Bravest Warriors (2012) s02e12 Episode Script

Season of the Mitch

1 (solemn music) (Gregorian chanting) - (Wallow, hushed) Hey, Danny.
The noise is coming from over there.
- It's my fault.
- Over there.
High five, buddy.
- I wish Chris was here.
- Chris is missing, salami comes from farms Danny has low self-esteem, and Beth cut off my-- - There.
- Louder, my children! Louder! Yes! - Dad, I don't know how you did all this, but-- - Monty? - Oh my god! - Oh, Daughter! You're early.
(blipping) - Bad falcon! - (lethargically) Hey, cut it out.
- Easy, big fella.
Here we go! - (hamsters) Hup, hup, hup - Dad, let them go.
I burned down your dimension jungle, and now I'm taking you home.
- I was using that jungle to grow food for the babies.
- What babies? Aren't you trying to summon the Aeon Worm? - Oh, no.
I don't need to summon the worm.
He's right here.
- Your heat-sensitive sticker pet is not the worm.
It's like a holographic caribou that fires smoke bombs or something.
- Sticker pets adapt to your psyche.
And with the power of my hamsters' perfect faith, my psyche has been transformed! (whoosh!) Now, come forth, my vile lord! Rise and claim your mate! - Mate?! - (snarling) - It's still just a sticker pet! - (deep, menacing voice) I feel your doubt.
- (worshipers) Never doubt the worm! - I'm back, fellas.
Let's do this! - Good to see you pulled it together, Mitch.
- Yeah, man.
This world doesn't need any more dreamers.
- You're an inconsequential hologram! - So much is possible with this many hamsters.
But I cannot exist here long.
- No! Stay with me.
- Only you can bear my children, Beth.
They will carry out my divine will and devour this universe.
- But why choose me? - Ah.
So your father has concealed the secrets of your birth.
- Secrets? - (Aeon Worm) Now, download my love.
(digital noises) - This is wrong.
- Hey, what gives, Hamster Mitch? - It's so clear to me now.
Deep down I am a proud, majestic horse.
- Horse? - And I doubt the worm!!! - (deep, manly voice) Wherever you hide, I will be there, Worm.
- Mitch? Come on down, brother.
This ain't you.
- The Paralyzed Horse? - Pickle Chips, so ensconced in religious zealotry, you've failed to notice one hamster's emerging sense of right and wrong.
- But you're trapped in the See-Through Zone.
- I entered your world through Hamster Mitch and his crisis of faith.
- Where's the Mitch I shared apple slices with last Tuesday? - Form hamster shield! - Ouch! - Remember when we found that old cigarette? - Shoo, horse.
What is your deal? - It took us all day to smoke that cigarette.
- I belong to Beth.
- Ouch! - And you will not harm her.
- That shiz was better than Flag Day.
Come back to me, buddy.
- Accept your vile destiny.
(squeaking) (warble!) - Hey! (squeaking) (blipping) - Become the vessel of chaos.
(squeaking, warbling) - (grumbles) (squeaking, blipping) - Mother of the (squeaking, warbling) - (Pickle Chips) Quit it! (squeaking, blipping) - apoca (squeaking, warbling) - (Pickle Chips) Come on! (squeaking, blipping) - lypse! (squeaking) (warbling) - Dude! - What happened? - Beth, I can't hold him off.
These hamster arms are so teensy.
- Octolateral holo-cat fire! - Aah! Sticker pet override! (explosions) (beep) (chime) - (mews) - No! - Holo-cats not affected by hamster shield! (warbling) (foreboding music) - No, please.
Chris, where the hell are you? - Chris, come in, buddy.
We need you.
- Yeah, what he said, Chris.
I'm just a showoff that gets his best friend's arm erased from existence.
(Worm chuckling evilly) Don't you touch her!!! - Form antlers of virtue! Form astro beak of justice! - (pants, barks) - Is that a kitty? (dog barks) Is that a kitty? - (barking excitedly) - Get the kitty, boy! Get that kitty! - (barking) (hamsters yelling) (grunts) - Die! - (Wallow) Hamsters? What did I say about roughhousing? - (gasps) (mystical music) Broken dome.
Stick in my hand.
Broken dome.
Hand stick.
(heroic crescendo) (panting) (fierce grunt, wallop) (Worm roars) Broken dome! - Stick in your hand? (electricity crackling) - Nope.
Wallow! (heroic music) (falcon cries) (kaboom!) - Aw.
- Beth! Thank God! - Beth, thank God! (tender music) - Mitch, come back to me, buddy.
- What happened? Did-- did I make a difference? - You did it, Mitch.
You've freed us from the mind control! - (hamsters) Lord of morality, teach us right from wrong! (cheer) - (Paralyzed Horse) Paralyzed Horse's log, December 25, 3085.
Echoes, ripples, apotheosis.
The hamsters find their savior.
A leader emerges.
(rumbling thunderclap) And as tiny voices featherward float, the fates draw closed.
This Season of the Worm.
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