Btooom! (2012) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Okay, that's my third kill Give me a sonar ping! On it.
I see you! Idiot, that was a civilian! Stop doing that.
How many civilians have you killed? They shouldn't just stand around here.
You won't get away! Stop running Where'd he go? Maybe another sonar ping? No, he's probably already hiding.
Damn it.
You guys suck.
Watch this.
Wow He made it look easy! Just die, dumbass.
I seriously can't lose at this.
Woohoo! Are you serious?! That's twenty straight wins! That was easy, wasn't it, Sakamoto? Like you can talk.
I did most of the work.
Wow, you have four stars now! You're #10 in the entire world No BTOOOM! player in Japan is any match for us.
We'll have to start playing stronger opponents outside Japan, or my rank won't increase.
New Challenger! Looks like someone must've heard you.
It says worldwide rank #2! What should we do? Accept, what else? Here we go! Let's reach #1! BTOOOM! This game's sold over three million copies worldwide.
And it doesn't use guns.
Only bombs.
An Interview with Tyrannos Japan You use eight types of bombs, or BIMs, as the situation dictates, and use sonar to find enemies while remaining out of their sight.
That's how you win this game.
BTOOOM! Wow, Sakamoto We're keeping up with #2! That's right.
We're going to become #1 in the world.
I'm twenty-two, and I still don't have a job.
I sit around all day, doing nothing.
But in the world of BTOOOM!, I'm stronger than anyone, more respected than anyone, and greater than anyone.
I even got married.
Only within the game's virtual world, of course.
I was content.
Here, in this wonderful place.
I never realized I was just running away there.
Where am I? My whole body hurts Why? A parachute? Why? Crap, I can't get down.
Anyone? Is anyone around? What is this? Ow What is this place? I don't know.
What am I doing here? Why can't I remember anything? I think I was just playing BTOOOM! in my room.
And then Blood? What the hell's happened that I can't remember?! My phone No Service No service? Damn it.
Wha— What is this? G-Glass? Is it embedded in my skin? I can feel it, but it doesn't hurt or feel wrong.
I haven't been kidnapped by a UFO or anything, have I? My bag! My wallet's here.
And a change of clothes So was I going somewhere overnight? What's this? A convenience store bag.
A boxed lunch and Tons o' Perfect! I guess first, I should find out where I am.
It's hot! Seems like I'm pretty far south I'd better save this.
That was a big-ass bug Is this really a tropical forest? I'm dead meat Give me a break.
What did I do? What O-Ow Where am I? Where the hell am I?! Mom! You wrote me a resume and sent it to the grocery store, didn't you? I won't work there There's a job I already want.
Stay out of my business! Maybe I'll go to Satoru's.
You, there You're Sakamoto Ryouta-san, correct? It's starting to come back to me.
Someone stopped me as I was leaving.
Forcing myself to remember just makes my head hurt.
Good thing I bought a lunch.
But what will I do tomorrow? I don't recognize this pouch It probably isn't mine.
Did someone put it in my bag? What is this? Oops, I pressed something I have a bad feeling.
No way— What? What the hell was that? Are all of these bombs? What are they doing in my bag? I I don't want anything to do with them! Someone's over there.
Excuse me! Could you help me? What? What's his problem? This is just like the game! No way.
No way! I'm supposed to play BTOOOM! for real now? I'm supposed to play BTOOOM! for real? You've gotta be kidding! I can't do that! He's seriously trying to kill me.
Quit running around, coward! You piece of crap! Did I lose him? The most important part of BTOOOM! is hiding from the enemy.
Running is how you win— He's here? How did he know my location? Do I have to fight him? But if one of these hits him, I'll kill him for sure! Hot! I don't have a choice! Why isn't he fighting back? Is he still spouting that purist crap? What? It didn't explode? The last one did! Right, the switch Okay.
That was close.
He's got a good arm.
I'd better get farther back.
Another dud? You've gotta be kidding me! Why would it explode just now? That moron doesn't even know how to use his bombs? How do I use these? Isn't there a manual somewhere? Damn, where did he go? Don't move! Answer me.
Why are you attacking me? Where are we? And these bombs, this glass crystal on my hand Have you ever heard of the online game called BTOOOM!? Wow, you're a dumbass! You can't remember anything? You don't even know how to use a bomb, but you think you've cornered me? Don't make me laugh.
I won't tell you a thing before you die! Die! I missed again? Why is this happening to me? What did I do? He's just a normal Japanese guy, right? I spoke to him.
There's no reason for him to kill me.
I give up.
I surrender! Please don't kill me That was so stupid.
Am I going to die here? Where did you go?! I know you aren't dead yet Come out, wuss! No, I don't want to die Wh-What's this? I can feel it.
I can tell he's near me.
Could this be just like the BTOOOM! radar? Then hiding won't help.
Another miss? But I'm certain he's holed up nearby.
I'm sure of it If he has radar, then hiding is pointless.
But why won't my bombs There was a number! It's on a timer? Damn it! Why didn't I notice earlier? In BTOOOM!, his bombs are called "Crackers.
" They explode upon impact.
Mine use timers You press the switch, and it explodes when the timer reaches zero.
So it's just like BTOOOM!? Calm down Relax.
I'm the ace of the world's #10 team.
I can use bombs with timers! I can't move I can't see him.
Damn it! If this were the game If this were the game! Then this is for real, huh? Tenth in the world? It's all just virtual glory Hey, coward! I know you're hiding in that crack between the rocks! He doesn't know where I am? This is my chance.
If he's in those bushes, couldn't he blow me up from behind? Don't figure it out, damn it! Well, it doesn't matter if I throw bombs at both spots.
I Farewell, coward.
have no choice.
Idiot! Can you stay underwater forever? When you surface for air, I'll nail you.
7 6 5 4 3 I-I had no choice He would've killed me.
It was self-defense.
I didn't do anything wrong.
It's not my fault.
It's not His bombs.
So I'm supposed to take them to survive? A game of murder, just like online.
And I have to play it in real life? Excuse me, Iida-senpai About what we discussed earlier.
About hiring me Oh, that.
Would you wait just a little longer? The company's so busy right now.
Ryouta? You're playing that game again.
Hey Don't open my door without knocking! I did knock, but you had those things on.
What, Sakamoto? You're fighting with your mom again? Lame It spoils all the fun.
I'm online now.
Leave me alone We need to talk.
About a job for you I spoke with a relative of mine, Uncle Kazu, to see if they could do anything for you.
You remember Uncle Kazu, right? He currently runs an udon restaurant.
Leave me alone There's a job I already want.
You've been saying that for two years, and you're still unemployed.
It's time to stop dreaming about working for a video game company.
Go out, and find a real job! Can't I do that later? I'm thinking about your future here! Just get out! A dream? Oh, right.
This is the real world.
I'm hungry Come to think of it, I vomited up everything I ate yesterday.
There's a reason I ended up on this island.
There's a reason I can't go back.
This is my punishment.
The punishment for my betrayal.
The Bloodstained High School Girl But I still