Btooom! (2012) s01e03 Episode Script


1 She has so much food W-Wait Please wait! Please wait! Just hear me out! Hear me out Where did she go? That's right This was what woke me up.
It responded to the sonar pulse she sent out.
If it works just like BTOOOM!'s radar I can find her.
This time, I'll look for her.
Otherwise, I'll just starve here.
Focus my mind There she is.
She's pretty close.
But The signal's weak.
If the radar works like the one in the game, she's nearby, but she isn't moving very much.
Those bushes Don't move! Wh-What? Survival Huh? W-Wait, m-mister I don't want to fight! And I stepped in my own poop.
I don't want to die like this! Let me go! Let me go, please! O-Okay.
Then put your pants on.
I was just dragged out here, and forced into this weird game.
I'm a mess.
Game? What do you mean by game? What are they making us do?! I get it! I get it, so put that thing away! How many people are out here? I see You don't remember what happened inside the plane? Plane? It was crazy.
Well, you might be better off not knowing Just tell me what you know! These weird guys in black suits took me away, and next thing I knew, I was on a plane.
It wasn't a passenger plane.
It was like the deck of a cargo plane There were twenty or thirty others.
Both men and women of all ages.
There were lots of men around us carrying weapons.
Ladies and gentlemen! Hello! You're about to enjoy a thrilling game How could that ass treat it like a joke? I don't know.
He really talked that way the whole time.
This cargo plane is heading for an island in the Pacific.
It's an uninhabited tropical island.
But there's no food or water, so it isn't exactly a paradise.
If you want to escape, you must beat the game.
Good luck, guys! Please note that complaints, returns, futile resistance, etc.
will not be allowed.
Who are you? Screw you! But if you insist I'll give you the whole rundown.
I'm only saying it once, so pay attention.
You have to fight with these bombs, called BIMs.
Fight whom, you ask? The people standing next to you.
Don't mess with us! Are you insane? You must be insane! You want us to murder people with bombs? Just send us home already! That's right! You think you'll get away with this? When this is over, I'll— Be quiet! Or else I can't explain, right? They're turning up the voltage.
Don't blame me if it causes permanent damage.
Getting back to it You're all being given different types of BIMs.
But to start with, you each only get one type.
You'll have to wait and see what you get.
You only get eight, and they don't include a manual, so be careful with them.
Lastly, how to beat the game Would you all take a look at your left hands? I'm sure some of you have already noticed, but we've embedded a chip in your left hands.
It's basically like an IC chip that will allow you to recognize one another more easily! You can't remove it without surgery.
But if your heart stops, it comes right out.
And now to explain the main event.
You're heading to an island, and if you want to escape that island You must get eight of these chips.
This is the only way off the island.
In other words, if you get seven chips other than your own, you win.
Just like I said before, you can't take these chips out while you're alive.
You'll drop down to the island, and you'll kill each other— Shut up, damn it! So you finally can't tell a game from reality anymore? Me? Yeah.
You really don't remember? You really stood out.
Everyone else was too afraid of the stun guns to speak.
And it looked like you knew the man in the monitor.
I knew him? Yeah, but the guys in the masks grabbed you.
And they blasted you in the head with that high-voltage stun gun.
Y-You okay, mister? I-I'm fine.
Keep going.
And then, they shoved us into these parachutes.
Even if it's your first time, don't worry! The parachutes open automatically.
Jump! That's crazy! That's right! You're nuts! I said go! Now you! Murderers! You'd better hurry, or the cargo plane will pass over the island! Go on, staff! Don't push me! What about him? Tie his stuff to him, and toss him out.
Good luck surviving, top-ten BTOOOM! champion Sakamoto-kun.
That's all I know.
The blood on my head.
My missing memories.
And the way I woke up in the jungle.
That explains how I got here.
But why? Why are all the rules the same as in BTOOOM!? Your only weapon is a bomb.
Your strategy involves using radar.
And you win the mission by collecting eight of the enemy's items.
This is no coincidence.
I knew one of the people behind this game.
And that means Tyrannos Japan, the BTOOOM! developers, are part of this.
That's impossible.
A simple games company couldn't pull this off! A-Are you okay? You're pale as a sheet I-I'm fine.
Let's say that Tyrannos Japan is behind this murder game's system.
It's a group of the best game creators in the world.
Their system won't have any contradictions or ways out.
In other words, if I want out of here, I have to kill seven people! Can I really do something that terrifying? I have to relive that feeling six more times? Can I really do something that terrifying? Accept killing people as a game? What's wrong? You're acting strange.
It's just a lot to take in.
You lost your memory, so I can understand that.
Oh, yeah.
Want to work with me? It'd be a lot safer than being alone in a dangerous place like this.
Well? With him? Work with him? True, if we work together, it'll be safer.
But that also means we'd have to kill fourteen, twice as many! What about you? How do you feel about the risk in trying to win this murder game as a duo? Can't do it.
I could never play a game where you kill someone.
I think we should look for another way off the island.
I'm not going to play the game! Naïve He doesn't understand a thing.
No, I guess I'm not much different.
If I didn't know BTOOOM! If I hadn't already been attacked, I would be saying the same thing.
Well? You don't want to go with me, do you? That's right.
To a kid like you, an old man like me would just be a burden Sorry, I'll go my own way.
I like your persistence in saying you won't play the game.
I'm in.
But I have a condition.
Show me your BIMs.
If I know what type they are and how many you have, I can feel safe with you.
I'd rather not If I showed you this, I couldn't trust you until I'd seen what your two pouches held.
And don't you think that knowing would just make us more nervous? I can't really explain it But these are our trump cards, our nuclear weapons.
I think we'll respect each other more if we don't know what the other has, see? He's smart He isn't just some bumbling old man.
He's thought about this.
To survive this game, you can't just be good at BTOOOM!.
Your talent at dealing with others will also be tested.
He wouldn't slow me down.
He's probably better at it than I am.
Clever old bastard Well, okay.
Right now, it's more dangerous to be alone.
We don't know when someone playing this insane game will attack us.
Forget what I said.
I'll join you without any conditions.
Thanks so much! I'm so glad I was so lonely I-I haven't eaten since I came to this island.
I haven't introduced myself, have I? My name's Taira.
Taira Kiyoshi.
I work in real estate, in Osaka.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Sakamoto.
Nice to meet you.
How very polite! Yes, I'm younger than you, so it's how I should be.
You're such a nice young man.
How'd you end up dragged to this island? Since we were dragged here, let's do some drag fishing.
Not funny.
What's that sound? I don't know.
I heard it yesterday, around the same time.
I can't hear it over the waterfall.
I'll go look.
Wait! My jacket and shoes Can you see anything? A plane? That parachute Is someone else coming? It's too small for that.
Are they coming to save us? Impossible.
That's Right, it's food! Without food, everyone would be too busy looking for something to eat to play the game.
The people behind this want us to play.
That's why they're giving us food.
Taira-san, that's food.
Supplies! What?! That's wonderful We're saved! One of them fell pretty close by.
I'm going on ahead.
I'm counting on you! More food? That's it.
Crap, she got there first.
First one there wins? All right It's mine! Wh-What?! The trunk exploded? Don't hate me for this.
Who is he? He took the trunk, her BIMs, her chip, everything.
A trap? That guy in shades got here first, and he planted a BIM? Of course he did.
If everyone can see the food falling, everyone will race for it.
It doesn't just go to whoever arrives first.
The people behind this planned all that? If I'd gotten there first How? How can everyone here kill without a second thought? People are killing each other down there Not just there.
Everywhere on this island, people are playing BTOOOM! for real.
I'm exhausted Well? Did you get the food? I'm sorry.
What happened? There's someone dead down there! You didn't Someone got here before me and planted a trap.
It could've gotten me, too.
Buddha save us! Taira-san.
There's another parachute over there.
But if we go to it, we could be killed.
It isn't worth risking our lives just to get some food.
Let's give up on it.
Just food is still food I don't think what city life has accustomed us to will work out here, do you? They say, "You can't fight on an empty stomach.
" And it's true enough to be a famous saying.
When you think about it, this will decide our future.
We can't beat someone with a full stomach if we're starving So if we don't do our best to get food, we won't survive, right? I understand.
Then come on We're gonna run! You're going to run? We don't have a minute to waste.
I was on the school track team, you know.
Well, now I'm about twice the weight I was then You finally laughed.
If we can't get it, we'll give up on it.
So let's try a little more now.
Right? Yes.
Thank you.
Then, let's go! Okay! We're almost there.
Let's be careful.
Let m-me rest a second Sure.
While you do, I'll look for enemies.
There's one, far away.
Good, no one's close.
What did you just do? It's a radar.
It's like submarine sonar.
It helps you find your opponent.
You didn't know? I think they mentioned it on the plane You know how to use it, right? Then let's hurry.
We're almost there.
I did it! I did it! It's okay, right? I mean, I was abused.
And it made me go nuts! It's self-defense, and I'm a minor! Man, society is full of dumbasses.
Episode 4: Best in the World