Bridgerton (2020) s03e08 Episode Script

Into the Light

[tense music builds slowly]
Good morning.
How did you sleep?
I am off to Bridgerton House
for breakfast.
[Penelope] But my mother is coming.
I will give you and your mother
some privacy.
- No, you do not have to leave.
- I wish to.
- [knocking at door]
- [door opens]
Ma'am, you have a visitor
in the drawing room.
[Penelope] Um Serve her tea.
I am not yet ready.
[light music playing]
Good morning, Mama.
- [music fades]
- Cressida.
Good morning.
I trust you had a happy wedding night?
What are you doing here?
I am simply paying a visit
to the esteemed Lady Whistledown.
[music turns ominous]
I know your secret.
Whatever you think you know,
you are incorrect.
Now I wish you to leave.
You know, thinking back on everything,
it makes perfect sense.
No one would ever suspect you
as you are so very forgettable.
[chuckles lightly] That look is enjoyable.
Shame I cannot stay long to savor it,
seeing as I am under lock and key
until my aunt arrives
to steal me to the countryside.
- You are leaving town?
- Yes. But not to my Aunt Joanna's house.
You see, you are going to pay me
double the queen's reward
so that I might set up my life abroad,
or I will tell everyone
of your true identity.
No one will believe you, Cressida.
Your reputation
could not be any lower at present.
[door opens]
Miss Cowper.
Lady Featherington.
Penelope and I were just discussing
whether or not I am to be believed.
Let us find out.
[tense music builds]
Think of your daughter's love
of the written word.
And think of how
she is so easily overlooked,
allowing her to disappear
for great periods of time.
And think of how
all those she views as enemies
end up humiliated in print.
And then ask yourself
how it took you this long to realize
she is the true Lady Whistledown.
You will pay me my sum,
or I will reveal the truth
to the entire ton.
Do enjoy your morning, ladies.
[gasps softly]
[tense music peaks and fades]
Tell me it is not true.
For once, Cressida does not lie.
[sighs] At every ball,
always there is an hour
at which you disappear.
I thought it was because
your social manners run dry at a point,
but now I realize
what a fool I have been.
All the terrible things
you have written about your sisters,
about me, about yourself.
I have fought
with every tool at my disposal
to claw us out of ruin
time and time again,
and yet, under my own roof,
my own blood has been sowing
the seeds of our ruin all along.
How could you, Penelope?
[tense music plays]
Does your husband know?
Well, he cannot know
about this latest scandal.
For a gentleman
such as Mr. Bridgerton to know
that your actions have led to blackmail,
he'd have grounds for an annulment even
the most sanctimonious bishop would grant.
Mama, I do not wish to lie anymore.
I must tell Colin.
Well, I would forbid it.
But clearly, my word
is not one you choose to follow.
I must get dressed.
- [music fades]
- [door closes]
[Charlotte] You play carelessly today,
Lady Danbury.
The game will not last long.
Her Majesty has been quite forthcoming
with accusations of late.
I was wondering
how we would come around to that.
The Bridgertons
are such favorites of yours.
But no, it was no accusation.
It is the truth.
I am closer to finding Lady Whistledown
than ever before.
And what will you do
once you have uncovered her?
I will have won, of course.
And then?
Will you command her to stop writing?
Lock her in a dungeon?
What are you trying to say, Lady Danbury?
When Whistledown first started writing,
I assumed she was someone
with power in the ton.
But in her latest editions,
it has become evident
that there is a vulnerability there,
a certain grasping to find herself.
Do you, in fact, know who Whistledown is?
Is that why you are trying
to protect the Bridgertons?
I am on to something, aren't I?
[Lady Danbury] I am simply saying
that perhaps Lady Whistledown is not
trying to beat you at your own game.
Perhaps she is merely trying
to stay in the game.
As a vulnerable player.
A feeling perhaps you can relate to?
Perhaps a long time ago.
You could have had me
in checkmate, Lady Danbury.
[Lady Danbury] I realize that.
But then the game would be over early.
And what fun is there in that?
[light music plays]
Oh, we should ready our autumnal wardrobe.
[gasps] Ah, is that why
you no longer sneeze, Alby?
The warm weather we've been having?
It is not seasonal.
It is a nervous sneeze
quelled by our happy marital bliss.
[both chuckling]
I contend with the chill already.
Must I contend, too, with your displays?
Do you wish to retreat home, my love?
[sighs] Certainly no one would notice.
Now that Penelope
has married her Bridgerton,
we are yesterday's news.
As our bellies grow, so too will
the ton's appreciation of our efforts.
Have you ever seen
a lady with child at a ball, Philippa?
Well no.
That is because once women start showing,
they are expected to retreat from society.
I, for one,
do not wish to go out on a whimper.
I would do anything
to help you avoid that fate, my sweet.
Because Philippa and I
are going to host a ball.
- [gasps] Ah!
- Centered on the color purple.
And orange!
There will be crystal, and gold,
and hundreds of flowers.
And we can have bugs!
And, uh should we discuss a budget?
Of course. It should be very, very large.
[Philippa chuckling]
[music fades out]
[indistinct chattering]
Are you sure we should be in public?
The queen knows about your engagement.
There is no use hiding it any longer.
She thinks one of us is Whistledown.
And I know well enough as the matriarch
of our household that no one is.
The best thing that we can do right now
is be out in the world
so that the ton does not start to think
that we have something to hide.
Perhaps our nonchalance
will convince the queen
that her accusations are incorrect.
God help us.
Now, go ahead, eat. Mm?
We are out, like any other family,
having ice cream and planning the wedding.
[Violet chuckles]
There is still going to be a wedding?
[John] Of course.
It is only that John and I
are going to apply for a special license
so that we can have a simple,
small ceremony at home,
after which we shall retreat
to John's family estate.
To avoid any further bluster
from the queen.
Yes, I I suppose that is wise.
And I assume your Oxfordshire estate
cannot be more than a day's ride away?
In fact we should like
to take residence at John's
primary estate.
In Scotland?
Uh, where is that, exactly?
It's close to the border?
[John] No. The Highlands.
But it's not too far from Glasgow.
That must be at least
a fortnight's ride away.
Oh, it is why I so enjoy staying there.
The distance creates
a true sense of peace.
I cannot wait for the quiet.
[Eloise clears throat]
How are you?
Trying not to think about yesterday.
I think Mama was just thrilled
the queen graced your wedding breakfast.
[Colin] Mm.
You know the family will be fine.
- Do you believe that?
- [chuckles]
Her Majesty accused me of being
Whistledown once, and I survived it.
[Colin] Mm.
Though not without some scars.
Do not let your marriage be the scar.
- No.
- You know you will resolve things with
Penelope. What are you doing here?
I, um I was not expecting
to see you till later this afternoon.
She knows, Colin.
You do not have to hide your ire.
Certainly we should not be having this
discussion in front of Miss Bridgerton.
- [Penelope] She knows everything as well.
- Wonderful.
Glad to see the whole of Mayfair
seemed to know before your mother.
And why do we all
suddenly know that we know?
Because Cressida discovered my secret.
And she demands £10,000 to keep it.
- You cannot be serious.
- How did she discover you?
- [Penelope] I am not sure.
- It does not matter how.
If she knows,
we must prevent her from revealing it.
I'm not asking for your help.
I merely wanted to be honest with you.
It is not up to you what we do.
If Miss Cowper spreads this gossip,
it will besmirch our Bridgerton name.
The entire family.
And I will not stand
for anyone blackmailing my wife.
- Well, that is certainly a relief to hear.
- No, that is kind, Colin, but
I can pay her.
[pensive music plays]
You have made that high a sum?
Slightly more, if we are being honest.
All this time?
You are not paying Miss Cowper
a single penny.
- But Colin, it is my
- Perhaps you will pay her, Mr. Bridgerton?
- No, he cannot.
- No one is paying her.
- Then what do you propose we do?
- Please, if you just let me
I will not cower to Miss Cowper.
I will call upon her tomorrow.
Bring her to see this course of action
is ruinous for everyone involved.
It is the only way forward.
[pensive music fades out]
[enticing music plays]
- [kissing]
- [panting]
[music intensifies]
[music fades out]
[overlapping chatter]
[Lady Cowper] Mr. Bridgerton.
Lady Cowper.
I was hoping to have
a moment alone with your daughter.
Despite what the ton might say,
you insult me if you think
this is not still a respectable household.
[Cressida] Mother, leave us.
It does not matter any longer.
Please go.
[clears throat]
I will give you five minutes.
I take it your mother does not know
about your blackmailing my wife?
I no longer trust anyone but myself.
That must feel terribly lonely.
I have known
what it is like to be truly alone,
when I am off on my travels.
[Cressida] Poor Mr. Bridgerton.
Traveling the continent,
seeing the great sights of the world,
as only a man can do.
Hmm. You sound like Eloise.
[Colin] You are right.
It is a privilege to travel.
But this last year,
I found myself yearning
to hear word from home.
From Penelope, in fact.
But I did not hear back from her.
Or anyone else, for that matter.
It felt as if everyone
was busy with their lives,
without the need for me in them.
So I attempted to pardon myself
into a man with no needs of his own.
It is not a path I would recommend.
Mr. Bridgerton, I am confused.
It seems you have come for me
to pay you sympathy,
but I am the one who is meant to be paid.
I have not come for your sympathy.
I have come for your mercy.
Penelope is no villain.
Trust me,
I can understand
why you might hate Whistledown.
Her words are cutting and sharp,
and still, her readers are willing to pay
to read about themselves week after week.
You do not sound
as if you hate Whistledown.
You sound as if you are jealous of her.
No, I am not.
[solemn music builds]
My point is, there is Whistledown
and then there is Penelope,
who has experienced a kind of loneliness
surely neither of us can fathom.
Imagine being so ignored,
you feel invisible.
It does not excuse what she has done,
but perhaps
it is understandable that, at times,
her column has reflected
the cruelty around her.
A cruelty, I imagine, you have felt too.
For her hand in your troubles,
I know Penelope feels remorse.
And she did not savage you
in her latest column.
If even Penelope can find grace for you,
do you not see
that the ton, too, will forgive you?
And surely, your father will welcome you
back to London when all this passes.
A family's love is enduring.
That is the difference between you and me.
You take for granted that you will
always have your family's support.
We are not the same, Mr. Bridgerton,
and we never will be.
Miss Cowper.
Miss Cowper.
[music turns tense]
Miss Cowper!
You will not be believed
if we say you are lying.
You have no proof.
I have a printer's apprentice
who is willing to corroborate the truth,
all for the pleasure
of meeting the real Lady Whistledown.
You have until
the Dankworth-Finch ball to pay me,
or the following morning,
I will tell everyone.
In fact, reflecting upon the lack
of support I shall have in the future,
perhaps I am not asking
for enough from you.
[music fades out slowly]
Just a little extra funds
to throw the ball of the season.
Think small creatures with many legs.
Surely we are owed, as you spent much more
on Penelope's wedding than on ours.
Because you both married untitled misters,
while Penelope married
a very wealthy Bridgerton.
Who is sure
to take care of you in your old age.
What need could you have
to hold on to your money now?
Let us in.
Now is not a good time.
I am expecting a visitor.
[Lady Featherington] Mm.
Have no fear, ladies.
Of all the house staff in London,
I must be the most experienced
at doing more with less.
[exhales sharply]
At least my sisters will be content
when my actions lead to destruction.
Perhaps we might aim a little higher
with our positive thinking?
Colin can be compelling
when he wants to be.
It is not him I am worried about.
Cressida has her reasonable moments.
Let us hope today is one.
Did you truly like her?
Or did you befriend her
simply to punish me?
[chuckles softly] I am not so petty.
I genuinely enjoyed her at the start.
Though perhaps
the very initial befriending
was tinged with just
the tiniest bit of pettiness.
[both chuckle]
Tell me what you are reading.
[Colin clears throat]
[tense music builds]
I am afraid I have failed.
And she wants double now.
- She's lost her mind.
- I do not have that sum.
There is more.
She requires you use your column
to restore her reputation.
I must apologize. I
It seems I have made everything worse.
This is my fault entirely.
What do we do now?
Perhaps Penelope was right.
It'd have been better to just pay her.
I have the funds.
I will have to ask Benedict
to sign off on such a large expenditure.
You'd tell your brother
about Penelope's identity?
No. I will have to invent
some kind of a lie.
We will keep her identity shielded.
I am certain the Cowper girl
only wants you to write
a few glowing words
on her appearance and charm.
It is not a happy outcome.
I suppose I should not have expected
any more from Cressida.
I'm so very grateful
for all your counsel.
[music fades out]
[enticing music playing]
[music fades out]
Does, uh, Her Majesty seem as though
she will relent on this quest of hers?
I am hopeful that she will soon
find another distraction.
Oh, speaking of which
[both chuckle]
- [Violet] Mm-hm.
- Mmm.
- Mm.
- [Violet coughing]
It is rather strong. [hiccups]
Only the Scottish
could dream up such a drink.
It is needed to fight
the bitter cold up there.
Oh, do not frighten me
more than I already am, Agatha.
I would not worry.
Francesca seems
to have found an inner courage.
Yes, she has.
And now she is using it to get
as far away from her mother as possible.
I purchased this
on a trip to Scotland many years ago.
At first,
it was quite harsh on the palate.
But with time it grows on one.
- It's still harsh.
- [Lady Danbury chuckles]
You will have my support
in Francesca's absence.
And also my brother's,
if you wish it.
Uh, we do not have to discuss that.
But perhaps we should?
[solemn music plays softly]
Lord Anderson has been
an exemplary gentleman.
And, uh, if you were
to give your blessing
It is certainly not my place to give
or withhold a blessing on the matter.
You are both adults.
You may do as you wish.
After all, it is not as though
I asked your permission.
It's suddenly going down rather smoothly.
You know.
I know my father was a good man.
And that you have been a very good friend.
And that is all I need to know.
[inhales shakily]
And my brother is a good man.
And you are a good friend.
And that is all I need to know as well.
But if he sours things
between the two of you,
I will pick you over him.
I shall not lose you for his folly.
There is nary a man alive with such power.
[both chuckling lightly]
[all laughing]
Can you imagine the three of us at a ball?
How would we explain ourselves
to, say, The Dowager Lady Cheltenham?
We'd certainly have
to get our story straight.
As if you be caught dead at a ball.
[Paul] True.
[light music builds slowly]
How do you stand society events?
[Benedict] Mmm
I suppose I feel
I have love to give in abundance.
Love for a bit of chitchat.
And love for a good party.
Especially a party of three.
[enticing music plays]
[music fades out slowly]
Good night, sir.
[door opens and shuts]
[gentle music builds slowly]
I only need a blanket for the settee.
Of course.
[light music playing]
[music fades out]
I'm going to have tea with my mother
before your sister's wedding.
I thought I would spare you
the confines of a shared carriage.
[door squeaks shut]
Oh, is Penelope here?
I cannot put him off any longer, ma'am.
That solicitor. He is here.
[Lady Featherington gasps]
Show him in, I suppose.
Oh. [sighs]
- Lady Featherington. Walter D
- Walter Dundas, Esquire. I do remember.
I take it you are here to congratulate us
on my daughter's marriage
into one of the most esteemed
and respected families of the ton?
Regrettably, no,
I have not come on happy business.
Though, some have told me
they do find release from deception
a comforting feeling.
I pray you have sufficient evidence
for all the accusations
you seem poised to make.
Not the evidence I sought, no,
but all the evidence I shall need.
Hm. Ah!
The money you inherited
from your Aunt Petunia.
I thought it quite curious
you came into such a fortune
just as Jack Featherington
ran away with yours.
And, in fact, Aunt Petunia's neighbors
in Cornwall seem to agree with me.
From what I hear,
she was in a perpetual state of poverty.
Who is to say she was not a great saver,
living frugally
so that others might one day benefit?
Her creditors.
Oh, Lady Featherington.
I know your funds
came from Jack Featherington's
fraudulent activities.
And I believe the Crown will agree
that the Featherington title
should be transferred to a more
scrupulous family.
I shall be submitting my discoveries
to the royal authorities this week.
[tense music rises slowly]
Good day.
[music fades out]
Is it true?
Is your money the money
Cousin Jack took from the ton?
It's not as if any of them
needed that money the way we did.
You stole from them!
And you humiliated them.
- You stole their dignity.
- No
What you and I have done is not different.
What you have done is a crime!
I did what I had to do
to protect this family.
Who were you protecting with your column?
- Myself!
- Oh. From whom?
I see.
You know, it's [sighs]
no easy thing being a parent.
How was I to raise daughters
when, all my life,
I was taught that
all power comes from a man?
[solemn music plays]
What you have done,
you have done entirely on your own.
Even if I do not like
what you have written over the years,
it is a great regret of mine
that I have overlooked you for so long.
You and I both,
we have done the best we can
with the opportunities
that society has afforded us.
Fine. [huffs]
Perhaps there were other ways.
But at the time, I I could not see them.
What would Lady Whistledown write
about our disgrace when I am exposed?
She will write whatever I like her to.
That is a great power.
What a thing you have made for yourself.
Thank you.
Perhaps we are more alike
than I care to admit.
If we survive this round
we must do better.
[solemn music fades out]
[birds chirping]
[Violet] Oh, my dear.
- Mama.
- [Violet chuckles]
You are going to bring
so much brightness to Scotland. [chuckles]
- Are you upset about me leaving?
- No, of course not.
I I only Well, I did not expect you
to settle quite so far away.
- Anthony and Kate are headed for India.
- Yes.
But you have spent
so much time away from us already,
in Bath with your aunt
or on your own when you are home.
And now I fear
I may be losing you for good.
Mama, it is the opposite.
It is difficult sometimes
to hear my own voice
amidst the noise of this house.
Whereas, with John,
I hear myself more and more.
[Violet chuckles]
It is my great hope
that the silence and beauty of Scotland
will allow me to know myself better
so that you can all
know me better as well.
Because I want
nothing more than to be close.
And you could not have found
silence and beauty on Oxfordshire?
[chuckles] I would've been too tempted
to come home regularly.
But you will come back?
- Of course.
- [both chuckle]
My brave, clever girl.
[solemn music plays]
You know, when I first met your father
I could barely speak my own name.
I was so taken by him.
- I stumbled over words most familiar
- Mama, I
I thought we had moved past this. John
is a fine man and a good choice.
What I was going to say is that,
for the longest time,
I thought that that is
what love must be like for everyone.
Surprising, forceful, quick.
[chuckles lightly]
But you have shown me
that there is another way.
There is beauty in the slow approach.
You are already so wise beyond your years.
I think you will do very well in Scotland.
[Violet chuckles]
[solemn music fades out]
[bright music playing]
I take thee to be my lawful wedded wife,
to have and to hold from this day forward,
for richer and for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
till death do us part.
I take thee to be my lawful husband,
to have and to hold from this day forward,
for richer and for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
till death do us part.
May you now live together
in holy matrimony until your dying breath.
[music rises]
[guests clapping]
[quiet cheering]
Oh, my dear.
[pleasant classical music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
- [woman] I cannot wait for my wedding.
- [man] Did you enjoy that?
Have I been overly influenced
by the minister's treacle speech,
or does Lord Anderson seem
rather taken by Mother?
[Benedict] She looks happy.
If that is the case, who are we to judge?
He looks like a fine fellow
who is very lucky
that Anthony has already left town.
[Francesca] You should be
grateful to Lord Anderson.
Now that I am wed,
Mother's attention may turn to you again
unless she is distracted.
Excuse me.
I feel I should greet Mrs. Mondrich.
[both chuckling]
It was a beautiful ceremony.
- I thought so.
- Mm-hm.
Second only to the beauty of its hostess.
[laughs] You flatter me.
I am sincere.
And sincere in wondering
if you would be so kind as to
save a dance for me at the next ball?
Uh, wha The, uh Dankworth-Finch ball?
I Uh, well
[chuckles] Yes.
- [chuckles]
- That
That would be most adequate.
Very good. [chuckles]
[glass clinking]
A toast, if I may.
To my beautiful wife,
I have not the words
to express my adoration.
A fact for which
I am sure you must be grateful,
as I know you are loath to be made
the center of attention for too long.
So, instead, I shall offer
a few humble words to your family.
Especially your mother.
Lady Bridgerton,
I see your openness reflected in Benedict,
your charm in Colin,
your wisdom in Eloise,
and a brightness you have instilled
in both Gregory and Hyacinth.
In this moment when I feel
so much gratitude for my new wife,
I feel it in equal measure
for the remarkable woman who raised her.
[Francesca] Mama.
[John] I thank you,
all of you, from the bottom of my heart.
- [Marcus] Ah.
- [Violet] Oh, dear.
- [chuckling]
- [Marcus] Cheers.
Ah, forgive me. Tears were
the last thing I meant to evoke.
- [laughter]
- Hyacinth's been crying this entire time.
One day, you too will have a heart.
[scattered laughter]
Mama, will you play a duet with me?
[chuckling] Have a duet. Now?
I Well, I am dreadfully out of practice.
I believe the last time I nearly moved you
to tears was when I first started playing.
She's not the only one. I wept in my room
from the hideous chord combinations.
Ha ha.
Thankfully, Mama did not abandon me.
And I shall not abandon you now.
Is that a threat?
[Violet and Marcus chuckle]
- Good luck.
- Thank you. [chuckles]
- Thank you, John.
- Thank you.
- Um
- [light chuckling]
[light piano tune]
- [chords clashing]
- [both chuckling]
[all laughing]
[scales ascending]
[piano tune continues]
- Bravo!
- [clapping]
[Benedict] Bravo. Encore!
- Encore!
- [clapping continues]
May I speak with you?
[Marcus] That was a splendid presentation.
[indistinct chattering continues]
If you are concerned
about Miss Cowper's funds,
I plan to speak with Benedict tonight.
I only wanted to wait
until after the wedding.
I do not wish for you to speak to him.
But we are running out of time.
I cannot ask you
to lie to your brother on my behalf.
Your family the one you have so kindly
shared with me, they are too good.
Too warm and wonderful
to deceive or cheat in any way.
I will not let my lies spread
any further than they already have.
Then how am I meant to help you?
By loving me.
[gentle music plays]
You've given me so much already.
You've taught me to hold my own.
You have shown me I am capable
of pleasure beyond imagination.
But it is not what you do for me
that makes me love you.
It is your kindness.
Your empathy.
How much you care.
Just being you is enough, Colin.
I do not need you to save me.
I just need you to stand by me.
To hold me.
To kiss me.
I want very much to do those things.
And what is it that restrains you?
I do not know.
But I do know this.
Miss Cowper still hangs over us.
And as long as you live with this secret
there will always be something between us.
I know.
Perhaps that is the key.
What are you saying?
[energetic music playing]
[Brimsley] A letter for you, Your Majesty.
I have received a letter from your wife.
We had better sit.
[music intensifies]
[music peaks and fades out]
It is no wonder
she has turned out the way she has.
The house is far too warm.
You are right, Sister.
It is my wife's doing.
[pensive music plays]
[quietly] I forgot
what a truly terrible woman she is.
I am not going anywhere with her.
You have no choice, Cressida.
You would truly allow me
to succumb to such a fate?
Come, girl. Present yourself,
so that I may see
what I have to work upon.
Certainly, Aunt Joanna.
After tonight, it will matter no more.
[music fades out]
Your maid sent me right up.
I'm beginning to enjoy
such privileged entry.
You look handsome, as always.
[breathing deeply]
Mm. Is, uh, Paul meeting us?
I believe he is with someone else tonight.
- [Benedict] Of course.
- Hmm.
Should we invite someone else
to join us, then?
- Ah
- Hmm?
- I must be honest with you.
- Mm-hm.
As much as I have enjoyed
the three of us together,
I was hoping it could just be
the two of us tonight.
Have you not enjoyed having Paul with us?
[chuckles softly]
I have.
Very much.
But my relationship with Paul is friendly,
and I am finding that
I am beginning to care for you, Benedict.
As more than friends.
Your openness,
your abundance of love
I have never met someone so similar to me.
And I am beginning to wonder,
what if we did allow things
to grow more serious between us?
Tilley you are extraordinary.
I am not certain
that serious is what I want.
[solemn music playing]
[gasps softly]
- Is it because of Paul?
- [sighing]
No. Paul could be Patricia,
or Polly, or Peter, or all three at once.
What happened between the three of us,
what has happened ever since I met you,
has made me realize
how good it feels to be free.
You have opened my world.
And I am not ready
to close it again just now.
I thought you wanted the same thing.
[both chuckle lightly]
I did.
Until I saw
what it felt like to share you.
I am as surprised as you are.
I support your wishes.
But I must say,
even merriment can grow tiring.
It felt good, for once,
to want to commit to someone.
Thank you for reminding me
that is possible.
[door opens and shuts]
[music fades out]
Well, fancy finding you here.
I think it rather ordinary, in fact,
that I find myself, yet again,
swinging to and fro,
not moving in any particular direction.
Where is it you wish you were going?
For now,
I should like to be with the family,
until this Whistledown business
with the queen blows over.
And it will.
And then?
[exhales deeply]
Anywhere, really.
I've spent nearly all of my life
in either Mayfair or at Aubrey Hall.
If I am going to attempt
to make change in the world,
certainly, I shall need
to see some of it first.
Meet people who are not my family
or debutantes on the marriage mart.
You wish to change the world again?
I thought you were more interested
in fitting in this year.
I think I am properly done
with all of that.
There she is.
[both chuckle lightly]
Does your silence betray
you know something I do not?
[chuckling] No.
Certainly not.
Believe me the more I learn,
the more I realize how little I know.
[Benedict sighs]
It feels
It feels right now
that the next thing I might learn
may change me entirely.
[solemn music plays]
I agree profoundly
with everything you've said,
as I have absolutely no idea
what you are talking about.
- Mm.
- [both chuckle]
- There is one thing I do know.
- Ah.
We should not let so long
pass again between us
before we meet on these swings
to be entirely confused together.
[Philippa] You look lovely.
My efforts will be wasted,
knowing the disappointment
that awaits behind those doors.
I am certain Varley has done her utmost.
[both gasping]
[spirited music playing]
[gasps] She got the ostrich feathers!
[Philippa] And the purple orchids!
[Prudence] Philippa, there is a
one, two, three, four.
Eight-piece ensemble!
Did we get them?
We got them.
[squeals, laughs]
Philippa, you caterwaul like a child
receiving their first bite of cake.
Mama thank you!
What is the meaning of this?
Well, it must've been you
who paid for all of this.
Mama told me she wished for you to have
the greatest ball Mayfair has ever seen.
Hmm. You are welcome.
Thank you.
It is beautiful.
I am proud of you.
[spirited music peaks and fades]
["Lights (Stripped Down)"
[by Archer Marsh playing]
[inaudible conversation]
[chuckling lightly]
- [light chuckling]
- [inaudible dialogue]
["Lights (Stripped Down)" ends]
Have a lovely time.
[up-tempo classical music playing]
The purple was my idea.
If this is our last night in society,
at least Prudence and Philippa
are having the time of their life.
[gasps, sighs]
[gasps] Your Majesty!
Forgive us, Your Majesty.
We do not have a perch for you
because we did not think
you would accept our invitation.
It is not your invitation
that brings me here.
Cease playing.
As a result of my tireless search
placing her in an impossible situation,
I received a letter earlier this week
from Lady Whistledown.
- [tense music builds]
- [indistinct hushed murmuring]
[murmuring ceases]
She calls upon my mercy,
asking to address you all herself.
To plead her case publicly
before I pass my judgment.
So I turn the floor over now
to the scribe herself.
[hushed murmuring resumes]
[loud sneeze]
Not him.
My apologies.
- [music rises]
- [guests exclaiming]
[music peaks and ends]
- [gasping]
- [hushed chattering]
[breathing shakily]
[chattering dwindles]
Hello, all.
Or should I say, "Dearest Gentle Readers"?
I know it is no laughing matter
what I have done.
[solemn music plays]
In the beginning,
I never thought anyone
would take my writing seriously.
Why should they?
No one has ever taken
any part of me seriously.
I only realize now
how common that feeling must be.
To be a young lady to whom no one listens.
I wrote about all of you
because I was captivated by you,
living your lives so out in the open.
And in writing about all of you,
I suddenly felt as if I had a life.
I had power.
And for anyone in this room
who has ever had a taste of that,
they should know it can be intoxicating.
But I was careless with that power.
It was easy to cast aspersions from
the shadows where I could not be found.
But I see now how much courage it takes
to live a life out in the open.
To honor one's weaknesses publicly
for all to see.
And to know,
regardless of the outcome
one always has worth.
All of us talk.
We gossip.
Gossip is information.
It forges bonds.
Especially for those of us
who are told so little.
But I can no longer conceal
the biggest piece of information I have.
My identity.
That is why
I am so very grateful to our queen
for forcing me out of the shadows
with her most cunning scheme.
If she affords me the chance to continue,
I mean to aim my quill more responsibly.
That is my repentance
and my plea.
[solemn music rises]
She seems humbled.
But we will be watching
that she remains so.
[light music plays]
What is life without a little gossip?
[Penelope gasps softly]
[music turns solemn and fades out]
[indistinct chattering rises]
Now, Varley! The bugs!
[uplifting classical music plays]
[guests exclaiming]
[guests applauding]
[gasps] I did not know
there were going to be butterflies.
Like I said, bugs.
You are a genius.
- I know.
- [both chuckle]
Shall we dance?
- [music fades]
- [sighs, inhales deeply]
[up-tempo classical tune playing]
You "cannot tolerate a lie"?
Lady Danbury.
Your last column.
Her Majesty was close when she assumed
Whistledown was a Bridgerton
protecting their own.
But I know the family well enough
to know it was not one of them.
There is only one person
who loves the Bridgertons more than I.
You knew it was me.
Hm I suspected.
You are not the only lady of the ton
who can keep a secret.
I look forward to your next edition.
Mm? [chuckles]
You are a wonder.
Could not have done that
without your support.
And the queen's.
Yes. And with her acceptance,
we can tell that solicitor
your money came from my writing.
- [sighs]
- He will have no recourse.
Time for us to do better.
My girl.
[music ends]
Good evening.
Good evening.
Thank you for your letter.
I do not believe I have seen my mother
so quickly shocked.
And also so quickly impressed.
I believe she is proud of you.
There's something
I left out of that letter.
That I would not object
to an annulment if you requested one.
I do not wish for any harm to come to you
or your family as a result of today.
The queen herself has accepted you.
For now.
As must everyone else publicly.
But Whistledown has upset many
who will not soon forget.
The future may not hold such happy days.
Pen, ever since I found out
you are Whistledown,
I have done everything I can
to try to separate you from her.
But the other day, I went back and read
all of the letters you have sent me.
Your letters have always been
the ones I am most eager to read.
And I realized
you are her.
You have always had one voice.
There is no separating you
from Whistledown.
[gentle music playing]
And after seeing you speak today, I
Well, I would not want to.
Because forgive me,
but that was bloody brilliant.
I think, in truth, I
I have been envious of you.
Of your success.
Of your bravery.
And now I simply cannot believe
that a woman with such bravery loves me.
How lucky I am to stand by your side
and soak up
even a little bit of your light.
If my only purpose in life
is to love a woman as great as you
then I will be
a very fulfilled man, indeed.
I love you.
You are a very good man, Mr. Bridgerton.
I love you.
will you please do me the honor
of joining me
on the dance floor, Mrs. Bridgerton?
[bright classical music plays]
[Eloise chuckles]
They all seem happy.
That they do.
And you?
I am positively elated
because I have come up with
a rather brilliant idea.
Or a request, rather.
And what request is that?
Let me accompany you to Scotland?
Mama will love the idea
of me keeping an eye on you.
But in truth,
I simply wish to live for a little while
outside our tiny bubble.
Have some adventures.
I cannot change the world
without seeing more of it.
I promise you, I will give you your space.
What do you think?
As long as you stay
in your wing of the castle.
We will be living in a proper castle? Ha!
- [John] "We"?
- Oh.
Eloise has asked to accompany us.
Um, if that does not burden you, my lord.
Not at all.
That is wonderful news.
And thankfully, my cousin has arrived
to complete our travel party.
It gives me great pleasure to introduce
Michaela Stirling.
I caution you, every sordid detail
John has spoken about me is a lie.
- The truth is far worse.
- [Eloise chuckles]
And you must be
Uh, I am
Well, I'm
Francesca Bridgerton. Kilmartin.
- Kilmartin is my name now.
- [music fades out]
A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
[Lady Whistledown] Dearest Gentle Reader,
I find myself suddenly
at a loss for words.
[light classical music playing]
My reticence is not due to a desire
to protect any risqué couplings.
[breathing deeply]
[Lady Whistledown]
Though I have heard whispers of a few.
My restraint comes from a place of joy.
To all those who feel
they have been wronged
by this humble writer,
my sincere apologies.
I wish you only the best.
[music picks up]
[music fades out]
[sighs] I will miss you.
- Only until next year.
- Mm.
Do you think Mama would ever
let me miss her Masquerade Ball?
Mm. I suppose not.
I will be there, hiding out behind a mask,
avoiding eligible ladies like the plague.
I shall join you
in your hiding place, then.
- Hm.
- [chuckles]
[solemn music builds slowly]
[Benedict chuckles]
[Lady Whistledown] It is time now
to look toward the future,
whatever it may bring.
This author knows better
than to make any predictions
about what the future may hold.
[indistinct chattering]
[Lady Whistledown] But with
every closing chapter, the story is sure
to grow richer and deeper.
[uplifting music plays]
[Lady Whistledown] It has been
quite a journey we have taken together.
And so it is with the heaviest heart
that I write this final,
unbelievably short sentence
as Lady Whistledown.
[music rises and fades out]
[light music plays]
- Who is the most handsome of them all?
- Yes.
- You are.
- Yes.
- Cooee.
- You are so handsome.
Yes, you are. Yes. Come up.
- [babies cooing]
- [all chuckling softly]
I still cannot fully believe
you had a boy.
And the heir, no less.
The new Lord Featherington
is quite handsome.
- Gets that from his father.
- [chuckling]
Your father is always trying to distract
with a clever word and a beguiling smile.
You think my smile is beguiling?
[Penelope laughs]
I am glad we had daughters.
I am certain
they will both marry very well.
I think little Philomena
will one day become a great writer
without any need of a husband.
Well, it certainly runs in the family.
I could not have written my book
without the help
of Philomena's Auntie Penelope.
- [chuckling]
- [chattering lightly]
It Is better than I expected.
Are you old enough to read that?
- Yes.
- It is here!
I got almost enough for everyone.
- Oh. Thank you.
- Here, let me hold the baby.
[Lady Whistledown] And with
the retirement of my literary persona,
I should like
to formally introduce myself.
Previous wallflower,
current columnist,
wielder of a quill.
Nobody unique, and yet, I have my moments.
[Penelope] And hopefully, dear reader,
you will stay on to enjoy them with me
as we begin this next part of our journey.
Yours Truly,
Penelope Bridgerton.
[gentle music rises]
[music fades out]
[classical rendition of ballad plays]
[music ends]
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