Britannia (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

1 - This is a good spot.
- Give me the sickle.
- The moon isn't full.
- Yes, it is.
- Oh, you've got this.
- It's full.
- Wait.
- Freezing.
And begin.
In the beginning, there were the brothers, the first and the second man.
The prophecy of Veran is the most important in the history of this land.
There is one child sent by the Gods, and she will lead us into the light! I need to find the girl before he does.
- Veran.
- You have betrayed me.
- Why have you lied to us? - Go! Veran's finished.
If it's not Veran, then who? Do you know what a messiah is? Harka is risen! I serve the dead man! Some are just mad-men or women, but some are dangerous, very dangerous.
- Eat.
- I await the great vision.
I await the great vision! Listen very carefully.
If you really want to destroy something, you don't use a sword, you use love.
The fisherman who lives at the mouth of the river has three sons.
Bring them to me.
Hi there.
This is a fine, quiet place you have here.
One Two Three.
We should talk.
- This man she was with - The beggar.
I mean, he looked like a beggar.
I need you to tell me everything you saw.
Everything you heard.
I've faced down armies.
Been captured, tortured.
Never once been afraid.
And are you afraid now, Praefectus? Are you afraid? I fear nothing, General.
- But - But what? The attack on the Oppida If we'd been here rather than Rather than what, Praefectus? Your predecessor, Lucius There was no better man who fought with me in the field.
And suddenly It can happen to the best of us.
What I mean is, are you still with me? I need you to help me pursue my purpose.
Our true purpose.
I will follow you into hell itself.
- Where's the general? - Ooh.
Who are you? The general's resting.
Wake him up.
The fuck do you think you are? What if we told you to turn round, get on your horse and fuck off? Or you could give us both a polish.
We just got paid.
Oh! No, don't What's going on? - What do you want? - The general.
Excuse the mess.
Bother with the locals.
Quite took us by surprise.
Talking of surprises, let me guess.
You were just passing, thought you'd drop in.
"Aulus, mate.
What was I thinking? Here's your money back?" When you were riding over here, did you not think to yourself, "Hang on, what if he's still upset about what I did.
What if he's still so miffed he turns me inside out and feeds me to his dogs?" I've got something for you.
Is it the young daughter of a blind fucking father? I don't have all day.
Well, the suspense is killing me.
It's a mile from here, buried in the ground.
Well, I must say, I'm intrigued.
So who sent you? Whose errand girl are you? You can tell me.
It's a straight yes or no.
How much? My weight in silver.
- Cheeky bitch.
- Twice my weight.
Unless you're doing just fine here.
Unless you don't need what I'm selling.
I love it! Love it! I'll tell you what.
Let's do this.
Let's play! Vitus, open the Silver House.
We're going to market.
I said I was sorry.
And I've passed on your apologies to the Gods.
And the Gods said, "Divis, we're sorry, too, for picking such a stupid little twerp.
What the fuck were we thinking? - We must have been drunk.
" - Where are we headed? - A gorge.
Three days walk from here.
- Is it safe? The last place was safe.
- Until you blew everything.
- Me? 21 moons.
Herbs, leaves, grasses, mosses, ground and dried to make powders, potions, unguents to cast the deepest spells.
- We've still got Big Pebble.
- You make me sick.
- I'm looking on the bright side.
- There is no bright side! - Now nowhere is safe! - Why not? Because of the Deep Dream! The what? Last night I had the Deep Dream.
What's the Deep Dream? You can't know because you're not at that stage of your study.
You could be.
You should be.
But you're not.
So why bring it up? Unless it's just to be a cock about it.
Because in the Deep Dream, something happened, something terrible.
What happened? I saw the Vast Green River.
And? The Vast Green River was rolling West under the high oaks.
And suddenly Suddenly what? The river divided.
It split into two.
So? This is This is like dealing with a The Vast Green River has no tributaries! The Vast Green River is the Vast Green River! I see.
And yet, to be fair, as you pointed out yourself, I don't know the first fucking thing about the Vast Green River! When I was a novice, I treated my Druid master with respect.
I worshiped him.
I called him my pilot.
My pilot smells extra special this morning.
- So what does it mean if the big - The Vast! If the Vast Green River splits in two? It means the Druids have been split asunder.
Veran has lost control.
And our dead are at war with one another.
Really? What's this? What are you doing? All of those soldiers looking for me It suddenly Suddenly what? I'm alone.
You're not alone.
Why me? And that's it.
Well, a deal's a deal.
Along the river a mile or so, there's a stick in the middle of six stones.
What if I just say that I required your services? Light a big fire.
A fire? The hill after the flatlands, light it up.
By the way, The Dead Man says, 'Hello.
' Well, well This is my lucky day! So it is begun.
Now there's an old face.
I come not to join you But to warn you.
To warn me? Your heart once knew light.
It is to that heart I would speak.
Stop this black game before it is too late.
This black game.
Is it not our game? The one we've been playing all along? Do you remember when we first met? I was only a child.
You came and found me, didn't you? I was sitting in sunlight, and I looked up and there you were.
You gave me an apple.
Do you remember? This final time I implore you.
Rejoin the dead where your soul belongs.
No! I have something for you.
A message, a message for Veran.
Will you take it to him? Will you be the wind? Boo.
There's a man here.
His job is to get answers.
He can make a moment feel like a lifetime a minute like a thousand years.
But in the end He always gets the answers.
So tell me, where's the girl? This is your last chance.
I will see you on the other side.
Who's there? Any luck? Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.
So here's what's going to happen.
Let me speak to her.
I know witchcraft.
My ancestors were witches.
After all I summoned you, didn't I? Well, that depends on where you're standing.
- Did you summon me, or I you? - That depends.
On what? On whether you believe in destiny.
Well, now, there's a subject.
She doesn't frighten me.
Let me go to her.
I'll make her talk.
You're too precious to me.
Besides, I'm saving you for something else.
Another task far more important.
My destiny? We'll see.
This is an extraordinary honor for your family.
Your sons have got a great destiny ahead of them.
They've been chosen.
We're sea folk.
How can this be? If the Gods choose us, everything is possible.
Trust me.
What I mean is it's not for us to question their ways.
You know, I've been learning that.
And it's not been easy.
Who will help when the lambs come? We've mouths to feed here.
This is a fortune.
The Gods will provide.
Do you even know your heart? Have you seen it? I'd know your heart, if I could hold it in my hand This little piggy went to the market.
This little piggy stayed at home.
Thirsty? This is yours.
This is part of you.
Like my fingers.
My fingers.
My lovely fingers.
My baby fingers holding my mother Touching her face.
I had ten lovely fingers.
And now I only have these.
My fingers Holding You.
Holding your soul.
This is your soul Twisting in my fingers.
This is your soul.
Can you see it? - Yes.
- Good.
Now listen very, very carefully.
Here's what I want you to do.
What's wrong with him? Where's he going? This little piggy went to market.
Have you ever met the Druids? It's a long journey.
You'll have to talk at some point.
None of us want to be here.
We want to go home.
Before I came, what did you think you'd be in life? Fisherman.
When I was your age, I thought I'd be a king.
Aim low, mate.
My father was king of a great tribe.
King Pellenor of the Cantii.
What happened? My true fate.
Take my example.
Before I wed, there was a week of feasts.
Thousands of people came just to be there.
What was her name? Amena.
Amena of the Devni.
I was 20.
I was stood there, waiting at the Handfasting stone.
Must have been 500 warriors and elders.
I watched her come close.
So beautiful I couldn't breathe.
I took her hand.
I looked into her eyes and I knew we were doomed.
But you did it.
- Why? - Why? That is the question.
That is the only question.
Why? Because if it hadn't happened, like everything else in my life, I wouldn't be here now doing this great work for the Gods.
It's not about what you want.
It's about knowing there's a plan.
We're servants, not masters.
There'll come a time you'll understand.
Trust me.
I can't get the image out of my head.
He went up like a torch.
Stop talking about it.
- Move it.
- Ay up.
What's this? So you have powers, strong powers.
Why don't you use them on me? To do that, I'd need something of yours.
Anything you want, just ask.
Give me your finger.
My finger? Just one? One is all I need.
Any particular one? - That one.
- What? The little one? Little piggy There now.
How's that? It's all yours.
What're you waiting for? Pick it up.
Pick up the finger.
I wasn't sure before.
Now I see it.
Where's The Girl? So this is it.
This is the cave.
- Hey.
I liked the last place.
- I didn't say anything.
What you said earlier The truth is you are alone.
That's your fate.
I can help you with some things, but I can't help you with that.
No one can.
Make a fire.
Anderus, the ladies say You really shouldn't act that way Your head is bald Your cheek is pale You're growing old That's what they say Do we know this one? Do we know this? The closer to death I drift each day The louder must I sing and Hello! We're here! I found them! It's OK.
He's come for you, yeah.
You can go to him.
Go on, go.
Go on.
So tell me, which one is the naughtiest? Me.
- Him.
- It's definitely him.
- Who is the brightest? - None of us.
- Him.
- Him.
I have got a question for you.
What's the most powerful thing in the world? - Gold.
- Silver and gold.
And you? What would you say is the thing most powerful? I'd say the thing most powerful was love.
Piss off.
- I love love.
- I said shut it.
Love? Yeah.
It is love.
Harka and Veran lived for centuries in complete happiness.
Then one day, Harka disappeared.
When he returned, he'd changed.
He was silent, sullen.
Then one day the Gods told Harka to gather a dozen stones, arrange them in a circle and in the center, plant an oak tree by a lake.
- It was called - There's something I need to tell you.
- Why do I think this is not good? - I had a vision.
When? After we left the Dell.
- Why didn't you tell me? - I'm telling you now.
What did you see? A man.
A thin man.
His face was dark.
He had piercing eyes.
On his palm, there was a symbol.
What symbol? - What are you doing? - Nothing.
What you saw was a hallucination.
Nothing more.
- I don't understand.
- You saw nothing.
Strike it from your mind.
- But - Do as I say! Hello.
There is a lake in the west.
It is our most sacred place.
If the Maiden is truly the chosen one and fulfills her tasks to the Air, to the Earth, the Water and the Fire, on the Seventh Moon, she will arrive at the Lake of Tears Where is the Lake? It lies in the lands of the Devni.
But its location is secret.
Known to three alone Veran Harka, the Dead Man and a third, the Keeper.
Who is the Keeper? You do not know her.
But you know one of her kin.
Thank you.
You may go, but know this.
There will come a day in the future when I will call upon you.
When that time comes, you must be ready.
Hello? Leave us! So come on.
What's my task, the one you've been saving me for? Well, it's very important and dangerous.
So I'm not sure whether you're the right person.
I'm ready.
Have you heard of a tribe in the west called the Devni? - I know the lands you speak of.
- You do? I was born there.
My sister is queen.
Well, it's a small world, isn't it? You look like you've seen a ghost.
I'm tired of long journeys.
Find someone else this time.
- She's your sister.
It's perfect.
- I haven't seen her in ten years.
- Blood is thicker than water, isn't it? - Please.
I intend to have those lands one way or another.
This way, your sister gets a chance to see sense.
Same old drill.
Sell her peace and taxes.
Get her relaxed about our Gods being no threat to theirs.
And if you can't convince her I'll have my men nearby ready to persuade her.
- Who goes there? - I'm Queen Amena of the Cantii.
Sister to Queen Andra.
Where is she, boy? Show me.
Where is she? Where is she, boy? Show me! There you are.
What is? The rain Tastes of salt.
We're near the sea.
What's wrong? Nothing.
We must begin.
Let's begin.

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