Bridge and Tunnel (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Graduates

- Oh, my God.
- Careful.
- Oh, don't go on the sink.
- Okay.
- Off the sink.
- Yes, okay.
- You lock the door?
- Yeah, yeah, no.
- Okay, you good?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Wait.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- What?
- I just want to tell you
- No, you
I just want to tell you
wait, wait, wait.
- No, damn it.
- I missed you so much.
I missed you too, baby,
but I don't want to hear about it.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Okay, okay, come on.
Oh, yeah, yeah, do that too.
- Fuck.
Oh, my God.
Oh, fuck.
- Oh.
- Shit.
- So you really did miss me.
- Yeah, uh-huh?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I did.
I'm gonna give you a pass
'cause it's your graduation,
but next time
- just
- Drag it out.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I thought Mikey was
supposed to be here tonight.
Oh, I talked to his mom.
She said his flight's not
gonna be in till later tonight.
Mm, now I know I should've
just stayed in the city.
Didn't we spend enough
time here in high school?
Well, Jill asked us to
meet us here tonight,
so that's what we're gonna do, okay?
- We're here for Jill.
- Are we?
'Cause I feel like I've barely seen her
since we walked in the joint.
You know, it is so
great to see you guys.
I'm so glad you two made it.
Wait a second.
Don't tell me they're still in there.
I can't believe she's
hooking up with him again.
I told her not to go
to that party tonight.
Okay, you two, can we just let them
- have their fun tonight?
- No, no, no.
I got to agree with you, Stacey.
I told him not to invite her tonight,
but he insisted 'cause I knew
that this would happen,
and I'm not talking about
them hooking up once.
Like, he's gonna fall
right back in love with her,
and I don't need that shit in my life.
Okay, and what is so
wrong with that, hm?
I mean, it's obvious that
they're still into one another.
- It's sweet.
- Into?
No, no, he is not into her.
He is still in love with her.
Always has been, and
after all this is over,
I'm gonna be the one dealing
with the repercussions.
Oh, bad, sorry.
- And he left his camera.
- Hm.
I mean, he doesn't go anywhere
without this fucking thing.
Oh, should he have taken it
into the bathroom with him?
Yeah, he brings it everywhere.
I don't know. He's an artist.
Shit, this is a very bad sign.
It means our Manny, he's
not thinking straight.
Can we get the fuck out of here now?
Hey, instead of going back out there,
why don't we just go for a drive?
- The two of us.
- You and me?
- Yeah, you and me.
- A little drive.
- Yeah.
- I like that idea.
- Yeah, you do?
- Yeah, I like it a lot.
But I just left my camera
out on the table.
Let me grab it, and then we can go.
No way, you can't go back out there.
If you do, Stacey's gonna
give me a hard time
about hooking up with you,
and then she's gonna make me
drive her ass home.
Our night will be over.
You know, you do what you think is best.
Do you really have to
fucking think about it?
I can't leave without my camera.
Jeez, okay, well, happy graduation.
- All right, wait a second.
- Have a good night, Jimmy.
- It was great seeing you.
- Wait a second.
What if I go grab the camera,
and you go out the side door now,
and I'll meet you in the parking lot?
Mm, I don't know. I think
the moment's passed.
Besides, you got what you wanted, right?
'Cause I didn't, in case
you were wondering
get what I wanted.
- Oh, really?
- Really.
Oh, that needs to be addressed.
- Mm.
- Right the fuck now.
- Yeah, I think so.
- Yeah.
- You, step into my office.
- ♪♪
It's makin' me crazy ♪
- Oh, man.
- Oh.
- You got a light?
- Yeah.
Tonight was fun, wasn't it?
I'm up for another round,
if you catch my drift.
Okay, in case you hadn't noticed,
we're parked right outside
your parents' house.
Yeah, at 5:00 in the morning.
Everybody's sound asleep.
Okay, why don't you just, like, cool it?
Rein it in a little.
We'll make a plan to see
one another tomorrow.
Really? You shitting me?
I mean, yeah, unless
it doesn't interest you.
No, no, no, no, I just thought
this was a spur of the moment
thing tonight, you know?
Like you said, a graduation gift.
Oh, okay, so you don't want to.
No, hey, just the opposite.
I really want to.
Then what's the problem?
- You.
- Me?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
I thought you said you didn't want
to do this whole thing again.
I didn't want to say I wanted
to do the whole thing again,
but, like, you know.
I can do this again,
and I can do that again.
So you're saying you
want to see one another
- again tomorrow, right?
- Oh, my God, Jimmy.
You're thick as shit. That's
what I'm trying to say to you.
All right, I'm just surprised
is all 'cause, you know,
- I'm leaving in a month.
- Wait, what?
When? Why?
Fucking smartass.
Come on, you know what I'm saying.
I'm fully aware that you're leaving.
It's why I want to see you.
You have any idea how
much I've missed you?
'Cause I missed you the same.
- So you're a happy boy?
- Yes, very.
- Mm.
- Overjoyed.
Through the roof and
over the fucking moon!
So I'll see you tomorrow night.
Okay, you gotta go.
[SIGHS] Right.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Oh, no ♪
There's just something
that I've got to say ♪
Sometimes when we make love
I still can see your face ♪
Just try to recall
when we were as one ♪
That's how much I feel ♪
Feel for you, baby ♪
How much I feel ♪
I need your touch ♪
Hey, big guy. [CHUCKLES]
It's me, James Thomas.
Just want to say thank
you for delivering
on a huge ask.
I mean, not only did
she come to the party
and then come to the bar afterwards,
but we well, yeah, you know.
That was an awesome night,
and the fact that she wants
to get back together,
or at least that's what it seems like,
is really just above and beyond
what I could have asked for.
Talk about a graduation gift.
[CHUCKLES] So thanks.
And I know I said if you delivered,
I'd start going to mass every Sunday,
but I'm not sure I can make it tomorrow,
but I'll start next week. Amen.
- Hey, babe!
- Yeah?
Jeanie up yet? She's got to get to work.
I tried to wake the two of them,
but I wasn't getting much of a response.
- You get the onions?
- I got the onions.
- How many did you get?
- How many did you ask for?
- Six, right?
- Good.
Will you chop 'em up and
put 'em in the pot, please?
Jeanie, would you get a move on,
or you're gonna lose this job too.
Why are you getting on
me about getting fired
- when your son isn't even awake yet?
- I am not getting on you.
I just don't want you
to lose another job.
I didn't lose that job.
I quit so that I could spend
more time focused on my music.
- Which we still fully support.
- Oh, do you?
- But that doesn't mean that you get to
- No, really?
Because I don't think you do
because you made me
get another job which
defeated the purpose
of quitting in the first place.
Well, life is not fair.
Have a great day.
I'll give her a week
before she loses that job.
That's the least of my concerns.
You know who showed up
at your son's party last night?
Jill and then they left together,
and then, while you were snoring away,
they pulled up outside the house
at 5:00 in the morning.
Okay, and what do you want me
to do with this information?
This doesn't concern you?
No, what concerns me is that I asked him
to mow the lawn two days ago,
and he still hasn't taken care of it.
I think you're forgetting
who we're dealing with here.
This is the same hopeless romantic
who was ready to buy
her a ring last year.
Kitty, I wouldn't worry
yourself, all right?
Remember, he leaves in four weeks.
I'm sure last night was just
a walk down memory lane.
You're so sure about that?
Why don't you find out?
[KNOCKS] Big boy.
Time to rise and shine.
Your mother wants you up, and
I need you to mow the lawn.
- What? Now?
- Yes, now.
It's almost 1:00 in the afternoon,
and I asked you to do this yesterday,
and you blew me off,
but I let it slide because
it was your graduation,
but graduation day is now over,
and it is time for the
real world to begin.
Dad, seriously, why
can't I just do it later?
Because I want it done now,
and I own this house,
and you live here rent free.
In addition, I pay for
the clothes on your back,
the food you eat,
all the frigging beer you steal,
and I can give you about
1,000 other fucking reasons
- if you need, okay?
- All right, no, I got it.
[SIGHS] I'll mow the lawn.
Good. You see?
It's a bitch to wake up
when you stay out
till 5:30 in the morning, isn't it?
I know, but Dad
Dad, it was so worth it.
Do me a favor spare
me the details please
and just promise me this
that you will keep
your eyes on the prize,
and that means sticking to your plans
and not getting sidetracked,
and I know you know
what I'm talking about.
Dad, last night was the first time
I saw her in months, okay?
We were just hanging out.
It's nothing serious.
- Yet.
- Yeah.
And that's exactly what worries me.
Remember, you have had
the same dream for a long time
shooting for "National
Geographic", right?
And now you've got that opportunity,
so do me a favor and don't
do something stupid, okay?
Dad, you know how bad I want this job.
I'm not gonna do anything
to jeopardize that.
All right, that's what I want to hear.
Now do me a favor get your ass up,
and let's mow the lawn, okay?
What the hell is this?
You're not coming over?
Just finishing up my workout, baby.
Yeah, you said you'd
be over 30 minutes ago,
and you said you'd be bringing beers,
but here we are empty-fucking-handed,
so what the fuck?
Shit, all right, all right,
I'll be right over, jeez.
And what the hell happened
to you last night, huh?
You missed my party.
Dude, I told you I wasn't gonna
be back in time, all right?
My flight didn't get even
get in till after midnight.
You know what, Jimmy? I
don't think he missed us.
You know, guy's been gone since January,
but doesn't want to
see his oldest friends.
You know what? You are
looking a little fat these days,
so maybe it's good that
you're finishing your workout,
so finish your workout,
and then come over, toots.
Jesus Christ, all right. I'll
be right over, Goddamn it.
What do you want me to bring, huh?
- Some beer.
- And a shirt.
Definitely a shirt.
Who's got the beers,
baby? I got the beers.
Let's do this. Hey, Jimbo!
- Yo.
- Think fast.
- Ooh!
- My man.
What the hell could you
be thinking, my man, huh?
What the hell you talking about?
This guy already
ratted you out, so talk.
I'm sorry, Jimmy, but
a situation like this
needs to be dissected,
discussed, and dealt with.
Come on, I thought you swore
you'd never have anything to do
with Jill ever again.
- Did I?
- Yeah.
Yeah, usually while
crying into your beer.
Well, I'm not crying into
this one, now, am I, Pags?
Not yet.
Look, boys, you got to take into account
she only broke up with me
because we were headed
in different directions,
not because she wasn't in love with me,
- and she's already admitted
- What?
She misses me.
- Jesus Christ.
- And how can you blame her?
Remember I was blessed
with an enormous heart,
which I guess she can't live without.
You know what I can live without?
Is listening to you
talk like that, please.
Yeah, hey, Mike, you want
to know how bad it is?
This guy left his fucking camera
at the bar last night.
- Really?
- If it wasn't for me,
he'd have no career to look forward to.
Hey, what can I say?
- She has that effect on me.
- That's my concern.
Still, you missed a good night.
Even Stacey showed up.
No way, get the fuck out of here.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, what's going on with her?
She's got this boyfriend
some old guy in the city
with a pile of dough.
What, so you think
maybe I should call her?
Didn't he literally just say
that she's got a boyfriend
- that she lives with?
- What? Come on.
You know that never stopped us before.
Get out of here.
All right, now, I got something to say,
and I know you're gonna be pissed,
- and you already disagree with me.
- Oh, here we go.
Last night was a mistake, Jill.
Come on, how could I not go?
It was important to him.
He wanted to share it with me.
Yeah, and I think that's
really sweet, you know,
because he's obviously
still in love with her.
It's nice that you showed up.
Yeah, of course he's
still in love with her,
and that's the fucking problem.
It's bad enough you went to the party.
You had to hook up with him, too?
Yeah, I haven't seen him in six months.
I was long overdue.
Yeah, she was long overdue.
You know what?
Don't listen to anything she says.
I say go with your heart.
It's a good one.
- Your heart?
- Yes.
Come on, forget your heart.
You have to be practical here.
Now listen to me.
You just signed a lease in the city.
You just started a great new job.
You're on the road to be a famous
fashion designer one day,
and this guy wants to what?
Hike, camp, live in the woods,
wipe his ass with the tent.
- Come on.
- Stace.
Your futures aren't compatible.
He got a job working for
- "National Geographic", okay?
- Oh.
That's pretty fucking
cool if you ask me.
Yeah, in fucking Alaska.
But that's not even the point.
The point is he's a nature boy,
but you're a city girl, Jill.
That shit just doesn't work.
Stacey makes a good point.
This is about as outdoorsy
as I like to get.
And how do you think
you're gonna like sitting
on the side of the road
for a few fucking hours
because nature boy had
to take a few pictures
- of some mountains?
- Whatever. I missed him.
He makes me laugh.
I don't get what's so wrong with that.
Nothing is wrong with that, okay?
Because if you do that,
you're gonna fall back in love with him,
break your lease, quit your job,
never become a fashion designer,
but worse than that,
you're gonna find yourself
in the middle of nowhere taking a shit
off Route 66.
Stacey, please tell me
that you know Route 66
- is nowhere near Alaska.
- Uh, who the fuck cares?
The point is you're not
seeing him tonight, Jill.
Now pick up that phone and
make the call, all right?
- Now?
- Yeah.
No better time than the present, baby.
Let's go. [CLAPS]
The Farrell residence.
Hey, Jeanie, it's Jill. Is Jimmy there?
Is Jimmy home? You know, I don't know.
I don't think so. Let me check.
- Yeah, ha, ha, give me the
- Jimmy!
- Give me the fucking phone.
- It's Jill.
Hey, how's it going?
Yeah, I'm good. How are you?
After last night, I'm great.
I'll be even better in a few
hours when I pick you up.
Oh, my God. Are you kidding me?
That is the cheesiest
line I've ever heard.
- No wonder she dumped you!
- Hey, Jill, give me a second.
Can you please get the fuck out of here?
Oh, absolutely. This
is really sad to watch.
You are a glutton for
punishment, you know that?
You're the best.
Please leave, thank you.
With pleasure.
- Sorry about that.
- Yeah.
About tonight, I was just talking
with Tammy and Stacey earlier.
Oh, is Stacey still in town?
'Cause Mikey got home this morning.
He was hoping to see her
if she was still around.
Oh, Mikey's back in town.
He'd like to see Stacey.
You know, I'll have to
ask if she's interested.
Yeah, 'cause I was thinking, I mean,
since the six of us haven't
hung out together in forever,
why don't I invite Pags and Mikey
to the tavern tonight?
You invite Stacey and Tammy,
and we can all hang out together.
You and me can cut out
and do our own thing after.
Yeah, I don't know if that's
such a good idea, Jimmy.
Why, what's wrong?
- You don't think they'd be into it?
- No, it's not that.
Oh, did you want to do
something just the two of us?
'Cause I'm cool with that too.
Yeah, you know what?
Actually, let's just all
do something together.
That sounds really nice.
They're gonna love that.
Great, all right, I'll
let the guys know,
and then we'll meet there around 8:30.
Great, well, I'll
I mean we'll see you there, I guess.
- You fucking coward.
- Fuck.
[CHUCKLES] I couldn't do it.
For the record, I still think
you should have just
ended it over the phone.
No, no, she did the right thing, okay?
If she's gonna break up
with him, it's Jimmy.
You need to do it in person, okay?
She wasn't breaking up with him, huh?
She was cancelling a date.
That's completely acceptable
to do over the phone.
- Not necessarily.
- And, by the way,
the only reason I agreed
to come to this piece of
shit dump tonight again
is 'cause Mikey's supposed to be here.
You guys have to promise
me something, okay?
Do not let me fool around with him.
I have a boyfriend now,
and I'm trying to be a good
girl for once in my life, okay?
Yeah, okay, good for you, Stacey.
I don't fucking believe it for a second,
but I really appreciate the attempt.
Guess that leaves the door wide
open for you, though, Tammy.
What? Why would you say that?
'Cause you got a huge
fucking crush on him.
- You have since high school.
- What?
- Well, hang on.
- No, absolutely not.
No, he's my ex, okay?
Even if I can't have him,
you can't go anywhere
near him, Tammy, please.
Well, I mean, he's your
high school ex, Stacey.
Okay, he's not really a true ex,
and I mean, if memory serves,
you guys never even really dated, right,
unless you count those random hookups
as a relationship, and I'm
pretty sure that's not
What the fuck are you talking about?
We went to the prom
together, did we not?
Yeah, and didn't you both go home
with different people that night?
- Yeah, that's irrelevant.
- What?
No, I'm sorry. That is so crazy.
There needs to be, like, some sort of
statute of limitations
on something like this.
Oh, "statue" of fucking limitations?
Get over yourself. Jill,
explain the rules to her.
Don't fucking drag me into it.
I got my own shit to deal
with tonight, remember?
Yeah, that's right you do.
Do what you fucking got to do,
and you stay the fuck
away from Mikey, okay?
Dream weaver ♪
- Hey, boys.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Oh, yeah.
So much for keeping her
away from him, huh?
- Hey, how's it going?
- Hey.
- What's up?
- Hey, Tam.
Thanks for coming.
You look phenomenal too.
- Really, just wow.
- Thank you, yeah.
- Wow.
- Hey!
Hi, Mikey.
Hey, let's get these
girls some drinks, yeah?
- Whoo!
- Yes, drinks, drinks.
- Let's go, come on.
- Let's do it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So look, I was thinking, you know,
maybe we hang out here for an hour or so
and then we take off.
My parents are out.
Jeanie's out. The house is empty.
Yeah, I don't know if I can make
it a late one tonight, Jimmy.
I got to go to work tomorrow.
Oh, really?
Well, you can hang out for
a little while, though, right?
Yeah, for, like, a little while, sure.
- Hey, everything all right?
- Yeah, everything's fine.
Help me to forget today's pain ♪
Oh, dream weaver ♪
Hey, yo, Jimmy! What the fuck?
- Get over here!
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You good?
- You empty or you good?
- Yeah, let me get one more.
- There he is.
- Come on in here, Jimmy.
Can we have six shots, please?
- Pags.
- Thank you.
- For you.
- Thank you, we're even.
- Can I take the first pour?
- I guess.
You know, he's been
waiting for that beer
- for about three
- I know, I know.
Thank you.
What the hell are you doing
all the way over there, huh?
Are you avoiding me tonight?
These are the good times ♪
Leave your cares behind ♪
So congrats on graduating.
Yeah, thanks. What about you?
You ever end up going back to school?
Nah, I dropped out for good last year,
but, you know, I never wanted
to go to college in the first place.
So what do you think, huh?
We get out of here soon?
Uh, yeah, I mean, maybe we
just kind of stick around here
for a little. What do you think?
Oh, really?
I thought we were gonna
hang out just the two of us.
Yeah, I know, but I came here
with Tammy and Stacey.
Everyone's having a good time.
We haven't been together in so long.
So what are you up to now?
I'm working in the city tending
bar at my uncle's club.
Oh, nice.
You should come visit me sometime.
I mean, you know, I would,
but I'm hearing that you're, like,
pretty serious with this guy in
the city or some shit like that?
Not that serious.
I'm gonna throw some tunes on.
- Any requests?
- Nope.
Oh, yeah, it's gonna be a good night.
- It's gonna be a good night.
- That's not helpful.
Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES]
- Come on, dance with me.
- Yeah?
Well, you don't gotta tell me twice.
Good times ♪
These are the good times ♪
Leave your cares behind ♪
Kind of crazy, huh?
Those two, after all these years,
they fall right back
into their same routine.
And you and Jimmy are back together.
I mean what about you, Tammy?
You seeing anybody?
Oh, no, I'm too busy
with work and school
and helping my mom out with my brothers
and now my grandmother's
living with us now,
so I don't really have time for that.
- Oh.
- Yep.
So you're saying you're single.
And you know that, you know, I'm single.
I mean, what are the chances of that?
Look, Pags, I think
Look, just before you say anything,
you know, maybe we could just
go out as friends, you know?
We could get a drink,
you know, raise a glass
to me getting into law school,
us continuing our education, right?
Hey, Pags, you actually
got into law school?
'Cause Jimmy told me
that you were waitlisted.
Uh, yeah, yeah, no, I was waitlisted,
but I haven't heard yet,
but I'm definitely gonna get in.
What about you, Tammy?
Have you heard back
from business school yet?
Mm, yeah, I got into
Columbia and Georgetown,
but I'm just not sure which
one I want to go to yet, so
I mean, you were waitlisted
at Columbia too, right?
I mean, shit, I'm supposed to
hear by the end of the month.
- You think I didn't get in?
- No, no.
Yeah, I think you can still
I think they still might
say something to you.
- I don't really know.
- Fuck, fuck.
Hey, Jimmy, play us
a slow one, will you?
Hey, you're looking good, Mikey.
Oh, yeah, of course
you too, Stacey, yeah.
Good times ♪
These are the good times ♪
Uh, what do you think? Time to go?
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Oh, wait, wait, wait,
you're leaving already?
You barely just got here.
Yeah, I know, but I got to get an
early train tomorrow morning, so
Yeah, but it was really great
seeing you again, Pags, always.
Okay, good seeing you guys.
God, I feel fucking sick.
I got to go say good-bye.
- You know you don't have to do this though.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Why don't you come back to the table?
- Playing music.
- Mm.
Whatever will be, will be ♪
So we're gonna go.
What's going on?
So baby hold on to me ♪
Look, you barely talked to me all night,
and now you're leaving.
I know. I'm sorry. I'm just confused.
What happened between
last night and tonight
that's got you so confused?
- We just graduated college this week, right?
- Yeah.
So why are we starting
this thing back up again
if we know that our futures
aren't compatible?
Our futures? What are you talking about?
Hey, I still love you,
and I want to be with you.
That's the only thing
I'm thinking about.
Yeah, and I love you too,
but you know why we
broke up in December.
It's not 'cause I don't love you.
It's 'cause we've been
together since junior high,
and we're too young to get married,
and we're just gonna have
to break up eventually.
I don't get that logic. I really don't.
Why not be together
until we can't anymore?
'Cause it's too hard and too confusing
to get back together now. You know?
Like, I'm not gonna quit my
job to come and be with you
in Alaska. I'm sorry, I'm just not.
And I don't want to be responsible
for you deciding not to go.
No one is suggesting either
one of those things, okay?
I just want to be with you now.
- But it doesn't make any sense.
- Why not?
Because I don't want to hurt you again!
I'm sorry.
- Stace, we're leaving.
- Oh, shit, already?
It's okay.
Sorry, stud, I got to go, but
So baby hold on to me ♪
Call me, okay?
Jill, wait.
Boy, I'm back. Come on.
- Yeah, good for you.
- What?
Hey, wait up, Jill!
Hey, I want to hear how it went.
Hey, wait, are you crying?
Listen, I know it wasn't easy to do,
- but you did what you had
- I don't want to hear it, okay?
Are you happy now? Way to go, Stacey.
What the fuck did I do, huh?
What the fuck?
Look at you two fucking
mopes. What's going on?
I have a terrible suspicion
I'm not gonna get into law school.
And you, what's with
the sourpuss, buddy, huh?
She did it again.
Says our futures aren't compatible.
Well, boys, look, at least one of us
had a great night, hm?
Shall we drink to that?
'Cause your woman's playing games ♪
And she says that you're to blame ♪
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