Btooom! (2012) s01e04 Episode Script

Best in the World

1 Kira Kosuke, age fourteen.
Ran away from home and an abusive father.
Started with pickpocketing and larceny.
And ended up killing then raping three women.
Killing then raping? Isn't it the other way around? No, the report's accurate.
He looks cute, but he's a psycho.
Age fourteen, huh? This is gonna be a big deal.
I just heard that Natsume Soichi's going to be his lawyer.
Natsume? That over-compassionate hotshot? He supposedly talked the dad into letting him.
Bastard just wants the attention.
That'll be one hell of a trial.
Depending on the psych eval, he may not be in long at all.
Hell if I care.
The law protecting minors means we can't do a thing.
What? That little bastard is laughing.
Day 2: Noon Ninety-five Ninety-six.
There you are.
What are you doing? Ninety-eight.
One hundred! Oh, Natsume-san.
There are lots of frogs around here.
Best in the World Disgusting, huh? Why is it wrong to kill a living creature? Don't you pity them? No matter how small they are, they're still alive.
Pity? Why? Humans kill pigs and cows to eat, but we're supposed to pity frogs? It's different to kill something for food, versus for fun.
I know that! I'm not an idiot.
But I want to know why it's wrong, if it isn't bothering anyone.
It's just what's wrong is wrong! If you're not an idiot, shouldn't you know that? That again? Adults always get bored with explaining and give up halfway! We saw that yesterday It's being dropped at regular intervals.
It could be supplies or something.
I'm going there.
Hold on.
We don't know what will happen.
Let's bring your father.
Honestly You don't mind talking back to me, but the minute your father comes up, you go dead quiet.
That attitude of yours is what makes him so violent.
You should show him how you feel.
Hey, there it is.
I wonder what's inside It'll be a little tough to get up there.
Hey, Kosuke.
Give me a bomb.
But Yours are the best for this job.
Is this how it works? Hey, what's going on?! Let me take a look.
It isn't working Seems only their owner can detonate them.
Kosuke, you do it.
Get on it, already! Sir, you're just scaring him.
Shut up! Take care of it, would you? It worked.
I-It's dangerous Get back.
Let's see what we've got here Hell, yeah! Instant ramen, canned food, a flashlight, and even beer! This is amazing.
Anyone who wants to eat, follow me.
K-Kira-san, that belongs to all of us.
We should split it here.
What are you talking about? This was my idea, and my son was the one who got it.
You had nothing to do with it.
B-But Listen good.
There's no police and no civilization out here.
It doesn't matter if you're a lawyer.
Here, you're just a useless mouth to feed.
The strong rule.
That's the law of the jungle.
Got a problem with that? S-Scum Did you say something? You gonna talk back to me? Huh?! Looks like you need some special attention.
Do you want me to help you remember? "Achievement Unlocked: Forty Hours of Continuous Play.
" You skipped school to play that game again?! Don't embarrass your parents like this! Who do you think feeds you? Huh?! Wh-What the hell did you do? Kira-san! Your shirt! Take off your shirt! Wait! Kosuke! You— Look, Natsume-san! I did it! I showed him how I felt! That's the first time I ever fought back! Natsume-san, you'll protect me again, right? I mean, I'm insane, right? Because I was abused, right? Because I just killed him, and I I feel wonderful! It's your fault, Dad.
You didn't give me a choice.
Right? You'll be my lawyer again, right? You'll tell everyone at the trial, right? I can't take it anymore I can't take it anymore! I never should've agreed to be your lawyer! Y-You're human garbage.
Defective, raised wrong! The dad was bad, but his son's even worse! I hope you stay on this island forever! What? You said you'd protect me.
Radar? What? What is this? And how can someone be here without showing up on sonar? I get it.
It's just like the BTOOOM! system.
Sonar only locates people who are moving.
That's what happened this morning.
I wasn't moving, so she didn't see me.
And I did it this time, huh? That corpse doesn't look like an explosion killed it.
What did he do? Did you kill him? He deserved to die.
Should I not have? There's no police or civilization here.
Lawyers are just useless mouths.
Survival of the fittest.
The strong rule.
That's the law of the jungle.
If you don't do what I say, you'll end up like him.
Listen Calm down, and hear me out.
You're telling me what to do?! If someone won't listen when you tell them They need special attention, right? This is dangerous.
Let's run.
Dad, I'm taking your BIMs and the food.
That's gross, Dad! Now! Running won't help you.
Because this world is just like BTOOOM!, and I'm super-good at it! I won't let you escape.
He used his sonar.
Is he going to follow us? What do we do? Keep running? Or No! I can't kill any more people! Taira-san! Are you okay? I'm fine.
I just tripped a little.
Ow! Crap Go on ahead.
Leave me here.
If you leave me, you'll survive.
Get going.
Taira-san can't run.
I have to do something.
But do I really have to risk my own life for some old guy I just met? I I Taira-san, hide here.
If you don't move, he'll never find you.
What are you going to do? I'll draw him away.
You can run while I do.
You're going to fight him? S-Sakamoto! I can do this! I'll teach him a lesson, take his BIMs, and that'll be the end of this.
Damn it! I can do this.
I'm one of the best BTOOOM! players in the world.
He's coming Fifty meters or so away? I won't be able to judge distance too well until I get used to it.
He used his sonar.
He's after this case.
I won't let him have it! He used his sonar again.
I won't lose to any adults here.
I'll show you who's the strongest, and who has to listen to who.
Again He's carefully judging the distance between us and getting closer.
He knows how to use his radar.
The kid has two types of BIMs We're on equal terms.
What kind of BIMs does he have? Timers? Crackers? Or He's close! This is bad.
I need to get farther away.
No I need to get closer! Did I get him? He's unhurt? He was thinking the same thing? And he used the BIM on landing, just like the theories suggest? That settles it He's a BTOOOM! player.
And three-star rank.
But I'm a four-star player! He's a BTOOOM! player Standard tactics won't work on either of us.
What is this? This is fun! It's so much fun! So we collect these? Sakamoto, don't die, okay? I'm waiting for you.
He has cracker BIMs.
What's the other type? What's wrong? You're not counterattacking? You scared? I have to think before I attack.
I need to set a trap.
This is boring You're just running.
Don't disappoint me, okay? You think a lame-ass trap like this will beat me? That wasn't the real attack.
He'll hit me from the front! It won't be that easy! Bullseye! Stay away! An implosion type? That should've killed me Totally You're a BTOOOM! player, right? So fight me for real.
You're pretty good at the game, aren't you? We both know it You don't plan to kill me, do you? You think you can settle this without killing me.
I can tell how naïve you are.
I can tell a lot of things.
You're pretty good at the game, but I bet you suck at real life You're a stupid kid.
I bet you never leave your room! The way to do it is just to think of one like the other.
Live real life like a game! We treat the game like our life, and that's why we're strong, right? We beat everyone else, right? Your problem is that you hold back in real life.
Live life bold, as if it were a game! Shut up! You're just a kid who doesn't know the difference.
Don't talk like you know anything! There? If you want to say something, show yourself first.
Talking big while you hide Sounds like an online gamer.
Maybe you really are a NEET! Shut up! Feel like fighting now? Crackers and timers, huh? I see.
What is this? A dream? Just now, was I playing the game in my room? That's right It's a game.
It isn't real.
This whole setup smells like bull.
I can prove it, too.
The flames aren't hot.
But strangely, my senses are really sharp.
Yeah It's the feeling I always have.
Like I'm watching myself from behind.
A feeling that belongs to me alone.
There he is! What is he thinking? You're wide open! Hit him! What was that? An empty pouch? No way, awesome! That's what I'm talking about! I'm running low on BIMs, too.
I'll finish this with the next one.
No response? You stopped moving, huh? But I can tell you're hiding there.
A trick like that can't fool me.
Hot! Hot! He's serious! He was going to kill me.
What happened? Nothing? He never stopped back there.
He kept moving! Then why didn't the sonar work? The sonar's working fine.
I-It can't be Finally figured it out, huh? That's right.
Radar canceling.
You have a habit of firing your sonar every time you use a BIM.
If I use mine at the same time, I can cancel it.
And you can't see me I read your mind! I still can't see him? Ridiculous! He can't be canceling me every time! No one's that pro Am I imagining it? It he just hiding somewhere? If he's really radar canceling, where is he?! Is he moving? Is he hiding? I can't tell, damn it! Owned! I won.
Of course I did.
I'm one of the best players in the world.
I This is real! I-It's not a game I was just about to kill someone again? I can't believe you totally figured me out.
You're amazing.
A genius.
Compliments from you don't make me feel better.
I'm taking your BIMs and trunk.
Don't blame me.
I left you something to eat.
Take it.
Will you tell me your name before you go? Sakamoto.
Sakamoto, huh? I'll never forget it.
Sakamoto No way! The only Japanese top-ten player? That Sakamoto? Wow This island rocks! Someone we knew sent us to this island.
They wanted us to disappear.
Our own society abandoned us.
Not just us Everyone on this island.
Episode 5: Attack