Bridge and Tunnel (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Making up for Lost Time

Do you know who showed up at
your son's party last night?
Jill. And then they left together,
and pulled up outside the
house at 5:00 in the morning.
Last night was the first time
I saw her in months, okay?
We were just hanging
out. It's nothing serious.
Remember, you have had the
same dream for a long time:
shooting for "National Geographic."
So don't do something stupid, okay?
Oh. Mikey's back in town.
He'd like to see Stacey.
You know, I'll have to
ask if she's interested.
Do not let me fool around with him.
I have a boyfriend now.
I'm trying to be a good
girl for once in my life.
What about you, Tammy?
You seeing anybody?
Oh, no. I'm too,
um, busy with work and school.
So I don't really have time for that.
Last night was a mistake, Jill.
I haven't seen him in six
months. I was long overdue.
And I think that's
really sweet, you know,
because he's obviously
still in love with her.
Of course he's still in love with her,
and that's the fucking problem.
Why are we starting
this thing back up again
if we know that our
futures aren't compatible?
I just wanna be with you now.
- Well, that doesn't make any sense.
- Why not?
Because I don't wanna
hurt you again! I'm sorry!
No! She's the friggin' drummer.
Will you just tell
her that writing lyrics
- Are you kidding me?
- isn't her thing? It's your thing.
You've been on the phone all morning.
- I need to make a call.
- Oh, you need to make a call?
I know. No, but that's what I'm saying.
Dad, can you tell Genie to
get off the phone, please?
Jesus, you sound like
you're back in junior high.
Why not just come out here, take a seat,
have a cup of coffee with your old man,
- and wait till she gets off?
- I need it for five minutes,
- and then she can have it back.
- What is so important
that she needs to get
off the phone for you?
Why do you think? He wants to call Jill.
No, I do not. I need to call Mikey.
Is this true about Jill? Because
I was under the understanding
- that that was over again?
- No, Dad.
He's called her every day this week
and leaves the most pathetic messages,
- and she never calls him back.
- Oh, my God.
Please tell me that
that is not true, James.
No, it would make you
sick to your stomach
to hear your first-born and
only son grovel like that.
You know what?
Forget it.
I don't need the phone.
Actually, Jimbo, hold up a second.
Now that I think about it,
Jill actually did call last night.
I thought maybe I mentioned it to you,
but it is entirely possible
that it slipped my mind.
Slipped your mind?
How does that happen?
Oh, I don't know. Maybe because
I have more important shit
to worry about, like paying the bills,
- checking my box scores.
- Really?
So you forgot to tell me,
or you chose not to tell me?
- I'm telling him now, aren't I?
- Yeah.
All right, Dad.
Thanks a lot.
- Greatest sister ever.
- Mm-hmm.
Great work, kid.
Are you still there?
Oh, my God. He is so pathetic.
I take it there's still no
news from law school, huh?
Trust me, if I heard, you'd know.
You know, if you don't get in,
they might just never tell you.
Did you ever think about that?
I'm gonna get in, okay?
Oh. You know what?
You left the car with
almost no gas in the tank so
I'm gonna add another five
bucks to what you owe me.
Fine, whatever. Just put it on my tab.
You know, you think I'm kidding,
but I am keeping track of all this shit.
And if and when you ever get a real job,
you're gonna start paying me back.
Okay, first of all,
I do have a real job.
- I fucking rock.
- Oh, how are the benefits on that?
Shut up. And second of all, I told you
that the minute that
we get a record deal,
you are gonna get paid
back with interest.
Yeah, well, I won't hold my breath.
Wow. You're such an asshole.
Oh, well, I see you two
are getting along great.
- All right. I'm off to work.
- Mm, wait, Mommy.
Did you tell him yet?
I have not.
Tell me what?
Mommy has got a hot date tonight.
Is that true? You're going on a date?
Yeah. You know, I figured
it's time, you know?
Your father's been in and
out of a dozen relationships,
so I figured it's my turn.
Mom, his one-night stands do
not count as relationships.
- It's true.
My point exactly. I'm
entitled. Am I not?
Yeah, I mean, no one said you weren't.
In fact, I've been saying the opposite
for some months now, haven't I?
- Mm-hmm.
- It is absolutely time
for you to put yourself back out there.
So who's the lucky guy, huh?
Someone you met in the city?
Yeah, no. On the train.
I told you going back to
work would be good for you.
So what's he do? He's like
a doctor, banker, lawyer?
You are not gonna like it, Nick.
Uh, why aren't I gonna like it?
Oh, shit. Do I know
this guy or something?
God, and I can tell
from your face that I do.
- Who is it?
- [LAUGHING] I'm gonna give you a hint.
Ready? It's somebody famous.
I don't know anybody famous.
It's Louie Ross.
Coming to Louie's ♪
- BOTH: And you're gonna like it ♪
- Oh, shit.
- Not Mr. Ross!
Come on, Mom! That's weird!
I'm friends with his daughter Stacey.
I'm gonna see her tonight.
It's it's it's wrong.
[LAUGHING] I told you.
I told you he wasn't gonna approve.
- Of course I don't approve!
God, of all of the divorced
guys on Long Island,
you happen to choose
the one that I've known
since I'm in the first grade?
Okay, it's not your
place to approve, okay?
And he's a perfectly nice man, you know?
I mean, it's just dinner.
So don't go having a
full-blown conniption just yet.
Well, too late. The conniption,
as you so gracefully put it,
is already in my drawers.
- Wow.
- I'm out of here.
Nice. Lovely.

You know, I gotta admit,
it feels pretty weird
- being back in this room.
I bet.
You have a lot of memories in here.
Get the fuck out of here.
You know, I can't believe
you still have this thing.
What are you talking about? What
am I gonna do, throw it away?
It's amazing.
And it's pretty fucking
good if you ask me.
Whoever did that sketch is just
one hell of an artist, you know?
- I still have that nude that you made of me,
but I can't exactly have
that laying around, can I?
You see the way you look right there?
With the sun in your face.
Ooh. Now, that would
make a very nice painting.
I'll meet you ♪
I will ♪
Won't you come over here
and give me a kiss, huh?
Drive past your house ♪
And if ♪
- The lights are all down ♪
I'll see who's around ♪
When are you gonna come
visit me in the city, huh?
So I don't have to keep
schlepping out here.
How am I gonna visit you?
Don't you live with this freaking guy?
But he's in the club till 4:00 or 5:00,
so you could still come over.
[WHISPERS] I don't know.
I'm gonna see you,
I'm gonna get you ♪
It's just, I don't like
the idea of meeting you
in some other guy's apartment, you know?
I'm gonna meet you ♪
I'll meet you, I ♪
Why are you dating this guy anyhow?
- Mm-hmm.
- You can't like him that much
if we're hooking up like this.
Him and I have an
understanding, you know?
- Mm-hmm.
- Just like you and me.
We can both do what we want.
Does that bother you?
- You sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
Don't tell me you're jealous.
Not at all.

Not even a little bit?
No, I mean, I'm just saying
that I'm okay with this.
Whatever we're doing.
Our "arrangement."
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
You sure you don't
want me all to yourself?
You know what?
Don't even answer that.
I'll trick you, I'll trick you ♪
One way or another,
I'm gonna lose you ♪
I'm gonna trick you, trick
you, trick you, trick you ♪
One way or another,
I'm gonna lose you ♪
I'm gonna give you the slip ♪

I'm off to the city to see Stevie.
- What's your plan?
- You're looking at it.
And how was work this week?
Same old, same old.
I'm guessing you didn't take my advice.
What advice was that?
- To work on your accent.
- Oh. No.
Let me hear you say
something. Maybe I can help.
Just get out of my face, Ma.
Let me hear you say,
"Coffee, a soda, a daughter."
"Soda"? I don't say "soda" weird.
Why do I even bother talking
to you about this kind of stuff?
I'm just trying to be helpful.
You keep getting made fun of at work.
Why not try to improve yourself?
'Cause my accent is fine.
My boss is the one with the problem.
Oh, so you're gonna take
no responsibility in this.
- Oh, my God. Shut up, please!
- You know what?
There is nothing wrong with you
trying to improve your diction,
all right? You really wanna go
through life sounding like one of those
"deez, doze" dumb girls?
- You mean like you?
- Exactly.
And look where it got me.
And I never had the
opportunities you had.
But you know what? Do what you want.
You're gonna be the
only girl in that office
- that sounds like a dingbat.
- Oh, fine with me.
[MOCKING] Okay. Fine with me too.
- [MOCKING] Fine.
- Fine.
Okay, loser. You can have the phone now.
- Hello.
- Hey.
Jill, it's me, Jimmy.
Thank God, you called me back.
- I thought you were mad at me.
- Yeah, sorry about that.
My dad never gave me
the message. And I was
I was worried you were mad at me
or hated me or something when
I didn't hear from you all week.
I could never hate you.
I just, you know,
needed some time to myself
to figure some things out
before I called you back.
But I'm ready to talk now.
Okay. Great.
So you wanna go first, or
you want me to go first?
I'll go first. I wanna
talk about last weekend.
I'm sorry for the way that
I treated you at the bar.
I was not clear about what I wanted
or expected from you,
and it was not fair.
I'm sorry too. And I know it's
gonna be hard for both of us
when I leave, but
I don't know. After
seeing you last week,
I realized how much I
can't stand not seeing you.
I know, and I miss you too,
but I have some concerns.
What? That we don't have a future?
More that our futures just
don't line up. And, like,
it was so nice seeing you, Jimmy,
but I don't wanna do the whole, like,
serious relationship thing again, okay?
I don't want either one
of us to get hurt again.
Well and neither do I.
Just tell me what you wanna
do, and I'll be cool with it.
You know, I think it's something
we need to discuss in person.
And my mom's gone for the day,
so if you wanna come over
To your house? Now? Y
yes. Yeah, yeah. [STAMMERING]
- I'll be right over.
- Okay.
I gotta take a quick shower,
but I'll see you soon.

Love ♪
Love will keep us together ♪
Think of me, babe, whenever ♪
Some sweet-talking girl comes along ♪
Singing her song ♪
Don't mess around ♪
You just gotta be strong ♪
Just stop ♪
- Jill!
- Stop ♪
[PANTING] Hey, it's me. I'm here.
Jesus, that was fucking fast.
I didn't even have
time to take a shower.
- Yeah, well, I ran right over.
- Yeah. Clearly.
Well, look. You can wait
down here if you want
or you can join me.
It's up to you, though.
Well, if you're giving me the option,
I think I might join you.
When those girls
start hanging around ♪
you have to leave again?
Well, first of all,
I gotta take a shower.
You could take a shower here.
I can't.
I gotta get my stuff ready for
the barbecue later. You know that.
The fucking barbecue?
I mean, come on. Didn't
you cancel that shit?
I didn't come here all fucking
weekend to hang out with Pags,
- that's for sure.
- What do you want me to do, huh?
- Uninvite him?
- Yeah.
- [LAUGHS] Come on.
- Why the hell not?
I mean, I lied to my
boyfriend to be here.
Surely you could lie to him
and say you have other plans.
[LAUGHS] Oh, my God. Come
on. It's just a barbecue.
It's gonna be a few hours tops.
Besides, Tammy's gonna be there.
So you can hang out with her.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
And why would Tammy be there?
Why wouldn't she be?
What? I saw her at the diner, and
I happened to mention it to her.
And she says she might
try to make it, so
[LAUGHS] What? Do you got
a problem with Tammy now?
I guess I just figured
if I decided to stay
to spend the day with you, that
you'd wanna hang out with me, Mikey,
but you do what you think is best.
Of course I wanna hang out with you.
I just don't see why we can't do both.
I'll see you there.
Well, you can see yourself out.
Tantalizing, off-speed
delivery for a strike.
One ball, two strikes.
Towering pop-up.
Head-on for the catcher.
Ugh, jeez. Would you
learn how to hit the ball?
Nick, what are your plans tonight?
Uh, I'm going over to
Mikey's. He's having a thing.
Then I don't know. Maybe we're
gonna go to the tavern after.
So you think you'd be
out pretty late then?
Yeah, I mean, not too late. Why?
Well, because I had a
slight change in plans.
So instead of going out,
I'm gonna cook at home.
So if you think it'd be too weird
to see Mr. Ross here later
I don't know maybe you
wanna stay out the night, like,
crash at your dad's.
Why? I mean, how late's dinner gonna go?
- Outside, one ball
- Ugh. No!
- Shit. Really, Ma?
- What?
I just don't want you walking
in on something that, you know,
you would rather not see.
Okay, well now I'm seeing it.
I'm getting the visual, okay?
I really didn't need that. So thank you.
God where's Lizzie going, huh?
You send her off for the night as well?
She is staying at a friend's.
Maybe she's getting
lucky tonight as well.
What? "Lucky"? With who?
How is this the first I'm
hearing about any of this?
Why do you seem to think that
we need to check in with you
- about our sex lives?
- You both have sex lives?
Okay. Now I'm getting
sick to my stomach.
I'm out of here. Have a wonderful night.
Or maybe don't.
Yo, Pags. You still haven't told Stacey
about what's happening
next door, have you, huh?
Wait. Why do I get the
feeling I don't even wanna ask?
- Have you, um, talked to your father
- about his plans tonight?
- No. Why the hell would I?
Because something very
fucked up is about to happen.
- What?
- Okay. What the hell is he talking about?
My mother is, uh
she's cooking dinner
for your father tonight,
at our house, next door.
He's probably there as we speak.
Yeah, I did just see
his car outside, so
What the fuck is going on here?
You guys all know
something I don't know?
They're on a date, Stace.
Are you kidding me?
I know. It's disturbing, right?
No. It's not disturbing.
- It's fucking disgusting.
- Hey, look.
He's probably sitting
at your table right now,
eating off your plates,
horndogging up to your mom.
You know, he's probably
got a hard-on right now too.
Hey. Watch your fucking mouth.
That's my mother you're talking about.
Hey, I'm not talking about
your mother, all right?
I'm talking about Stacey's father.
Okay, well do me a favor and don't
say it about my father either.
But it's true. What if they're, like
what if you guys walk in
and they're, like, having sex
or something, like, in
the kitchen or, like
Tammy, what the fuck?
Why would you even put that out there?
Because what? You don't think
that's on the agenda for tonight?
- I mean, they're right there.
- I mean, look. Just think of the picture.
Pags walks in to find Mr. Ross
Mrs. Pags on the kitchen table.
Jesus! Mikey, what the fuck?
Now you're putting me in the room?
I can't get that fucking
image out of my head now.
Yeah, honestly, even I'm starting
- to feel sick to stomach. Can we stop?
- Oh, my God.
They're just having dinner. That's it.
It's not like they're gonna
fuck on the first date, right?
- Right?
- Well, my mom,
she did ask me to stay
at my dad's tonight.
But that doesn't mean anything, right?
- I'm sorry.
- What?
Pags, I'm sorry. Don't laugh.
- We shouldn't laugh.
- Oh, shut up!
So I got a confession to make.
I think I wanna quit my job.
What? What? Why? What happened?
'Cause I didn't go to
school to just answer phones
and get coffee all day.
And that's all I friggin' do
when I'm not getting
yelled at by my boss.
Yeah, well, what do you
think my job's gonna be like?
I'll just be carrying around
tripods and camera gear
and fetching lenses. And unlike you,
being in some swanky New York office,
- I'll be in 15 feet of snow.
- Oh, boo-hoo.
- "Boo-hoo"?
- At least they're not gonna be making fun
- of your accent up there.
- What?
Yeah. You know what they
call me? "Bridge and Tunnel."
They're like, "Oh,
hey, Bridge and Tunnel,
go get some coffee from the store."
"Oh, hey, B and T, could you
add 'tree' waters to that?"
- That's all I hear all friggin' day, Jimmy.
- Yeah, okay.
Who the fuck are these
people making fun of you?
Is there somebody's ass I need to kick?
- Give me names.
- No, it's just some girls
- in the department.
- Tell me who it is.
Their ring leader is this, like,
blonde bitch from
Connecticut, my supervisor.
Ah, see, they're just, like,
so sophisticated and cool.
They all went to really good colleges.
I just feel like I can't
compete with them, you know?
- What?
- Yeah.
Fuck that bullshit. Of course you can.
You got a degree in design, right?
- From F.I.T.
That's a great fucking school.
Who gives a shit what
these other bitches say?
Honestly. I mean,
you just gotta stick
it out and outwork them,
'kay? But you can't quit.
Besides, I don't even
hear a fucking accent.
- Yeah, neither do I.
- I don't know what the fuck they're talking about.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- All right, okay, all right. I just need a minute.
- Can you give me one minute?
- Okay. You get one minute.
- One minute.
- 59.
- 58.
- Oh, a minute. You're
- Yeah, can I get some water or something?
- 56.
- A little OJ? Please?
- 55.
- Just to replenish.
- 54.
- Get a little more energy.
- "Fifty-tree."
- Fuckin'
- 52.
- All right, all right.
What if this works
out between our folks?
I mean, just imagine.
Like, they fall in love.
They get married.
And then, we're what?
Like, related?
Brother and sister?
Well, I don't know about
whether we'll see you anymore.
I think last time, you
scared her off a little.
- Why?
'Cause I told her that I couldn't
Don't worry about it, Pags.
It's never gonna fucking
happen, all right?
- You know what I gotta do?
- Hm?
'Cause I got another
interview coming up.
I got to stop by the café, talk to you,
and maybe you'll be my lucky charm.
- Hey.
- You wanna have some fun?
- Yeah.
- And that's my cue.
All right, Pags. I'm
gonna head out, okay?
Uh, you're more than welcome to stay
for "some fun," but I'm gonna go.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Oh, hey. Tammy, hold up. Hold up.
Those two just can't get
enough of each other, huh?
Yeah. They're so cute, huh?
Oh, shit. Tammy, is that Mr. Ross's car?
[LAUGHS] Yeah, that's it.
You think that means he's still there?
I think there's a good chance that
that's exactly what that means.
Oh. Wanna go to the tavern?
Kill a few hours, wait for him to leave?
Mm, I think you're on our
own for this one, buddy.
- [BEATS ON ROOF] But I love you.
- Wait. Really?
Not like that. Pags, have fun.
Fuck it. Hope they still
got their clothes on.
I'm home!
Where's Mr. Ross? His
car is still outside.
Did he walk home? Did he get too bombed?
- He's in the bathroom.
- Great. Look.
I don't wanna hear anything, okay?
No information, no details, no nothing.
So you don't wanna hear about what I saw
- when I walked in here tonight?
You two enjoy torturing me, don't you?
- It is kind of fun to watch you squirm.
And I think I got here just in time
because when I walked in,
she was already sitting on his lap
and her boots were off.
Okay. Didn't I just say
I don't wanna hear any details?
And you know what's even worse?
- I think she actually likes him.
- I do!
He's so charming.
And he even complimented my cooking,
which, you know, your father never did.
Oh. He complimented your cooking.
So when's the wedding?
You know what? I think I've had enough.
You two have a good night.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Oh!
- Oh!
Oh-oh-oh! You gotta keep your
guard up at all times, kid.
Nicky, baby, I can't tell
you how happy I am to see you.
Last time, right, he was like
you're like a linebacker now.
Unbelievable. Come on.
Come, take a seat with us. Join us.
One of my commercials
is about to come on.
- You got channel nine on, right?
- Absolutely, yes. Come on, Nicky.
Come on; let's go. Whoa, whoa.
Age before beauty.
I wanna sit next to
your beautiful mother.
Huh? Come on.
- Right here.
- All right.
I think you guys are
gonna really like this.
The dog days of summer have
already started barking!
It's hot! It's humid!
It's muggy and it's sticky!
But guess who's not
sweating, folks? Yours truly.
And you, too, can stay cool
by coming down to Lucky Louie's
Start of the Summer Sale.
My electric fans and air conditioners
are guaranteed to keep
you cool all summer long.
So don't let the dogs of summer
take a bite out of your ass.
Come on down to Louie's,
where you're bound to get lucky.
- I loved it.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.
- That was so great.
Yeah. You know what?
I think I'm gonna head upstairs.
I got an early morning.
And I'm just gonna go up and,
I don't know, take a shower.
I'm just kind of feeling
like I need a shower.
Okay. It was good seeing you, Mr. Ross.
You too, Nicky boy.
We're gonna hang out,
me and you, just two of us.
- Okay.
- All right. Go get clean.
You know, I wrote that too.
- Wow.
- So great.
- For you.
- [LAUGHS] Sit your beautiful ass down right there.
- Nice and cold.
Cool you down.
Do you have any idea what time it is?
Yeah. I'm not mad about it.
We're making up for lost time.
Yeah, and in three weeks,
you'll be off to Alaska.
Alaska! Alaska! Alaska!
- [WHISPERING] Alaska!
Oh, my God, it's pretty fucking
awesome, when I think about it.
I still can't believe I got the job.
Really? I can. Your stuff's amazing.
- Of course they hired you.
- Yeah, I guess.
- It is.
I'm gonna be gone for
six months, though.
I know. Don't remind me.
We gotta enjoy these next three weeks.
Yeah, but what happens
if I get another job
that takes me someplace
else for another six months?
- Or another year?
- You go, 'cause that's what you should do.
And you shouldn't let
this interfere with that.
I don't even know what this is.
Okay, you want me to be clear?
I'm really loving hanging
out with you again
so much.
But I don't wanna do the whole
serious thing again, okay?
Let's just enjoy these next three weeks,
and when they're over,
we will embark on our separate paths.
Yeah, I like that.
And then after, when I go, what then?
Well, it's over.
You'll have your
freedom; I'll have mine.
I'll be living the glamorous
life of getting ragged on
by snotty bitches in
New York in fashion.
And you will be living your dream,
working for "National Geographic."
So do you think you can do that?
- What do you mean by "freedom"?
- Is that the only part that you heard?
No, no. I heard everything you said.
I'm just curious as to what you mean.
When you leave,
this is over.
Why does it have to be over?
Ah, Jimmy, because it's just not
fair to make one person sit around,
- waiting for the other one to get back.
- Well, why why not?
Because, as much as I
want to be with you now,
- it's like, I still want my future!
- Your future?
What the fuck does that mean? You
want to go out with other dudes?
N y you know what?
- Yeah, that's a part of it.
- What?
- It's not all of it, but that's a part of it.
- What? What?
I just don't wanna be tied to anyone;
I don't want to have, like,
a road map or a game plan.
I don't want to be beholden
to anyone not even you.
Let me get this real
fuckin' clear, right?
You wanna get back
together for three weeks,
knowing we're gonna fucking
break up when I leave.
And then when I do leave, what? Do
you want to go out with other guys?
Like, the night I leave,
you might meet some guy.
[STAMMERS] And this
guy might ask you out
'cause you're fucking gorgeous.
And you're you're gon
you're gonna go out with him.
You might even sleep with
him! And you want me to just
Hey! Fuck you!
That's not what this is
about! And hypothetically
you know what? Yeah, that could happen!
I'm sorry, Jill. I'm not
fucking wired for that.
- I'm not.
- So you would rather not see me at all?
- Yeah.
- Is that what you're saying?
- Go ahead. Say it.
- Yeah. I I think so.
You're such a hypocrite.
- How so?
- 'Cause you talk all the time
about being this artist
and a fucking dreamer
and you wanna go out
there and experience shit,
and you want me to wait here for you?
You wanna tie me down?
You don't want any of that freedom
for me, and that's not fair!
Don't be here when I get out.
Lucy looks sweet ♪
'Cause he dresses like a queen ♪
But he can kick like a mule ♪
It's a real mean team ♪
But we can love ♪
- Oh, yes, we can love ♪
And my brother's back at home ♪
With his Beatles and his Stones ♪
We never got it off on
that revolution stuff ♪
What a drag ♪
Too many snags ♪
Now I've drunk a lot of wine ♪
- And I'm feeling fine ♪
Gonna race some cat to bed ♪
Oh, is there concrete all around? ♪
- Or is it in my head? ♪
Yeah, I'm a dude, Dad ♪
- All the young dudes ♪
- Hey, dudes! ♪
- Carry the news ♪
- Where are you? ♪
- Boogaloo dudes ♪
- Stand up! ♪
Carry the news ♪
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