Bridgerton (2020) s03e07 Episode Script

Joining of Hands

[tense music playing]
You are Lady Whistledown.
- Colin, I
- Do not try to deny it.
I heard you with the printer.
To think I ran after you
because I was worried about you,
terrified that your carriage driver
had abducted you to this part of town.
When, in truth,
you knew exactly what you were doing
because it was you who printed tonight.
- I did not print tonight's edition.
- But every other one?
Is it not you
who has been Lady Whistledown all along?
All of the lies you have told me.
All of the things you have written
about me and my family.
- Colin, please.
- I knew something was wrong.
Stupidly, I blamed myself as if
as if I was undeserving of your love.
But you are the one that is at fault.
I will never forgive you.
[breathes shakily]
- [wind whipping]
- [branches creaking]
[music fades out]
Get your Whistledown! Whistledown!
[up-tempo music playing]
- Oh!
- Here you are, sir.
- [coins clink]
- [chuckling]
- [coins clink]
- At last!
- [coins clink]
- [chattering]
[Cressida] Dearest Gentle Reader,
if you thought that revealing
my true identity would stifle me,
guess again.
[woman] Well, I never!
[Cressida] I fear no reproach,
as now you know I write to you
from one of the most reputable houses
in Mayfair.
Certainly, no house is perfect.
Though, there are some that purport to be.
Take, for example, Bridgerton House,
with its shining reputation.
This author must question
what really goes on behind closed doors.
Can we read it?
[Cressida] It is known
that Lady Violet Bridgerton
praises love matches above all else.
But does love excuse
why several of her children
have had rather rushed engagements?
Perhaps the family
confuses love with lust.
[speaking indistinctly]
[Cressida] And then there is the fact that
there are so many Bridgerton children.
Has one ever wondered why so many?
This author certainly has.
Perhaps because a few of them
may be of dubious parentage.
The lies she writes!
Whistledown is here.
I fear we already have it, Mrs. Wilson.
Another Whistledown.
Oh, Gregory, let me see it!
Very well.
Oh, thank goodness.
[Lady Whistledown] Dearest Gentle Reader
it seems someone
has been impersonating me,
and so I can no longer sit idly by.
This author is not interested in judging
what one does out of desperation.
But gossip as I might,
I always tell the truth,
and I cannot tolerate a lie.
Cressida Cowper, this author is not.
If she were me,
surely she would have reported
on the great debt
Lord Blackburn refused to repay
to Lord Samson this week.
Or the fact that Mrs. Newham
dismissed her maid yesterday
for the simple act
of asking for a day off.
[gasps softly]
[Lady Whistledown] And I will not even
mention the small cruelties
Mr. Davidson's wife endures daily.
Except, I suppose, I just did.
I say this all
to remind you that this author,
the true Lady Whistledown,
is always paying attention.
[Lady Whistledown]
Something that I believe Miss Cowper
should try to do a little more.
You will stay in here
until Aunt Joanna arrives to collect you.
Until then,
you are not to leave this room.
[Lady Whistledown]
Yours Truly, Lady Whistledown.
[musical flourish rises and falls]
[up-tempo music resumes]
[music peaks and fades out]
- [chattering]
- [pleasant music plays]
[indistinct conversations]
[speaking indistinctly]
It is a good thing Miss Cowper's
Whistledown spectacle has been settled,
so now everyone
can be focused on our upcoming nuptials.
I want every eye in the ton
focused on you.
How many eyes exactly
do you think there are in the ton?
Double the amount of people,
I would imagine.
Do you know, since Penelope got engaged,
Prudence has not called me a blinkard
or a dunderhead or an anserine fool once.
I am starting to think I am clever.
- You are, my love.
- No. I'm
I am saying
there is something wrong with her.
It is true.
Whenever I try
to grasp her hand these days,
she does not swat it away
with nearly the same gusto.
The most elaborate wedding breakfast
Mayfair has yet to see.
It will be our triumph, Penelope.
- Are you not excited?
- Excuse me, Mama.
[music fades out]
Are you a devotee of Whistledown again?
It is a particularly good issue.
Perhaps I should read it, then.
I could use a distraction.
- Good day.
- [Benedict] Good day, Penelope.
Ah. Uh, I will be
reading this over there.
[quietly] Over there.
Pen, you have done it.
Cressida is entirely discredited.
I never thought I would say this,
but I'm so glad to see you printing again.
Eloise, he knows.
Colin. He followed me last night.
How is his condition?
He is furious.
We're to be married this week
if he will still have me,
but I doubt he will even speak to me.
Eloise, I do not know what to do.
I cannot help you with this, Pen.
I am so grateful
for everything you have done for me,
but already, I feel in the middle
between you and Colin.
- Perhaps I always have been.
- That is not true.
- You did meet Colin first.
- That was a silly infatuation.
Which turned into
a real friendship over time, but
you were the truest friend
I have ever known, El.
It was torture
not being by your side this season.
I could not bear the thought
of losing you completely.
Either of you.
- [clears throat]
- [pensive music plays]
I understand.
It's my mess with Colin, not yours.
Forgive me.
I wish you luck.
[music fades out]
[Lady Danbury] Hm.
You are rather lucky Lady Whistledown
decided to publish when she did.
Thank you. The gall of that Cowper chit.
Crisis averted, no doubt.
Though, now I must avert the next one.
Do you think it possible for me to acquire
an audience with the queen this week?
[Lady Danbury] Mm.
- I fear her spirits are low.
- Mm.
I cannot recommend
that you speak with Her Majesty
about Francesca
and Lord Kilmartin just now.
She is not pleased that Whistledown
has eluded her once more.
Perhaps Francesca was right.
I should've approached her at the ball
when we had the chance.
You have done nothing wrong.
[scoffs] We are always
trying with all our might,
but the weight of the world
cannot always be upon our shoulders.
You do not sound like yourself.
[chuckles lightly]
Forgive me.
Uh, perhaps I can
convince Her Majesty some
That is not necessary.
You know, something you
and your brother have in common
is a very kind urge
to constantly help others.
[chuckles dryly] Hm.
But I hope you know that my care for you
is not contingent on your aid.
- I am here for you, Agatha.
- [gentle music plays softly]
Even when there are
no unmarried children left to help.
[both chuckle softly]
Thank you, Violet.
That means a great deal to me.
[pensive music plays]
How long have you known?
I saw you leaving
a private room with Penelope last night
shortly before I found her.
- I had been trying to make her tell you.
- You should've told me yourself.
You should've told me
you were in love with my best friend
before you tripped into
the drawing room engaged!
I did not know until last year.
[tearfully] And I was
too brokenhearted to speak of it.
I have been trying to make her tell you.
And then I thought, w
why break your heart as well?
Her sheet has been fair this year.
Certainly sharp and biting,
but she has not written
anything withering about anyone.
Of if she has, they have deserved it.
Are you forgetting what she wrote
about me at the start of the season?
Of course, that was not so good.
Have you already forgiven her?
[Eloise] I want to.
Do you think you can?
I think you should consider yourself
uncommonly lucky
you have never been in love.
[light music playing]
Here we are.
Uh [hesitates]
In here for the wedding breakfast?
Do you think it too small?
How many people are we inviting?
Well, let me show you
how we'll lay it out.
[Violet] Mm. Oh
[Lady Featherington] Well, I was thinking,
this really is my very, very favorite
will you at least look at me?
My mother was curious
about our not seeing each other recently,
and I did not want to arouse suspicions.
Are you going to call off the wedding?
I am a man of honor.
And we were intimate.
Perhaps that was another part
of your planned entrapment.
I did not mean
to entrap you, Colin. I love you.
What will this marriage be?
That depends.
I noticed there was
no Whistledown this morning.
[somber music plays]
Are you going to stop publishing?
I do not know.
Let us get through this wedding,
and then we will decide
what this marriage will be.
And we shall have a quartet over here,
or perhaps even a quintet.
[pensive music playing]
Um I I shall see if our young people
require refreshments
for this rather long tour.
[Violet clears throat]
- Mm.
- [chuckles]
It is good
to see Mr. Bridgerton here today.
An engaged couple should want
to spend time together
before their wedding, should they not?
I assure you, Lady Bridgerton,
I do not know the reason.
I do not either.
- [birds chirping]
- [light music playing]
You had a caller while you were out.
She left a note.
Thank you.
[Lady Arnold] "Please,
let me explain. Tilley."
[exhales softly]
[music fades out]
I had meant to
speak to you about
my situation with Paul first privately.
But then we were caught, as it were.
And what is the situation, exactly?
Mr. Suarez and I have a relationship
not unlike the one I share with you.
Friendly, casual,
occasionally intimate.
And Mr. Suarez also likes
to be intimate with men.
He thought perhaps
the two of you shared a
I have known men like Mr. Suarez,
but I myself
have never felt tempted before.
Are you tempted by every woman you meet?
I am not.
[both chuckle softly]
[inhales] This world of ours,
as far as we know it,
spans thousands of miles encompassing
however many millions of people,
and yet we are all bred to believe
that the only persons worth
conversing with are the thousand or so
who inhabit a few square miles
around Grosvenor Square.
You know, we preen, and we promenade.
We leave calling cards, and we marry.
We play by all the rules.
And rarely do we question
the meaning of any of it for a moment.
[gentle music playing softly]
There is so much in society
that is unnatural.
But a feeling between two people,
whatever their sex
is the most natural thing in the world.
If you did not feel
anything with Mr. Suarez,
then let us, you and I,
continue on our own.
But you should know
my staff are very discreet.
[light music playing]
[background chatter]
[music fades out]
- Ma'am.
- Mm?
Lord Anderson has come to call.
[pensive music builds slowly]
Oh. Um
[Violet exhales]
[softly] Very well.
- Ah.
- [chuckles lightly]
Lady Bridgerton, it is good to see you.
You as well, Lord Anderson.
It has been some time.
- Too much time.
- [Violet chuckles]
Uh, would you like some cake? Tea?
Oh, I would be delighted.
- Uh
- Ah.
[Violet and Marcus chuckle]
[Marcus clears throat and chuckles]
- How are you?
- Oh, I I am, uh
Well Francesca is keeping her distance
from me at the moment. [chuckles]
Did I tell you that she and Lord Kilmartin
have been secretly engaged?
I did not hear.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Though, we are waiting on the blessing
of the queen before announcing it.
It is a wait that may be
rather lengthy, unfortunately.
[chuckles] You know, Aristotle says,
"Patience is bitter,
but its fruit is sweet."
[both chuckle lightly]
[soft music builds slowly]
Lady Bridgerton,
once Francesca
and Lord Kilmartin's affairs are in order,
do you think perhaps the two of us
could explore something together?
I am not uninterested in exploration.
But I will not know if I am ready for that
until after the affairs are in order.
Especially because I am not the only one
whose affairs need ordering.
[knocking at door]
We received a letter back
from Aunt Joanna.
She will have left today
to come and fetch you.
I imagine she will be here
in a week or two.
Mama, please.
You must put an end to this.
There is nothing I can do.
Your father has threatened to send me
to the countryside as well if I intervene.
If I too am banished, there is no hope
of ever bringing you back to society.
But we did this together.
I did tell you
to avoid that Bridgerton girl.
Had you listened,
I doubt any of this would have occurred.
Why did we have to write such cruel things
about the Bridgertons, Mama?
Could we not have picked another family?
The Bridgertons
so often feature in Whistledown
that it would've been strange
not to mention them.
And certainly,
it didn't hurt bringing them down a peg.
Why is that your concern now?
Perhaps I was wrong to turn on Eloise.
She is the one person
who has ever shown me true friendship.
And where is she to comfort you now?
Have I not raised you to know that,
in this world,
it is every person for themselves?
Especially amongst women.
[tense music builds slowly]
Yes, you have.
You would be wise not to forget it.
[laughter and chattering]
[laughter continues]
I realize it is tradition to drink,
but if the stag gets too drunk
the night before its wedding,
it runs the risk of being shot.
Then keep up with me,
so there might be other, slower targets.
I do not think any of us
can keep up with you tonight.
- Mm.
- [hiccups]
- I thought you were not much of a drinker.
- No, I am not.
But in my defense,
your mother does not like me.
- No, our mother does not not like you.
- What? I shall handle this.
Lord Kilmartin, our mother adores you.
[Colin and Will chuckle]
But our mother also has
an obsession with great love stories.
What should he do?
Give the man some practical advice.
Frankly, you might consider
doing something foolish.
- Something bold. Declare yourself.
- [Colin] Mm. Mm-hmm.
Throw rocks?
Throw rocks at Francesca's window tonight.
Your problem is you are trying
much too hard to be respectful.
- [light music plays]
- Bold?
[growls, grunts]
Well, if I am to be bold
I shall need some time to think about it.
[all sighing]
- [grunts] Oh.
- [Benedict chuckling]
I think perhaps I shall go home as well.
It is strange to be drinking
in another man's club.
No. Stay.
Mrs. Mondrich and I have had
our social calendar full this week.
I am spent. I shall
see you tomorrow, bright and early.
[Lord Kilmartin] Mm. Mm.
Perhaps that is our cue.
[music fades out]
You go. I could use a moment on my own.
Is everything well?
Is everything well with you?
- Mm?
- [Benedict chuckles]
- [chuckling]
- [chair scrapes]
[pensive music playing]
[in British accent] I had hoped you might
come by the night before your wedding.
[music fades out]
Genevieve, Colin found out.
Oh, dear.
He does not know about your involvement.
Well, that is good.
But how are you?
I'm relieved in a way.
It has been painful carrying this secret.
But he hates me for it.
And he has every right to.
I am about to be married
to the man I love, and
I do not know that I am worthy of him.
You have made
some ill-considered choices in your time.
You were a girl
who did not know her own power.
- But does that justify it?
- No.
There is no going back to the past.
All one can do is be true to one's choices
and look forward.
Will you keep publishing?
I have held back this week,
for Colin's sake.
But I tried giving it up
before he found out, and
I felt like I was losing a part of myself.
There is no such thing as true love
without first embracing your true self.
Happy wedding eve.
Mm! [coughs]
[both laughing]
[pensive music playing]
[thrilling music builds slowly]
[music stops]
What are you doing out here?
- I was
- No. In fact, do not answer that.
It is clear I found you
in the midst of some secret dealings.
I do not wish to know.
And what "secret dealings"
have I found you in the midst of,
all alone the night before our wedding?
What right do you have to ask me that?
After all the secrets you have kept,
all of the things you have written
over the years,
all of the damage you have done.
You are right.
I realize how much damage I have done,
and I am so, so sorry for it.
What were you thinking
when you wrote about Eloise?
I was trying to protect her.
I realize now how misguided I was.
And when you wrote about Miss Thompson?
- Exposing her as you did. Ruining her.
- I thought I was protecting you.
- Then you should've told me to my face.
- I know.
Or do you not respect me enough?
It is clear you do not,
after what you've written
about me this year,
that I hardly know myself.
What were you thinking then?
I was thinking
that I simply wanted
the Colin I know back.
Not this stoic man you returned as,
acting as if you care for no one
and need nothing.
[gentle music builds slowly]
It's you.
Kind and feeling, occasionally excitable,
good-hearted man who I love.
I should have told you myself. There are
so many things I should've done myself.
And now, with the confidence
you've helped me find this year,
I am finally able to.
So, then,
you do not need Whistledown anymore.
I do not need
to hide behind Whistledown anymore,
but I am not saying
there is not any value in it.
Do you know what is most humiliating?
I let you talk so much about my journal
as if I were to be this great writer.
When all this time,
you have been a published writer
renowned across Mayfair.
Colin, I meant everything
I said about your writing.
You are putting yourself in danger
being out here tonight.
You've been putting yourself in danger
living this double life all along.
- I have been careful.
- You have been foolish.
- Colin, I can take of myself.
- Then what good am I to you?
Colin, I love you!
I love you.
[intense music playing]
[sighing and panting]
[horse neighing]
Stay still.
- [music slows]
- [horse snorts]
[breathing heavily]
I shall see you tomorrow.
[driver] Oi!
[pensive music playing]
[distant indistinct chattering]
[music fades out]
- [man] I know. I said so.
- [woman] Yes.
[man speaking indistinctly]
Ah, there you are.
We were debating going to bed.
It is very late, Colin.
Kate! Ha!
- Where've you been? [chuckling]
- [Colin chuckles]
- [Kate sighs]
- What am I, chopped liver?
What are you both doing here?
I didn't think I'd see you until tomorrow.
Your mother called us in early.
Thought you'd want marital advice.
She really does know everything.
What is going on with you and Penelope?
All is well between us.
The smell of fermented fruit emanating
from your person would indicate otherwise.
It was celebratory.
Two glasses is celebratory.
One whole bottle is a cry for help.
I do not wish to unburden myself
to you two, with your perfect marriage.
Oh. You think our marriage is perfect?
Is it not?
We are more than happy now,
but it took us time to get here.
Time to get down the aisle, certainly.
You and Penelope
have been close for years.
Well, yes, but
I am no longer sure I truly know her.
What happened?
It is not our business what happened.
Every one of us has secrets
or have made mistakes
once or twice in our lives.
Surely, there is a reason
Penelope has been
so dear to you for so long.
Does whatever new information
you have learned truly negate all that?
Then you cannot let one mistake
define your entire relationship.
- [solemn music playing]
- Marriage takes hard work.
But it is work that is worth it.
Our marriage is not hard work.
You are wearisome tonight.
Or perhaps it is the hour.
I will see you at the church tomorrow.
Good night.
I drank a whole bottle before my wedding,
the second wedding,
and it was deeply celebratory.
Three raw eggs in the morning.
[music fades out]
It is not your footman's fault.
I slipped in.
The night you escaped nearly escaped,
I had no concept
of what you were running from.
I was ten years old.
All I knew of the world outside our home
was that it was dangerous
for a young lady.
And I thought, if I could
get you to stay a little longer,
perhaps I could give myself time
to prove myself to you.
To our father, you mean.
I mean to you.
I've heard you make comments
disparaging the girl you once were.
But you were resolute, even then.
I mean, the simple act
of dreaming to run away?
You had something in you all along,
a kind of courage
I never dreamed of having.
I have wished so many times
that I had stood up to him.
For you. For myself.
You are not the only one
that was made to feel
that they had been found wanting.
Why did you never tell me
any of that before?
Because I was not only in awe of you,
I was afraid of you.
The fearsome creature I created.
Perhaps I have subconsciously
taken notes from our father.
You are nothing like him.
Except the cane.
Though yours is far more stylish.
Do not come for my cane.
I suppose you got
all the good joints in the family.
I have been hard on you.
At last, my life is full of joy.
And I've been afraid
you would take it away from me.
Any joy I am after,
I deeply hope you are a large part of.
- Hm.
- [gentle music plays]
I do need to speak to the footmen.
They need to mind the visitors.
Come. We have a wedding to attend.
[gentle music continues]
[Varley] Are you ready for your dress?
Yes, Varley.
You're going to be
the most beautiful bride.
[pensive music plays lightly]
What has happened here?
Your Majesty, I turned my ankle
chasing after a delivery boy.
I see. And what did you discover?
He told me
Well, he does not know who Whistledown is,
but he says
most of his buyers live in Mayfair.
So he thinks well,
Lady Whistledown must live there as well.
[Brimsley] Thank you.
We will look into it.
Your Majesty.
I have thought long and hard
on the conundrum of finding your author
and have drawn the conclusion
that perhaps Lady Whistledown
is not a lady at all.
You see, Your Majesty,
Lady Whistledown is a nom de plume,
which leads me to believe
that she might be a man
[music picks up and intensifies]
[music fades out]
[singing hymn]
[indistinct background chatter]
Oh, that is Lady Barragan, whose luncheon,
do not forget, we failed to attend.
And now she will want us
to attend her next one even more.
[indistinct overlapping conversations]
[choir continues singing hymn]
I love weddings.
Ours was perfect.
- [doors open]
- [strings playing classical tune]
Here we go.
["Yellow" by Vitamin String Quartet plays]
Are you ready?
[guests exclaiming softly]
[inaudible dialogue]
[music intensifies]
[music grows gentle and slows]
["Yellow" ends]
[minister] Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here
in the sight of God and this congregation
to join together this man
and this woman in holy matrimony.
Wilt thou have this woman
to be thy wedded wife,
to live together
in the holy estate of matrimony?
Wilt thou forsake all others,
keeping thee only unto her,
so long as ye both shall live?
- I, Colin Bridgerton
- [gentle classical music plays]
take thee, Penelope Featherington,
to be my wedded wife,
to have and to hold.
I, Penelope Featherington,
take thee, Colin Bridgerton,
to be my wedded husband,
to have and to hold.
With this ring, I thee wed.
With my body, I thee worship.
[minister] And by the joining of hands,
I now pronounce
that they be man and wife together,
in the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
[gentle classical music continues]
[strings playing classical tune]
[Penelope] Mama,
you have outdone yourself.
Mm. Do you like it?
It is truly magnificent.
Congratulations, Penelope.
You do make an exceptionally fine bride.
[gasps softly] Oh.
Would you like to say
how you really feel now?
That is how I really feel.
Thank you.
[indistinct chattering]
It was the most beautiful wedding.
[Colin] Thank you, Hyacinth.
[Hyacinth] And Penelope looked stunning.
Why do you look so vacant?
- This is, uh
- Quite a wedding breakfast.
Marcus and I entered together
but were quickly separated
by the sheer volume of guests.
[Violet chuckles lightly]
Are you feeling in better spirits?
I am.
Making peace is a relief.
[both chuckle lightly]
Perhaps you should try it.
That is my intention.
[Lady Danbury] Hm.
Is all well with you?
[clears throat]
I saw you crying at the ceremony.
Simply tears at losing
another friend to marriage.
Or maybe it was dust.
Which brother or sister
do you like the best?
Gregory, clearly.
Oh. Well, fair enough.
But I know there is room enough
in your heart for the rest of us.
Love is not finite, Eloise.
[solemn music playing]
The friendship you have with Penelope
is a lucky thing.
As is the one you have with Colin.
[clears throat]
A lot of dust in here too.
[inhales deeply]
Excuse me.
I am going to find some champagne.
[tense music playing]
[doorknob rattling]
- Your tea, miss.
- I need your help.
[music peaks and fades out]
- [background chatter]
- [light classical music playing]
- We'd love very much to see you.
- We shall certainly try to be there.
- Yes, of course. Enjoy the party.
- Wonderful.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[man] Mr. and Mrs. Mondrich?
- [overlapping chatter]
- [light classical music playing]
- When was your last letter from Edwina?
- There was one waiting when we returned.
She writes that her new husband
is not only a reader
but has cultivated in her
a love for the outdoors.
- Your sister?
- Shocking, I know.
She has even been riding with him.
- [sighs]
- [chuckles]
I am so envious.
You cannot imagine
how charming our town in India is.
It has been so long
since I have ridden there.
Well, I should like to see it.
In fact, I should like to see it soon.
Before our child comes.
- Now?
- Mm.
Of course I want
to go over with you, one day.
- But the journey takes months.
- Yeah, and if we go now,
we will have time
to prepare for the birth there.
Look, I know how much
you love our life here.
You have made yourself
completely a part of our family.
But I cannot help
but feel that something is missing.
What about your mother?
She would be missing
the birth of her grandchild.
Our child will always be a Bridgerton.
But I should like them to know
that they are a Sharma as well,
know their history.
And it is important for me to know it
so we can share that history
with our child, together.
Mother will understand that.
And we will return.
[sighs] Please do not
make me love you more.
I do not think I can bear it.
- Absolutely lovely. All good wishes.
- Thank you.
[clears throat]
Penelope, are you enjoying yourself?
Very much.
Though it is all a little overwhelming. I
Well, weddings are never
for the bride and groom,
even when things
are well between the couple.
Thank you.
For allowing me to work it out for myself.
Well, this wedding couldn't plan itself.
I have not had time to meddle.
[chuckles softly]
Whatever it is,
I know you will resolve it.
The important part
is that you are married now.
- Could we
- I
Could we get away from here?
I have spent so long
clinging to walls like this. I
- I do not wish to do that any longer.
- Where do you propose we go?
[Penelope] Perhaps
to the center.
I do not think I have it in me
to greet any more guests.
Then perhaps we could dance.
It is a wedding breakfast.
- The sun is still out.
- I realize that.
But I should like to dance
with my husband in the light of day.
If we can dance in a church, why not here?
Very well.
["You Belong with Me" by Duomo playing]
[Lord Kilmartin] Would you like to dance?
Lord Kilmartin.
You do not mean it.
Why not?
[Francesca] I did not think you a dancer.
[Lord Kilmartin] Perhaps not.
But perhaps we should both
be more bold in declaring ourselves.
[Marcus] Lady Bridgerton.
[both chuckle lightly]
Thank you so much for having me.
Oh, Lord Anderson,
I am glad you have joined us.
And, uh, with your sister.
Ah. Yes.
All our affairs in order.
And you?
I do believe my affairs
are very nearly coming together as well.
- He oversteps.
- I think they move quite beautifully.
No. Not them.
Our family is happy and together.
Do not take that for granted.
["You Belong With Me" continues]
[inaudible dialogue]
[song ends]
[announcer] Her Majesty the Queen.
[guests exclaiming quietly]
[hushed overlapping chatter]
Lady Featherington.
Your Majesty.
Everyone who is not a Bridgerton may go.
[hushed overlapping chatter]
You are a Bridgerton now.
Someone in this room
has something to hide.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Charlotte] And I shall not leave
until they come forward
and reveal themselves.
The longer you delay,
the greater my irritation.
Step forward.
It is I.
I bear the secret.
[suspenseful music fades out]
I am engaged to Lord Kilmartin.
I have been humbled by Your Majesty's
interest in my prospects,
perhaps so much so that I have not been
bold enough in declaring myself.
But I love Lord Kilmartin.
And I plan to marry him.
With Your Majesty's blessing,
of course.
That is no great mystery, Miss Francesca.
Your romantic sensibilities
have been obvious for some time.
You do not need my blessing to marry.
But that is not why I am here.
I speak of Whistledown.
I know she is in this room.
[tense music playing]
[Charlotte] I was close last year.
Tantalizingly so.
And now, only when the Cowper girl
publishes lies about this very family,
suddenly Whistledown rushes to print.
Surely, she suspected
what Miss Cowper intended to publish.
That is what roused her
from her hiding place. And why?
Clearly, because she is one of you.
[Anthony] Your Majesty.
I assure you if such a thing
were happening in my home,
I would know of it,
and I would have put
a stop to it a long time ago.
[inhales deeply]
Very well.
Hold your tongue another night.
[music intensifies]
I shall loosen it soon enough.
[music settles]
I did not know if it'd help
or hurt your family if I were to speak.
I am glad you stayed silent.
But surely, this is a signal
of the right path forward.
That it is time for you
to give up your column. Yes?
- Colin, I
- She will find you, eventually.
And as long as you are Whistledown,
forever this lie will hang over all of us.
Do you know what it is like
to have nowhere in the world
you can truly be yourself?
You cannot possibly know
because you are not a woman.
You have the choice to be
any kind of person you wish to be,
while the only choice women have
is to conceal the parts of ourselves
the world will not accept.
I am Whistledown.
I will not change that.
I cannot accept that.
Colin, it is our wedding night.
I shall sleep on the sofa tonight.
I will find our carriage.
- [Eloise] It will be all right.
- [sniffs, crying]
It will.
[Penelope sobbing]
[music fades out]
[intriguing music playing]
- [door opens]
- [laughter and chatter]
Mr. Bridgerton.
[Benedict chuckles]
It is pleasant to see you again.
And to see both of you.
I have been thinking about your offer.
[intriguing music builds slowly]
[both panting]
[music intensifies]
[breathing deeply]
- [music peaks and fades]
- [rats squeaking]
[pensive music builds slowly]
Evening, ma'am.
Are you in need of directions?
No. I am here for my payment.
For the Whistledown
that was printed here last week?
The one dropped off from the Cowper House?
No Whistledowns
were printed here last week.
- Or the weeks before that.
- Fine.
I've already tried three other printers.
Surely, there cannot be so many more.
You're not her, though, are you?
I I I've always wanted to meet her.
My boss at the last place
that I worked used to print for her.
Said that she was a redhead, though.
What else did he tell you?
[pensive music builds]
[music peaks and fades out]
[theme music playing]
[music ends]
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