Bravest Warriors (2012) s02e04 Episode Script

Hamster Priest

Morning, Dad.
Hello, daughter.
Can I get you anything? Got enough water? Clean socks? Crosswords? My cup runneth over.
Just text me if you need anything.
And you do not have permission to summon your vile lord, okay? You are the boss.
Fellows, no more grab-assing.
That's it.
Good Beth, we've got a distress call.
To the Hella Flaptor! Man, my head is killing me today.
Hey, let's take the Hideout this time.
Yeah, dude! We never do that! Um You two are getting pretty chummy, I gather? Why don't you guys go French each other in the brunch nook? This is seriously like the billionth time you've Frenched.
It is? When did this start? Suck it up, Tezuka.
You had your short with them.
What? Bloor ship in visual range! I'm establishing contact.
Weird, my screen looks different.
Danny, did you change the layout-- What? WHAT?? Is there a bee on me? Your eyes! All they had at the dispensary were gold eyes.
Hey, just because you didn't get eyeball mites doesn't mean you're better than me.
All hail Lord BloorBloor! Bravest Warriors, big ups for answering our call.
This afternoon, our humongous fleet of kill cruisers broke.
They're all broken.
An entire fleet stranded, Lord BloorBloor? I find that hard to swallow.
how do we know this isn't a trap? This headache Oh, I promise.
Not a trap.
For realsies.
We're not falling for this crap again, BloorBloor! You can push your fleet right on up inside your behind, and just hold it there, while you think about what you've done!! Lieutenant Vasquez, you'll cease behavior at once! Lieutenant Vas--?? In my ready room! Now! Stupid Kirkman.
I'll kill him for this he thinks he's fancy with those fancy gloves What? Danny, when did you? Wait! Do you have a problem, Summer Intern Tezuka? Summer what? Don't you guys see this? Everything keeps changing.
First, you and Chris were Frenching, then, Danny had goat eyes; Chris is bald and acting bonkers First, Officer Kirkman has always acted in accordance with Warship protocol.
What? Wallow? What? I'm just nursing my big old beer, like always.
I had to put Kirkman out the airlock for moop violations.
Full of pepper, that one.
WHAT?! You murdered Chris? You guys what's going on? Officer Vasquez! Control your ladyfriend! This bridge is no place for a woman! Yes, Commander! Excuse me? I demand--! You are in a position to demand nothing, Kitchen Wench Tezuka.
Do not make me regret the day I purchased you from Wenches'n Things.
Beth, honey! Get a hold of yourself! Holy crap! You know I love you, but now is not the time for one of your hysterical meltdowns.
Don't you care that Chris is dead? Everything keeps changing around me! What keeps changing? It's happening faster now! What is? You are not making any sense! Chris, I couldn't save you! I'm sorry You can't be dead! You can't be dead! Incoming priority transmission from Lord Catbug! Lord Catbug? Attention, Bravest Destroyers! All Hail Lord Catbug! You are monsters.
All of you are monsters! What? Someone throw that noisy thing out the airlock.
Wait! You can't-- Nope, out the airlock.
-But I -You've failed me for the last time, Pleasure Clone Tezuka! No, you can't! Now,where's my big old beer? There you are, yes.
No, stop! This has to be a dream! Or I'm stuck inside a Holo-John illusion, or it's an alien mind implant This can't be real.
This can't be ha Beth? Tezuka? Can you hear us? You're freaking me out! She's phasing back into sync with us.
Is she all gonna come back at once, or just different parts of her? Chris, she is returning to our dimension.
Beth? Beth! I got you.
You're gonna be Okay.
Chris? You are alive? I thought I'd lost you! You must have met another version of me from an alternate universe! You were bouncing around parallel dimensions like a pinball! Everybody was acting insane.
And you and Plum You are back where you belong now, Beth.
When you started to dimension bouncing, we detected an energy field coming from your dad's little cage.
we found this.
I've seem this before Your dad's disguised the machine as a pair of highly realistic underwear to smuggle it out of the See-Through Zone.
We think he might have used the device to send us that monster door.
Beth, the field this thing generates is directly linked to your brainwave patterns.
Alright, my child.
One more time.
Nnnnever doubt the worrrm!! The worm requires you show your devotion by Subscribing.
Never doubt the worm