Britannia (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

If she is indeed the child of the Gods, she will lead us into the light.
In betwixt you must pass through air, fire, water, earth.
When my time came to walk along the Sacred Wind, I broke both legs, my pelvis, my ankle, my jaw, and four fingers.
I was pissing blood for a month.
I had a vision.
- What did you see? - A thin man.
On his palm there was a symbol.
Strike it from your mind.
- But, I - Do as I say! The fisherman who lives at the mouth of the river has three sons.
Bring them to me.
Where is she, boy? Show me.
This day, I lead another path.
The path to the First Man.
Walk with Veran, and you walk into the abyss.
I've got something for you.
A mile from here, buried in the ground.
This is my lucky day.
Where's the girl? On the seventh Moon, she will arrive on the lands of the Devni.
- Who is the Keeper? - I do not know her.
But you know one of her kin.
Have you heard about a tribe in the west Devni? I was born there.
My sister's queen.
I need to find the girl before he does.
- What's wrong? - We must begin.
I need you to help me pursue my purpose.
Our true purpose.
I'm Queen Amena of the Cantii.
Sister to Queen Andra.
You have faced the Mighty Earth Mother.
Stared down the Sister Wind.
Now the time has come to face the Water Goddess.
- When the spring moon wanes - I have something to say.
- What are you doing? - I just wanted to say Thank you.
- What? - I know we haven't always seen eye to eye.
But I know it's only because of you that we've come this far.
And I know we have so far left to go, but, I just wanted you to know I appreciate you so much.
The risks you've taken The sacrifices you've made I think you're the best.
And you have the most amazing eyes.
- We should - Yes.
We should.
What is it? What's wrong? - Where are you going? - Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck Fuck! My queen, please forgive this interruption, but it's extremely important.
What is it? - Speak.
- My queen.
Your sister is here.
My sister! Amena! Sister! Sister! What brings you here, and alone? - Is all well? - All is well, sister.
Most well.
I wanna say so much, but my tongue won't catch up.
- Slow down! - I can't believe you're here.
Or should I say Queen Amena? Yes, you should, Aunt Cara.
Tonight we will feast, to celebrate my sister's return.
Do you not feel, your Majesty, the time would be better spent in sacrifice and prayer? Is it not the Gods we should honor for this good fortune? Rather than mere mortals.
Of course, Aunt Cara.
We will pray.
I bring news, Queen Mother.
Your daughter, Amena, has returned to us.
Amena! Warm work.
What? Is everything all right? I've been thinking I think you should sleep outside.
I'll build you a small, but waterproof shelter out there.
- Why? - It's perfectly safe.
But why? It will bring you closer to nature, the moon, the stars - Both are very important in your - What if it rains? I know how to build a shelter.
It will be waterproof.
- But you can't - It's decided.
All praise to the mighty Gods, who have brought our sister home, on the wind.
Thanks for this holy blessing.
All praise to the mighty Gods, for returning me safe to this place and to my beloved sister.
My beautiful, beautiful sister.
Who I have missed more than anyone, or anything Do you even know your heart? Have you seen it? Well, well.
The whore returns.
The Cantii are slaves to Rome.
She's drunk poison.
Now she comes to poison us.
You have faced the Mighty Earth Mother.
Stared down the Sister Wind.
Now the time has come to face the Water Goddess.
When the spring moon wanes, you must give yourself to the river.
Strip to your skin, swallow the holy herbs, and become as one with Sister Water.
Any questions? Is everything all right? - What? - You're sweating.
No, I'm not.
- You look weird.
Do you need to sit down? - Everything is fine.
Nothing's weird.
We should prepare.
Did you hear, my love? Our little girl has returned.
Our little girl How is your husband, Phelan? When King Pellenor died, Phelan abandoned the Cantii.
- Abandoned? - Veran chose his sister to rule.
And what happened to the sister? Kerra was weak.
The people hated her.
How can that be when it was Veran who chose her? She was indeed chosen by the Gods.
But that's just a seed for greatness to grow.
We choose our own paths.
And then the Gods chose you.
For that I am so happy.
Too slow.
Slightly faster.
That's it.
Slightly faster.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
Just keep it there.
That's it.
That's it.
Keep it there.
Have you finished? Good.
Thank you Spirit of the River.
Spirit of the Raging Seas.
- Thank you.
- Shut up.
You're ready.
You've heard, I'm sure, that the Cantii have made peace with Rome.
We are so far from the world here.
We hear many things.
Who knows what to believe? It's true.
It was I who struck the pact.
So this is why you came.
For years you stayed away.
- With no explanation.
But now - Sister, please, listen Some say that's the last thing I should do.
The world is changing.
I've watched it change.
I've watched King Pellenor refuse to even speak with the Romans.
That same moon, I watched his guts glisten on the ground.
You're forgetting it was the Gods who decided Pellenor's fate.
Was it? I was there.
I saw what happened.
Sister, come here.
I want to tell you something.
When I was chosen to be the Keeper, Veran told me of a prophecy.
A demon will come to these lands, join forces with the dark, and the Age of the Druids will be at an end.
- Andra - There remains one hope.
A maiden.
Who, if she pleases the Gods, may save us.
This is a time to look forward.
Not backwards to prophecy.
You doubt the word of Veran.
- You always did.
- Andra I have seen the signs, visions.
- They tell me the Demon is here.
- Rome is the future.
It's our only hope.
- Not some maiden in a prophecy.
- All I know is that the demon is here.
And a maiden is coming.
- Let me pass.
- The queen is with her sister.
Andra, please listen to me.
Andra, it's time to talk sense, sister.
There are those in the Council of Elders who've made these arguments.
And as many who would sooner die than pay one copper piece to Rome.
- Aunt Cara.
- She is beloved to me.
- And her faith is strong.
- Cara controls you, Andra.
You've been gone a long time.
You do not know how things are now.
Forgive me, sister, but you are Queen of the Cantii.
This is no longer your tribe.
If there's discord in your council, it must be resolved.
You must gather them, and have this out.
How am I to attend such a council when I myself am undecided? I will be there.
I will help you.
But never forget, it is you who has absolute power.
Not Cara.
Not the council.
The Gods chose you, Andra.
Just as they chose me.
You're right.
The times are changing.
But know this.
However much I love you, look up to you, you will never turn me against the Druids.
Veran is my light.
It was he who made me Keeper.
I protect the Lake of Tears and nothing no-one, not even you, will ever change that.
I must be here, for when the maiden comes.
It is I who will anoint her in the lake.
I must consider all you have told me.
And ask the Gods which path to take.
You can smell the wind, the fire.
It's perfect.
So, good night.
The chosen one.
The chosen one.
What is your name, boy? My name You know what to do.
is Love.
Fuck this.
What are you doing here? "I can build a shelter.
" This is my area.
Leave my area.
- "It'll be waterproof.
" - Leave my area.
- I'm freezing.
- Leave - I command you to leave my area! - Fuck off! - Right now.
- Cold.
It's a test.
The Gods are testing me.
What are you on about? Fine.
If you won't sleep out there, I will.
Move over.
Go over there, in the corner.
I want to be by the fire.
- In the corner.
- I'm freezing.
There, then.
You go lie there.
Slightly further.
You A bit I said here.
- What? - I see.
What do you see? - Nothing.
- Good.
Because there is nothing to see.
Stop smiling.
- What? What's funny? - Nothing's funny.
Amena She came home.
Now the Gods will punish her Because of what you did.
- Sister.
- I will summon the elders.
When the prophecy says the maiden will become a fish, what do you think that means? It means you will become a fish.
For one moon, you will journey through the rivers and streams, and you will find the path.
- The path which leads to - A fish.
But not - actually - Actually.
You will actually become a fish.
You mean the same way I "actually" became a bird? The Trial of the Wind is a trial of faith.
- You believed and survived.
- Just.
If you are the True Maiden, then during the Trial of Great Sister Water, the Prophecy of Veran states you will be transformed into a fish.
Swim up, or perhaps downstream, and lead us in the direction of the Lake of Tears.
Whilst not falling into the arms of the eagle.
You have a problem, take it up with Veran.
He devised the prophecy.
Not me.
Have you ever had a wife? - Unbelievable.
- Do Druids have wives? The Druids have - four wives.
- Don't tell me.
- The Earth.
The Wind.
- The Fire and The Water.
They're not wives, are they? Not actual wives.
What What exactly are you asking? If you mean do Druids fuck, the answer is "all the time.
" When Druids aren't praying or fasting, it's a safe bet to assume they're fucking each other.
Happy? I, however, was an Ovate.
An Ovate is forbidden such practices.
- So you weren't allowed to - It was never an issue.
I was devout.
What about after they threw you out? Then you could do what you want.
You're right.
I could do as I pleased.
Except you're forgetting one thing.
What's that? I was thrown out of the Druids because I was possessed by the snake demon, Pwykka! That's not exactly something you wish to bring into a relationship.
That, let me tell you, is baggage.
So you're a virgin? Here's how it works.
The teacher asks the questions.
The novice answers them.
Tomorrow at sunset, you will be asking the Gods a question.
"Do I have the strength, wisdom and knowledge to pass into the seventh plane?" And they will say, "No, you little ninny, because you were up all night asking stupid questions!" We can play games.
Ask silly questions.
Let in the frivolous, you let in weakness.
The powers at work will find that weakness and they will strike.
They will show no mercy.
And then, all will be lost.
What is it? Divis.
Are you okay? The events of the past 20 moons have cast fear across this land.
But I have seen with my own eyes, what happens when Rome is resisted without consideration.
Rome smells weakness like a wolf.
Its boots march on half the world because of this.
My own once proud house of Cantii For one reason.
When Roman fists beat at our strong gates, what stood behind them was not united.
Those same drums will one day beat outside your gates.
Asking the same question.
The only question.
Who stands within? Equals? Or slaves? This is how we protect our ways.
It's the only way.
Turn around and leave or I will end this.
I come to speak with the Keeper.
Get your things.
We're leaving for the river.
- Sunset isn't for hours.
Can't we stay till then? - It's not safe here.
Not anymore.
The Dead Man has woken.
It's just time before the Dead Man and Lokka strike their pact.
- My powers are waning.
- Veran.
Listen to me.
Many have turned their heads from the Veran.
Lured into darkness by the dark itself.
They've sworn their allegiance to the Dead Man.
He will soon join forces with Lokka and take these lands.
But there is worse to tell.
The walls of have already been breached.
Phelan, it's me, Ania.
There is one here on Rome's business.
She does Lokka's work.
My sister would never do such a thing.
The Gods know it.
It was not the Gods who made your sister queen.
Then who was it? Hello, child.
It's been a long time.
Forgive me.
- No! Sister.
- You will die for this betrayal.
You're making a mistake.
The time has come, brother.
Make your play.
Make your play.
Phelan! It's Ania.
We both serve the Dead Man.
All else is nothing.
You You have the marks of Veran on you.
I forsake the Veran.
He deceived me.
You forsake the Veran because he's a liar.
Well, then we both know his deceits, when he looks in the eye.
Yes, master.
Come here.
Come here.
Now be warned.
This is extremely strong.
There's a good chance it will kill.
Now what? Now we wait.
There's something I want to say.
I know you think I hate you, and wish the Gods had chosen someone else.
Which is basically true.
But anyway, even though you're annoying, always, and ask stupid questions, nevertheless Thank you for believing.
If you didn't, there'd be no hope.
So what I want to say is Thank you.
You've got to be fucking kidding me.

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