Bravest Warriors (2012) s02e11 Episode Script

Season of the Worm

1 (ethereal music) (laughter and chatter) - (mouth full) Why are you leaving me? You're ruining Christmas! - Anybody know where all these hamsters came from? - Nope.
- No idea.
- You guys, I found Mitch! - (shuddering) Who am I? (shaky gasps) WHO AM I?! - He okay? - When I looked into the mirror, there was a stranger looking back at me from behind MY OWN EYES! - I'm detecting traces of moral outrage.
- NO! The lord shall drink blood from your skulls and feast upon your flesh! - Ah! One too many trips to the punch bowl for Mitch.
(hushed) Come on, man.
Don't blow our hamster secrets.
- Reverend Pickle Chips! Orgy of the cosmos is at hand! - Dude! - Pickle Chips? Wait, you mean my dad? - He has raised us from the little blind and naked hamster babies into a mighty army of the damned! Together, this day, we shall journey into the ancient dome, where we shall summon the primordial king! - What king? - The Aeon Worm.
- (chuckles) You guys worship the Aeon Worm? Danny, go get my dad.
- And here I was just wondering how to better serve you.
- Pickle Chips teaches that our perfect fate shall guide the worm into the world, but I guess maybe I'm having some doubts about the worm.
- That's dangerous thinking! - I'M SORRY! - No roughhousing.
- What? No! Your guitar can't stop our unholy quest! - (panicked gasp) This voice inside, guiding me gently, telling me everything I ever believed might be wrong.
- Listen to that voice, hamster Mitch.
- (hamster priest) Never doubt the worm, Mitch! - Here, bro.
Baby aspirin.
- Is the Aeon Worm even a god? Or is that just an interdimensional invertebrate with mind control powers? - Definitely number two.
- We're gonna be late for the Season of the Worm, Mitch! I'm out! - I don't care what my dad said.
It's impossible to summon the Aeon Worm.
- Even now, it waits out there.
We only need to call it forth.
- But my paralyzed horse keeps it trapped in the See-Through Zone.
- Beth, he's gone.
Your dad escaped his little cage, and it's straight packed full of tiny poops.
- I cannot fight my destiny! - Wait! - Should we follow Mitch? (blip) Mother falcon, yeah, we're going after Mitch.
- My legs are so teensy.
"Walking distance from the hideout.
" Right, such BS.
- (distant voice) Hamster Miiitch - What? Who's there?! (wind whistling) - (distant voice) Follow your heart, hamster Miiitch.
- (nervous chuckle) Yeah, that's nice.
- The world suuucks.
- I think it's working.
His integrity levels have increased 15%, and Whoa, that's odd.
It's like I was reading a second life sign inside hamster Mitch.
But now it's gone.
- Any luck contacting Chris? - He's still not answering.
- I checked Golden Boy's room.
Nobody was home.
- Where could he be? - Put away those lady tears, darling.
I'll take care of you.
- Keep trying him, Wallow.
- He's probably with Plum again.
- What? I thought you've been spending time with Plum.
You whitened your teeth.
- Chris has been spending time with Plum.
- Danny's been spending time with his Zarpap.
- You have been clockin' some serious hours in the Holo John.
- Hey, Beth.
- Yes, Danny? - (farts) (Wallow chuckles) - Oh, dang it, you guys! I knew you were following me! - Whoops! Cover blown.
Might as well try out my new mods on the falcon.
- Hey, what? (falcon cry) - Dancing on the ceiling! - Yeah! - Karma chameleon! - (Mitch) Sweet! Falcon stunts! - (digital voice) Falcon overload.
- What's happening? - Prototype isn't fully tested, but she can handle it! - (laughing) - I'm gonna blow your hamster mind! - (laughs) My hamster mind is already blown! - Glory of loooove! (Wallow yells) - (Beth) Danny, quit showing off! (Danny whooping) - (Wallow) Dude, I'm still digesting quiche.
- We're gonna hit the dome! Pull up! - No problem, no problem.
I got this.
(groaning) (blip!) (all screaming) (leaves rustle) - Phew! Thank God for this vine.
(screams) (all scream) (thump) (ambient animal noises) - Broken dome.
- This has got to be where Mitch is heading, the old terraforming colony.
- A real-life ghost town! - Please, don't abuse my brain with your folk jive.
- Bleh! The plant gee-whizzled on my g-love.
Good thing Pixel's on timeout in the hard cloud.
- (Beth) These trees look just like-- - What's up with their interphasic signature? It's like the jungle doesn't belong here.
- Just like my dad's old dimension garden.
He pulled creatures into our universe by growing them in the backyard.
- You see any dimension dressing, I'll make us a dimension salad.
- (Wallow) So this whole jungle - It's just one huge dimension garden.
Dad's gonna pull the Aeon Worm out of the See-Through Zone by growing it in here.
- Aah! The plant saliva peeweezled right through to my slapsies! - That saliva.
These are interphasic microscopic hump gnats.
- (chuckle) Hump gnats.
- They're humping your arm into another dimension! - What?! Which another dimension? A pretty one? - If they hump your heart, you won't survive the journey.
- No way! I'll get them off him! - Oh dang! Oh goodness! I'm a puzzled man in a space between two parallel other spaces! - Stay with me.
- I'm a hyphen! (echoing) Beth where are you? - We're losing him! - Stand aside, honeysuckle.
I'm gonna scrape him off with this stick! - Things from our world are useless on them, genius.
Chris would have a better solution if he were here.
- Better than my stick? - The hump gnats can't be removed.
There's no other choice.
- No other choice than what? You don't mean-- - I have to.
- You're gonna-- Wallow, it's all my fault! - (Wallow) What's your fault? - I'm so sorry, man! - (Wallow) Beth, what are you gonna do?! What are-- (dramatic music) (buzzing) - Now let's go find my dad.
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