Brigada Costa del Sol (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

El ruido de los truenos

They say hell smells like pee, not fire or brimstone.
It's paved with good intentions, and tiled with bad decisions.
I don't know about the first, but with my bad decisions I could build the Great Wall of China.
I must have died because this view sucks.
I thought hell would be like a whorehouse full of vices, but no.
The hole in my gut still hurts.
Hell sure is strange.
At least I still have friends.
Friends willing to lend a hand in difficult situations.
As I said, there's nothing like a friend who's willing to lend a hand.
WELCOME TO TORREMOLINOS So THIRTY DAYS BEFORE Atila Pena is hanging out at a luxury hotel.
While he's there, some thugs kill his brother.
He was as dry as beef jerky when I found him.
The autopsy says he was stabbed and had been poisoned with Barfarina.
Rat poison.
He was tortured before they shot him.
-OK, let's say that Atila works for Alsi.
They're threatening the competition, but someone confronts them and kills the Moor's hit man and Cristo Pena.
Come on, Atila is a free agent.
As far as we know, he only does business with Alsi.
Alsi may as well be Onassis, Atila is dangerous.
-Thanks, Charo.
Why go for the small fry when we can catch the big fish? -You think Atila is small fry? -He's a thug.
As far as we know, Alsi heads the organization.
And he won't be here long before returning to Morocco.
-Charo, stop! -Someone has to do it! Can't you see we're talking? Let's see Let's see Atila's lost his brother, he's not the type to forgive.
So we'd better catch him before anyone else dies.
No, man.
Seriously, Leo Let's go after Alsi.
Let's bust his balls and make him nervous, right? -Maybe Alsi will lead us to Atila.
-Exactly! What do you think? The sooner we catch the lunatic, the better.
Whatever you guys think.
All right, let's go.
-Thanks, Charo.
-See you.
-Thanks for lunch, Charo.
-Thank you.
-See you later, Charo.
-See you.
Can I clear the table now? I don't know where Chino is! He's never around anymore, Sole.
Doesn't Owlet know? Owlet! Owlet? Where have you been? I've been worried sick! Walking on the beach.
Where's Chino? He went with Bruno to look for you.
I heard one of those guys got slaughtered.
Tell me you had nothing to do with that guy's death.
-So where were you? -I told you, walking on the beach! -You've been walking a lot lately.
-Sole! Leave me alone! Squirt, look at me.
You don't have to tell me anything, but you can't fool me.
Oh, please, you are such a pain! Chino's probably with his new girlfriend.
Just forget about him! And I'll forget about the Penas, my father and Bruno! Good evening.
-I know you! -We're off to a good start.
Watch your ass, Terrón.
-Are you together? -Yes.
-I haven't committed any crime.
-Except wearing that hat.
-It's a Nazi hat.
-So you're Hitler's watchman.
Give us some drinks and a bit of conversation.
-I'll have a gin.
-Make it two.
Drinks are on the house.
But we'd rather use our tongues for other purposes.
Listen, wisecracker, they're selling a lot of that new stuff, heroin, here.
Look, they're brothers.
Big and strong.
They like that shit.
They're cute! I love army men! Let's not make bad jokes about army men and guns, that's a danger to society.
I haven't seen them.
And where are you going with those eyes? -I'm going to pee.
Should I go with you? -My friend is very traditional.
-So am I.
She's pretty, huh? Very.
This sure beats the dance of the seven veils.
Why were the police at the hotel? This guy's picture is hanging in every bar in Torremolinos.
We have a lot to talk about.
Yes, but not here or now.
Paquito! I didn't know you were a homo! -I came in to pee.
-To pee laughing? -What do you have on you? -Nothing.
What's this? -I found it in the bathroom.
-In the bathroom.
So, what do you know about Atila? Do you mean Attila the Hun? If you don't want to go to jail, you'd better talk.
-Oh, Dandy.
-Dandy just got out of prison.
-He knew the Penas.
-Where is Dandy? -I don't know.
-That's great, Paquito.
Really, I don't know.
But he's not even hiding, he wants to get back in business.
-How are you, sir? -Inspector! -How are you? -OK.
-Do you want a drink? -Hmm -Just one drink.
-One drink.
Who is that guy you were talking to earlier? Who? Oh! -He's a rich Moroccan.
-Right -God knows where he gets the money! -God knows! I wish I knew so I wouldn't have to work like slave.
Has he done anything wrong? -Nothing worth worrying about.
-Are you sure? As long as he's not in ETA, I wouldn't give those guys water! Come this way.
Excuse me, I'm sorry! Would you mind buying me a drink? What are you offering in exchange? Excuse me, we've had too much to drink.
-Martin! -Get up.
Yes, come on, let's go.
Congratulations! Cristo Pena is dead.
Someone shot him point blank.
I can't say I'm glad, but I'm not going to cry either.
Would you rather have done it yourself? What are you drinking, Leo? They shot him from about this distance.
In his house.
Maybe he knew the murderer and didn't expect it.
My father would have wanted to die at home.
Thanks, Martin.
Vicky! Look You need to change.
Change what? I think I look OK.
Don't I turn you on? Come on, go sleep it off.
Martin! Don't get mad! You're cute, but I'm not attracted to you.
Oh, that's good.
It's not that you're ugly.
It's just that you're You're too good.
-Good guys don't even attract flies.
I guess compared to Chino, I'm a loser.
What happened with him? He flew away.
He said he wanted to open a bar with me, and he wanted to have kids Do you want to have kids? Be careful.
No, you be careful.
For your own good.
What are you doing? I heard noises in the stairwell I didn't expect to find two lovebirds.
-Why did pull out the gun? -You have to pull it out to use it.
I'll spare you the joke, I'm going to bed.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Go on.
Hey! -You need to look after your sister.
-And you don't.
-I'm only want to help.
-You just love helping.
Yes, I do in this case.
Helping is great.
I'm already helping this family.
Find another one.
Hey! It's OK! Blood! There was blood everywhere! You were having a nightmare.
It's over.
Come on.
OK? He was He was dead.
Kid, forget it.
Your father was a good man.
Justice will be served, you'll see.
I promise.
Come here.
Come on.
Come on.
Go to bed! Come on.
What's going on? There's someone else, isn't there? There was another woman, but it's over.
I swear.
It's over.
I can forgive.
I can't forget now, but I can forgive.
But you have to be honest with me or-- Charo! I swear It's over.
Do you love her? Get out of here.
I'm sorry, Charo.
Uncle Vinegar's shop is actually a hashish warehouse.
Fortunately, he doesn't know we know this.
I'm convinced it's Alsi's supply hub.
Will he have the balls to come back after his man got killed? Not in person, but one of his men will come talk to the old man.
Sure, someone will come eventually.
They might come here, or they might call.
Of course, they can phone him! Go ahead, Lucas.
I'm no longer the union Treasurer, and I'm not giving you any names.
-I'm not with the Political-Social Unit.
-That's what they all say.
What do I need to listen in on that phone? This thing, cables and a permit.
But without this, the permit is no good.
Can I use a cable that's -several kilometers long? -If you want.
Just start up here and keep adding cables all the way to your front door.
It's not quite my front door.
Hello? Pedro, where is the number for the gas company? -I don't know, ask your son! -God only knows what he's up to.
No one suspects me, don't worry.
Our priority is finding that accounting book.
We have to get Atila Pena off our backs.
What about Alsi? I don't know.
We need to find another supplier, he was two-timing you.
I never liked him.
-Now you're a seer.
-Hey! You've done pretty well with this seer! I have intuition.
You know what Owlet said? Scammers know their targets will trust their intuition.
That kid isn't stupid.
She's still a kid, but -You know, she said the waitresses-- -That's enough! That's enough! María Elena! -What are you doing? -Dancing with you! Antonito! -I need you to go to the market.
-Now? Now! And you'd better bring me change.
Oh! What's that smell? I don't know.
-It's a bitch in heat.
-What? Women like you ruin men's lives.
But not my men.
-Get out before Reyes gets home.
-I didn't do anything! You don't need to do anything to do something.
You're imagining things! And forget the disco, take your cop to a whorehouse.
I'm not a whore! That's enough! Of course you're not, dear.
Whores charge for it.
-Hello? -I need to talk to your boss.
-What boss? -The Moor, Alsi.
What's up, Lucas? -What for? -Some friends want to buy from him.
They have a lot of money.
Who's calling? Mr Berzosa.
Berzosa? It doesn't ring a bell.
-It does for me.
- Mr Berzosa.
-Tell him it's a lot of money.
-Yeah, sure.
Call back this afternoon.
-Berzosa rings a bell for me, too.
-You know him by his stage name.
Of course, damn it! Shit, it's Dandy.
All right.
-She says I ruin men's lives.
-Oh! The woman who ruins men's lives! María Elena is a bit over-dramatic.
She doesn't realize I'm the one who's ruined.
Squirt, you're doing all right.
I should never have left, I belong here.
Don't exaggerate, the Camelot pays good money.
Yeah, but they fired me.
-What? -They fired me.
What did Reyes say? As far as I know, nothing.
Here we are, rekindling old friendships.
That's right, Dandy, friendship is the best thing there is.
Black Label for you.
You know, Reyes, some people are evil.
Look, someone beat me up in jail and I still don't know why.
-You must have done something.
-No, Reyes.
It think it was a misunderstanding.
I'm a decent guy.
-I would never betray a friend.
-I know that, Dandy.
You're a guy who can be trusted.
I know you are too.
That's why I'm offering you a failsafe deal.
Let's hear it.
I talked to Alsi.
I'm going to introduce him to Roque and his gang.
Who are they? Smugglers, serious people.
And what did Alsi say? He said to go ahead.
He's Moroccan, not stupid.
Reyes, we can make a shitload of money with this.
No, Dandy.
I'm not interested.
Not after what happened last time.
You would only handle distribution.
-Here in the disco, a little at time-- -No! I don't want any problems, I'm fine just the way I am.
Listen, Reyes To do this deal with Alsi, I need a little bit of dough to buy some nice clothes, you know.
We call you Dandy as a joke! Oh, it's no joke! To do real business, you have to dress the part, -you know that! -Dress the part! Go on, go buy yourself a nice suit.
Don't pay it back, this is between friends.
This is the address Dandy gave the court.
Maybe the gardener lets him sleep in the shed.
That son of a bitch! He's really classy for a deadbeat.
He's got the golf club to himself.
Where are you going to live? I'll ask Dandy to make room for me.
That way Atila can't track down my family.
-Why is he after your family? -He's angry about his brother's death.
-You'd think you were the murderer.
-Right? -What? -Was it you? Of course not, man.
Don't worry, Colombo.
-But he threatened you anyway? -Yeah.
-We're in fine shape, Bruno.
-That's right.
Let's go get the car.
Charo? I don't know what to say.
I'm sure you'll make up eventually.
And with such a small baby It would be a shame.
Are you finally up? Victoria, you just got up! I've been awake for a while.
You two kids are killing me.
If you need to vent, go ahead.
If you want to insult him, just forget I'm his mother.
What are you looking at? Alicia, can you look after Pablito? Who, me? After what happened I want to help, but I'm afraid to mess up.
Alicia, I'm looking for a job.
What kind of job? Anything other than police work.
I'll be right back.
Dear me.
I see Owlet's not helping you.
What? At least she's got some shame.
-What are you talking about? -I caught her stealing.
I told you, a leopard never changes its spots.
I kicked her out of the house and fired her.
I promised her father I'd look after her.
Honey, I don't understand.
What do you owe that deadbeat, Owl? You ignored him while he was alive.
Now that he's dead, he's a saint.
That's not it.
You know I've never touched that girl.
You know that.
But I feel sorry for her.
Well It all starts with pity.
You're right about that.
What's the matter? Don't you have enough with one woman? Aren't I enough? You're not enough, you're everything.
TATOOING -Hello? -What did your boss say? -Who are you? -Mr Berzosa.
-Dandy? -No.
Now I'm Mr Berzosa.
Dandy, cut the crap.
What is it? I have some buyers for your merchandise.
They're expert professionals.
Their boss is Roque the Dog Guy.
-He's spilling the beans.
-He's Dandy, not Savvy.
-A billion is a lot.
-One billion! Alsi, money is no issue.
I'd like to meet this Roque.
Name the date and place.
In one hour at the end of Sorolla Avenue.
I don't know if he'll Alsi? Where's Sorolla Avenue? -Sorolla Avenue is -Look near the station.
It's I got it.
Let's go! Omega 1 to Omega 2 we're headed towards Sorolla, Alsi and Dandy are meeting there in one hour.
Bruno? Dandy! Where are you going with that face? -It cost a fortune, please! -Come on, damn it! You'll pay dearly for it.
Come on, get up.
There's Alsi.
That smartass Dandy is late.
I guess he must be picking up Roque the Dog Guy.
-The Moor looks nervous.
And rightly so, he's going to get in trouble.
Taxi! I'd be surprised if Dandy came in a taxi.
Fuck! He saw us.
-Yes, he saw us.
-No way! He saw us! Play it cool! -He's leaving? -What the fuck is going on here? Heads down! What's his deal? He couldn't wait five minutes? You'd swear Alsi was German! -Do you think he saw us? -No.
Now what? Keep tapping the phone and see what happened.
Come on, let's go! Damn it.
You ruined my suit.
God knows how you paid for it.
-Hey, I have savings.
-Yeah? -I have a legal business.
-Yeah, stealing cars.
Tell me about Atila Pena.
-I want nothing to do with those two.
-One's under control, he's dead.
I meant the one with the moustache.
Honestly, I don't know those two.
Those two were involved in Owl's death, -and so were you it seems.
-Me? Yeah.
-Who told you that? -People.
Cristo Pena's dead, the other one's missing, so you take the blame.
-I didn't do anything.
-I know, but with your record, and a public solicitor.
-Minimum 15 years.
-I didn't do it.
Who the fuck did it? Dandy did it! Dandy, I'll break your spirit! -I didn't do it! -Who did? It was those three! Three? What do you mean three? What's he doing here? Eating eggs.
What do you want? -We have no evidence to arrest him.
-I'm interrogating him! You fucked up the operation! -Where were you? -Arresting the culprit.
I didn't do anything! Who was the third guy? Tell me who the third guy was, damn it! That's enough! His testimony is no good! What the fuck's going on? Not him! Commissioner, I didn't do anything! Me? Commissioner? I'm not a commissioner.
Come on, get out of here! Excuse me! I'm sorry.
Hello? -Yolanda? -Who is it? It's open, can I come in? Sure, come in.
How are you? OK, unless you're here to arrest me.
I can only arrest you if you're a drug dealer.
That's a relief! I heard you quit the Camelot.
I was tired of working nights with that riff-raff.
Like the Penas.
If you're looking for Atila, he's not here, don't waste your time.
You knew Cristo was dead before I told you.
Why do you say that? The way you reacted.
I was telling you your father's murderer was dead, not ordering a drink! -Maybe I heard something.
-Who from? -I don't remember.
-Yolanda! What? I'm trying to help, not take advantage of you! That reminds me of someone.
You mean, Bruno.
Among others, yes.
You can consider me a friend.
Since when are you and I friends? Can I buy you lunch? Actually, I'd prefer a drink.
But right here.
I don't want to be seen with you.
What the hell are you doing? -Am I paying you to do crosswords? -To solve them.
-Others simply do them.
-Stop jerking me around.
Any news on Atila Pena? After what happened to his brother, he's hiding like a rat.
So no news.
If the police find that accounting book, forget motorcycles, discos and crosswords.
Reyes, the kids are looking for him! When you find my notebook, you can have it back.
See what he wants.
I was about eight or nine.
I was playing Cowboys and Indians at home.
I'd made myself a gun with a branch from the garden.
I found my dad and brother in a room.
They were whispering, sharing a secret.
They had something in their hands.
I turned around in total silence, like the Sioux do, and eavesdropped on them.
My dad was telling him about the values he was raised with, about how wonderful it is to obey.
My brother was fascinated.
They turned around and I saw what they had.
It was a real gun.
It was heavy in my brother's hands.
It was like he was being knighted.
Then my father turned around and saw me hiding there.
He told me off.
Why was I snooping? Who gave me permission? Who did I think I was? All I wanted was to touch that gun.
But I didn't dare talk back.
I've never talked back to him.
Well, you have in a way.
You snoop around for a living.
"Duty comes first," he always said.
But that doesn't apply to everyone.
Not to my brother.
-You're just jealous.
-He's a criminal.
I won't shirk my duties for anyone, not even him.
Well, family comes first.
Anyone else would turn a blind eye.
-Not me.
-Look, Leo If anything happens to your father before you make peace with him, you'll never forgive yourself.
All right, so I guess you'll have to arrest me because I'm a criminal, too.
Isn't that right, Inspector? Don't test me.
Atila, what are you doing? Get some more, I have to pay my kids' school.
Those nuns are expensive, man! Hey! I'll kill you, you son of a bitch! Hey! That's enough! We're comrades! Behave, damn it! -Where are you going? -Open the damned door.
-Be careful, they'll catch you.
-Leave me the fuck alone.
Want to play another hand? The mood has soured, I'm going home.
-Where are you going? -The wife, you know Everyone's in a hurry! Atila! You forgot your cash.
Stop! Someone said to say hello.
What are you up to? -What are you drinking? -Are you buying? Yes, Franchi.
You're like your friend Chino, always broke.
He'll be back, you know.
As soon as the cops stop looking for him.
The cops are looking for him? Sure.
He hasn't left us, he's just hiding out for a while.
-He didn't tell me.
-That could get in trouble.
Do you know where he is? I'm OK with leaving Torremolinos.
I don't.
Maybe his ex-girlfriend, Sole, knows.
The girl who came in here the other day? She dances at the Camelot.
They weren't a really couple They were just kids.
Another round, please.
We need to call a doctor.
Come on.
I'm not a surgeon, Atila.
-We all have to die sometime.
-Let me get the first aid kit.
Hang in there.
Fuck that.
-What is it, Hippie? -Terrón told me about Atila.
I didn't know he had threatened your family.
Atila knows Charo.
He told me if I went after him, he'd go after me.
Listen We can't just each do our own thing, we won't catch anyone.
That's true, I'm not getting anywhere alone.
What I need is a nice orgy with you, Hippie.
Come on, Bruno! Cut the crap! We don't have to be friends, but we do work together! -Right? -That's true, what do you prefer? Missionary, spooning, top, bottom? Come on, Hippie! We fucked up for lack of coordination! We can't fuck up again! That's all! During the interrogation, Dandy mentioned a third man involved in Owl's death.
-So that bastard does exist! -Yup.
Who is it? You and I were supposed to be exclusive business partners.
Reyes, I had to test you to make sure I could trust you.
Did I pass the test? From now on, it's just you and me.
Torremolinos is yours alone.
You have my word.
That's what I tell my wife when my eyes wander.
And you know what she tells me? She says, "Words are meaningless.
" I have a gift for you.
-Where's Atila? -I did what you asked me.
He won't bother you again.
-What's this? -That's the gift.
The book is an apology for failing you as a friend.
Friends? Friends.
I was thinking about how you said Atila is a free spirit.
Something about the order of events on the day his brother died It seems off, it bothers me.
Just as Atila is having a meeting Alsi, someone goes to his house and tortures and kills his brother.
-Isn't it too much of a coincidence? -Yeah.
What if Let's just imagine that Atila and Alsi aren't partners.
Let's say they're enemies.
The Penas are free agents, and they visit the ceramic shop not to meet their partner, but -To beat the Moor up.
-Yeah! What are you doing? That's just it! So then, the dead hit man was the Penas' victim.
The drugs at the Penas' house were stolen from Alsi.
-Got that? -Yeah.
That's when Alsi says, "I have to put a stop to this, I'm meeting up with Atila.
" While they're meeting, he seizes the opportunity to kill Cristo.
Divide and conquer.
As the second theory this week, it's not bad.
We may even have saved Atila's life when we got to the hotel.
He owes us one.
I'll remind him when I see him.
Listen, if this is a a war between former partners, maybe we should go after Atila.
-Otherwise -There'll be more deaths.
You! Tell Cristo our father's here.
Atila, put the gun down.
Where's Cristo? Atila, your brother's dead.
You're running a fever.
You need a doctor.
If I see anyone else in here, I'll kill you.
I swear on my brother's grave.
If you don't treat this infection, you'll kill yourself.
I want to see that cop in jail.
Give me the gun.
I don't want anyone calling the cops.
I'm not calling anyone.
What about you? What? Do you dream about your father? All the time.
-Come on, you love French fries.
What's that, Hippie? Roque the Dog Guy, Dandy's friend.
We'll have to ask him on a date.
-Hello? -It's Mr Berzosa.
I need to talk to Alsi.
Hello? Hello? Fucking hell! Damn it! -Not even the time of day.
-He's a pariah.
Poor guy, he was so nice.
Let's see who he turns to now.
Hello? It's Dandy.
-Why are you calling? -Listen, Roque, the deal with Alsi didn't pan out, but I have a great deal for you.
Forget it.
You're marked, Dandy.
Roque, please.
Roque? Fuck! My birthday's in April.
Didn't you want more resources? Here they are.
Oh! This must be for the hippie! Where's my report? I'm almost done with it.
REPOR -Almost? -It is in my head, Cifuentes.
-You're taking me for a fool -No.
No, I'm not.
Go to hell, you slob.
-Hello? -How are you, Uncle Vinegar? Squid speaking.
Hippie! Our bosses agreed to have us pick up some pitchers this afternoon.
You'd better bring a truck because we have a lot of them.
-We just got them from Morocco.
-All right.
What's the matter? -I can answer phones, too.
-Right, and? We'll catch your Moor this afternoon.
-I think that's Squid.
Some nickname! Yeah, said The Anarchist! Bruno, Terrón, are you there? What is that? It's that Walkie Talkie thing.
Walkie Talkie.
What a piece of shit! This fancy crap never works.
-You know what? -Go get them! -Hey! -Listen! Fuck! -They're going in, what should we do? -Let's go.
Freeze! Police! Hey! Get down, you son of a bitch! Where's your boss? Who is he? I don't have a boss! Gentlemen, look what I found! Nice! -Did you look there? -Yes, it's all here.
-Look at that! -That's nothing.
Here's a brick for your house.
What a cool place! No, Dandy, it's a disaster! I'd be better off in the hashish business.
I don't want to stain my suit, it's already in shreds.
15,000 pesetas down the drain.
What do you want? Alsi and Roque the Dog Guy both shoved me aside.
And there's a cop after me.
He even took my wallet! Do you think you could help me? I'm broke.
But, I mean, really help me.
Hello? What? Where you followed? OK.
Don't leave the house.
Enough to start over wherever you like.
Good luck.
Thanks, pal.
But while you're at it, can't you give me a little more? -For services rendered.
-What services? That cop asked me about Owl's death.
I didn't say a word.
Look what he did to me.
Isn't this enough money? No, Reyes.
This is money to help out a friend.
What I'm asking for is insurance, in case I end up paying for Owl's death.
All right.
-It's all yours.
-All of it? Hashish? I thought you quit? It's from that deal we made, keep it.
Count the money.
OK, I'll count it.
And I'm going to give you a gift because friendship comes first.
I'm going shopping tomorrow, in Madrid! Look at all this! I'll be living it up.
What are you doing? What are you doing? I'm leaving, Reyes! You sure are leaving.
You can see him whenever you like, don't worry.
I'm not worried.
When do you leave for Almeria? If I see your girlfriend, I'll ignore you.
We're not together, but that's not the point.
-Then what is? -There's no reason for you to stay.
That's no longer up to you.
-I'm looking for a job.
-A job? What do you want a job for? I can support you two on my salary, you'll be fine.
-I have my own plans.
-Your plan is to leave Malaga.
My plan is to stay here.
-Don't fight! -We're not fighting.
I am fighting.
I'm staying.
Maybe it's better for you both.
You can take a break.
Think it over.
-You'll make up.
-I don't want to make up.
Your son cheated on me.
I've been following him around like a puppy, but that's over.
I'm going to put the baby to bed.
I'd like you to leave before he wakes up.
Charo! Please! Don't beg, that's not your style.
Excuse me, hello.
Do you know where Chino is? -What? -Is Chino around? No, I figured he was with you.
-He's hiding from the cops.
-What else is new? Chino's always in hiding.
What did he tell you? -He didn't tell me anything.
Did he tell you he wanted to open a beach bar with you? He's been saying that since he was a kid.
He was being honest, I know it.
Come here.
What do you see? -I don't know.
-Take a good look.
Two fools, right? Two amazing women who are too foolish to stop trusting men.
We were going to have kids.
Look at yourself.
You're too young to be a mother! He wasn't lying.
Oh, come on! I have to go on stage.
Go home! Lopera! Lopera? Lopera, where are you? Are you there? Put your hands up! You scared me! Who did you think I was? -A Grapo terrorist.
-They have better things to do.
I have bats in the attic.
Want a drink? I want to talk.
For a bartender, I'm much of a talker.
What is my brother up to? That's easy enough to imagine.
I have to stop him before he hurts my parents.
He's family! -You can't arrest him! -It's my duty! Oh, come on, Leo! You and duty are like oil and water.
You don't know me.
I'll find out.
But don't ever sneak in again.
I could've killed you.
You're a terrible shot.
Good thing.
You'd better listen to me! Can I have the flashlight? Turn the sprinkler off! What's with the bag? Go figure.
Look what I found.
This is a warning.
The question is, who is warning who? Wait a minute, what's that? Man, that's gross, Hippie! The message is clear, Alsi's winning the battle.
We all need a guardian angel to deliver us from our nightmares.
Someone to scare the ghosts away.
It's nice to have an angel rescue us from a bad dream.
Kid! Hey, kid! A bodyguard to save us from our own shadows.
A dear friend to pull us out of the underworld.
Someone to lend us a hand.
Don't worry, you're not alone.
Can you hear me? You're not alone.
The problem is getting used to having someone else get you off the hook.
Because if they leave you hanging in the middle of a storm, the sound of thunder will scare you shitless.