Bravest Warriors (2012) s02e06 Episode Script

The Puppetyville Horror

Bravest Warriors, we need you! We expected you here a hundred shmoomeeps ago! Ah! Mahshoe came off! Sorry little guys, but we had a catastrophic toilet failure and some of our crew really have to go.
It's Wallow.
Please hurry, Bravest Warriors! We can't wait many shmoomeeps more! I love when he says "shmoomeeps!" Okay guys, I'm just gonna use the moon real quick and be right back.
Hey, Wallow, don't eat the yellow snow! Whuf dif yoo thay? -Haha! Aw nasty! -Eww! Gross! -You told him not to eat it but he ate it! Relax! The whole place is yellow, and lifeless, so there's nothing here to pee on it.
Just think I'm gonna be the first LIFE FORM to pee here.
No Nooooo! It should be me! It should be me! Hey, we're making pretty good time without Danny and Wallow.
Yeah, but where are they? They've been- They've been gone awhile.
-Wallow was holding it for a longtime.
-I'm just gonna go get'em.
Alright, repairs should be done by the time you get back.
Not if I get back faster than you can fix stuff! Impossible! Wallow! Danny! Come on, guys, the repairs are almost done! Hey, you! Come over here! Grab Wallow and let's head back! Aw, you're looking real handsome today, my friend.
Come over here! Wow, you gotta see this thing I'm aoubt to point at! Alright, but then let's hurry back.
This better not be a pee thing.
Hello?! Beth?! Danny?! Wallow?! Why are you honkin' like a goose? Where are we? Where is everybody? You know, you should stop taking sandwiches if you're not gonna finish them.
Where are they? Come on, let's go find them.
I can't feel my butt.
Seriously, I'm worried about my butt.
Hello, friends! I'm over here! Beth! Shmoomeeps are wasting! Whoa my, aren't you looking real pretty today? Come on over here why don't yew? What? Come on, man, cut it out! Why would anyone want leave such a wonderful place? We should stay here forever! Um Beth, where is everyone? Don't you like me, you over there? Why aren't you over here? Woo, here it comes.
Look at her! What are you doing? Is that supposed to be sexy? Isn't it? How about this one? No.
This ain't funny now.
It's scary.
Doopa doopa doopa doo.
Oh, hey, you! Is this more like it? Hey there you are! I was starting to think- Whoops! I slipped and slid away on my face, That happens sometimes.
Well, hey, you, you should stop being over there and be over here! What the hell is- This guy is so right! Okay, that's enough! Hey! What'd you do to my friends?! They're my friends.
No, they're my friends, and I don't know who you are- No, really, they're my friends.
Just ask'em.
Hey you guys are my friends, right? - You got that right.
- Ditto.
Why don't you join us over here? No! And you're actually really bad at that.
I can see your lips moving.
Don't listen to him.
You wouldn't yell at me if you knew how lonely I am! I've been trapped here for so long.
How long? I don't know.
How long does it take for that to happen? Pretty long, either way.
Who wants friends like that? Hi, I fell asleep forever and now I stink.
You can't just take people and make them do and say what you want.
It's disrespectful to life! I respect life! I dare you say I don't! My face is itchy Stop that! Now we can all be friends.
Wait a minute, wait! I can help you! We have a ship! We can take you away from here and you can learn what it's like to have real friends, not people you force into being friends.
Escape? Real friends? Yeah, but first you have to let us all go! I can't believe I'm finally leaving this place.
Just think, a whole new place to pee on! Oh, God! Just let me pack a few things and I'll be ready to go! I'm not sure this is a good idea.
We can't just leave him here.
Besides, I don't think anyone's ever given him a chance.
Boy, I could tell you some stories about this place, lemme tell you.
People will imprison you on a moon for like nothin' these days.
"Crimes against the universe.
" I mean there's other universes, guys! Am I invited? No, you're not invited, Preston! I hate you, Preston! Screw you, Preston! This guy huh? Friends? Hello, friends? Friends? I'll never leave you.
This is all your fault!