Breeders (2020) s04e08 Episode Script

No Control

- Ava!
Leah definitely said they
were coming back here.
Yeah. Text Mum and Ava and Luke
and fucking, I don't know, Interpol.
Well, Luke's not picking up his phone
or checking his messages. Christ.
We should have gone
straight to the hospital.
[PAUL] Yeah, I'm texting him.
- Ava, honey, we're home!
Luke, what's happening?
It's a boy.
Hurry up! We'll miss the trailers!
Two minutes!
Will you get that? Luke's
probably forgotten his keys
for the gazillionth time.
- Bah!
- Aah!
- Oh, shit. Sorry.
- Whew.
- I thought you were Luke.
- I thought you were Ava.
Wait. Do you think I look like Luke?
- Hi.
- Surprise!
I got off work early.
This lady didn't turn
up for her perm, so
- Forgot?
- Died.
- Ooh, sorry.
- [HOLLY] Yeah.
We were heading out to watch
the new Breakfast Club remake.
I really, really wanna see it.
- Do you wanna come?
- Me and Ava saw it last week.
- Ava, you've already seen it?
- Yeah.
No, I just thought you'd really
like to see it, so, you know
- But you absolutely hated it.
- I didn't.
I mean, I did at first,
but then I thought it might
be worth a second look.
Let's just choose something else.
Brilliant. You got any
food? I'm so hungry,
I could eat a week-old
kebab through a hedge, mate.
- Cheese and crackers okay?
- Yeah, fine.
So, at Cineworld there's a horror on.
I don't do blood and guts. Next.
Okay. Horror off.
- Uh, there's a thriller.
- If it's the one where they find
the dead lady in the lake, then no.
You know Ava's golden rules of cinema.
No blood or guts or guns
or dragons or fit
vampires or dead ladies.
Unless they die of old age
or of saving the planet.
- [LUKE] Shit!
- What's going on?
- Where's the baby bag?
- I can't find the baby bag.
- The baby bag?
The baby bag! I thought
I left it down here!
- I need it now.
- But Maya's not due for
Oh, no. Where's Maya?
- Meena's taken her to hospital.
- What's happened?
[SIGHS] It's all my fault.
I said something that really upset her,
her waters broke, and I said
that I'd come back for the bag.
- Luke, slow down.
- I don't even know why
I said it, and now I can't
remember where I put it!
Uh, try the cupboard
by the washing machine.
- I'm sure I saw it there.
- [WHISPERS] Okay.
- You all right?
- Uh, it's Maya.
- She's gone to hospital.
- God. Is she all right?
I don't know. He's not
making much sense. Sorry.
- No, no, we'll get out your way.
Just make sure you call me
if you need anything, yeah?
Uh I think I'm gonna
hang here for a bit.
- Sure.
- Baby grows bibs Shit!
Hey, hey, Luke, Luke. Do your breathing.
- No. Where's the hat?
- What hat?
It's like this monogrammed
hat with the baby's name on it.
It's Maya's idea for the name reveal.
Uh, uh, Ava, give me your phone.
Hey, hey, don't worry
about the hat now, Luke.
You have to have a hat!
It's in the ante-natal class handbook.
Okay. I've texted Leah
to come pick us up.
- Thank you.
- Is that Meena?
Maya's gone into labor.
Baby's coming. Oh, my God.
- Leah's on her way.
- I'm supposed to drive.
- You're not driving anywhere.
[SIGHS] We'll help pack the
bag, and then we'll wait outside
for your gran.
Hey, hey, Luke, it
it's gonna be fine.
[ALLY] Still can't
get any fucking signal.
[PAUL] No? Yeah, we
need some sort of clue
- as to what's going on
- [ALLY] Yeah.
'Cause Christ knows what
we're heading back to.
Uh, we are hoping to get in
the air as soon as possible,
folks, so phones will
have to go off shortly.
- Yep, sure. Will do, yeah.
[SIGHS] What were we thinking,
going on holiday so
close to the due date?
What are you talk We
booked it 18 months ago, hon.
Christ, we didn't know any of this shit
- would be going on, did we?
- Still.
Maya's not due to drop
for another five weeks.
None of this is
actually our fault. Uh
Uh, no, that Yeah, that's you.
- Is that me?
- This is me, yeah.
We can't be there for them all
We can't be there for
them all all the time,
especially when they're
adults. It's impossible.
Tell that to Meena and Sunil. They
They haven't left the country.
I mean, the baby hasn't
even been born yet, and we're already
- the shit grandparents.
- Oh, it's Ava.
- Hmm?
- Hi!
- Mum, I have to be quick.
My phone's about to die,
and all the sockets here
have life support machines
- plugged in.
- What's happening?
Maya's still having contractions.
They don't think they
can stop the labor.
Oh, God. Uh, well, how's Luke?
Really, really anxious. Off the scale.
Uh, Meena and Sunil are here, though.
Do Do you think you
can get back in time?
Yeah, well, no, we've just
we've just boarded the flight,
and hopefully we're
gonna take off in a
- Fuck!
I really don't like these places.
Yeah, a lot of people
have a phobia of hospitals.
I meant NHS hospitals.
Haven't been inside one
since Luke was very ill.
That must be well over 10 years ago.
- Granny.
- No, don't get me wrong.
They do a wonderful
job. God bless the NHS,
but one just gets spoiled
by private medicine.
They bring you coffee
and all-butter biscuits.
[GRACE] Shall I get you a coffee?
No, I will go and find the
canteen or the refectory.
I don't think they'll have a refectory.
I think that's just Hogwarts.
I expect it'll just be a
machine this time of night.
Okay, well, I won't bother, then.
Well, if you're lucky, the
lobster and caviar trolley
will be around soon.
You're teasing me, and
you have every right.
I'll go to the machine
and get us all a coffee.
Sorry. She's posh.
I do wonder if I've left it too late
to make a difference to
Luke's life, you know?
Yeah, it could feel like that, can't it?
Like we've sent him out into
the world without his coat
or his dinner money.
- [PAUL] Hey.
Are you sure you don't want a Valium?
You haven't flown without one for years.
I can't, Paul, though. I mean,
I need a clear head when we land.
I can't lurch around the labor ward like
fucking Oliver Reed. [INHALES DEEPLY]
Have you got your eye mask?
- Um check.
- [PAUL] Okay.
- Earplugs?
- Check.
Okay, well, you go full
sensory deprivation,
and I'll I'll give you a nudge
- when we're about to land, okay?
- Yeah. Okay.
Well, uh
That working?
Is that working?
[MIDWIFE] Okay, darling,
remember to breathe.
- Are you the dad?
Come on in, son.
Now, if you start to feel
lightheaded, just step away.
We don't want you fainting
in the wrong direction.
- Okay.
- [MEENA] I'm here.
- That's right, baby.
- Excuse me.
Are you sure she shouldn't
be having a C-section?
No, we're pass that
now. She's fully dilated.
- [MIDWIFE] It will all be fine.
You look after your baby,
and I'll look after this one.
- Okay.
- The baby's coming, Luke!
- I know. I'm really sorry.
- [MIDWIFE] That's it. Good girl.
- [MEENA] Good girl.
- [MIDWIFE] That's it.
Please take a second now
to locate the exit closest to you.
Note that the nearest
exit might be behind you.
In the event of an emergency landing,
follow the illuminated
floor and seating lights
- Excuse me, madam.
- To the nearest exit.
The emergency exits are marked
- with green signs
- Madam?
- [GASPS] What?
- Please ensure
Can you please pay
attention to the briefing?
It's intended for everyone's safety.
I'm so sorry. I just
find it really terrifying.
Experience sudden pressure loss,
listen for instructions
from your cabin crew.
Oxygen masks will drop
down from above your seats.
[SIGHS] Fucking hell.
When using your mask,
remember to breathe normally.
Normally, right, yeah, sure.
Don't worry if the bag doesn't inflate.
- Oh, don't worry. Don't worry.
- [WHISPERS] Shush.
Place the mask over your
mouth and nose like this.
What's the fucking point?
Pull the strap to tighten your mask.
- Keep your mask on
- Hey. Wait.
- Hey, hey. We'll be fine.
They're gonna do the bit
about landing on water
and fucking whistles next, aren't they?
Emergency landing on water
[ALLY] Oh, Jesus. We'll be
dead by then, won't we, anyway
- [PAUL] Hon. Hon.
- What's the fucking point?
All safety instructions
can be found on the card.
I spy
with my little eye
something beginning with "E."
- "E"?
- [SUNIL] "E."
- Electric light?
- No.
Mm exit sign?
- Emergency button?
- No.
No. Give up.
Existential terror
staring me in the face
with the force of a thousand suns.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, should have got that.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
we are about to start our
descent into London Gatwick.
Please make sure your
seat backs and tray tables
are in the upright position,
that your seatbelts
are securely fastened,
and any electronic devices
are now either switched off
or in flight safe mode. Thank you.
We could be grandparents
already, and we don't know,
or Maya could be having a C-section,
or something unthinkable
could have happened.
- I can't stand not knowing.
- Well, I'm going to try and get
some signal as we descend.
Oh, yeah. Me, too. No, anything?
No, nothing. I think we're
still a bit too high up.
- Keep looking, though.
- Yeah. Oh, my God.
I thought I saw a bar of signal,
but then it did [SIGHS]
I just made an announcement
regarding the use of electronic devices
as we make our descent.
- Sorry. Yes, you did.
- So sorry. We're just, um,
looking for messages from our son.
Okay, can I take those from you, please?
I'll store them safely,
and once we've taxied to the gate,
if you stay in your seats,
I'll return them to you.
Thank you.
Your tray table.
Oh, of course, yeah. I'm so sorry.
- Can she do that?
- She just did.
No, I mean, legally, is
she allowed to do that?
I don't know. Google it.
Mm. Funny.
[GRACE] I don't think I
ever wanna have babies.
[MOUTH FULL] It's really intense
- and painful and frightening.
- Mm-hmm.
But then so is everything,
really periods
- Mm.
- Public speaking.
[SIGHS] Babies are great, though.
Maybe when we're in our 20s,
they'll be able to 3D print them.
[LAUGHS] Whenever I'm handed a baby,
I just always think I'm gonna drop it.
Me, too. Very first thought.
50% chance this thing's
hitting the floor.
I'm so glad you're
here with me for this.
It feels important that you're here.
I couldn't be anywhere else,
could I? You'd be there for me.
- We've been a team since
- Year Four?
[BOTH] Mad Miss Hughes.
[MEENA] Oh, Maya.
- Oh, my God, Mum.
- He's amazing.
- [LAUGHING] It's a little boy.
Dad, would you like to cut the cord?
[MIDWIFE] Don't worry.
You won't hurt him.
Luke? Luke.
There we go. [LAUGHS]
- I'm so proud of you.
- Well done. You're amazing.
I'm just gonna take
him for a little weigh,
and then I'll bring
him straight back, okay?
Here we go. Oh, yeah.
- [NURSE] Here you go.
- Four pounds, six ounces.
Breathing clear and regular.
- With Mummy now. Here we go.
- Where's the hat?
Uh, yeah, I couldn't find it.
We're gonna call him Jay.
- Jay.
- [MAYA] Jay.
- Oh.
- It was on the hat we
[MEENA] Hello, little Jay. Aw.
- Okay. I need to take baby
up to neonatal unit.
Possibly a little jaundiced.
- Jaundiced?
- Uh, it's fine.
It's very normal in a premature baby.
It's just a precaution.
But the good news
is that you'll have your own room,
so someone can stay with you tonight.
Uh will you stay with me?
Of course I will, darling.
I'm not going anywhere.
- Yeah, yeah, you need your mum.
- Oh
Fuck. No, he's so beautiful, Luke.
- Did you take this?
- Uh, Meena sent it.
Oh, but you saw him.
I'll see him tomorrow with you guys.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Four pounds
- Six ounces.
- What's that in, uh, new money?
- Two bags of flour.
Did they get a picture with you in it?
[CLICKS TONGUE] There wasn't time.
- Okay.
- Jay got here safe.
That's all that matters to me.
Yeah, of course.
[GROANS] Right, um
this might be the very last order
I give you as a father,
Luke, but it's bedtime, son.
Got a big day ahead of us,
all right? So, let's go.
All right. [SIGHS]
- I know.
Meena gets to drive her to the hospital.
Meena gets to be in the labor ward.
Meena gets to stay the night,
but Ava didn't even see Jay.
Luke didn't hold him, for Christ's sake.
Yes, I know, and there is literally
nothing that we could have done.
Okay? Now, hon, it's
really fucking late.
- I know.
- We're gonna need a couple
of hours' sleep at least before
Hey, mate.
Meena's just messaged
me, saying that they're
- taking Maya into surgery.
- What?
- Something's gone really wrong.
- Okay. Oh, God. Um
Right, just go and
get go and get dressed.
We can be in the car in five minutes.
- This is all my fault.
- No, mate, it's not your fault.
You don't understand. I I told Maya
that I turned down my
place at Manchester,
and then she got really upset with me,
and then that's when
she went into labor.
- You got a place at Manchester?
- Go and get dressed
and wake up Ava 'cause she'll
wanna be with us, too. Okay?
See you downstairs.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
He turned down Manchester.
Fuck me. I think my waters are broken.
Maya was perfectly fine for
the first couple of hours,
but then she experienced
some very heavy bleeding.
- How heavy?
- She was alarmed by it,
and the midwife team were concerned.
Poor thing.
It's very likely that the bleeding
is a sign that the whole
placenta didn't pass
when she was giving birth,
what we call a retained placenta.
So, Maya's in surgery now?
She is, under general anesthetic.
Is she okay? Is she in danger?
It's not a very common condition,
but usually it can be
resolved pretty quickly.
- Good. Well, that's reassuring.
- What about complications?
There is a risk of infection,
so we'll put Maya on a
course of antibiotics.
It's just that I read on
the internet in the car
there can be life-threatening
blood loss and
The internet really isn't
your friend at times like this.
Maya is in very good
hands. She'll be fine.
Thanks so much, Doctor. Thank you.
[PAUL] Cheers.
- Hey, Sunil.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hello, mate. You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
Uh, Meena's in the blue zone
waiting area just down there.
- Okay, we'll go find her.
- Yeah. Yeah, okay. Thanks.
Uh, Luke.
Take a seat.
- Luke.
- Yeah.
My little girl is being operated
on right now, and I'm terrified.
You need to step up.
I know you're an anxious guy,
but you need to ignore
that because right now
you need to be a man, not a boy.
I need you to take care of my daughter
and that baby that you both made.
Hey. Sorry to interrupt. Um
Yeah, just looking for this one.
I thought we'd lost you, mate.
[SUNIL] Uh, we were just having a chat.
- Mm-hmm.
- [CHUCKLES] I'll see you later.
- Seemed like a serious chat?
- [LUKE] Yeah.
Sunil told me that I need to be a man.
What, he's Right,
he said that, did he?
I do need to be a man.
No, you are a man, mate.
He's talking rubbish.
Who's he to tell you you're not a man?
He's always been really
nice to me, but he
He's right. I feel like a little boy.
No, we all we all do,
mate, when we're scared.
I couldn't cut the umbilical cord.
They asked you to cut the cord?
Fuck me ragged. You
Christ, I was shaking so
much when you were born,
I probably would have
cut your arm off or worse.
You wouldn't have been a
father now, I'll tell you that.
Do you want me to teach
you how to be a man?
'Cause I I I can
teach you how to be a man.
Come on.
All right, let's go.
- [PAUL] Just take the bottle,
brush it against his lips really gently.
- Like this?
- Uh-huh.
Yeah, if you if you just offer it up,
put it in his mouth and
see if he wants to take it.
[LUKE] No, he d He
doesn't seem to want it.
[PAUL] No, gi No, give him a minute.
You know, just talk to
him and get him used to it.
Go on. [GASPS]
- You all right, Jay?
- [PAUL] Little Jay.
- [LUKE] Come on.
- [PAUL] Yeah, if you give him
- [LUKE] Oh, my God.
- [PAUL] Bingo.
If you hold the bottle
up a little bit
- Yeah.
- Yeah, there you go.
Oh, my God. [LAUGHS] He's
got a really hard suck.
[CHUCKLES] Right, yes.
You're hungry, boy Jay?
You're very hungry, baby.
That's perfect, Luke.
That's absolutely perfect.
Yeah. Brilliant, mate.
[PAUL] There he is.
- [PAUL] Brilliant.
- Is she all right?
- [MEENA] Yeah.
They're saying that surgery went well.
She's coming round now
in the recovery room.
That's fantastic.
- That's amazing news, Meena.
- Yeah, that's really great news.
- Well done.
- Hey, Ally. You okay?
- [ALLY] Yeah.
Honestly, I can't tell you,
I've never been so relieved
- in my life.
- Mm.
[SIGHS] I'm just so
glad that I was here.
Yeah, I'm sure.
But, of course, that meant
that Luke wasn't here.
Uh, sorry?
Well, he was sent home, wasn't he?
He wasn't sent home. Maya
asked me to stay with her,
and only one of us could
be there. Luke agreed.
Yeah, because he's
anxious and scared and shy
and out of his depth, yeah.
So, maybe not the best
person to stay with Maya
after she's just given
birth prematurely.
Listen, it's been really hard for Luke.
He's felt like he's been
on the edge of all of this.
You know, not being part of
the birth of his own baby.
- He was there for the birth.
- Yes, I I know he was there,
but then the baby was whisked away,
or Maya was whisked away, or at least
he was sent away from her.
I mean, he should have
been allowed to stay.
Like I said, only one of
us was allowed to stay.
I couldn't leave her,
and I'm not gonna
apologize for that, Ally.
I couldn't leave 'cause I'm her mum.
I do understand that,
but I am Luke's mum.
- Mm.
- And I
and I'm just fighting his corner.
No, I'm I'm not having
us be the beta grandparents
- or him be the beta parent.
- Who's saying beta grand
- [MEENA] Hey, hey, guys.
- Hi.
- [MEENA] How's baby Jay doing?
- Yeah, he's doing well.
He's taking a bottle. He's
just gorgeous. He's so gorgeous.
- Oh, I can't wait to meet him.
- [SUNIL] Hey.
Luke was just saying
baby's doing really well.
- Yeah, he's doing brilliantly.
- Oh, that's marvelous news.
Well, now I do have one question.
Does anyone else need some breakfast?
- God, yes.
- There's a greasy spoon
- a couple of minutes' walk away.
- [ALLY] Oh.
Best fried bread you've ever tasted.
Egg yolks the color of sunset.
- That sounds delicious.
- Hi, Meena.
- Are you all Maya's family?
- Yes.
Well, she's back in her room with baby
having light therapy for his jaundice.
Does one of you want
to go and be with them?
- It can only be one, I'm afraid.
- Uh, that'll be me.
- I'm gonna be with her.
- Lovely. Follow me.
- Go get 'em.
Oh, hey.
Take this.
[LUKE] Thank you.
- Does he like his sunbed?
- Oh, yeah.
Be wanting to get his nails done next.
I'm really sorry for
making all this happen.
You didn't. Our our argument
didn't bring on labor, okay?
It just just happened.
But I'm fine, and Jay
will be fine. Okay?
I want you to stay here
with me tonight, not Mum.
- [PAUL] Oh, I just remembered.
Ava found it.
The sausages are perfectly cooked,
and the bacon is beautifully fatty.
- Yeah, a bit of jaundice.
- A choice of potatoes
Uh, they'll keep him in for a few days,
but otherwise, yeah, really healthy boy.
Thank you. [LAUGHS]
Congratulations to you,
too, great-grandfather.
No, let's go and see it anyway.
I only really said I didn't
like it because Holly didn't.
I'd really like to see
it again. Okay, great.
And thanks for yesterday,
Gracie. You were brilliant.
[PAUL] No, he's a great dad already.
A really great dad. Fuck
knows where he gets it from.
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