Breeders (2020) s04e03 Episode Script

No Age

Gave us a load of free ones
'cause I told them that it's
- Told them what?
- Mm-mm.
Just how much we like condiments. Mm.
- This is nice.
- Hmm.
[WORKER] Two haddock, one saveloy!
Oh. Oh, this is good fish.
Batter's good and all.
And the chips.
- Good chips. Good, um
- Good color.
Thank you. Not too pale.
Look, you all wanted me to do something,
so this is something
we're doing, so let's just
get this done and forget about it, okay?
Move on. Great.
But, Mum, your 50th
birthday, though, isn't
Can you You don't
need to keep saying it.
- What?
- The fucking number, Luke.
You know what? Fucking 50.
Can you pass me one of the
5 billion vinegars, please?
Thanks very much. For fuck's sake.
[WORKER] Uh, two fish pies, one cod roe!
Would have thought you'd have
a bit of fish today, Luke.
- Special occasion.
- He's a vegetarian.
Mm. Fish, though. I mean
Fish actually grieve their dead.
- Do they?
- They release a stress hormone.
Jesus Christ, Luke.
Sorry. Hasan says it's your 50th, love.
Happy birthday.
- Well
- [HASAN] Happy birthday!
The big 5-0! Yay!
Hey, thanks, everyone.
[HASAN] One steak pie, two cod!
- You gonna try 'em on?
- I'm mid gingernut.
Well, I can't stand looking
at those other things anymore.
They turn my stomach.
There's nothing wrong with these.
They make you look like you never bathe,
like a hippie or a squirrel.
You can wear your new shoes
to your 80th party, Granddad.
There's not enough
time to break them in.
Brogues are notoriously stiff.
No one's ever run a marathon in Brogues.
We're getting our photo taken tomorrow.
They've got a photographer
coming in. Professional.
He took one of those photos
of Dodi and Diana on the boat,
but he mainly does
this sort of thing now.
- I'll get it.
Oh. Holly. I'm here to do Jim's hair.
Am I coming in, or is
he gonna stick his head
around the door, and I'll do it here?
Oh, sorry.
Uh Okay. Your vehicle
breaks down in a tunnel.
- Spooky.
- What would do you do first?
A, get out of the car
and stand behind it
to show other drivers
that you're not moving?
Obviously not. That is That's mental.
B, switch on your hazards and
call your breakdown company.
- All right, shit.
- Okay. Please pass, Luke.
Please. I just I don't
wanna be one of those mums
that gives birth on the floor of a bus.
Don't worry. I will pass.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Thanks for this.
You're welcome, mate. Mate,
do do you want to drive?
Um, no, I should I'll
keep revising in the car.
- Right.
It's quite a process.
She's gonna blast me ends in
a minute with the men's dryer.
I got a special hair dryer for the guys.
They got stronger
hair, haven't they, men?
Only need a little
breeze for the ladies.
Knock 'em over, otherwise.
I'm just gonna walk round the perimeter.
One of the great English walks, that.
[AVA] Bye, Granny.
- 15 and some shrapnel.
- Oh.
I'm afraid the accumulator
didn't come up, though.
Hey, 15 quid's not bad
at all. Thanks, Holly.
I can't get to the bookies'
now, so Holly goes for me.
Okay. This whole thing
makes more sense now.
He's only got, like, eight hairs.
- Ooh.
- And I'm working my magic
on all eight of them,
thank you very much.
- She can do yours after.
- But only eight?
Yeah, you've got to pick your favorites.
You got great hair. I
could do yours for real.
I'm always after people to
practice on for sixth form.
Thank you, Holly.
Holly's helpin' organize
my 80th birthday party.
You two should swap numbers.
Chat sausage rolls
and quiche and whatnot.
Yeah, go on then. Stick
your number in there.
- [SIGHS] Buckle up, Jim.
And you've come to us via the
Inimitable Darren?
Ah, yeah. There can only
be one Darren, thank God.
- And he's your business partner?
- Silent partner?
- I mean, silent's the goal.
Yeah, if I can get him to
shut up for five minutes.
- Oh, your coffee.
- Gosh.
Wow. Thanks.
Thank you. Thanks.
Is that for me, too? Thanks. Thanks.
It's lovely.
Thanks. Thank you.
- Please.
So, we're super keen to
throw open the doors here,
get as much wisdom in
the room as possible.
Sorry. You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, no, I was
I'm just gonna let
it cool down for a bit
'cause it's very, very,
very hot. [CHUCKLES]
- What we're excited by
is the sheer breadth of your experience.
We think that that is something
- we could really feed from here.
Great. Well, I would love to, um
well [STAMMERS] feed
you, I suppose. [CHUCKLES]
- That's great.
- Mm.
- Yeah. She's great.
- Yeah.
Mmm, that smells complicated.
- How was it?
- I got it. They love me.
- Oh! Great. Well done.
They offered me the job on the spot.
They didn't even wanna
see the other candidates.
Ah, mate, well, that calls for a drink.
Uh, Luke has some good news, too.
- Oh, yeah.
- I, uh, I passed my theory.
Oh, Luke, that's amazing.
You must be so relieved.
- Yeah, I am.
- Oh.
Still gotta do my practical, though.
Oh, you'll be fine.
[PAUL] Um, Maya, is apple
juice all right for you?
[MAYA] Yeah, yeah. Thanks.
Did you get one of these?
What am I looking at?
It's a walking holiday,
Paul. Look at them.
They seem very happy.
This is my demographic now,
these guys. Swimming costume off.
I'm going on holiday in a
fucking cagoule now, am I?
Look, just chuck it.
It's junk. I get that
stuff all the time.
- Am I on some sort of register?
- Fuckin' hope not.
Oh, they're gonna try
and sell me a little chair
for the shower next, aren't they?
Oh, sounds fucking lovely, to be fair.
- I'll take them.
- Yeah.
- Ah, shit, just remembered.
I've got to get more booze for
Dad's thing. Drink up. Drink up.
You know he started having
his hair done regularly?
- Mm.
- Can you get a blue rinse
for a bald head?
Holly says no one has them anymore.
They all get this
demi wave thing because
your hair thins as you age.
You lose, like, 70% volume.
Holly says it's better
just to chop it off
after a certain point.
It's just wisps otherwise.
- Right. Uh
- Holly's granddad's hairdresser.
Well, not just Granddad's.
She does all of them.
She's paying her way through sixth form.
She's full-time now.
Well, four days a week.
Right. A toast
[CHUCKLES] to Mum and Luke.
- Aw.
- Mum and Luke.
Hey, mate, play your cards right,
you'll be driving her
to work on her first day.
Just look over to me again, Bobby.
How long is this gonna take?
Well, they can't rush it,
Jim. It's a proper portrait.
Portrait? Who am I,
Henry the fucking VIII?
I don't know why you won't
put your new shoes on.
Jesus, Jackie, they're not gonna
get me shoes in it, are they?
- It'll be from the knees up.
- But what if it isn't?
What if it's, you
know, what's it called?
- Full frontal?
- Full length.
- All right, Holly.
- Hello.
I'm gonna give Leslie a quick zhuzh.
She doesn't need a zhuzh.
She needs a defibrillator.
- Hmm.
- [PHOTOGRAPHER] Lovely bow tie.
Be nice for Luke and Ava to
have a proper photo of us.
They've already got one of
us in Mitcham at the carvery.
[SCOFFS] What, and
you'd want that printed
alongside your obituary, would you?
[GASPS] Look, Jimmy's
getting his shoe in it.
Big smile! Excellent.
Oh, I don't know why you
won't put your shoes
Because they're me
last shoes, aren't they?
I've had these ones seven years,
so the next pair will be me last.
- They're a dead man's shoes.
- Just a pair of shoes.
It's the pair of shoes
I'm gonna be buried in.
Thank you. How's everything?
Well, I'm not burying
you in those old ones.
I'd rather you went in
barefoot or in my slippers.
I can't put the new
ones on, Jackie. Not yet.
try a fun one, shall we?
- [LAUGHS] That's brilliant.
- Oh, for crying out loud.
the next victim, please?
Hey. Are Are they finished?
Oh, no, they're still queuing.
Is Mr. January doing his nude shots?
[LAUGHS] Yes. It's getting
very steamy in there.
- I was gonna get a tea
- if you want one.
- Sure.
Susie's back in town! Hooray! [LAUGHS]
What was it? A wedding? Any good?
Oh, six out of 10. Could do better.
Ooh. God, you forget the
vicar might be judging you.
Well, they didn't bring out
those canapés quick enough.
It's like, I'm not saying long, lads.
- Get the arancini balls movin'!
I only started coming
for a bit of extra cash,
but turns out I love old people.
They are excellent,
the ones I know, anyway.
They're just so good at
chilling. Look at 'em.
They've been there for
hours, just lookin', thinkin',
appreciatin' the small things, you know?
Is it possible that they
can't actually get up?
Maybe we should check their pulses.
[LAUGHS] Are you
disrespecting Gwen and Michael?
You're lucky Gwen ain't
got her hearing aids in.
That's all I want.
You know, simple stuff.
Nice house.
Nice girlfriend. Nice dog.
I've always wanted a dog,
but it wouldn't be fair on it.
Living in a city?
- No, living with my dad.
- So, what you do for fun?
- I don't know.
I've never been great at having fun.
- Maybe I'm too serious.
- Uh, bollocks. You're hilarious.
But I mean, you should have a hobby.
- Like what?
- I don't know. Pick one.
Uh roller skatin'?
- Roller skatin'?
- Yeah.
I haven't been either, so
we could break our legs together?
They're probably done by now,
and I said I I should go in.
Yeah, okay. Well, I'll
see you at the party, then.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
- [BARTENDER] Afternoon, love.
- Hi, can I
- What can I get you?
- A red wine, please.
Hi, Darren. Yeah. No, yeah,
it went brilliantly, thanks.
Yeah. Oh, did they? Oh, that's good.
Sorry. What do you mean?
Are you joking me?
You better be fucking joking me, Darren.
I don't even think I
should look, really,
you know, until I've passed.
Well, you're not gonna
jinx yourself by staring
at a Renault Clio for 10 minutes.
Sort of want to know who the owner was.
Yeah, you probably don't.
- How we gettin' on?
- Jesus.
Uh, yeah, just looking. Cheers. Yeah.
Yeah, for you, is it?
Little back and forth to uni?
Just want the safest one, really.
- It's, uh, it's for a baby.
- Don't let a baby drive it,
for God's sake. They haven't really got
the hand-eye coordination for that.
- Well, that's exciting stuff.
- Hmm.
Yeah. Congratulations.
So, we're just gonna have
a little, uh, mooch about.
You're gonna wanna look at boot space.
- Gotcha.
- Yeah. Babies need a lot of kit.
- Right. [CHUCKLES]
- Honestly, whether you're
going out for three
hours or three weeks,
- it's the same amount of stuff.
- Yeah.
- Come on. Let's have a look.
- Why did you
No, we're not buying this one.
You could fit in there, you could,
and he's gonna want
to, isn't he, Dad, hey?
Get a bit of peace and quiet. Come on.
Let's have a poke around
at her insides, shall we?
- I'm gonna fucking kill him!
- Well, I'll be your alibi.
Well, they'll believe
me because privilege.
- And he definitely knew before?
- Yeah, they told him 'cause
they've had shit from their HR
guys about ageism or whatever,
so he's wheeled me in like a rescue hag.
They just needed someone
over my my age.
- Over 50?
[CHUCKLES] You're gonna
have to say it at some point.
Let's get another 50
bottles of this, then.
- All right, I'm on it.
- Nearly done.
Did anything grab you back there?
Quite like the idea of
being locked in a boot.
[CHUCKLES] No, me, too.
A cross between a spa and a kidnapping.
- You're driving.
- What?
- Ta.
- No
- You all right?
- Yeah. Just, um sometimes
feel like my elbows get in
the way. Where Where
- Where do you put yours?
- Where do I put them?
- Yeah.
- In the glove compartment.
That way I know where
they are. Oh, right.
He's He's letting you out,
so do you want to go right here?
- Yeah.
- Great.
[PAUL] Good, good, good. Thanks, mate.
Very good. Very good, mate.
Just pick up your speed a little bit.
Uh, this is a really fast road.
It's not really fast.
It's a It's a 30,
so just yeah, put
put your foot down, mate.
Dad, I can't. I need I need to stop.
Luke, Luke, just calm down. Keep
going straight along this road.
- Shit. I can't. Dad, I can't.
- No, you don't Just
- I I need to pull over.
- Luke, you don't have
- to pull over, darling.
- Listen to what I'm telling you.
Dad, I can't do it!
Luke, calm the fuck down
just for a second, mate.
- There's no need to pull over.
- I'm not doing that.
Luke, carry on now. Don't fucking stop.
You all right?
Can't do it, Dad.
Well, it would help if
you sat in the actual car.
No, I mean, I can't do any of it.
I'm not I'm not ready.
Well, you're gonna have
to be, aren't you, Luke?
Because it's happening, son,
and it's happening pretty fucking soon.
So I just I learn to
drive, and then I get a car,
and then I'm just a dad then, am I?
Basically, yes.
It's scary. I know. I'm still scared.
That bit never goes.
- All right, what should I say?
- Short and sweet.
Just, "Fuck off."
- Yeah.
- Subject heading. nothing else.
Perfect. That'll just
really freak 'em out.
Your skills are wasted on Jesus.
"Fuck off."
- Send.
You don't have to feel ready
for it, 'cause no one does.
You just uh You just do it.
You get up in the morning,
and you you just do it best you can.
And some days it will be
Uh well, it'll be fucking horrific
[LAUGHS] to be honest with you.
You'll wanna put your
head through a wall, but
much of the time
it'll feel magical, mate.
Like you're gonna meet
this little person,
and you are going to lose your mind
in the most brilliant way.
And listen, don't forget, mate,
me and Mum will be with
you every step of the way.
We can still be the grownups
when you need us to be. Okay?
Now, come on.
Mum said she's had three bottles of wine
and not enough crisps.
- Mm, this bit. Wait, hang on.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, this is it.
- Who are you messaging?
- No one.
You're You're smiling at your phone.
It's just for Granddad's thing.
Someone from the sheltered housing.
She's called Holly. She's
the hairdresser there.
- She's very funny.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, my God.
- What?
- You like her.
What? I don't No! Stop it.
- Ava!
- It's really nothing, Grace.
Don't make it weird.
I mean, you are literally
holding your phone to your heart.
- Hi, darling.
- Hi!
- Nice time?
- Ah, so nice.
How's Susie?
- So nice!
- Good.
So nice.
You all right?
- Fine.
- I'm just gonna hold it.
- No, don't hold it. Just
Ooh! You coming in for a little kissy?
No, 'cause you're 40%
proof, aren't you, babe?
Right. Can I just get
under your ass? Thank you.
Oh, don't go in it. Ahh!
- Okay.
- [SIGHS] I quit that job.
- Excuse me?
Yeah, I'm not doing that,
looking at me like I'm fucking 90,
and I don't want to work there, anyway.
They've got weird space coffee.
It's very hot in here. Where's
the wind-y window thingy?
There isn't a windy
When did you quit this job?
Just now. I wrote a really good email.
Susie edited-it-it it.
- Susie edited it.
- Susie did?
- Yeah.
- Great.
Two piss-heads are better than one.
- Oh, my God! Luke is driving!
- Yeah, uh
Yep. Don't put him off.
He's doing really well.
- Can you slow it down a second?
- Yeah, please.
[MOANS] I feel a bit sick.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
I love toast.
Give me some toast. I love toast.
I haven't got time to wait for that.
I'll be dead soon, won't I?
Everything's Oh.
Yes, Queens!
Hi, Ally.
- Steady.
[ALLY] It's fun.
Is she okay?
Yeah. She's just feeling a bit 50.
Oh, God.
[CHUCKLES] Fuck. And there it is.
The reason that we don't
drink like that anymore.
Oh, God. Was I horrific?
Yeah. No. You You
were very merry, actually,
for someone who's just
told their new boss
to fuck off and done a
little sick out the car.
- Fuck. What is wrong with me?
- Ah, nothin'.
I hate turning 50. I wanna turn back.
Look, I I wasn't keen
on 50 when it hit either,
but I know this is a cliché.
It's a lot better than the alternative.
Everything's going too fast. I can't
- Yeah.
I sort of feel like
we've had the good bit.
Do you know what I mean? But
I don't know what I'm doing anymore.
- I miss Luke.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, I'm gonna be a fucking grandma.
That just sounds weird.
That's like saying I'm gonna
be a horse or something.
- Nay.
[LAUGHS] Fuck off. Ow. I can't laugh.
Right, I'm going to pop
out and pick up some things
for Dad's birthday do, okay?
So, just sleep, Shergar. Sleep.
Fuck off.
Pushes all the air out
of me, tying me laces.
You look very handsome.
Shall we?
- [ALLY] God, it's so quiet.
- [LUKE] Mm.
Old people generally are, I think.
- Luke, do you wanna open it?
- Yes.
- After you.
- Right. Thanks.
- Surprise!
- Oh!
- Happy 130th.
Oh, my God.
Wow. Okay. Okay.
Two "okay"s? That's
potentially not okay.
This is very brave, Paul.
Yeah, the fucking adrenaline
walking up the street.
- Uh, look, 80 plus 50. That's
- 130, yeah.
- Yeah.
- That number's not bad, is it?
- Um
- Ava.
- [AVA] Hello.
Do you hate it?
No, no, I don't hate it.
I love it. It's It's
It's brilliant. Thank you.
- Happy birthday, Mum.
- Oh, thanks. [CHUCKLES]
- Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Jim. [LAUGHS]
Happy birthday, Ally. [CHUCKLES]
They get better as you get older.
- That's a lie. They get worse.
- Happy birthday, darling.
- Oh, thank you.
- Mm.
- Thanks so much. Oh. Hey!
Well done, darling,
putting on a brave face.
Put me in one of these places,
- I'll fucking kill you.
- Wow. Good to know. Okay.
Thank you. [CHUCKLES] I love you.
I love you, too.
- [RESIDENT] Whoa!
Yeah. All right. Don't
all pretend like you're not
all at it like rabbits.
I saw it on Panorama.
Hey, um, listen, I'm I'm
so sorry for quitting that job.
You just You can't
put a price on pride.
No, I know. But if you
could put a price on it
15 grand for two months' work.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You can't be angry with me, though,
'cause it's my party.
- Okay.
- Uh, I'm gonna pick up tea.
- Okay.
- Or a sherry.
Hi, Mum.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] 80. Bloody hell.
It's a lot of years.
[MOUTH FULL] It goes by very
fast, Ava. Lightnin' speed.
You can't hang about.
Got to grab life by
the short and curlies,
if I'm still allowed to say that.
I think you are.
Hey. Sorry. Just had to get away
from the intense partying for a bit.
Holly, would you like
to go on a date with me?
Yeah. I'd I'd like that a lot.
May I kiss you?
You absolutely fucking may.
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