Btooom! (2012) s01e05 Episode Script


1 Where am I? Ow Are all of these bombs? No way— Why is this happening to me? I'll give you the whole rundown.
You have to fight with these bombs, called BIMs.
Fight whom, you ask? The people standing next to you.
What is this? This is fun! It's so much fun! No way.
I'm supposed to play BTOOOM! for real now? Accept killing people as a game? Taira-san, it's only been two minutes.
It's fine.
I like mine a little hard Lunchtime! This is great! I can feel it warming me up Attack Delicious! Was this really for the best? Sakamoto-han Thank you so much.
I was so happy when you brought back that food.
Taira-san, you've already said that plenty of times.
No, I could never say it enough.
I really am grateful.
When I hurt my leg, you risked your life for me.
To me, you're a hero.
Not just anyone could've done that.
Thank you Thank you so much! He's actually crying I don't think anyone has ever been this grateful to me in my life.
I'm sure this was the right thing to do.
But why Why was I brought to this island? I'm back! Yukie, are you here? Ryouta-kun? Yukie! What are you doing? Hisanobu-san, I've done the worst thing a parent could ever do B-But I had no choice Don't talk right now! I'll call an ambulance! I know that you got laid off.
You didn't want to worry us, so you just suffered in silence.
But Ryouta Shut the hell up! You're not even my real dad! Don't act like you are! Ryouta! Name: Sakamoto Ryouta I'm sorry, Hisanobu-san.
I'm sorry, Ryouta I'm so tired Wh-What's that? A b-body? He's really dead.
And he has no pants.
What's going on here? There could be an enemy at the top of that waterfall.
Let's get out of here, quickly.
W-Wait! My leg's still hurt.
I can't move that fast This time, just leave me here.
Taira-san, don't say something that sad ever again.
I couldn't leave you! Sakamoto-han I'll go take a look.
You stay here and hide.
Two timers.
Two crackers.
And the three implosions and four crackers I took from the kid.
Probably best not to let Taira-san in on that yet.
Someone's waiting up ahead Should I use my radar? No.
They'd see me, too.
It could be a murderer.
I need to get as close as I can, and see for myself.
That makes two.
Oh yeah I need to hide.
The enemy's close Sakamoto-han, be careful.
Don't throw up Don't throw it up! Food is scarce here.
I need every bit of it to survive! Swallow! It's only been two days since I arrived on this island I can't believe how much I could change in two days.
And that corpse's chip is gone.
Whoever killed him is playing the game.
Fine, I'll use my radar! Over there? It must be someone evil, who's killed lots of people It's that girl! Did she kill him? Stay away! A BIM?! That's the wrong way.
Is that a burning gas type? In the game, that would melt you upon contact.
This isn't good! She lured me out.
She has so many BIMs.
Three Four players' worth? Did she take them from other players she's killed? She looks like a teenage girl, but she's cruel! W-Wait! I don't want to fight.
I'm not going to play this game.
I just want to get off this island alive! Please put down your BIMs, and listen to me! Is she the type who'd listen? Tyrannos Japan, the guys who made the game, are the bad guys here.
It's stupid to kill each other just because they want us to! Won't you help me, so we can both get off this island? If you don't want to help, I'll just leave.
Think about it, would you? I-I guess I convinced her to relax.
Oh, good You tried to get me to drop my guard so you could get close and do something awful! Men Men All men are my enemies! W-Wait! She's got a terrible arm Was that supposed to be aimed at me? But she really did want to kill me.
Then He's too close! A stun gun? Blue eyes Blonde hair.
Are you a foreigner? Do you understand me? I can not speak— Don't insult me! I'm Japanese.
I just can't trust men! Didn't you attack me, too?! Wait! You attacked me— Shut up! Crap! It knocked her out? What's her problem? Hey, wake up.
Hey Honestly.
But this girl She smells good.
Hey, wake up.
I said wake up.
All men are my enemies! I don't want her going nuts again.
I should take away her weapons.
It feels like I'm removing her panties But if I really did, I bet she wouldn't notice.
She's cute No one's around.
That was close What was I thinking? And he has no pants.
What's going on here? So that's what happened She was attacked by that man here.
Want want I want! You're awake? You got hit with your own stun gun.
You'll be too numb to move for a while.
Don't worry.
I won't hurt you.
I'll take you somewhere safe.
A timer BIM? She had a hidden one?! Don't do it! Don't be stupid! I won't let you rape me.
I'd rather die Men are just animals! I'd rather die by my own hand than be raped and killed on this island.
Die while I'm still pure I have nowhere to return to, anyway! I don't care if I die I don't care.
She was seriously going to kill herself.
That wasn't a bluff.
Just now, she actually threw away her life Drink up.
It's warm coffee.
Taira-san, that's No other choice We don't have any cups.
It's as good a cup as any.
I washed it, so don't worry.
You must've been through a lot But don't worry anymore.
We're with you.
We won't do anything weird.
I promise! We won't.
I decided I'd make it off this island on my own, without playing the game.
So I'd really like you to help us.
Let's escape together.
Thankfully, we have plenty of food.
And lots of bombs, too.
So there's nothing to be afraid of.
Even if we get back, there's no guarantee anything will be waiting for us What do you mean? People who knew each of us well chose us to be sent here.
They picked us out as someone they'd want to disappear.
Even if we went back to those people, then what? What do you mean?! Do you mean our friends and families have abandoned us? I can't believe that! I have a great relationship with my family.
They wouldn't want me to disappear! I just mean they're people we know.
Have you done anything to someone that would make them hate you recently? C-Come to think of it I got in a big fight with a customer last month How do you know this? The two of us weren't told this! Where did you hear it? Where? They told me.
We all picked you We all hope you disappear! Someone chose us to disappear? Then, that would go for everyone on this island? Taira-san? That kid? And me? Someone chose me No way.
That can't be No! My mom? I don't have anywhere else to go.
I don't have anywhere What are you saying?! You can't say that! You have to live! We need to survive and escape this island Get back home! Once we're back, we can work things out! We can't give up! What's wrong? Something's there I-Is someone nearby? I heard something! Nothing? But I can hear something getting closer.
Radar canceling? But Wh-What are those?! They aren't human Panthers? Wolves? The radar should respond! Fire! We need more fire! Get away from the forest! What are you doing? Come on! That's right.
That hit from the stun gun! Come on, stand up! Hurry! Th-These things are giant lizards! You've gotta be kidding! I was kind to my family, but I was a monster at work It wouldn't surprise me if any of them hated me.
This is karma Yes, this is my punishment.
Episode 6: Night of Sacrifice