I think I can hear him! Suck an egg! There he is! Get him! Can't we call Wallow for a door gate? Beth and Chris are waiting! Not until I release all the creatures! He's getting away! If it weren't for this place, the universe would be overrun with vermin! This is no ordinary alien pound! Legend tells of an alien overlord who devours the soul particles of the animal he traps in this place.
All aboard the D-train! Nobody gonna steal you, Angelina! You mine, all mine.
There! Go Dog Sword! Go suck an egg! Come on, Danny.
We already saved your weird little friend.
You've never witnessed the Bravest Warriors in action, Plum.
Helping little weird things is what it's all about.
But freeing every stray is impossible.
Nothing is impossible when you do it for love! Watch me protect you from this burning steam vent! This seems unnecessary.
Smile if you want more! What? Sick! Ah-hah! I knew it! You're nasty, brother! I think he burrowed into this pile of fancy coats! Oh hey, We missed a call from Beth! You can't hide forever, pervert.
Plum, where are you guys? We are waiting at the rendezvous forever, and then we saw all these torches- Beth and Chris found a luau! And the luau queen is so nice and she said if we want to we can get special hats and necklaces made out of flowers and pretty grass skirts like ladies wear but these ones are for boys too! Anyway, Wallow can't get a fix on you guys until you get out of the pound.
And we get the luau dinner when they cook a big monster, and I think we get to eat it because it's a bad guy, but I'm not scared of it- That whole place is going on lockdown, so hurry up! Oh my god! There's a HUGE pineapple in the jacuzzi! Did you hear that? Let's get out before we are trapped! There! I love you.
I love you Dang it! I don't have medical benefits! Stop! Booby traps! I got this, Merewif! You are so safe from harm right now! Are you okay? I'm a man, darlin! I bet you've never been treated to the real deal Oh god! Please God bless that little pervert! He's led us right to the overlord.
That's not the overlord! That's just a Golorian Tear-Sucker! Come on now, little Perkalus.
Your turn is up.
It's been Mel C' turn for five whole minutes.
Now is that fair to him? And that's no ordinary key! The key must be made of Golorian Ore! It doesn't just open cages, it infects its holder with psychotropic paradisis! So they're all just crying because they're not rubbing on that guy's stupid key? They are under his spell until the key is destroyed! And I'm gonna be the man to destroy it! No, Danny! I can't let you keep hurting yourself! Because you love me! It must be so difficult to see me in pain.
You don't have to impress me.
Since the day I met you, I've known that I am so not attracted to you.
Maybe it's your weird cheeks? I don't know for sure.
I also think you sound dumb when you say 'Go Dog Sword.
' Man, that's dumb.
Plum, thank you.
All this time I've been a slave to your flowing purple hair, and your red boots, and your sweet, clappy little pig hands.
But I get it now.
Now I'm free.
Now I have NO REASON TO LIVE!!!! UP YOURS! Okay Up yours What even happened to us? Why can't I remember it? Danny was so amazing, you guys.
He defeated a Golorian Tear-Sucker using a Spinning Mexican Touchdown Whoa, dude! He destroyed the horrible key Awesome! ç„后救了所有的小å®ä¼™ä»¬! and he freed all the strays! Mexican Touchdown, Mexican, Mexican! Hi! And you finally saved your little friend! My friend.
? Plum and Danny made a Mexican Touchdown!