Bravest Warriors (2012) s02e08 Episode Script

Merewif Tag

On Movie Night, Chris and Beth share a life-changing kiss.
Don't scare him away, Midge.
Still grounded? You got my invite! Sexy Bee suit! So, you're alone? Come in! Is that uh, your bedroom? Get in here before the Empress Beetles eat you! Word up So what, what are we gonna do in here? Hottie on the premises! Hi there! Midge wants a thermal comfort temperature of seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit! Midge says fill that carafe! As you command, Midge! Those are my Teak Midgets! They are hard little people who've sworn their hard little lives to me.
They like me because I'm soft.
Midge wants the ottoman! Let's make this hottie feel welcome, people!! Midge rewards you with praise! Thank you Midge! I live to please you Midge! Seems like they've sworn their lives to Midge.
You know what I think? I think if Midge shut her yap for five minutes, everyone on the planet would crap world peace and I'd be able to stop taking sleeping pills.
Okay guys, I think we are good.
Midge says clear the room.
Privacy for the hottie!! Privacy? We have to be alone for this.
I have 'til six to get home for Movie Night with Beth.
It's our thing.
Well, no problem Here.
I think you and Beth will get married someday? What? What is wrong? The Emotion Lord told me something before he vanished.
I'm not sure what it means.
But I think maybe it's not meant to work out with Beth.
Okay Chris, you shut up.
Focus on me.
Imagine what's inside my mind.
Picture it clearly.
I'm trying Imagine stepping inside my head Yeah and look through my eyes.
Now, use my brain to think your thoughts This feels kinda real It is real.
We switched! I possessed your body? See? Aren't you glad you came over? This feels so weird! Look at your clappy little pig hands! So is this like, your culture's equivalent to making out? It is a ritual called the Mirr Vo.
It is kind of like getting married.
Psych! It is Merewif Tag.
I feel so free! There's this total lack of bizness going on in my mid-regions! So drafty! Like an old house! Your pants are so crowded.
What do you do with all these quarters? Why are my legs so itchy? That is when I've been dry for too long.
Jump in my bed! I always forget you've got a fish tail! I'm gonna pee out the window! So slippery and glossy! Hey what the hell, bro?! I've always wanted to do this! This is out of the legal! Weird! Is that what my buns look like? Foxy buns! Now I can skip everywhere free of judgment! I am a strong man! The rules do not apply to me! I make new rules! So this is what it's like to ride a girl's bike! I'm going to schedule garage wrestling! I'm getting crazy attention.
Learning is for women! I drink Hella milk! Yeah it's three-two-three, four-one-five Hey don't just give out my phone number! Why? All these guys just want to hang out as friends! Oh my god I have to hold that baby! I punish these hedges! Everyone keeps handing me babies without any hesitation! And I just wanna eat them up! These huge gloves make your arms all sweaty and dank.
I want to make your Bumble Bee! It's heat sensitive! Use some elbow grease, girl! That is not your Bee! The Sticker Pet adapts to the psyche of whoever wears it.
This is your personal animal! It is a Lynch Grope.
See? Oh yeah She loves you! What is this horrible noise? Foreign entity! Midge says kill the intruder!! What?! I'm over here! Where's Plum you body thieving maniac?! ATTACK! No, Midge, we switched bodies! You are missing movie night, and it's my fault.
Don't worry, Beth misses it all the time.
She won't care.
You snuck into my room.
I am grounded.
You do not usually break rules.
Hey Plum? Yeah? Can I try something weirder? Did it wear off? We're back.
On Movie Night, Beth is alone.
Chris and Plum share a life-changing kiss.
Do we have to do it this way? Beth is my friend.
Your timeline has been damaged by a dangerous man.
Muster your strength.
There's still much to repair.
I know.