Britannia (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

1 May the Gods speak! The true battle does not always unfold upon the field.
Sometimes, it is the one man you need to fear.
The one who can scare the dead Tear down temples Shift the pillars of time.
That's where the true danger lies.
The Betwixt must fast for two moons between each journey, only then will she receive the great vision.
Have you received any great visions? Any visions at all? No? But, hey, no pressure.
Oh, my sister, I wish I had half your strength, but I won't let you down, I promise.
For I truly know now that there is a light in this world.
There is a light.
My name is Harka.
And how exactly do you fit into all this? I am all of this.
In the beginning, there were the brothers.
The first and the second man.
Veran! Veran, where are you? The Gods allowed the brothers to play in their garden.
- The eldest, Harka - Where have you gone? was destined to lead all children of the Gods.
One, two, three, four five, six.
The first, Harka, had to learn of the Wonder.
The Gods left fruits to see their garden as it truly is.
Sometimes I feel I'm not strong enough.
Strong enough for the Wonder.
The Gods saw and heard everything.
We must pay our respects to Veran.
That fiend is many things.
He is not the Veran.
I pray to the Aura for the coming day.
I thank you for all it may bring.
Hear me, Mars.
Make me strong this day.
I pray to you Pino that you protect my feet, that all day long, my boot stays on.
That the leather doesn't fray - or the buckle snap.
- shield of war.
Blessed are thou for thy conquering purposes.
sacred feast.
Accept this wine I place before you.
Do not slight me for my slight.
General Aulus, come quickly.
- I'm busy.
- General, a queen is at the gates.
Which one is she? The stumpy one? The one with the log or - the bald one having a fit? - The bald one.
- She's a queen? - Aye, sir.
- What's your name? - Felix.
Well, Felix, let's say we go and nip this in the bud, eh? Good morning, most noble queen.
- On behalf of the emperor - Hark the howling of our dead! They bring a warning.
Leave this place, Demon, or face our wrath.
On behalf of the emperor, I welcome you - I shit on your emperor! - Now you're just being rude.
I appreciate the visit, I have lots to do and you've clearly had a big night - so why don't we all just - You make sacrifices of our people.
In these woods.
You leave unburied souls to rot in this world.
You must pay.
You desecrate our dead.
Leave now, demon, or you will pay.
Well, I can see you're upset.
Let me introduce you to Felix.
It was his idea to invade your country.
We just came along to help.
I'll leave it to him to explain.
- Felix? - What? Guards! We'll be back, and we'll bring our brothers and sisters - to burn this place down! - Oh, I look forward to that.
She was right.
- Who was? - The crazy old queen.
There are bodies in the forest.
Many children, girls, slain and left to rot.
What makes you think that's anything to do with us? Because I watched it happen.
You don't have to answer.
I'm not shocked.
I'm sure there's a good explanation.
I just don't know it.
We lie awake and shake like leaves Upon the green and haunted trees And listen to our knocking knees The smell of bodies on the breeze The smell of bodies on the breeze Do you know what a messiah is? Why don't you tell me? I've met quite a few.
Persia, Canaan, Athens.
They all have one thing in common.
They're all so certain.
Certain of their truth.
Of the sanctity of their mission.
Some are just madmen or women.
But some are dangerous.
Very dangerous.
So you need to find that girl.
Before he does.
You mean Veran? Veran is finished.
He's living on borrowed time.
Well, if it's not Veran, then who? Hello, it's all right.
You're hunting? - What you after? - Rabbits.
- Your family? - They're dead.
The Romans came.
They burned our village.
That's a good spear.
This is a good spot.
Why are you here? I have to go now.
Good luck.
You worked hard to know our ways.
There's so much left to learn.
You were a warrior once, fought many battles.
Your queen prized you.
It was a long time ago.
You'll be a warrior again.
But to serve the Gods, you must first give up your child.
He'll be safe with one of the other tribes.
Can can he not stay in our tribe? Your path must be clear.
You will not see your son again.
Is your path clear? - I'm not hungry.
- Oh.
They took such a long time to grow.
I grew them for you specially.
Last night you dreamed of her.
- Who? - Your sister.
- How'd you know that? - Because you cried out in your sleep.
- Why do you think she came for you? - It was a coincidence.
- Coincidence.
- Maybe she came back to punish me.
And I wouldn't blame her.
Tell me your dream.
I dreamt the last time I saw her.
The last time we spoke.
My father had been sacrificed.
I marked the occasion by accusing her of betraying our father, betraying me, of taking my place.
I said terrible things.
- Things I can never take back.
- Well, you were you blind with grief.
I abandoned her and now she's dead.
Who the fuck am I? And who the fuck are you? And what the fuck do you want with a lost, confused, stupid Look at me! I don't know if I want a shit or a haircut.
Was your love for your sister half-hearted? And what on earth good did that ever do? I know what it's like to mourn blood.
Many years ago I had a brother.
Where have you been? You've been gone since the spring.
I loved him more than I loved the rivers.
What's that? I don't know.
More than the stars, and I trusted him more than I trusted myself.
Have you seen the apples? The apples are back.
I'm hungry.
Bring me an apple.
A good one, mind.
The best.
And he used that trust to destroy me.
To take my place.
Hello, friend.
Harka! No, Harka! - You tricked me.
Why? - Harka! Just as I was destroyed so were you.
By the same force.
That's why you are here.
He who wronged you, wronged me.
They are the same.
What's his name? His name is Phelan.
Your sacrifice proves your faith.
The time has come.
Are you ready to fight? I am.
Listen very carefully.
This day, I will be betrayed.
The Druids will split asunder.
When it happens, which way will you go? With you, Veran.
Here's what I want you to do.
Do you know what the runes say? Nobody knows except Veran.
I know.
Well, don't you want to know? You a bit curious? Nervous, but curious? Come on.
- Yes.
- Well, then, let's see.
Oh, yes.
This was Veran.
Pure Veran.
This is so good, it's almost funny.
What does it say? It says, "I'm not a queen, but a sacrifice.
" - Veran wrote that? - Upon your sister.
Your blood.
My brother.
Brearn, I beseech you.
- We must pay our respects.
- No.
Think, Brearn.
- Grief has poisoned your soul.
- The age is poisoned.
And there - there is the poisoner.
- Brearn, no.
This fiend.
This devil, this This is Rome's whore.
- You challenge me? - And see more sorcery? No.
The road ahead splits two ways.
Walk with Veran and you walk blind into the abyss.
This day, I lead another path.
The path to the first man.
Harka is risen! We will go to him.
We will find the Dead Man.
- Dead Man! Dead Man! - Dead Man.
The Dead Man has risen! I serve the Dead Man! A pretty rosebush in our yard And behind that bush Stands a lad right hard And a lass by his side Nice ditty.
Somewhat base subject, but the men enjoy that.
They like their tunes to reek of sex and death.
Notice anything strange? No Gods.
No effigies of those who watch over us.
How does he given supplication, I wonder? You must have seen him pray.
Who does he favor? - Mars? Jupiter? - I don't even know the difference.
- Aren't we both Roman now? - I'll eat your food - I'll drink your wine - Count our silver? Happily.
But, erm, and no offense here, your poxy Gods can go and fuck themselves.
I like you.
No, you don't.
We Romans, true Romans, we like everything ordered.
We like to know what's what.
Straight roads, straight thinking.
This island is full of dark diversions.
I'm here to make sure no one gets lost.
You see, I represent the true Rome.
The Pantheon, Emperor, Senate.
The one you and the general swore allegiance to, Queen Amena.
That is who you serve now, is it not? Mate, your face rings a bell.
My shoes rings a bell.
- You were in Egypt? - It's true.
I follow the empire like a blue bottle follows a cow's arse.
I was with the ninth in Pannonia when half of you were mere glints in your neighbor's eyes.
There was in the legion at that time young praefectus.
What was his name? - Lucius something - Lucius Validus.
That's the one.
Many in Rome look at the general, and they see the future.
Is that what you see? What do you see when you look at me? I shall let the general know you dropped by.
I'm sure he'll be as intrigued by your line of questioning.
The emperor was very impressed with you.
I'd like him to be able to maintain that good impression.
So if there's any information.
Anything concerning the general's plans.
Anything perhaps to do with what happened out in the woods.
I'm sure the emperor can rely on you to pass it on.
He was the general's most trusted ally.
Then one day, he just disappeared into thin air.
And no one knows where he went? No one.
Well, I must be strolling.
It remains for me to pass the hut.
There was a maid, so I've been told She had no name, she had no home Yet by herself and all alone She brought down all the Gods of Rome She brought down all the Gods of Rome Who goes there? Who goes? Show yourself! You took your time.
Voices There's voices coming from the earth.
Listen! I swear.
This is haunted ground.
- We shouldn't be here.
- All I hear is you gibbering.
- We should tell the praefectus.
- Tell him what? Sir, we're under siege from the unquiet souls of the dead.
I'm going to die here.
- I can feel it.
- Hey, pull yourself together, mate.
Oh, mercy.
Oh, bollocks.
How many are there? The only one we got so far, sir.
The rest just just vanished.
Like ghosts.
Ghosts don't need sewers to get in and out of, do they? Your father Pellenor, did you love him? Sorry, forgive me.
I'm obsessed with love.
I think about love all the time.
I had love once.
Perfect love.
I believe if you really want to destroy something, you don't use a sword or an arrow, you use love, no? It's a much stronger subject.
Your father, did he expect you to follow him? To become king yourself? Veran disagreed.
Would you be free of Veran's web, Son of Pellenor? Why can't the Holy Dell be near the reed beds? The Holy Dell is only holy because it has remained a secret.
Many Druids have studied here.
It's protected by the Gods.
We could always fly.
Sir, he says he know where they are.
To be clear, it wasn't my idea to give you the call.
- If it was up to me - Where is he? This way.
It's probably bollocks.
No one knows where the camp is but my brother.
He works the reed beds down the river mouth.
He says every full moon, the girlie and warlock go there and they dance about.
They never miss a month.
Where are these reeds beds? This is a good spot.
Give me the sickle.
The moon isn't full.
Yes, it is.
Oh, you know better? - Should I just go? You've got this? - It's full.
- Fucking freezing.
- Wait.
- And now, it's full, so - Yeah.
Pass the Can you? Thank you.
What's the next part? - What? - For the prophecy? You said when I pass through air, you'd tell me the next bit.
It can wait till morning.
What about our legions of the dead? "The maiden will waiver on the path and fall into the arms of the eagle.
" Eagles don't have arms.
You got a problem, take it up with the Gods.
- Tell me.
I'm listening.
- Then fuckin' listen.
"The maiden will waiver on the path and fall into the arms of the eagle.
Only the eagle can show her the true path to the Lake of Tears.
At the Lake of Tears, she will be reborn.
" "Reborn?" - Or forborne.
- What? What? What? I just told you, "At the Lake of Tears, she will be reborn - or forborne.
" - Well, which is it? How come you don't know? Were you actually listening? Oh, I listened.
But you didn't want to clear that up? Don't know which it is? My guts were hanging out on the floor, I'd lost about six flagons of blood, and Veran speaks in that funny, croaky voice.
What does "forborne" mean? - Basically, the same as we're born.
- What does "forborne" mean? What does it exactly mean? Sacrificed.
- Excuse me? - Yeah.
You heard me.
" Look, these prophecies, the language they use, they're ambiguous.
- "Sacrificed.
" - The wording can't be taken literally.
For instance, eagles don't have arms.
- What is it - Shh.
We are surrounded.
What do we do? I can't run.
Fell out of the fucking sky Here.
Remember Toba, the wounded fox? "Toba almighty, help me escape the jaws which would devour me.
" I'll draw them away.
Ready? Together.
The girl! Get the girl! Get the Where is she? Here! Over here! Oh, shit.
Spread out! They can't escape.
Easy child.
I won't hurt you.
That's it.
Stay still.
North of here lies a village at the mouth of the river beneath the rock of the crow.
The fisherman who lives there has three sons.
All fair.
Bring them to me.
Come along.
- How did they find us? - They probably followed your smell.
Everything was inside there.
My herbs, potions, poultices, extracts, grasses, bones, relics.
Big Pebble was in there.
You always carry Big Pebble.
You never let Big Pebble out of your sight.
All right, everything except Big Pebble.
It's too dangerous here now.
We must move far away.
The work of 20 moons! We can start again.
It's just herbs and grasses.
We can gather them again and make new offerings.
All is not lost.
What are you doing? - I can't.
- Eat it.
You may as well.
You're right.
All is not lost.
You know tricks.
You'll make a good illusionist.
Go from town to town, make the children gasp with your amazing powers.
But there won't be a town or children, because the world will have ended because of you.
So, come on.
Fill your stupid belly.
- I await the great vision.
- Eat.
- I await the great vision! - I don't believe you! What do I do, Big Pebble? Tell me, please.
Because until she's prepared to surrender to this, to really surrender with all her soul we're wasting our time.
Twenty moons of the smock.
She's good, but is she good enough to defeat the Romans? Now, we've lost too much time.
Too much.
We've lost We've lost.

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