Btooom! (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

The Bloody High School Girl

1 They won again.
Team Sakamoto's amazing Nice job, Sakamoto.
I heard you beat the top French team! I've never seen him in person before.
Could I be on your team, even just as an alternate? He's really popular.
Well, of course he is.
He's the top-ranked player in Japan.
He's even been featured in gaming magazines.
Waiting for someone? Huh? Are you waiting for someone? No I mean, I'm waiting for a friend.
They aren't here yet.
Then, want to play until they get here? One of my team logged out.
Oh, I couldn't.
I'm no good at this game.
I'd just slow you down.
I'll back you up.
Why are you hitting on her? There aren't any girls on the internet, man.
Shut up, you two.
BTOOOM! is more fun to play than to watch.
Right? Okay.
This was how I met Sakamoto.
It was fate.
Why didn't you come yesterday, Miho? I'm sorry, Himiko! One of my brother's friends came over.
They monopolized the game console.
You could've sent me a text.
They made me play with them.
You're paying for our snacks today.
I know that! You really do stand out, Himiko Honestly, I hate that.
Got it rough, huh? Then let me have everything.
Your hair, eye color, and boobs You can have them! Oh, yeah.
I played BTOOOM! with Sakamoto yesterday.
Sakamoto? The best player in Japan.
Just three games with his team raised my rank by 20,000.
Girls Only Cosplay Photo Booth Floor Bring your own clothes Dressing room this way Hey, Himiko What's this Sakamoto guy like? I haven't met him in real life, but he seemed like a nice older brother.
Maybe he's cool like Yoshioka-senpai! He could be an old fat guy.
Dream a little It's better not to expect too much.
Pictures come out here Okay, say "cheese"! Three, two, one! Our First Cosplay Himiko, you should send this photo to that Sakamoto guy.
I'd rather not.
I bet he'd be surprised That you're a blonde high school girl, with big tits.
You sound like an old man, Miho! I was just a normal high school girl, with nothing special about me except that I'm a foreigner.
I'd go to school and hang out with friends Sometimes play online games.
Just a normal high school girl.
The Bloodstained High School Girl Until it happened.
Is this my punishment? Why? Why is this only happening to me? Are these all bombs? Am I really supposed to kill people with these? There's nothing here.
No one here.
Should I head into the forest? It's cold.
I bet there are bugs and snakes! I can't go in there My clothes will get dirty! It's hot Where is this island? I wish I had some sunscreen.
Will I ever be able to return? Hey, look at this I got it yesterday! Let me see.
"Is there anyone around that you'd like to be rid of?" What is this? Some new kind of chain letter? You give them a name, and you get 100,000 yen? Really? Oh, I've heard of this.
It's led to some crazy incidents lately.
I saw it on the news.
People have actually gone missing So it's for real? Then let's name someone whose death wouldn't bother us, and get 100,000 yen! That's awful, Arisa.
You suck.
Hey Hey! Oh, you're awake? H-Hang on.
Calm down.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Believe me, we aren't your enemy.
All men But there's no telling when someone might show up who doesn't feel that way.
Would you come with us? Well This is a big island.
I had a look from the cliff, and I didn't see signs of anyone living here.
No nearby islands, either.
We'll have to wait for a passing ship.
Then we're stuck here? There's no guarantee we can get back.
We might have to play the game, like they said Right now, we should all work together! Don't say weird stuff like that.
Don't even joke about it.
It's too hot for this.
Shut up, hypocrite.
What do you mean by hypocrite? I'm a teacher I'll do what's right, no matter the situation.
I don't know People like that are always the most powerless.
Powerless? I'm a judo 4-dan.
Don't underestimate me.
Judo? There are no floor mats here.
And you think judo will help you against one of these? D-Don't be stupid.
You reached for a bomb.
So you're ready for a fight? Let's see how far you're willing to go.
Will you still use that bomb? Or will you keep doing the right thing and let me kill you? However, if you kill us to save your own life, you're just a hypocrite.
Well? Don't you want to kill us both? Talking about what's "right" is only hypocrisy here.
L-Let me go.
Whoops Oh, well.
I give up.
It was just a joke.
If I were going to kill you, I would've long ago.
Just stop it! Weren't we all going to work together? Everyone's going nuts because we have these weapons.
Let's all put our weapons in one place.
We'll pick a leader to watch over them.
If we all pick the leader, we don't have to worry, right? And how do we know that leader won't get any strange ideas? That's right.
Who'd be the leader? I think she's a good choice.
Me? I get it.
Good idea.
I'll believe in her as our leader.
This thing's heavy.
I'm glad to be rid of it.
Now you, too.
And your stun gun, also.
I'm the leader? Because I'm weak? Because I'm a woman? But leaving me in charge can't What? Hey, look.
It dropped something.
Let's go.
I want to see what that was.
Wow Awesome! Good food, drinks, body soap, and even sunscreen.
Sunscreen? Where? Hey, can we eat some? If we don't, this stuff will spoil fast.
Eat up.
Hey, what are you doing?! What is this food? Look at how much you're eating Food's valuable here.
Shouldn't we divide it fairly, and eat it little by little? You're just chowing down without thought.
You should be embarrassed! And in the first place Shut up.
Now we'll have some quiet.
I'm so happy! We get to hang out at Yoshioka-senpai's.
I love him! You're obsessed with him, aren't you? It was so nice of you to invite me.
He lives in the same building as I do.
I said a friend wanted to meet him, so he said to bring her.
The band members are coming, too.
Really?! Judgment Flash is gonna be there? They're here.
It's him! It's really him! It's like a dream I'm going to stop by my place.
My beloved Yoshioka-senpai right before me! You guys go on ahead.
Hello there, senpai.
Welcome, mademoiselle.
Hey, wake up! Hey! Be quiet.
He's still asleep.
This is our only chance to run.
Run? Have you forgotten what happened yesterday? If we stay with him, we'll be next.
Let's hurry.
We'll take all the food and BIMs while we've got the chance.
Just a minute Sorry.
We've walked a long time, haven't we? Are you okay? I just need to rest a little Let's have a drink.
Y-You're nice, aren't you? I definitely felt something.
It's him.
He's following us.
Let's hurry! Run! How can you tell? This is a radar.
No way.
Believe in me I just moved my fingers a little and There he is.
I moved my fingers, and I really saw him.
How? I don't know! Just run If he catches us, he'll kill us! A rope bridge? H-Hurry! I weigh too much.
I'd fall right through! Let's take another path But there are no other paths.
What do you think you're doing? He's here! You knew I was following you.
How? How? With the radar.
Radar? What did you say? He doesn't know about it? Th-Then, he followed us without using his radar? What are you talking about? If you won't return that, I'll take it back.
Stay back! A bomb? That was a bomb? It wasn't like mine.
I'm safe Everyone has different types.
The plants are all dying.
Some type of defoliant? This is bad I can't believe he tracked us through the forest From now on, let's stick to the rocks.
Y-You're right.
Why won't he let go of me? There are plenty of other enemies.
Let's look for a hiding place where we can set an ambush And prepare for the next fight.
Fight? That's right Fight! If we hesitate, we'll be killed! So you're telling me to kill someone? You saw it, too! It's kill or be killed.
You have to kill to protect yourself.
No, I don't want to kill anyone.
Please release me! Why not? You'll be killed! Or will you stay on this island forever? I said to release me Listen, Himiko Stay quiet.
No! You What the hell was that for?! That hurt Mom was always better at hitting me.
Let me go! Why are you running? Because I'm fat and creepy? Because I'm sweaty and stinky? It's okay I took a shower the day before yesterday.
Stop it I'll protect you No! You're late, Himiko.
I'm sorry, Yoshioka-senpai.
I was getting some snacks.
Come in.
Excuse me! Oh, she's here The one we really wanted, Himiko-chan.
Arisa Yuki? Hey Listen, Himiko Stay quiet.
I'll show you a good time.
N-No! Yoshioka! Miho! Himiko! Shut up, damn it! H-Himiko Miho! Himiko, you bitch Himiko Come on! Himiko! I've gotta call the cops.
Call Mom! I brought everyone over to senpai's.
And only I escaped.
The case got a lot of publicity.
Yoshioka-senpai and his band were arrested.
And my friends all moved away And then I hate you.
I hate you! I hope you disappear! Is this my punishment? Is that it, Miho? Rain? I found you That hurt! Just wait, and I'll punish you.
Punish me? This I know how to use it now.
Seems that when you use the radar, others can see your position.
But depending on how you use it, you can tell where someone is.
That's how I was able to find you again.
Now, how shall I punish you? Let me go! You're heavy! B-Boobs! Someone Someone save me! Nobody's coming.
Because I ran.
Because I betrayed them.
You aren't going to resist anymore? I guess that means it's okay, right? The last girl I liked acted that way If they don't resist at all, that means it's okay, right? But it's not fair After I was done, everyone got mad at me.
Now, then.
Let's punish the naughty girl! Mom, I'm sorry Wh-Wh-What's that? I'd rather die than let him rape me We'll die together! Save me! He's running? I'm going to die alone? Coward! I killed someone.
But I don't feel guilty.
Instead, I'm proud that I protected myself.
I won't hesitate anymore.
Men are scum All the men on this island are my enemies.
Scum I ran after the girl, but I found some guy instead.
He told me a terrifying story About why my memory had vanished.
And about the whole system that's behind BTOOOM!.
Episode 3: Survival