Bravest Warriors (2012) s02e09 Episode Script

Dimension Garden

1 Steady, Doctor Steady.
The liver transplant was a success! Shirley Temples from now on, Mr.
And don't unplug that machine or you'll totally die.
-He's so cool! -Oh my, look at that! Think he'll eat this sock? He ate it! Let's see if he'll eat this puzzle piece! Guys, what IS that? I found him growing in my Dad's garden! Beth, you have to get that thing outta the Hideout! What do you mean? It looks helpless now, but what if it evolves into an evil, super intelligent goliath?! Danny looked about the same when we found him.
Grade A zinger, friends! This could be a brain sucker, or an alien bio-bomb sent by enemies of the Courageous Battlers! You just hate it because it's not a doll! Oh, look out, it blinks and poops, kill it quick! Get it away from me! Are you gonna cry? No! I just think we shouldn't bring potentially hazardous organisms into our parents' place of residence! WALLOW'S SCARED, WALLOW'S SCARED! Shut up guys, don't be mean-- Gross! He IS just like me! No he's not! You get the flu every day, and he just astrobarfs 'cause he's a baby.
Children! As I am in charge of keeping you alive while your parents are away for the Team Building Workshop, it is time to get your jambies on! Dad No whining, it shows weakness! Daniel, back to the Badlands.
See you tomorrow Mr.
It's a little nest for you to snuggle up in.
And if you need to astrobarf, Make sure it goes in here.
Beth! Movie night! Can we watch Butter Lettuce Babies? Aw man you always wanna see that.
You! I know what you're trying to do! I'm gonna prove you're evil! You may have my friends fooled, but you can't fool my dolls! They see right into your filthy, evil core! Come here, Princess Dysentery.
What do you make of this nasty creature? I have frequent urges to defecate! Battery of tests? Prudent recommendation, Princess.
Identify subject! Subject unknown.
Genus? Species? Molecular composition unknown.
My god.
Opinions? Harsh words, Chlamydia-Eyes Cat.
How about you, Colonial Plague Caitlin? Interesting.
Meningococcal Meningitis Paco? Estoy enfermo con la inflamación That settles it, grub.
Nobody loves you.
This is the circle where you sit if nobody loves you.
I'm gonna drain your fluids, because your fluids are hella GROSS.
Hey, you need medicine, then you'll feel better! Still afraid? Here, watch Princess Dysentery take it! I have frequent urges to defecate! I KNOW! But this'll only take a second.
I have-- I have-- I discharge large volumes of liquid feces! Can't you do this one thing for me? I think she's too afraid, baby.
Will you help me show the Princess it's not so bad? Here comes the hover transport! You guys, this baby's not evil, he's just cold illin'.
I made it worse! We need to use the DILLPICKLE-ATOR! Hang in there, little guy! The only three prong outlet!! I can't pull the plug on Mr.
Crumplebuns, he only needs six more weeks of life support! You've led a full life.
I'm sorry old friend.
Don't you die on me!! And -- clear! I did it! I helped something that's actually an alive thing! Let's get some rest, little guy.
In the morning, everything's gonna be all better.
I was right! It's evil! Why doesn't anyone listen to me!? Chris!? We have to help Wallow! Get your weapons! Help! It's gone into a cocoon and it's gonna eat meeeee! What IS that? Kill it! Kill it! It's not working! It's too strong! It's coming out! IIIIII'm Catbug! I need a bath Yeah? some yogurt YEAH?!? and a place to go doodie!!! -It's so cute! -Put this little bro on a t-shirt!