Bridge and Tunnel (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

The Swan Song

I'm just surprised, is all,
'cause, you know,
I'm leaving in a month.
Wait, what? When? Wh-why?
Is that true? Six months in Alaska?
Don't tell me this has something
to do with fucking Tammy.
You have gotta be fucking
kidding me, man.
I'm in love with him, Stace.
I'm s I'm sorry.
I just I just can't.
I wanna be a music attorney,
you know, represent bands,
do the record deals, stuff like that.
Well, if you two really feel like that,
when I become a big
shot in the music biz,
don't come crawling to me for help.
That's not something you need
to worry about. We won't.
What does it say?
No law school for me. No love for you.
Hey, at least we got each other, right?
He's on one path.
You're on another path.
You're on two different paths,
and those paths don't cross.
Let's just enjoy these next three weeks,
and when they're over,
we'll embark on our separate paths.
These are so good. They're so good.
- Yeah? You really think so?
- Yeah, you know they're good.
You know my favorite
thing about them, too?
- What?
- Not a bench in sight.
All right, enough about
I don't wanna hear
about the bench anymore.
That was the last one.
Okay, fine, but your dad's right.
These are the best photos
you've ever taken.
Yeah, but my dad thinks
every photo I've ever taken
is the best one I've ever taken.
Yeah, he's not fucking
wrong. Look at this!
Jimmy, this could be an ad or something.
It's so good.
Like, honestly,
this is as good as any professional
photo I've ever seen.
It's very impressive.
I mean, don't act so fucking surprised.
I'm not surprised. I'm just, you know
- Nope, no.
- What?
- No, we can't.
- Why not?
Because my fucking parents
are right upstairs.
I mean, that sounds like
their problem, you know?
But we gotta be really fucking quiet.
Or not.
Oh, ho, there they are.
- Oh, hey.
- I thought we'd lost you two.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, no.
- We were just downstairs in the basement.
- I was just showing Jill
some of my stuff that
I've been working on.
Is that what you were doing,
just showing her some of your stuff?
- Okay.
- Hmm.
Speaking of your stuff,
I took some of those new photos
over to the guy who's got the Davidson,
and he was so impressed,
he actually wants to buy a print.
- Whoa.
- Get the hell out of here.
- Does he really?
- Pretty wild, right?
I told you you were onto something.
I mean, Jill, what did you think?
This is a little different
than his usual shots, right?
Yeah, I mean, I think it's really cool.
It looks like some ads that I've seen,
like they could be in fashion
magazines, you know?
You know what?
I never even thought about that.
All right, James, you would
not be the first artist
who helped pay the bills
by shooting fashion.
I mean, more than paid the
bills. They've gotten rich.
And you're already here
in New York, right,
the center of the fashion world?
I mean, it might not be the
worst thing to think about.
Yeah, I don't know, Dad.
I mean, I really haven't
thought about that at all.
Nor should you think of
that, at least not now.
Maybe you can consider it once
you come back from Alaska,
but not now.
You two staying for dinner,
or you heading out?
Well, w
You know, we only have a week left,
so I think we're just gonna go
grab something by ourselves,
if that's cool.
- Really? Hmm.
- That's totally fine.
I thought we were all gonna
have dinner together,
- but that's fine.
- It's totally fine, Jimmy.
'Cause your mother bought a bunch
of stuff, but don't worry about it.
You guys go out, have your dinner.
- It's cool.
- Yeah, Dad, speaking of that,
I was hoping I wouldn't work this week
so I could spend the
last few days with Jill.
M'kay, so your last week here
before you take off for six months,
I'm not gonna get to see you at all,
and you're not sticking
around for dinner, okay.
- I'll be around.
- Yeah.
Jimmy, take the week off. It'll be fine.
Your father will survive.
Won't you, Arthur?
Honestly, no.
I'm already heartbroken
thinking about it,
but I don't wanna stand in the
way of you and your plans, so
- Stop your kvetching.
- Go out. Have a great night.
- You guys
- Enjoy your dinner. Have a good week.
Have a nice night. Go before
you see a grown man cry.
- No, no, yeah, we gotta go.
- Yeah.
Laying it on a little thick, Arthur.
Whose side are you on?
Hey, Stace, it's Tam.
Um, can you talk?
Yeah, I guess.
Um, look, I just wanted to apologize.
I mean, you have every
right to be pissed at me.
You asked me not to go out with him,
and I did, and I broke a trust,
and I just I shouldn't
have done that,
and I'm I'm sorry, Stace.
You're really in love with him?
Well, how's he feel about you?
I don't know. Um,
I think maybe the same.
Well, I gotta say, it hurts to hear,
but it's probably my ego
talking more than anything.
Look, Mikey and I dated
in high school, right?
And like you said, we barely even dated,
and even if we were
more serious back then,
it was high school, ancient history.
what I guess I'm trying to say is, uh,
if you and Mikey wanna go out,
I'm okay with it.
Are you sure, Stace?
Because if it means
losing you as a friend,
you know, I-I don't need to.
- I don't.
- Yeah, I'm sure.
Isn't that what I fucking
just said, Tammy?
And besides, I spend way
too much fucking time
on Long Island as it is.
Thanks, Stacey.
What are friends for?
Mikey, hey, it's it's me, Tammy.
- You know, I've been thinking.
- Mm.
And my getting fired actually
might be a blessing.
Really? How so?
Because because
I feel like I'd be better off
getting a job with, like,
an up-and-coming designer,
instead of someone so
corporate, you know?
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
I like that idea.
Yeah, and hopefully no fucking
snooty bitches from Connecticut.
Yeah, hopefully not.
I also had another idea.
Maybe we could go up to my
dad's lake house for the week?
We can go hiking
- and skinny dipping.
- Mm.
It'd be fun, kinda like our swan song.
- Mm, next week?
- Yeah.
Well, I'm busy next week.
- Oh, that's such a shame.
- Yeah.
No, of course I'm coming.
I love that idea.
Okay. Well, when we're up there?
I don't wanna talk about the future.
I just wanna be in the
moment with you, okay?
No Alaska, none of that.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
I promise.
It's important to me.
I promise.
Get the fuck out of here.
He didn't tell you yet?
Okay, well, the reason that
he didn't get into law school
is 'cause he completely
blew his LSATs, you know?
But he was always kinda, like,
a mediocre student, though,
but that's because the whole time
he was going through college,
he had two jobs 'cause
our parents got divorced,
and he was trying to help pay the bills,
and he was trying to support me
'cause I can't have another
job because I'm too busy
pursuing my rock and
roll dreams, you know?
- Hey, who are you talking to?
- Shh.
Right, if a girl who writes
for "Billboard" magazine
can't get that, then
who can, am I right?
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Nothing.
- Give me the phone. Give me the phone.
- I'm not doing
- Give me the phone.
- Okay. Gotta go!
- Nice talking to you, bye!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Sorry about that, Jules.
Yeah, so, um, we still
on for this afternoon?
Great. Great, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll, uh, I'll c
I'll pick you up in a couple hours.
All right, see you then.
Hey, stud.
Hey, Stace. What's going on?
- Do you have a minute?
- For you, of course.
You know that. Always.
Everything all right?
- Yeah, everything's good.
- Good.
That's actually why I wanted
to come over and talk to you.
Hey, yes, and thank you
so much for, you know,
talking to Tammy about everything.
Yeah, yeah, I just wanted
you both to know
- there's no hard feelings, okay?
- Good.
You don't have to worry
about me. I'm a big girl.
Oh, I know.
I'm actually moving back
into the city with Wayne,
and after having dinner with my
dad and Pags's mom, oy gevalt,
- I had to get the hell out of there.
- Yeah. Yeah.
So it's kinda quiet around here today.
Anybody home?
Uh, no, actually.
You know how my parents are.
It's Sunday, Abuelita's day at church.
You wanna go inside and fuck
around for old time's sake?
Look, Stace, you know I can't. Come on.
I'm fucking with you, Mikey, huh?
You think I'd do that to Tammy,
even though she did that to me?
Can I have a hug, at least?
Yeah, you can get a hug. Is that it?
Yeah, just a hug.
Come here.
I'll miss you.
And take care of my girl, all right?
She's not nearly as tough as me.
I'll see you around, Mikey.
- Hey, Ma. Here you go.
- Thanks.
Look, I'm I'm heading out soon,
but I just want to let you know
me and Jill are taking
a little road trip
up to her dad's old lake
house tomorrow morning,
and we're staying for the week.
Really? The whole week till you leave?
Well, that's the idea.
Well, you know who's not
gonna like to hear that.
I know.
Let me ask you something, Mom.
Does he not want me to
take the job or something?
'Cause he said that thing
about me shooting fashion,
and and he thinks I'm on to something
with those other pictures
I've been taking.
I think he's torn.
He knows this is a great
opportunity for you,
but he's gonna miss you. We both are.
Plus, you know your father's
always had a strong
if not slightly obsessive
attachment to you.
So what, is he hoping
I decide not to take the job?
What do you mean, decide?
You've already given
your word to Mr. Ford
and National Geographic, haven't you?
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Don't fuck this up.
You've made your decision.
How'd you already know?
Well, I figured if you'd gotten in,
I would have heard by now.
So I don't need to kill my
sister for ratting me out?
No, but next time, in the future,
just tell me the truth, okay?
Or else what kind of relationship
are we gonna have?
I know, I know. I was just I don't
so you really don't care?
About whether you get
into law school or not,
no, absolutely not.
I mean, that's such a relief.
I just I figured,
you know, you live in the city,
and you've got this great job,
and if I didn't have
anything else going on,
you'd think I was just some kind of
bridge and tunnel loser.
Well, if you had nothing else going on,
then yeah, I would
think you were a loser.
Ooh, hoo, hoo!
- And that is my sister.
- Yeah.
So your future, what
are you gonna do next?
That is a good question.
Well, um, I was thinking that I'd, uh
I'm gonna manage my sister's band.
Yeah, that's, uh, Lizzie, my sister,
Genie, Hannah, and Brooke on the drums.
Hey, would you mind listening to them,
you know, tell me if I'm crazy?
Yeah, sure, all right.
What do they call themselves?
That's a pretty good start.
I gotta say, it was kinda weird.
She just came over and told
me the exact same thing
that she told you, literally,
"I give you my blessing,"
and then she just left.
- And that was it, really?
- Well, yeah, basically.
Okay, look, I have an idea
that I want to pitch to you.
An idea? What kind of an idea? About us?
No, about you and your future.
- Oh, shit, here we go.
- No, don't worry.
It's nothing too dramatic or anything.
- Um, this.
- What is this?
It's an art school in the city.
Tammy, look, I'm not
going back to school.
I told you, I have no money
for lunch, let alone college.
No, but it's not college.
It's just classes,
and it's just it's just $10 a class,
and you can just go whenever you want
and sit in as many times
or as few times as you want,
and I can go with you.
I know one of the instructors,
and I can introduce you.
What am I gonna do with this, hmm? Hmm?
I mean, you're an amazing artist, okay?
You have so much talent, and you
need to do something with it.
Well, look, I'm glad
you have faith in me,
but I don't think I'm,
like, this great artist.
Okay, well, how do you know,
Mikey, unless you try?
I mean, you've gotta
give it a shot, right?
Unless your heart is so set
on you being an accountant.
- Oh, ha, ha, ha, very funny.
- I know, your passion.
Ooh, ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
He's cruising up despite
his crooked teeth ♪
Seems real sweet till
his mouth starts talking ♪
Big blue eyes, but
he's nothing to see ♪
He's got a broken nose
and don't smell too good ♪
- He's all right ♪
- He's all right ♪
Don't you see ♪
The grass is green ♪
The other side's just an empty dream ♪
You could learn to love him ♪
You could learn to love him ♪
Holy shit.
They're really good.
You could learn to love ♪
Who knew?
He can turn a love song into a fight ♪
Make a clear sky thunder
on a summer night ♪
He's a high school nightmare
without the looks ♪
And if he was a novel
they'd burn the book ♪
He's a king of confrontation ♪
He's a one-way conversation ♪
He swears, he drools,
he loves to cuss ♪
He's the bully on
the back of the bus ♪
But I could learn to love him ♪
- I could learn to love him ♪
- I could learn to love him ♪
I could learn to love
him, love him, love ♪
I could learn to love him ♪
I could learn to love him ♪
I could learn to love him ♪
- You could learn to love him ♪
- Say what?
- You could learn to love him ♪
- One more time?
- You could learn to love him ♪
- Oh, that.
La, la, la, la, love! ♪
Ladies, fan-fucking-tastic.
Didn't even know you were there.
So? What do you think?
Why do you get 10%?
It's, uh it's industry standard.
Yeah, it's what managers make.
Plus I'll be doing all the stuff
that you guys don't wanna do,
you know, booking shows,
booking travel,
getting you guys beers for
your shows, stuff like that.
And getting them a record deal.
Right, yeah, that most importantly.
And you actually think we're good enough
to get a record deal?
Uh, yeah, I've always supported you.
We wouldn't be having this
conversation if I didn't.
All right, Jules, what do you think?
- And do not bullshit us.
- Based on what I heard,
hell yeah, I think you
guys got a real shot.
And you think you could
get us gigs in the city?
I told your brother
that I will make all the
introductions he needs.
So? We got a deal?
I also want all my debts erased.
That's almost 400 bucks, Lizzie.
I know, I know.
Just consider it an investment
in the future of rock and roll.
But if I do that,
you have to admit right
now that Styx rock.
All right, Styx
- don't suck.
- Not that bad.
All right, that's good enough for me.
- Cheers, ladies.
- Yeah.
- To Wildfire.
- Yeah.
To Wildfire.
We need to have a
conversation about Styx.
Ooh ♪
How do you like your love? ♪
I mean, I don't get it, man.
You're going away in a week,
and now you're gonna
abandon us tomorrow?
Oh, Pags, I had no idea you'd
be so heartbroken over this.
Hey, we got tonight, big boy, all right?
And I'll be sure to give you as
much attention as you need.
I mean, what are you gonna
do up there the whole time?
- What do you think?
- Hey.
We're gonna go for hikes
and swim, do some reading.
I don't know. That seems like
a lot of one-on-one time,
just the two of you.
Come on, Jill, you know how
emotional our boy can get.
You might wanna think about
having some company,
you know, some additional support,
just in case he gets a
little weepy, that's all.
You looking for an invitation, Mikey?
Well, I wouldn't wanna crash your party,
but seriously, how great would it be
if we all went up there together?
What do you think, Tammy? Do you
think you could take the week off?
I mean, I'm I'm sure I
could, but I don't know.
I don't really think
that was an invitation.
- Jill?
- I mean, yeah, the house is big enough.
- What do you think?
- What's there to think about?
It's gonna be a great time
for all of us, really.
And no worries, you're gonna
have your own time to do,
you know, your hiking, your
reading, your swimming,
whatever the fuck you wanna do.
All right, yeah. You know what?
Let's that would be awesome.
Okay. What about you two?
Or is that gonna be,
like, too much too soon?
Uh, well, I think it would be
very high on the list of things
that I would love to
do, but I don't know.
I'm gonna defer to Jules on this one.
I think it would be a major gamble
at this point of our relationship,
but I'm willing to give it a chance.
Then it's settled!
All right, so we'll all drive up
together in the morning, all right?
And Jill, you know, if Jimmy's
not too busy taking pictures
of, you know, the lake,
the sunset, and the trees,
you might just see some fucking action.
Yeah, okay, don't worry about us.
You sure you're okay with this?
What, are you kidding me?
I get to spend my last week in
a little romantic lake house
with my best friends
and the girl I love.
What could be better?
- Right?
- Yeah.
Hey, Ma. What's the good word?
Thank God you're home.
You just got a call from Bill Ford.
He says it's urgent.
Urgent? Wh is that all he said?
He said to call him immediately.
- It there's his number.
- Okay.
Hello? Mr. Ford?
Yeah, it's James Farrell.
Okay. Yeah.
Oh, really?
No no, that that's fine.
No. All right. Thanks.
- Well, what'd he say?
- Big news.
They pushed it up.
I have to meet him
tomorrow morning at JFK
at 8:00 a.m.
And that's all he said,
no explanation at all?
No, no, that was it.
Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.?
I gotta tell you, kid, I'm not ready
- to say goodbye just yet.
- I know.
Hey, I'm not ready to
leave just yet either.
I mean, Jill and I had all these plans
for our last week together,
and now instead of a week of fun,
I got one night of heartbreak.
You know, I hate to admit it,
but I've been having second
thoughts about this whole thing.
What's your, uh
what's your apprehension?
Well, you've been saying
how much you like
these other photos
I've been taking, right?
And talking about maybe me
getting into fashion photography
as another option, and I mean,
probably the best place to do that
is in New York, right?
- No doubt.
- And with Mr. Ford,
I'll just be lugging gear around,
being an assistant, you know? And
Plus I'm nervous.
I'm fucking nervous about
leaving home for six months.
With everybody being
back together again,
being back with Jill,
I don't know if it's something
I wanna walk away from just yet.
It feels good.
I hear you.
But, Jimmy,
it's not that it feels good,
because I'm sure it does,
but it's also about feeling safe.
All right, and if you
wanna be an artist,
you gotta take some fucking chances.
This is devastating news,
but since this is our
last night together,
I'd like to propose a toast to Jimmy,
who had this dream forever
and actually found a
way to make it work.
Wait, you talking about
National Geographic
or getting back together with Jill?
- Oh, my God.
- You know what? Sorry.
I actually do wanna say
something for a second.
I think that I'm just so impressed
with the courage you have
to go out on this great
adventure, you know?
And I just I just want to
wish you good luck, okay?
- We're gonna miss you.
- I mean, yeah, think about it.
You're gonna be away
for, what, six months?
- Yeah.
- Fucking chasing the
- Caribou?
- Yes, the caribou.
Good luck with that, man.
To Jimmy and his caribou.
- Yeah!
- To the caribou.
- To the caribou.
- To the caribou.
Whatever those are.
Jimmy, I think what you're doing takes,
as you guys all say, big balls,
- so I salute you and the caribou.
- Sure.
And your big balls.
- To Jimmy's big balls.
- Big balls, yeah.
But listen, in all sincerity,
good luck, my man.
We really are gonna miss you for real.
But Jill, I have a question.
Can we all still go to the
lake house together or what?
Oh, so you wanna go without us?
- Yes.
- I it would just be a shame
to let your guys' misfortune
ruin our trip.
Oh, some friends you all are.
Jill, baby, any last words?
Yeah, I'll say what I need
to say later tonight.
- Ooh.
- Okay.
- Oh, Jill.
- Okay.
Okay, well, then that just
that just leaves you, Jimmy.
Do you have any parting words for us?
Nothing behind me,
everything ahead of me,
as is ever so, on the road.
- Ooh.
- That's it?
Ew, what the hell was that?
- "On the Road."
- What?
- Use your own words.
- What the fuck was that?
- Get the fuck out of here.
- Use your own words!
- Kerouac?
- Come on, I wanna fucking
I wanna feel you!
You're smarter than that guy.
It's the end of "On the Road."
We gotta be a little ni it was sweet.
I'm gonna miss you so fucking much.
I love you.
I can't believe this is the last time.
I'm sorry.
- Fuck.
- Don't be sorry. Don't be sorry.
Don't be sorry.
Hey, do you remember the first time?
Jesus Christ, why you
fucking bring that up?
Yeah, I fucking remember it.
I know it's why your mother
still can't fucking stand me.
No, she doesn't she doesn't hate you.
She can't even look at me in the eye.
Well, you know, after what
she saw you do to me.
- Jeez.
- I'm sorry.
Is she gonna fucking
bust through this door?
- Did we check? Is it locked?
- No, she's not here.
I'm gonna miss you.
This is your favorite.
Hey, what's going on? You okay?
No, I'm not okay.
I feel fucking terrible.
You're leaving tomorrow morning.
This is not how I wanted
this to end, you know?
Yeah, I know.
Well, maybe it doesn't have to end
'cause maybe I don't need to leave.
- What are you talking about?
- What if I didn't go, huh?
I mean, if it means losing you,
then I don't know if it's worth it.
Okay, well, don't say that
'cause we were talking.
Yeah, but why not? Huh?
I'm serious. I don't
wanna lose you again.
What if I didn't get on
that plane tomorrow?
I'll come up with some fucking excuse.
It doesn't matter as long as I stay.
- Okay.
- Hey, don't you see?
We have to be together.
That's what this has all
been leading toward.
Who gives a fuck about a job?
I'll get another fucking job
here, here in New York.
You said it yourself,
and my dad said it, too.
I can get a job shooting fashion
or go into photojournalism, you know?
It doesn't matter as long
as long as I stay with you.
Oh, okay, so you're gonna give up a job,
a job that you've wanted
since fucking high school,
- to stay here with me?
- Yeah.
- Little old me?
- Yeah, in a fucking heartbeat.
Huh? What do you think?
- What do I think?
- Yeah.
Okay, so here's the thing, Jimmy.
Did you forget the conversation
we had a couple weeks ago
when we got back together?
- Our agreement?
- Yeah? Okay, all right,
but I mean, things are
different now, aren't they?
Yeah, but don't you think we'd
just be delaying the inevitable?
You what do you mean?
What, that we'd break up anyhow?
- You son of a b
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
are you
what, are you serious?
What the fuck?
Have these four weeks not
meant anything to you?
Of course they have.
Of course, but, like, that
doesn't change our futures.
Like, this is the same
fucking thing again.
Oh, yeah, yeah, oh, fuck.
How can I forget, right?
Our futures 'cause 'cause
we're not compatible, right?
This is the same bullshit you gave me
when we broke up in December.
Well, guess what? I thought it
was a stupid fucking idea then,
and I think it's even more
fucking stupid now.
- Do we really have to do this again?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
we fucking have to do this again
'cause I-I need to know why,
why you think we can't make this work.
Because I can't give you
what you want, Jimmy!
What do you want?
You want us to get married
- and be together forever?
- Yes! Yes! Yes!
Is that such a crazy concept to you?
Yeah, it is!
And it's not 'cause of you.
It's 'cause I can't marry the guy
I've been with since I was 14!
I mean, come on.
The world is so fucking big.
This is just, like
it's too fucking small-town.
We grew up together.
- We live on the same fucking block.
- I g yeah, I get it. I get it.
- No, you don't.
- I get it.
- You don't fucking get it!
- I get it, but this is crazy!
You don't just end this 'cause
you have some idea of about,
like, when you're gonna meet
the person you're gonna marry
or or where they live
or how long you've known them.
I mean, don't you see?
We were meant to be together forever.
That's what we used to say.
- That's what we used to say.
- Yeah, that's what we used to say.
What, so that's not true anymore?
I'm sorry, Jimmy.
I'm sorry.
I really love you. It's not
It's not about that.
If I stay here, won't you listen ♪
To my heart ♪
Whoa, my heart ♪
When I get back,
I'm coming straight for you,
and I promise you you're gonna miss me,
and you're gonna run right into my arms,
and you're gonna never
wanna be without me again.
Just mark my words.
Yeah, who knows? Maybe you're right.
Hey, big guy.
You really pulled a fast one
on me there, didn't you?
I mean, you set up the
perfect weeklong goodbye
only to pull it out from under me.
You know what, though?
I'm not gonna complain or
ask for any more favors.
No, tonight I give thanks.
I mean, you gave me my dream job
and three more weeks
with the girl I love.
How can I complain about that?
So today's the big day.
You ready for this?
Yeah, as ready as I'm gonna be.
Come here, kiddo.
You are gonna do great.
I'm so proud of you.
- Thanks.
- Jimbo, let's get a move on!
All right, little man,
let me just say this.
I am gonna miss you more
than you can imagine.
- I'm gonna miss you too, Dad.
- Come on, man. Give me a hug.
Artie, let him go.
He's gotta catch a flight.
- I don't wanna let him go.
- Dad, let me go.
Okay. I can do this.
Come here.
You're gonna need that.
Actually, somebody is outside,
looking for a goodbye kiss, I guess.
I'll give you one minute, all right?
You are getting on that flight.
Don't say anything, okay?
Just say "goodbye" and
"I love you," okay?
Yeah, I'll say I love you, 'cause I do.
And I love you, too.
I don't wanna ever say goodbye.
Not ever.
Okay, deal.
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