Breeders (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

No Surrender

So are we still on for date night on Thursday? Some mentally hot lasagna at The Roebuck? Yeah.
Great, sure.
You say sure, but you don't sound very sure.
You don't think we're making progress in these sessions? No I mean, yes, we are.
Um Well, I try, you know? I have a problem, and we've talked about "strategies" to deal with it.
But sometimes, parents get angry with their kids.
Do you know what I mean? Like, all parents.
Maybe not as much as me, but they do.
That is just a fact.
You put "strategies" in inverted commas.
I did, yes.
I find most of this stuff belongs in inverted commas, to be honest.
Jesus fucking Christ! How many times do I have to tell you to be quiet? ♪♪ [INHALES.]
Hey, can you turn it down please? Sure.
Is that okay? Yeah, thank you.
I'm working, so What birthday is this? - Don't you know? - Yes.
Seven, I think.
- Eight.
- Ah.
You're got a big one coming up, eh? No, I know, Dad.
I'm me.
Oh, you were eight.
Lukey, that was a good one.
Well, it was stressful and horrible, but in retrospect, it was good.
I look really happy.
- Big one coming up, right? - Yeah.
I just said that.
I remember my 13th birthday.
I got a really nice camera, SLR, and tickets to see Echo and the Bunnymen at Brixton Academy.
What? Oh, my God.
I was at that gig.
Shit, no.
Were you? No, of course I wasn't, you plum.
- 'Cause I would've been six.
- Oh, fuck off.
Such a twat.
Such a twat.
- I hate all of you.
Don't disturb me again.
You should always remember your 13th birthday.
Snogged Terry Russell.
Well, sounds memorable.
We need a memorable present too.
Well, I was thinking what about a camera like I got? No one his age has a camera.
They just use their phones.
No, I know, but you get much better photographs with a proper camera, don't you? Or or how about a guitar? He had those few lessons.
He didn't get on with it at all though.
No, but that's because it was classical guitar, and the bloke was making him hold it like a fucking lute.
I'm talking a Strat and an amp.
Yeah, okay, maybe.
He's about to become a teenager.
That is one of the most teenage-y things or was maybe still is? He'd really like a new phone.
- Another fucking - I know.
You don't remember a new phone, do you? It's just the latest in a long line of forgettable phones.
If Luke gets a new phone, can I have his old one? Okay.
A: How did you get there? And B: I hope you weren't earwigging on those other present ideas.
No, I only heard the phone.
- And three - C.
- What? - C, not Three.
C: No.
No phones until big school, Ava, we agreed.
You're too young.
Hey, didn't we agree? Yeah, we did.
Yeah, and don't say that everyone else has one - 'cause they haven't Lily hasn't.
- She does now.
Oh, Lily's parents caved? Fucking cowards.
No, I'm sorry, love.
You can spend the rest of your life on your phone when you get to big school.
It would mean you'd always know where I am.
It would give you peace of mind.
Believe me, I won't have peace of mind until some geezer in a black dress is giving me the last rights.
Sorry, Ava.
There is no room for negotiation on this one, all right? Mm-kay.
♪♪ - Can I help you? - Hey, yeah.
I'm just wanting to browse some semi-pro rigs really.
Not full-on professional, but not Fisher Price idiot machines either.
- Budget? - Uh, 400.
To 800-ish.
Uh, a grand.
That that sort of figure.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
So we got some room to maneuver.
Yeah, it's for my son's 13th birthday.
It's the age I was when I got my first proper camera.
Oh, right.
You're a photographer.
Yeah, I am.
Sorry, no I'm not.
These days, it's it's just Snaps through the phone.
But I used to be pretty good.
- Yeah? - Yeah! I had an eye for composition, you know? When I got my first good camera, I'd take a bus over to Richmond Park and just sit there for hours on my own photographing birds, wildlife Clouds.
Got a picture in an exhibition once.
- Okay.
- Only local.
Thames News filmed it.
It didn't go out because Prince Harry had just been born, and the main news overran.
And your son's interested in photography? Not explicitly.
But I do feel it's something that he could really get into.
He's at that age where he's into everything and nothing, you know? Let's start with the Nikon D7500.
- Um - And that's this one? - That's this one, yeah.
- Yeah.
♪♪ - PE tomorrow? - Potato peeler.
- No, Tuesday.
- Potato peeler.
Good, because your kit isn't washed yet.
- Bookbag? - On the table.
Got it.
Found the potato peeler.
- I know you were worried.
What's this note? - Fuck.
- What? We owe £55 to After School Club.
No, we don't.
"Ava has been late leaving every day this term.
" These are late fees.
Ava, has Luke been late picking you up? Has he? Sometimes.
M-maybe, I think.
Well, I know he goes to the park straight after school 'cause I follow him on my phone, but he's under strict instructions to collect Ava.
Luke! Up here now.
Have you been picking Ava up late? Sometimes, yeah.
Every bloody day, mate.
Not just sometimes.
I've got this.
It's gonna cost us £55 in late fees.
That is a lot of money.
Why can't Ava walk home on her own? They'd let me.
They say it's fine 'cause I'm ten.
I don't need to be picked up.
- Yeah, it's not that far.
- It is! And it's through the Hedgefield Estate.
We want someone with her, and it's on your way.
I can't even believe that I am explaining this.
- You will do as you're told.
- Not asked? No, mate.
Fucking told.
You pick Ava up on time this week Monday to Friday, or you don't get your birthday present, understood? Seriously, mate.
Do you understand? Yes.
I do understand.
I'll get there on time.
So what are you doing in the park anyway? Just hanging out with your mates? - Yeah.
- Doing what? Mate, doing what? Talking? Talking, listening to music.
Not smoking, not drinking, taking drugs? No, just talking.
YouTube videos.
You know you can bring your mates back here if you want.
There's bread and cheese.
You could have toasties.
There's tea.
Sure, yeah.
Well, I'm meant to be cooking.
♪♪ Christ.
How do they cook that lasagna fucking hotter than the hobs of hell? He's a good boy fundamentally.
PAUL: I know he is.
ALLY: On time every day so far.
PAUL: Yeah, I've been following him on my phone.
Little blue Luke.
ALLY: It's like he's being tagged by the probation service but in a loving way.
And we've not asked him to paint the moon.
It is a relatively simple task but still.
ALLY: No, but it's significant.
He's doing what we asked.
He's accepted he did wrong, and he's putting it right.
Yeah, he is.
Fair play to him.
- Hello.
- Hi, Mum.
- Hi.
- Everything all right? Right as rain.
On their screens.
I don't know why you need me to babysit these days.
They can look after themselves now.
Well, when Luke's 13, then we can think about leaving them.
What are you getting him for his birthday? Well, I'm thinking a camera.
- Oh! Like you had.
- Mm.
He won't want a camera, Paul.
He's never asked for a camera.
He wants a phone.
He's got a fucking phone.
I'm gonna go and find them.
Thanks so much.
He's not you, Paul.
He's his own man.
I know he's not me.
I'm not saying he's me.
But if he wants a phone, let him have his phone.
If there'd have been phones when you were his age, you would've been doing that instead of photographing wrens.
It wasn't just wrens, was it? Why choose wrens? I should skedaddle.
Would you be able to plumb our new telly in? Jim had a go, but all you get is blue stuff.
- You mean porn? - No, just blue.
I don't know how else to describe it.
Go on.
- Blue.
- Right.
- It's all blue.
- It's all blue.
Jim tried to set it up.
Well, you should've waited for me.
We don't want to give in to technology.
We want to understand it.
We're not dead yet.
Oh, that's open to debate, isn't it? - Mm.
- Mm.
- Love ya.
So that's Lizzie there.
Green top.
Now she's key.
- We direct everything to her.
- Okay.
I think we're about 85% there, so this presentation should just seal the deal.
I'm a bit nervous.
Don't be.
Just watch what I do; chime in if you want.
You've made real progress the last few weeks, mate.
Everyone in the office is very happy with you, Jake.
- Thanks, Paul.
- You're all right.
♪♪ Oh, you're joking.
Where the fuck is he going? Fuck! Right.
Sorry, Jake.
You are gonna have to wing this one without me, mate.
Just me? In there? Sorry, mate.
Family emergency.
♪♪ Luke, what the hell are you playing? Fucking voicemail.
♪♪ Oh, hello.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Are you locking up? I am locking up, yeah.
Ava Worsley? Ava left about 15 minutes ago.
She didn't wanna get her late mark.
Who was she with? She said her brother was outside.
But she's allowed to leave on her own.
- She's ten.
- No, I know how old she is.
All right.
Could you maybe call her phone? - She hasn't got a phone.
- Really? What do you mean, "really?" What's that? Oh, no nothing.
It didn't mean anything.
Well, then don't act like I'm aggressive.
I'm not.
And don't say sorry like you're placating some nutjob.
Fucking hell.
Hey, hon.
Luke has deliberately gone down to the park with his mates, so Ava's making her own way home.
I'm gonna drive the route that I think she'll take.
See if I can spot her.
Uh, yeah.
I'll see you at home.
Yeah, no.
I I don't know.
He's a fucking liability is what's up with him.
♪♪ Ava! Ava, love.
- Hi.
- Oh, Christ.
- When did you get home? - About ten minutes ago.
We've been worried sick.
We didn't know where you were.
I didn't want to get another late mark, so I came home on my own.
I was fine.
Yeah, well Luke should've met you.
Don't be angry with Luke.
I was absolutely fine.
- Ava! - It's okay.
It's okay.
She walked home.
- By herself? - Mm-hmm.
Through that estate? Where's Luke? He's in the park with his mates.
You know this is a test.
He's testing us.
It is.
It is a test.
Yeah, well he's gonna find out the fucking result.
Ava, was this a deliberate thing to scare us into getting you a phone? - No.
- Don't lie to me.
I'm not a liar.
I'm not calling you a liar.
I am saying that you might be lying.
You were angry about late fees, so I left on time so you wouldn't have to pay a late fee.
Now you're angry about that.
- I am not angry.
- PAUL: I'm angry.
If you're looking for someone who's angry, I'm fucking angry.
So Ally's more in control of her anger? Um mostly, yeah.
But sometimes I have to be good cop.
Do you ever feel that out of the two of you, you are required to carry the burden of anger Can I just say I'm sorry.
I think anger is healthy.
I I really do believe that.
Yeah, but what we're exploring here and what I believe you explored with your previous therapist is how uncontrolled anger can interfere with healthy relationships.
My dad will die of some kind of burst stomach ulcer guaranteed, right? There is no history of that in my family, but I'm convinced that's how he'll go.
Because he controls his anger? No, because he suppresses it.
He refuses to show it, but it's still there.
It's eating away at him like some fucking stomach fucking squirrel.
And I am not gonna be like that.
I've spent a lifetime trying to not be that.
You never wanted to be your father? No.
Jesus, it who wants to be their father? [PERCUSSIVE MUSIC.]
♪♪ Do you realize how angry I am? You wanted to test us? Great.
This is what happens.
No birthday present.
- Okay.
- We mean it, Luke.
- No birthday present.
- All right.
What? You don't care? - I don't know.
- Well, you will care.
You left your sister to walk home alone.
Anything could have happened.
She's fine though.
She's ten.
That's not your decision to make.
You deliberately went and hung out with your mates.
You defied us willfully and deliberately.
No present, seriously.
Don't really want a present anyway.
Well, fine.
You're not gonna get one.
- Dad, don't.
- Ava.
This isn't about you.
- Are we done then? - Oh, man.
Don't you fucking dare give us that attitude.
"Are we done then?" Don't you dare talk to me like that.
Mate, you really need to just No birthday at all.
You won't have a 13th birthday.
Just a normal Saturday.
We are forgetting it.
Screw you, Luke, and this fucking attitude.
No birthday.
- Go to your room.
- Don't have a room.
Well, then go to your fucking area then.
Just go now! Ava.
No birthday? Did you hear his fucking tone? Yeah, I did.
It was unforgivable.
- But no birthday? - Yeah, yeah.
And no backing out.
No sneaky quiet birthday.
No Anne Frank birthday up in the attic.
- Agreed.
- Mm-hmm.
I'll do us some pasta.
JACKIE: No birthday, Paul? That doesn't sound right.
I don't wanna swear or make light of mental illness, Paul, - but that is fucking mental.
- Nope.
We set a boundary, and Luke crossed it.
Is there a picture yet? - No.
- Okay.
How about now? No.
It's blue still.
You can't cancel Luke's birthday, Paul.
Cancelling a child's birthday? Are you in a fucking Roald Dahl book? He pushed us too far, Dad.
- Ally and I both agreed on this.
- No, you're not.
What do you fucking know, Uri Geller? I know you two are decent people, loving parents.
You got pushed into a corner, and you couldn't back down.
But now you're both feeling horrible and weird about it.
Thar she blows! Euston, we have a picture.
Oh, God.
It's Houston, Dad.
Not Euston.
This is a fucking huge telly by the way.
Well, our eyes are not what they were.
I mean, they've always been eyes.
They just don't work as well as they did.
So we wanted to get the latest TV.
Embrace technology.
We're not giving in to old age.
- We're not surrendering.
- Oh, good.
Oh, by the way, would you two be able to pick up Ava for the next few days while we sort something out? - Yeah, of course.
- Thanks.
- You don't think - What? Don't get cross.
You know I can't guarantee that.
Well, you don't think you and Ally are scared of Ava growing up, so you're still treating her like a child? She is a child.
She's very mature for her age, Paul.
Very sensible.
So you think she should walk home from school by herself? Yes.
I do.
And have a phone.
I thought your generation all thought phones were evil? Like we said, we want to embrace technology.
Phones are useful things.
All human knowledge in your pocket.
And Scrabble.
I do like this.
Every parent wants their child to stay a child a little bit longer, Paul.
It's understandable.
I'm just saying.
It's the bigger picture.
No, I know, Dad.
It's our feelings, her feelings.
No, man.
That's why I like this telly.
Much bigger picture.
♪♪ - You all right? - Fine.
♪♪ [SIGHS.]
He looks so No, I know.
No, Paul, I'm really not asking you to do that.
Well, maybe not, but it feels like it, okay? It feels like you are telling me that I need to give up a whole part of myself Not just the raging, but the bigger thing that the raging comes out of which is a sense of order and fairness and how polite we should be and the discip the self-discipline that we all need.
Am I making sense? I think so.
I'm not prepared to give that up or to compromise it 'cause I value it.
So I'm saying this is who I am.
And it is what it is.
And I'm sorry to have wasted your time.
And the previous therapist's time.
And the one before that.
Well, I hope it wasn't all time wasted.
It mainly was, but thanks anyway.
♪♪ Oh, great.
A phone.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, mate.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Oh, thanks.
A phone case.
Thanks, Ava.
Yeah, I hoped you might get a phone.
Should we get a nice birthday takeaway? - Ooh, yeah.
- For about 7:00? Great.
Is it all right if I head down to the park for a bit with my mates before we eat? Sure.
- I'll be back on time.
- Okay.
- Have a good one, mate.
- Thank you.
Oh, man.
Will he remember this birthday, do you think? - Yeah.
- Fuck.
You mustn't remember this birthday, Ava.
All right? Forget this one, love.
You should pick him up from the park, Dad.
Have a talk.
I'm worried about him.
That is a very sensible idea.
Very grown up.
♪♪ Luke! What are you doing? I'm just sitting here.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Okay, well, peddle back.
I'll take you home for your dinner.
Jesus Christ, man.
So you've not been hanging out with your mates? - I don't have any mates.
- You've got mates.
- Not really, Dad.
- No? Not even a best mate? Especially not a best mate.
So anyway, you've just been sitting and staring every day after school? It's the only part of the day where I can just do nothing.
No one's telling me what I need to do or where I need to be.
Just me alone outside.
Does that make sense? Yeah.
Yeah, yes.
We're similar like that.
It's important to be alone sometimes.
The reason Christ went into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights is just so he could get a bit of fucking peace.
Photography, fishing, bird watching.
All that, it's just excuses.
Alibis, isn't it? Just gives you a reason to be on your own and have a big old stare.
It'd be good to be shepherd, wouldn't it? Ah, mate, it'd be fucking brilliant to be a shepherd.
Lighthouse keeper would be good too.
It's all automated now.
Thanks for my new phone, Dad.
You're welcome.
I love you, mate.
I love you too.
What should I do with the old one? [UPBEAT MUSIC.]
ALLY: Everything right so far? I'm still alive, Mum.
ALLY: Good.
Keep it that way.
See you later.
- AVA: Love you, Mum.
- Love you.
Did you say I could return this?
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