Btooom! (2012) s01e10 Episode Script

High Level

1 Okay Sakamoto-kun's finally cornered Oda.
He has three chips.
Oda's got four! Whichever one wins, someone'll have a complete set.
Finally Finally, the first player to beat the game.
S-Sakamoto-kun lost? How? He was holding the remote.
When he threw down his trunk and BIMs, he hid it in his sleeve.
In other words, Oda lured him into a trap he'd set in advance.
He's unbelievable! Oda's won.
No The one who fell for the trap was Oda! No way! H-How? Because you were watching the monitor from Oda's viewpoint.
Sakamoto-kun never approached the trunk.
He just made it look like he had.
Oda could only see from the left, so he couldn't rely on depth perception.
Sakamoto-kun had the better plan! Now both know the other survived and where they are.
It's not over yet! I knew it was a trap.
He'll sneak through the smoke to grab his BIMs.
If I die, I'm taking you with me! Sakamoto-kun's striking back! It's Oda's turn to be the prey! What? No way.
I left this BIM because a dead man was holding it.
But it seems I need it now.
Now it's my turn.
He's running? Loser.
If you don't have the guts to kill, you can't beat me! He saw my attack coming? Who High Level is he? Another explosion R-Ryouta! You can't just rush out there.
A second ago, the radar showed several people.
You could be attacked.
Your own life is the most important thing.
If you aren't careful, you'll end up in hell in a heartbeat.
Ryouta? Are you Ryouta? Who are you? How did you know my name? I knew it Well, I guess it doesn't matter either way W-Wait Who are you? Who is he? How did he know who I am? Damn it! This doesn't make any sense.
Nice job, Sakamoto! That really excited me.
What an amazing battle.
You rarely see a fight like that, even among the world's best players.
You're that kid! I want to have a battle like that That's why I'm taking this.
Y-You Your belt fell off in that explosion.
I just picked it up.
What's wrong? These were mine to begin with.
And you can't use them until I'm dead, right? Bye, Sakamoto! I never did get the food I lost those BIMs, too.
No strength left for anything Ryouta! Ryouta! Sakamoto-kun! Ryouta! Himiko Date-san.
Are you okay, Sakamoto-kun? Yeah, but I lost the trunk.
It's fine I'm just glad you're alive.
I'm sorry.
You useless brat! Thanks for looking for me, Himiko.
H-Himiko? Come on I'm soaked.
And I haven't had a bath.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
Let's get back.
What's this crap? The heat melted the plastic And it stinks.
After all that, the food you brought is ruined! I don't know how you can eat this crap If you don't want it, you don't have to eat it, Hideko.
Learn my name, already.
My name is Hidemi.
Kinoshita Hidemi.
What's wrong with "Hideko"? It isn't my name And what are you looking at? Eat your food, forehead-woman.
That's not my name, either! Don't get mad.
We're partners, right? Right? How did he know me? I recognized that voice.
Actually, he kind of looks like him Hey, Ryouta! Oda Nobutaka He was the kind of guy who excelled at everything.
#3 Oda Nobutaka He always had the best grades.
He was good at sports.
He was nice to everyone Tons of friends.
The girls liked him, too.
Anything he did, he was great at.
When I was little, I wanted to be like that.
But I couldn't beat him at anything.
To the point that it gave me a complex.
For some reason, he talked to me a lot.
Maybe because we both had single mothers.
Anyway, we would often hang out.
He was fun to be with.
I thought I was the only one he was really open with.
So I did the same with him.
So you like Aiko? D-Don't tell her, okay? I opened up to him.
Well? Did you ask her out? I couldn't do that Serizawa Aiko, huh? She's kinda plain, but pretty cute, huh? Why don't you ask her out? I'm fine the way things are now.
I can't just walk up to girls and ask them out like you.
Then you're gonna die a virgin Seems to me like you're satisfied with holding yourself back.
To me, you're like a kid who'll believe what anyone says The first one to move wins.
Stay on the defensive, and you'll lose your chance.
Ryouta, that is the only difference between us Whether or not you can understand this.
Lay off.
I thought that only self-confident people could say that.
And he was, so he acted in kind.
A-Aiko What's wrong, Aiko? What happened? What are you doing, Nobutaka? Weren't you dating me?! Shut your mouth.
Hey! Don't walk away from me, Nobutaka! What happened? I feel bad about it I asked you what happened! I slept with Aiko.
Wha What are you talking about? Aiko came and said she liked me.
It's okay, right? You weren't— I I I was betrayed Humiliated.
I'd opened my heart to him.
He humiliated me! Next thing I knew, I was surrounded by a bunch of people.
We were both suspended.
He quit school.
I heard he became a host.
Ended up with his own club.
But it doesn't matter.
Why did he do that? If I'd at least asked him that, would it have satisfied me at all? The first one to move wins.
Are you Ryouta? So that really was Oda.
Knowing him, any number of people might have wanted him sent to this island.
But is he Is he going to be my enemy? That looks good It's a makeshift curry gruel.
I can't wait to eat it.
We have to let it steep a little more.
Damn it.
He didn't get the food, and just ended up running away.
And now, I have to share the little bit of food I have left? I don't know why I even joined them! Date-san? I'm glad you found a trunk.
We appreciate the food.
Yeah That first day, I was fortunate to get some There isn't much left, but it'll last a day.
But tomorrow, we must get more.
Another carrier will come tomorrow? Oh, uh If I know too much, they'll get suspicious.
Well, you see Since I got some the first day, and I'm a bit cowardly, I spent a lot of time thinking about the food.
I heard that engine sound every day, at noon.
So I'm sure we'll hear it tomorrow, too.
I get it.
That's amazing.
This'll make it a lot easier to get the food.
It's ready Taira-san, you eat some, too.
There isn't a lot, but I let it steep a long time.
It doesn't have much flavor, but it'll fill you up.
Thank you, but I'm not hungry No, you need to build up your strength to get better.
Come on, just a little.
May I? This is bad The lizard's venom is keeping his wound from healing.
We need some serum immediately.
He requires proper treatment, or he'll die.
But Ryouta Can I have a word? What? We're Just come with me.
I'll make sure he eats.
Go on.
What's the problem, Himiko? Go back to that abandoned building? Yes Murasaki-san said there was a medicine supply.
I'm sure we can find something there.
I see Whoever used that building before kept some, in case of lizard bites.
So they should have some serum And Date-san is a doctor.
He should know the right medicine.
You're taking Date-san? Of course.
Couldn't we get Murasaki-san to give it to us? Date-san's actually examined Taira-san, so it'd be a lot better.
But Now, chew it slowly.
Yes, like that.
Slowly, slowly Damn it! I'm wasting valuable food on a man who's almost dead.
There's no point in working with them anymore Time to say goodbye, I think.
Open your mouth.
Yes, slowly Just like that.
Date-san Yes? We know where there might be medicine.
Could you come with us? There's medicine here? I don't know if there's anything we can use to help Taira-san.
But let's go take a look.
S-Sakamoto-han You're going to leave me again? I'll be back as soon as I can.
You really hate Date-san that much? I just don't trust him.
There's something off about him.
Really? He seems like such a good person, it's hard to imagine him being sent here.
That's just an act.
He isn't really that way.
Like what happened back there.
He tried to kill me with that girl.
But he made it sound like he saved me.
I can't trust him.
And you, Ryouta You told him we have three chips! I'm sure he plans to Hey, Himiko If we're going to survive on this island, I think it's important to trust people.
And if you don't start by trusting them, they won't ever really trust you.
We know he didn't use a single BIM until he met us.
And he shared valuable food with us.
I believe in him.
That's enough.
I won't bring it up again.
W-Wait Sakamoto-kun, are we there yet? Almost.
This is an old building.
And it's big, too I'm amazed you found a medicine supply here.
Do you know where it is? I don't know.
I was going to ask Murasaki-san Oh We should keep it a secret that Murasaki-san lives here, right? Of course! Is something wrong? N-No It sounds like she doesn't know exactly where it is.
We'll look for it.
You don't know where it is? Then how do you know it's here? Um, that's Crap.
L-Last time, I got lost in here.
I don't remember which way I went.
I get lost easily That's right.
She's kind of dim.
I didn't say that! Okay.
Then it would be better to split up and search.
Then I'll take the second floor.
I'll check the annex.
Send two radar pings if you find it.
I'm back here? Nothing has changed in six months.
These maze-like hallways Little windows to toss bombs through.
It's like the people running this want us to fight here The bastards! The medicine here won't do anyone any good.
Most of it's long past its expiration date.
There's no serum here I can use.
But it doesn't matter I'll just toss in some bottles, and that'll be good enough.
Date-san? You already found it? Yes, I stocked up on some tools and medicines I can use.
Thank you very much.
Sakamoto-kun, do you doubt me? I overheard your conversation with her.
Just so we're clear, you can't survive here without mutual trust.
I want to believe in you guys.
And I want you to believe in me.
I understand I'm sorry.
Okay, hold on to this on the way back.
It has important materials inside.
Be careful.
What is this intimidating presence? To me, you're like a kid who'll believe what anyone says I'm sure he plans to Now, let's hurry.
We have to call Himiko first.
Ah, that's right Why is she running? Ryouta! Oh, Himiko We found the medicine.
Ryouta, get rid of that trunk! Get rid of it! That woman Wh-Why? Just do it! There's a BIM A bomb inside that trunk! Wh-What? Die.
Ryouta! He's dead! Now it's just the stupid girl and the dying cripple.
I'll get all the chips I need again! The one to survive will be me, Episode 11: Revival Date Masahito.