Bravest Warriors (2012) s02e07 Episode Script

Catbug's Away Team

You came all this way j just for us? I see your people are still locked in agonizing bliss.
I can't even zig zangle I'm in such a good mood! Why does our great prophet punish us? Prophet? These readings show some kind of massive life form engulfing this sector It's Wankershim! Part of his essence must have concentrated here as his being expanded throughout the universe.
They're trapped inside a sassy, unresolved pocket of Wankergy! Oh it's too much, oh it's too much! Catbug, come in! This is Catbug! Hi Chris, over! We'll modify the ship's Antimatter Blowhole Coils while you set up a dispersal array to protect the aliens from whatever Wankergy does.
I'm sending you down to the planet! Aye-firmative! Seriously? He needs to learn about responsibility.
Help him put together an away team.
Well yes, Ma'am! Catbug! According to this, the Santeans have worshiped the Wankershim entity for centuries.
That's ludacrisp! Is Wankershim really here? I sense his elfy consciousness all around us.
We are the illusion and he is the reality! Today we rejoin the Wankerself! Okay everybody! We gotta set we gotta set up these Wankergy Deflectors twenty meters in that direction! You're a born leader, Catbug.
Thanks, Slippy! Don't fill the cat's head with hokum, Slippy Napkins! Look at these poor people! What? Good moods ain't a problem! They need our help! You heard Catbug! Let's move! Nursery school! Greetings! We're helpers from space! I just want an ice cream Can't sell mah sugar cones, bro That one melted.
I'll fix it! What kind do you want? They got Strawberry, Rocky Road, Rainbow, Peppermint, Sugar-Free Bubblegum, Mint Chocolate Nog-- That's for you, sir.
Old Fashioned Cotton Squash, Super Chinese Peanut Butter.
Super Chinese Peanut Butter? That's the one I'm standing in! That's okay, fella! We did it! Thaaannk yyyooou!! Thank you! It's always been Wankershim! Aw, nursery school! This mission is like a hot slap in the puss! But these sweethearts need help with the sexy energy! Sexy energy my ass, Slippy Napkins! -You need a helmet to protect yourself! -That's dangerous! I'm an extremophile! I can survive in any environment from deep sea to deep space Oh mama.
Dopamine and oxytocin levels rising! My Impossibells are ringing now! You fools can shove the mission! -I think we should send that guy to the brig! -You're a buffoon! Come back here and follow Catbug's orders this instant! -Good heavens! Can he Everyone! Quiet down! Away Team, quiet down please! -I think we should send that guy to the brig! -You're a buffoon! Come back here and follow Everything's gonna be fine! You just need to believe! Clap your hands, if you believe.
I believe! I do, I do! Okay! Now let's help THAT GUUUY! I'm just trying to herd my Turts into this pie shell! Now they're safe! That baseball team is trying to hot glue a wig on the hippo! That fireman is trying to draw an indie comic about his own life! That squirrel can't balance on that candy cane! Those billy goats are trapped in the carwash! Potty break! Wallow to Away Team, come in.
Wallow? Wallow is that you? Oh man, where's your helmet? It's too late for me! This Wankergy is tickling my Impossibuns something fierce.
You laying on the ground? Where's Catbug? Wallow, When I got angry, I I'm sorry for those times I raised my hand to you I'm drawing a nice pair of pumps in the sand! These are for you baby You're gonna be okay man.
Everybody hold on!! Something happened on the surface! The pressure finally built up to a massive Wankergetic release! And then everything changed What changed? -The ecosystem? -The atmosphere? No everything.
Every other planet in the Universe just started revolving around this one.
That's not possible! And I made fun of your weight but you know I love more than a handful! Dude, what happened down there? No! I got something I need to admit.
No, you don't-- I DYE MY FUR-- Good job, Away Team! Catbug! Did you finish the Dispersal Array? We didn't do it! Plum's right Santee Major just became the center of the Universe! Are the Santeans okay? I'm afraid they all turned into a a fine vapor, and floated up that'a way.
Is that okay? I'm pretty sure it's OKAY! Sure, everything's okay buddy! Over and out.
Weren't we supposed to help these people? Well they're probably one with Wankershim now.
That can't be too bad, right? -That was a mistake.
-Yeah we probably shouldn't have trusted Catbug.