Bridge and Tunnel (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Back Together Again

You've had the same dream
for a long time
Shooting for National Geographic.
You're gonna be away
for what, six months?
Well, good luck with that, man.
Maybe it's time for me to get
my fucking shit together, right?
Just like all of yous are fuckin'
telling me all the time.
I'm gonna manage my sister's band.
You actually think we're good
enough to get a record deal?
You're an amazing artist, okay?
You have so much talent.
You need to do something with it.
Why do you think we can't
make this work?
Because I can't marry the guy
I've been with since I was 14!
I mean, come on.
The world is so fucking big.
Sorry. Yeah. I'm with the band.
Yeah, excuse me. Thank you. Okay.
Oh, not so fast, Nicky, baby.
Stop and say hello
to your beautiful mother here.
Hi, Mom.
Sorry, I can't talk right now, okay?
I got a situation
I gotta deal with, okay?
Whoa, what kind of situation?
You need me to talk to somebody?
No. Definitely not, okay?
It's just it's something
with the girls.
I really can't talk about it
right now. I gotta go.
Oh, before you do,
you should stop and say hello
to our new friend.
We just met her at the bar.
Yeah, Maria. This is the kid
we was talking about, Nicky.
- How you doing?
- I'm good.
But we've actually met before.
Or at least spoken on the phone
a few times.
I'm Maria Hernandez. I run this place.
Dummy, this is the Maria.
Oh, my God. Maria.
Yes. Hi. Yeah.
Thank you so much for having us.
We really appreciate it.
Now what's this problem
you're having with the girls?
Anything I should worry about?
Oh, no. No, no, no.
It's no problem. No.
We're we're just
We're excited. is all.
We're so excited that's it's a problem.
Well, they should be because
they're lucky to get this gig.
But if they're as good
as your girl Juliana said,
I figured, "Let's give them a shot."
And if they're not, well,
then they'll never be back.
Nicky, did you notice my outfit?
What do you think
of these pants Louie got me?
Oh, look at this. Pretty sexy, huh, kid?
You're wearing leather pants.
And you wanna know
if I think they're sexy.
I'm gonna go. Yeah.
Hey, before you go,
I wasn't bullshitting.
These girls better be good.
They're not gonna be good.
They're gonna be great.
You're gonna love 'em.
I take it she's still not here?
No, she's not fucking here. Look around.
Use your eyes. Do you see her anywhere?
Okay, well, where the fuck is she?
What the fuck happened?
We got in a fight in the cab
on the way to the sound check,
and we broke up.
Like I told you you would.
I'm sorry, did I not say
that this would happen?
Did I not say it was a bad idea
to date someone in the fucking band?
- Did I not say that?
- Yes, you fucking said that.
Yes, you're so fucking intelligent,
Pags. Thank you for your foresight.
I mean, I live and learn,
I guess. I don't know.
What the fuck do you want me to do?
What's wrong with her? Is she okay?
She was nervous. Now she's drunk.
But she'll be fine.
Right, Sarah? You good?
- I'm fine.
- See?
Okay, well, is she gonna be
able to play the gig?
Doesn't matter if she's gonna
be able to play the gig or not
if we don't have a fucking drummer.
Okay, well, can you go on
without a drummer?
I mean, is that possible?
No, it's not fucking possible!
We're not fucking Simon and Garfunkel
playing fucking two-part harmonies.
We're a goddamn punk rock band,
and we can't be fucking punk rock
if we don't have a goddamn drummer!
Okay, jeez.
Take it easy.
I'm just saying, you know, Jules pulled
a lot of strings to get us in here.
And the owner's here
Who I just met, by the way
Who is for some reason
hanging out with Mom
and Mr. Ross at the bar.
Mom, by the way,
who is wearing leather pants?
- Have you seen this?
- I did see that.
And she looks incredible.
I don't even know
Mr. Ross knows a guy who knows
a guy who knows a guy
who gets them cheap. She looks unreal.
Yeah, well, I got a pair too.
What do you think?
- Gorgeous.
- Yeah. Whoo!
You look so fucking hot it's unreal.
I can't move in these, but it's hot.
Okay! Enough about the leather pants!
I'm sorry I brought it up.
What are we gonna do about a drummer?
Nicky, nobody in this room
knows what the fuck we're gonna do
about not having
a fucking drummer, okay?
You wanted to be our manager, right?
Congratulations, kid. You got the job.
Now you gotta go out there
and fuckin' manage.
It's time to shine, little brother.
It's fucking Hail Mary time.
Time to go deep.
It's on you.
You have to fucking manage us.
So go out there and manage. Come on.
Mush. You can do it.
The fuck did I get myself into?
Hey, Sarah, you good?
Ready to rock and roll?
Many years since I was here ♪
On the street I was passin'
my time away ♪
To the left and to the right ♪
Buildings towering to the sky ♪
It's out of sight ♪
In the dead of night ♪
Ooh ♪
Here I am, and in this city ♪
Hey, babe. You wanna join us
for some drinks?
Yeah, I might never.
- You better believe ♪
- I'm back ♪
Back in the New York groove ♪
Are they here yet?
They're in the back.
Hey, send me a dirty martini, will ya?
You got it, doll.
Oh, my God, Erica.
How you doing, baby?
You look beautiful.
I'll catch up with you girls later.
I gotta go deal with this
little drink thing.
- But See ya.
- See ya.
Hey, there you are.
Stacey, remember Henry?
Of course I do.
We were just laughing
about the craziness
of the day that we met.
Oh, it was sheer lunacy
backstage that night.
- Crazy.
- Ooh.
Yeah. I'm sorry.
And how exactly did you two meet again?
- Oh, thank God.
- Wait, do you wanna
- tell the story or should I?
- Please tell the story.
You tell it so much better than I do.
Okay. So remember that freelance gig
I got with Bill Blass?
I was working backstage?
And the minute I saw her,
I was immediately taken with her.
Which is fucking insane
because I was a frantic mess that day.
I had to get all the models dressed,
put them back on the stage.
Forget about it.
And it goes without saying,
the models were all gorgeous.
- One more lovely than the next.
- Yeah.
And in various states of undress too.
Boobs flying everywhere.
But instead of paying attention to them
or their boobs, the minute I see Jill,
- I only had eyes for her.
- Yeah, and my boobs.
No, darling. It wasn't your boobs.
Well, it was partially your boobs.
But it was your intensity,
your tenacity, your toughness.
And I knew right then and there
she was a girl I needed to meet.
Mm-hmm. And you know the rest.
- We got a few drinks
- Yeah.
And then you woke me up
at 4:00 in the morning.
How could I forget?
Sorry about that, love.
We might have been a bit loud
and early, a bit randy.
Ugh. Will you fucking die
for that accent?
A bit randy, weren't we?
Oh, you mock me, do you?
- Mm.
- Yeah, I'd fucking die.
Any news?
In the last two minutes, no.
Don't pick on me.
I can't help it if I'm excited.
My boy has been gone for almost a year.
Now, do you think he'll call
when he lands
or just jump in a cab?
Because I really hope he calls.
Please take this, go outside,
sit on the porch,
and wait for him there, okay?
All right.
How about that?
My boy knew I needed to hear his voice,
and he calls right on cue.
Uh, no. Who is this?
Maya from National Geographic.
No, we haven't heard anything yet.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, well, we miss him terribly too.
All right.
Yeah, of course. No.
I will make sure he gets it.
Who was that?
Maya from the Bill Ford crew
who misses him terribly already
and is insisting that he calls
the moment he gets home.
Are you kidding me?
How exciting is that?
That means he actually met somebody new.
I know. I know. A new love for our boy.
I never thought I'd see the day.
Thank you so much, buddy.
I appreciate that.
You got it.
Yo, Pags, we're not late, are we?
No, no. You're fine.
But the show might not even
fucking happen, okay?
- What? Why?
- Dude, the drummer's MIA,
and we can't find someone
to replace her,
and they're supposed to go on
in ten fucking minutes.
And I I honestly feel like I'm
about to fucking cry right now.
What, they can't go on
without a drummer?
Yeah, why don't you just do
an acoustic set or something?
- Yeah, come on.
- No, they can't go on
without a drummer!
They're not fucking Simon and Garfunkel
playing two-part fucking harmonies.
They're a punk rock band.
You can't be a punk rock band
without any fucking drums!
- Pags
- I'm sorry.
I'm all wound up.
I've been trying to get them in here
for fucking months,
and tonight, the drummer quits?
And, on top of everything else,
my fucking mother is in there
wearing skin-tight leather
fucking pants.
- Hey, look at you.
- What's happening?
I don't know. Hey, how are you?
I just spoke to the girls.
What the hell are we gonna do?
I have no fucking idea.
Yo, I have a solution for you.
Why don't you ask Tammy to fill in?
I mean, you remember, dude.
She was a part of
the high school drum line.
- Ha ha. Not funny.
- Come on.
- Don't do this.
- T-t-t-that's true.
You were in band in high school, Tammy.
- Can you fill in?
- No. Absolutely not.
No. Okay, that was so many years ago,
and I'm not even a real drummer.
Come on, Tammy, you know
that you can still play.
Dude, you remember.
She was badass behind those drums.
Yes! Yeah, yeah.
You did Battle of the Bands
with Dustin and Adam from Foreplay.
Tammy, is this true?
- No.
- Yes. Yes.
Kind of. Kind of. No.
I I can play a little bit, but not
in front of a huge crowd like that.
And I was never badass.
Okay. When was the last time you played?
I don't know. Like, a couple years ago.
Oh, Tammy, it's like riding a bike.
I know you got this.
Look, it's settled.
- You're playing, okay?
- No, Pags.
I'm not going anywhere. No.
- Thank you, Mikey.
- Tammy, we really need you.
Fuck! Yeah.
Okay. I'll do it. Yeah.
Come on. Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go! Let's rock and roll, baby!
She's on the bill.
She's on the bill!
Are you fucking shitting me?
Tammy? You want Tammy to play drums?
She was in band in high school.
She was on the drum line.
What other choice do we have?
Go out there and pull
the fucking fire alarm.
That is not a fucking option.
If you guys do not go out
and play tonight,
you will never get invited back.
Not to mention my fucking ass
is on the line.
So I highly suggest for you
guys to try and play with her,
or you may never have another shot.
What do you think?
I think we should do it.
I think they're right.
What if we go out there
and take a big fucking
giant shit on stage?
Please tell me you're fucking kidding.
- I didn't mean literally.
- Okay, Lizzie,
no one has ever said that they
loved one of our shows
because of the drumming, right?
They love you. They fucking love you.
You're incredible, so you
just go out there, and you
You do what you do, yeah?
All right, let's fucking do it.
- Yeah.
- Hallelujah.
Okay, go get her. Go get Tammy.
- Someone wake her ass up.
- 'Kay.
What she said.
Hey, Sarah. Rise and shine, sweetheart.
Time to go.
Let's rock and roll.
Aww, there she is.
Kitty, he's home!
There he is. There he is.
- Hey, Dad.
- Jesus Christ, look at you.
Oh, my God. It's been a long year.
It's been a long year, James.
How you doing, Dad? How you doing?
Better now. So much better now.
Arthur, let him go.
What? I'm sorry, all right?
I missed him.
- I missed you too.
- Go.
Give your mother a hug and
kiss, all right? I'll get your bag.
Oh, my God, James. I missed you so much.
I missed you, Ma.
Oh, my God.
Man, I missed this place too.
Feels good to be back.
Well, wait till tomorrow night.
We got a whole little welcome-home party
planned for you.
Your mother and I
reached out to everybody,
and the whole gang is gonna be here.
"Your mother and I." No, I reached out.
Your father bought
the steaks and the burgers.
- And the beer, of course.
- Really?
So, uh, who exactly did you invite?
Don't worry, I called Jill too.
And she's gonna come?
She said she and Stacey'll both be here.
That's all right, huh?
That's that's great.
So Hank, did Jill tell you
we have a big party
to go to tomorrow afternoon?
I've asked you several times
tonight not to call me that.
My name's Henry, not Hank.
Did I say Hank again? I meant Henry.
Oh, this one's
just delightful, isn't she?
- Yeah.
- So what's this I hear
about a party, and I'm not invited?
Okay, first of all,
it's not a "big party."
Thank you.
It's a barbecue out in Long Island
with our old friends.
You do not want to go.
And why would you assume
I wouldn't want to go?
Don't you think I'd get on with
your bridge and tunnel friends?
Mm, definitely not.
It's my ex-boyfriend's
welcome-home dinner.
Yeah, of course. The photographer.
Don't tell me you're jealous.
I made the mistake
of telling him all about Jimmy.
And all about their sexual exploits.
- 'Cause you asked.
- Regrettably.
Yeah. Now he seems to think
that if Jimmy and I
are in the same room as one another,
we're gonna jump right back
into each other's arms.
It's the jumping into bed
that concerns me more.
Well, then don't give me a reason to.
Oh, I won't.
So you are jealous. I love it.
No, that's not jealousy.
That's my being territorial.
I just don't want anybody else
going near my girl.
Wow. Your girl, huh? Wait, I'm confused.
Haven't you guys just known
each other a couple weeks?
What can I say?
This rapturous young lady
has captured my heart.
Yeah, I'm a rapturous
young lady. What can he do?
Wow. That's so wonderful for you two,
But hey, Hanky-panky, let's go
back to the barbecue.
Now, you're not so territorial
that you'd be upset
if Jill went to Jimmy's party, are you?
Well, answer her.
In my defense, this is
the first I'm hearing of it.
So what do you think?
Should she go or not?
To be perfectly honest, no.
I don't think I like the idea
very much at all.
- Oh, baby.
- What?
Why not? What are you scared of?
Really? You know what?
I'm so sorry I even brought it up.
Let's change the subject, huh?
Hey, Jules. This is
Lisa Bishop from Atlantic.
Oh, my God.
Thank you so much for coming.
Of course, I didn't think you
were gonna come at all.
Well, you hyped them up.
What was I gonna do, not show?
This is fucking awesome.
Thank you so much.
Enjoy the show, ladies. Cheers.
Holy shit.
You're not gonna believe
who's here tonight.
Lisa Bishop from Atlantic Records.
What the fuck? What is she doing here?
I might have invited her,
but I had no idea
she was actually gonna show up.
Oh. Mm.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Thank you!
Oh, shit.
Tammy better be able to pull this off.
First of all, thank you
for being such a terrific son
who kept his promise
and wrote all the time.
What can I say, Dad?
I'm a man of my word.
Your father read each one
about a dozen times.
And these? I mean, the
Polaroids were also just terrific.
You know, they really gave us
a sense of where you were.
I mean, look at that. How great is that?
That was in the Andes.
Took us over a month to find the pumas
Mr. Ford was looking to shoot.
And how about this beauty?
How long did it take you to find her?
Yeah, your mother and I were speculating
maybe something might have
been going on there, huh?
Yeah, it might have been.
- That Maya by chance?
- Yeah.
How do you know her name?
She called here, what, about a half hour
before you got home?
What? What did she say?
Just that her flight got cancelled.
Don't worry, she left a number.
Dad, how could you not tell me?
She's she's probably waiting
by the phone.
Well, excuse me for being
excited that my son got home
- who's been gone for a year.
- Yeah.
Guess I got a little distracted.
A little distracted? Okay.
Man, I can't wait for you guys
to meet her.
You're gonna love her. She's the best.
Kid's not home five minutes.
Hey, baby. Hey, it's me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome Wildfire.
Don't worry. You're gonna be fine, okay?
Remember, it's just pretty basic stuff.
It's a straight four rock beat,
and you'll just look at me
for the changes, okay?
- Okay.
- All right? You got this.
Thanks for doing this.
All right. What's up, Memoir Club?
We are Wildfire,
and we are here to burn
this motherfucker down.
- You ready?
- I hope so.
Let's go.
Yo, Tammy's pretty good.
Bro, I told you, bro.
No doubt about it ♪
No time to lose ♪
No second-rate escape could
take the place of you ♪
No bedroom banter, no drunken eyes ♪
No three-ring circus thing
gonna make me compromise ♪
- You ♪
- Uh-huh ♪
You got me hooked, I'm drunk ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Ain't no doubt about it, baby ♪
You're the only one ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Uh-huh ♪
And now I gotta tell you, baby ♪
I kinda got a thing for you ♪
I know we've just begun ♪
But I'm the only one ♪
For you ♪
Oh ♪
I'll wait for you ♪
I'll wait for you ♪
I'll wait for you ♪
Yes, I am for you ♪
I'll wait for ♪
No doubt about it ♪
No time to lose ♪
No second-rate escape's gonna
take the place of you, no ♪
No doubt about it ♪
No time to spare ♪
I do those crazy things ♪
And places that I swear ♪
You, you got me ♪
Oh, love you got me hooked ♪
And drunk ♪
Ain't no doubt about it, baby ♪
You're the only one ♪
You're the only one ♪
You're the only one ♪
Was that okay?
Yeah. Yeah, that'll do.
So you really seem to like
this new girl, huh?
Yeah, we're pretty serious.
Well, in that case,
maybe we should think
about canceling this barbecue today.
You know, save you
the awkward reunion with Jill.
And I'm sure Maya can't love
the idea of you seeing your ex.
No, actually she was
totally cool with it.
Was she? I call bullshit.
She might have told you that,
but I can assure you she was lying.
No, we talked about it.
And she's totally cool 'cause
she's a great, confident girl
and she knows how I feel about her.
Even still, why would you wanna risk it?
You know, had your mother
and I known that you had
a new girlfriend, we never
would have invited Jill.
Dad, I'm telling you it's fine.
Besides, I wanna see her.
Yeah. That's what worries me.
Hey, you know what?
I got a proposition for you.
- How about this?
- Oh.
I hit this shot, the party's cancelled.
Go for it.
And there. The party is cancelled.
- Thank you very much.
- Dad, no.
Party's still on.
Although I gotta admit,
for an old geezer, your jumper
still looks pretty good.
- For an old geezer?
- Yeah.
The Knicks could have
used you this year.
Give me that rock.
Double or nothing on this party.
I got Micheal Ray at the top of the key.
All right? He sees Cartwright
on the low post.
No-look pass. They hit old man Farrell.
Five seconds. Four.
Three. Two. One. At the buzz!
Oh, count it folks. Count it.
Oh, my God. The Knicks
win it at the buzzer!
The crowd at Madison Square
Garden is going nuts!
They can't believe it!
The folks in the world's
most famous arena
can't believe their eyes!
And the party is canceled!
So I've been thinking
about this barbecue
- and your ex and
- I'm gonna interrupt you
'cause there is something about me
that I think you should know.
If you ever tell me
not to do something
And I don't give a shit what it is
I'm gonna do it.
And then I'm never gonna talk
to you again.
So bearing that in mind,
please finish your thought.
Well, then I guess it's a good thing
I was about to say that I think
you should go to this barbecue
and I hope you have an
absolutely wonderful time.
Oh, I'm so happy to hear that.
I'll call you tomorrow, darling.
Okay, darling.
Don't let the door
hit you on the ass, Hank.
Oh, my God.
I thought he was never gonna leave.
Yeah, well, what can I say?
Time flies when you're having fun.
Really, Jill?
'Cause, you know, I just don't get it.
Don't you think he's
a little too old for you
and a little too slick
and a little too fancy?
Yeah, but he's also worldly,
sophisticated, charming,
and really fucking rich.
Yeah, you left out married.
Well, nobody's perfect.
One hot dog appetizer for Mikey D.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you, Mr. Farrell.
- You, please man the grill.
- Yes, sir.
Baby girl, you look a little
empty-handed over there.
Yes, thank you very much.
Anything for you.
"Baby girl."
Don't even get me started, okay?
All right. All right.
You don't know the halfof it.
Oh, I cannot believe the
phone call you got last night.
Can you keep your fucking
mouth shut, please?
- Yes, I can.
- Please.
I'll, uh, keep my fucking
mouth shut over here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thank you.
Oh, you were so amazing last night.
- Oh, thank you, Pags.
- So good.
Thank you. It's not happening.
Hey, you boys need a beer?
- I'm good.
- Yeah, let me get one, Pags.
Yeah, you want one?
Oh, baby.
You will not believe the phone
call Jules got last night.
This A&R lady from
Atlantic Records was there.
She said they showed promise.
And get this
She was especially impressed
with the drummer.
And you have me to thank
for that, so you're welcome.
Thank you very much.
Just do me a favor all right?
Just keep it under your hats.
Jules doesn't want everyone
finding out and, you know,
getting their hopes up.
Buddy, stop looking
at the watch, all right?
She'll get here when she gets here.
- I know. I know.
- Hey.
Don't you have a new girlfriend
you're supposed to be excited about?
Yeah, I do. What?
What? I can't fucking
be excited to see her too?
Not really.
I mean, Jimmy, you've been
down this road before.
Excitement leads to lust,
which leads to sex, which leads to love,
which leads to getting
your heart broken.
It's a very slippery slope, my friend.
Hey, Pagnetti.
I heard the show went great
last night, huh?
Unfortunately, this one does
not allow her parents
to go to her rock and roll shows.
Yeah, because there's
nothing rock and roll
about having your parents
show up at a gig.
No offense, Lizzie.
Still, kinda broke my heart.
Just for the record,
I did not invite them, okay?
Nicky did. That's his fault.
Yeah, well, I invited them,
and it was a sight to see.
You girls were incredible.
I mean, seriously,
they were unbelievable,
and I'm I'm just proud
to be their manager,
because they burned
the fucking house down.
That's what wildfires do, right?
Hey, let's hear it
for this beauty over here.
She was pretty incredible, wasn't she?
Incredible? She saved our asses.
Wait, I didn't even know you
were in the band, Tammy.
Oh, no. No, I'm not.
I was just I was just filling in.
That is total bullshit, all right?
This is not some one-night stand.
You can't just get up on stage
and rock our world like that
and then never fucking call us
again, okay?
Especially since Atlantic Records
is interested in us now, right?
You fucking told?
She's my sister.
I told Genie too.
Yeah. She and I are best friends.
Yeah, he just broke the news to us too.
Wonderful. It's a family affair.
We all know.
Well, except for me.
I mean, but I don't
I don't need to know.
I don't want to know.
Because, you know, although
it was fun and it was great,
I'm in school, so I can't
be in a rock band.
- Boo.
- Boo.
Yeah, no.
What's that? I smell bullshit.
Talk to this girl.
Still the one ♪
Yes, you're still the one ♪
We're still having fun ♪
And you're still the one ♪
Hey, quick, does this look all right?
Let's just say he's gonna fucking die
- when he sees you, baby.
- Good. That's my intention.
Okay, okay.
Hey, we're here!
- Oh.
- Hey.
- Hey, look who it is.
- Oh, look at these two.
Nice to see you again.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
- Wow, Pags, nice moustache.
- Oh, thank you.
- You gonna hug me or what?
- I'm I'll give you a hug.
Hey, you know, before
Before this all gets started,
could I talk to you for a second?
- Yeah, of course.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Step into my office.
- Okay.
Thanks for coming, by the way.
- Yeah, of course.
- Appreciate it.
- What am I gonna do, not come?
- Well, I don't know.
Of course.
It's fucking weird seeing you.
How are you?
- I'm good.
- Yeah?
- Are you good?
- Yeah.
Just a little bit of culture
shock being back, you know?
Seeing everybody and
- seeing you.
- I know.
It's bizarre to even hear
your voice after all this time.
Right? You realize this is
the longest we've gone
without speaking to each
other since, like,
- the sixth grade?
- It's fucking crazy.
But it was nice to get your letters.
You know, while they lasted.
Look, I wanted to apologize about that.
It just didn't seem fair to Maya,
the girl I wrote to you about,
to keep writing to you
- once we got together, you know?
- Yeah, of course.
I understand. You found someone new,
you kicked me to the curb.
Told you that would happen.
No, no, no, no. That isn't it at all.
- I'm fucking with you, Jimmy.
- Oh.
anyhow, we're still together,
in case you were wondering.
Jimmy, I'm gonna save you the trouble.
I'm not here 'cause I'm hoping
to get back together with you.
I'm here 'cause you're one of
my oldest and dearest friends.
I've missed you and I wanted to
see your handsome little face
and welcome you home, that's all, okay?
Okay, I just wanna be clear
with where I'm at.
- That's all.
- And I get it.
- That's where you're at.
- Mm-hmm.
does that mean that we're not
gonna end the night
sneaking down to your darkroom
so I can fuck the shit out of you?
For old time's sake?
Get the fuck out of here, Jill.
I'm fucking with you.
Or am I?
- You guys gonna join us?
- Yeah, Mr. Farrell.
One sec, we'll be right with you.
You sure?
Come on. Gotta go say hi
to your parents.
I bet they missed me
even more than you did.
It's too late to say sorry ♪
I was afraid we lost you two.
Get in there.
It's too late to say sorry ♪
It's too late to say sorry ♪
It's too late to say sorry ♪
And baby, don't you hurry now ♪
No, it's too late, sorry.
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