Britannia (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

A toast to your divine victory.
My divine victory.
You see, it isn't your victory.
It isn't your victory because it isn't your war.
You have no idea what game you're in, where you are, who you are.
The forces at play here.
Taxes, victory parades, you think that's why I'm here? I'm fighting a different war.
The last war.
And in that war, I'm in charge.
And I always was.
The journey ahead is the journey into darkness.
Druids may not survive.
Did you miss me, brother? I will find her.
- Do you doubt Veran? - Do you never doubt Veran? Can I stop you there? Is that the same Veran, who sacrificed my father, and passed me over as king of my tribe? Kneel! You are Queen Kerra of the Cantii.
We should've kept her with us.
She's just a lamb.
She's not ready yet.
Oh, shit.
Hungry? They're yummy.
I don't break bread with the dead.
Don't you just love the rain? When you've seen as many rainstorms as me, you learn to read them.
When they begin or end.
Look at that.
Do you not find that beautiful? It's yummy.
What do you want? There's someone I want you to find.
Drink this.
And this.
Drink it.
Rub this on your tummy.
It's the other way around.
Morning, Bridget.
Morning, Rolf.
You should get up.
You have a busy day.
We could just stay here for a bit.
Stop it.
Where did you get that scar? It's not a scar.
It's a burn.
What happened? My father was a blacksmith.
I walked into a hot iron.
Were you lonely as a child? Not especially, no.
- I had a sister.
- You never said you had a sister.
We lost touch a few years ago.
After the invasion.
Do you think the Romans will ever come here, to the North? One day, maybe.
But for now, we're safe.
What's her name? Your sister.
Her name is Kerra.
Do you worry about her? Kerra's much tougher than me.
She's a survivor.
Don't worry.
Your little man isn't ready to say hello just yet.
- She could be a girl.
- Trust me.
He's a boy.
Tall and fine, just like his daddy.
- Morning, Rolf.
- Morning, Nyle.
- Morning, Ewan.
- Morning.
- Morning, Holt.
- Ready for the big day? - You need a hand, Rolf? - You're all right, boys.
I've got this one.
Come on! Come on.
What's he doing? He's clueless.
Look at him.
He's kind to our sister.
That's all I care about.
Honestly, boys, I got this.
Do you want to catch him before winter comes? Come on, brothers.
- Tell me the plan again.
- Ten pieces.
No less than five.
- You sure you'll be all right? - Stop worrying, Rolf.
- Start bidding at three.
- Five.
- Five.
- Six! Six.
Anyone at six? Come on, now.
He's a lovely specimen.
He speaks seven languages.
Wherever he shits, a fruit tree grows.
- Ten! - Ten, 11.
- Twelve.
- Thirteen.
Any more than 13? Fourteen, 15, 16.
- Seventeen.
- Seventeen, 18.
- Twenty? - Bullshit.
- On my life.
- I've never got more than 15.
When you know what you're doing.
Looks like drinks are on Rolf, eh? Well, Rolf, it will be a good winter.
- You want a lift home? - You boys head on.
I'm gonna have one more.
I'm proud of you, Rolf.
These last couple of years have been hard.
But I feel like I finally found a home.
- Don't go kissing any girls now.
- Go on.
- Do you hear me? Do you hear me? - Go on, go on! - Come on! - No, I'm going home.
I've got to get home.
I've got to get home.
- Come on, handsome.
- All right.
Just one dance.
Finally, tonight, some relics from the Southern Wars.
First up, Once a queen of a mighty tribe.
She wore gold in her hair, and the rivers flowed.
Her people were bounteous and worshipful.
Then she broke bread with the Romans.
Now her kingdom is this filthy cage, and she sucks cocks for bacon rind.
Her name is Queen Antedia, The Cocksucker! You're the fucking cocksuckers! Tell me, sir, have you ever fucked a queen? Give me a wash, and she'll all yours.
Now, who will give me three silver pieces? - Three! - Thank you, sir.
I have three pieces.
Oh, come on, boys.
There's still some meat on her.
If you don't want to fuck her, you could feed her to your pigs.
Four! - Four pieces of silver.
- Here, boys, watch this.
You thirsty, sweetheart? Delicious.
Like sweet barley wine.
- Five pieces.
- I have five pieces.
Going once.
Sold! To the gentleman on my right.
Good luck, love.
I think you might need it.
The gods are dead.
The gods are dead.
Next up, a rare lot, indeed.
From the same batch, a holy relic.
Daughter of a noble king, chosen by mighty Veran himself.
She reigned but for a handful of moons, until she, too, betrayed her tribe to the Romans.
Well, now Queen Kerra is here.
All that's left of her.
Now, who will give me five pieces? Oh, come on, you arseholes.
You could put your coppers in it, or help you to get to sleep at night.
- Six! - I have six over here.
- Seven.
- Hey, love.
Are you thirsty? Not worth it! Ten.
What's this? We have a new bidder.
Ten pieces from the skinny chap on my right.
- Eleven.
- Fifteen.
- Sixteen.
- Twenty.
Twenty silver pieces.
Going once.
Sold! To the gentleman here.
What's he gonna do with it? The time has come for us to divide our forces.
Drust, Bradan, Morac Head north to the mountain people.
Morcant, Raven, east to the wide plains.
Rork, south to the coastal tribes.
- Festle, Haran, west to the valleys.
- And where will you go, Veran? - I go where the gods command.
- If you have a strategy, we should know it.
Travel by night.
Leave no trace of your passing.
The tribes are scared.
They fear the future.
Testify that which the gods command.
Light the fire, feed the flames.
Will you give your blood to write the gods' will and defeat the Romans? - Aye.
- Aye, Veran.
Aye, Veran.
At dawn.
- I cannot go to him again.
- You must.
Veran is sending the tribes to fight, but they don't know who they're up against.
The Dead Man has awakened, and only Veran knows the truth.
- We We need time.
- There is no time.
The Dead Man will not wait.
I am glad to see you fully recovered, Emperor.
I'm told I owe you my life.
The offending slave has confessed.
Seems he was captured by the Druids and they turned his mind to theirs.
It's happened before.
You have the Emperor's gratitude.
In return, I issue this order.
You are to remain here in Britannia, find these Druids and wipe them out.
- Do you understand? - Perfectly.
Dimitius will remain.
You'll find him a very diligent presence.
Safe travels, Commander.
It seems the Emperor had a lucky escape.
So it would seem.
This is Ania.
She fought many battles for the Regni.
She has sacrificed much for this tribe.
- She will travel with you.
- Welcome.
Lord Veran.
You traveled for five moons across the 13 plains to bring us the will of the gods.
But there was something you saw.
Something you chose not to mention.
So why not tell us all now what it was that you found? - Careful, Rork.
- Did you forget? - Did it slip your mind? - I warn you.
If you take this path, you cannot return.
Then save yourself.
Tell us all now what the gods told you of the Dead Man.
- Dead Man? - What? Dead Man? Willa, tell your brothers and sisters what you know.
I I Quane.
You know it, too.
Speak! Come now.
Where is your fealty to your brothers and sisters? If I lie, then say so.
I saw the Dead Man's sign.
- He speaks true.
- Are you certain? I swear.
So, Second Man, tell us, is not the Dead Man awakened? - Do not question my ways.
- Answer me! Do not question my ways! - Are you not in league with Lokka? - No.
Did you not meet with the Roman general and take him to meet our dead? I did.
- Are you not Lokka? - I am the Veran.
- You lie! - I am the Veran.
I will die the Veran! On behalf of the Tribe of Iudocus and the Black Skull, I, Rork .
challenge the Veran.
So be it.
If you ask me, you were lucky.
When my time came to walk toward the Sacred Wind, I broke both legs, my pelvis, my ankle, my jaw, and four fingers.
I was pissing blood for a month.
I note you chose not to mention that.
It's not about the flight.
It's about faith.
- Facing the impossible.
- That explains why I feel an overwhelming sense of achievement right now.
What are you staring at? Oh, I get it.
- I see.
- I haven't eaten for two fucking moons.
How many times do I have to tell you? Do not curse in the Holy Delve.
The betwixt must pass through air, fire, water, earth.
She must fast for two moons between each journey.
Only then will she receive the Great Vision.
Have you received any Great Visions lately? Any visions at all? No? Meanwhile, our legions of dead await.
But, hey, no pressure.
Take your time.
- Please - Repeat after me.
"I await the Great Vision.
" Say it.
- I await the Great Vision.
- There.
Now, you know the rules.
When the moon fills, we must go to the sacred weed beds and Cut the reeds with a silver sickle.
To weave the virgin's bed for the next moon.
Then you can eat.
I get it.
I did this years ago.
- I was a Druid before you were born.
- Briefly.
The Prophecy of Veran is the most important prophecy in the history of this land.
And who did Veran trust with it? This is your path, and you must walk it.
Only you.
Bridget? Rolf? Where have you been? We've been waiting all night to surprise you.
- It's a boy.
- Three cheers for Rolf! What kept you, brother? No matter.
Daddy's home now.
I I don't have the words to express how I feel right now.
The first-born son is a sacred son.
The first-born son is a sacred son.
May he walk the earth with the protection of the gods.
May he walk the earth with the protection of the gods.
From this day, Rolf, this child is your arrow.
May he soar out over the forest and into the open sky.
You must give him a name, so that when the Druids come to bless him, he will be known to the lakes and the mountains and the mighty sky beyond.
This is truly a blessed day for you, Rolf.
So much bounty.
I want my son to be named after somebody who is good and strong, and noble, handsome, funny, and honest.
His name will be Rolf.
- All hail the Druids! - The Druids! All hail the Druids.
Veran? Please.
Forgive me.
I didn't - Quane - Quane has fled.
- And you too must leave.
- But I You have betrayed me.
When this is over, you must leave the Druids.
- You are outcast.
- Please, Veran! - Why have you lied to us? - Go! The gods decree if one of the Twelve challenges Veran, then there is mortal combat.
The true Veran will cut the head from the other.
I just couldn't be happier.
Bridget, there's something I need to tell you.
What's wrong? My name is not Rolf.
My name is Phelan.
Phelan of the Cantii.
- What? - Son of Pellenor.
I'm a prince.
I don't understand.
It's a long story.
I was born royal.
My father, King Pellenor, he was a good man.
But he was cold, and ruled without mercy.
When I was nine, my father had my mother sacrificed, at the behest of the Druids.
She had Roman blood, you see.
When the Romans returned, the Druids decided that it was he who should be sacrificed.
Pellenor, I mean.
Then the Druids chose my sister over me to rule in his stead.
At this point, I thought I was part of a prophecy To do with Brenna, the goddess of war That didn't pan out.
And so, I decided I decided to start again.
I ran away.
I changed my name.
I came here.
I met you in the forest.
What the fuck are you talking about? I'm telling you I'm not Rolf.
- I'm not a farmer.
I don't know a thing about farming.
- Don't believe you.
- It's true.
- You don't know farming? Then explain how you sold a bullock you raised for 20 silver pieces.
You see, that's the other thing.
- I don't understand.
- The 20 silver pieces.
- I don't have it.
- What? Where is it? - I spent it.
- You spent it? Last night, at the market, there was an auction.
What were they selling? My sister's head.
And I bought it.
- You bought your sister's head? - Yes.
How much did you pay for it? Twenty silver pieces.
What about our baby? I'm so sorry, Bridget.
I'm so sorry.
I tried to run away, to flee my destiny.
But last night, at the market, - I understood something for the first time.
- What did you understand? The Druids told me that the gods, they have a fate for us all.
That I must find mine.
That there is a light.
And it was my task to find it and to protect it, and to help it grow into a raging fire.
Last night, I was given a second chance.
It wasn't chance, it was destiny.
It was my sister.
All the gods telling me that there was something I needed to do.
Holt, Holt! Get out here.
He's bought his sister's head.
Oh, no.
Now you listen here.
Your name is Rolf.
Husband to Bridget.
Father of little Rolf.
You're not a prince.
There's no quest.
You're Rolf, the fucking farmer.
What's your name, boy? Phelan.
- What's your name? - It's Phelan! What's your name? I am Phelan of the Cantii.
- What's your name? - It's Phelan.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Good night, Rolf.
Good night, Bridget.
As Veran, you are the oak.
As challenger, you are the river.
May the gods speak! The challenger strikes first! Let the gods speak.
Peace be upon you, Druid.
I am the Veran! I will show you the way! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero! Goodbye, little prince.
Oh, my sister.
I wish I had half your strength.
But I won't let you down.
I promise.
I'll do whatever it takes.
For I truly know now that there is a light in this world.
There is a light What do they say? They say you are the Veran.
Nothing more? Speak the truth.
A few whisper of trickery.
Of dark magic.
And what do you say? I say the gods have spoken.
Leave me.
We're looking for stories, fables, miracles.
This sort of thing spreads fast.
Take silver, loosen tongues.
So, a lone girl? She may be with her teacher or mentor.
A small group.
You know, followers.
Followers or disciples? Now, now.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Have an apple.
They're yummy.
That's it.
It's good, no? Gobble, gobble.
- Who are you? - I'm the apple man.
The man with the apples.
The Apple King.
I eat the apple and the pips fall and grow into new trees, which bloom and grow new apples, I bring you the apple and you gobble it up.
Gobble, gobble.
Slow down.
Not so fast or you'll choke.
You're King Pellenor's son.
Your sister, Kerra, came to you this moon.
She found you.
You know the Druid Veran? He who speaks for the gods? - I do.
- Good.
There's something I want you to do.
What's your name? Forgive me.
That's so rude.
I've been alone such a long, long time, and my manners just My name My name is Harka.
And how exactly, Harka, do you fit into all this? I am all of this.

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